ScuniziI'm revamping an old laptop ridding it of Win XP that has failed.. Installed xubuntu and I'm trying to activate the Nvidia 173 legacy drivers via the GUI.. No dice. After hitting apply and waiting a few secs, it reverts. no download or install. how do I fix this behavoir?00:36
TrollerAnyone knows a channel I can get help with a virus?00:38
Scunizion a linux machine?00:39
Trollerim on linux now so Im immune to it but I want to learn about it because I use windows at my school00:40
Trollerand most comptuers there are infected00:40
GeekDude"so Im immune" Not completely true, just immune to windows and mac infections00:41
GeekDudeIf you want help with an infection on a windows machine, you should probably ask a windows support channel00:41
Scunizicheck the #ubuntu channell for building a live cd/usb with virus check on it.  You'll have to boot a machine to the live environment, run the virus check on the windows drive and let it do it's magic.  You could probably Google this info as well on how to create it with a normal live Ubuntu environment.00:41
Trollerall right, thanks00:41
GeekDudeI rather like malwarebytes (chameleon if necessary)00:42
xubuntu981i have a question02:17
xubuntu981anybody here?02:17
xubuntu981please i really need help02:18
bazhangask a question02:22
GeekDudeI'd help but I have to sleep. Best of luck!02:22
xubuntu981ok so i'm trying to install xubuntu on my laptop02:22
xubuntu981installation works fine02:22
xubuntu981but when it comes to booting, no bootable device is found02:23
xubuntu981what can i do about it?02:25
xubuntu981that's my main pc02:28
xubuntu981_oh you're back02:30
xubuntu981_please tell me :((02:33
xubuntu73ithis is amazing05:18
mtyamantauHey peeps. What is the proper way to script a particular program in a specific workspace on Xfwm4? I've tried looking online, and all I can find is wmctrl, which I am not satisfied with05:24
mtyamantauSeems hacky05:24
mtyamantau*script to open a particular program05:25
RavinduLHi! How would I add a launcher that runs the command `thunar "~/Documents"` into the Xubuntu applications view? I created a launcher on the desktop with that command and it worked perfectly, but when I moved it to the ~/.local/share/applications/ directory it gave me error "Error when getting information for file '/home/username/~/Documents': No such file or directory."06:33
RavinduLOh wait I just fixed it.06:34
RavinduLChanged the path of the .desktop file to ~ and changed the exec to `thunar "Documents"`06:35
GrandCouillonHello guys, I am under 15.10 and after the installation of "codeblocks" from standard repo I can't start it : "codeblocks: relocation error: /usr/lib/libcodeblocks.so.0: symbol _ZThn776_N17wxGenericListCtrl31GetSizeAvailableForScrollTargetERK6wxSize, version WXU_3.0 not defined in file libwx_gtk2u_core-3.0.so.0 with link time reference". I have made lots of "cleaning" without success. Does anyone have an idea ?08:23
cfhowlettGrandCouillon, more eyes in #ubuntu.  ask there.08:26
GrandCouilloncfhowlett, Ok, thanks08:26
xubuntu15wgood day10:34
xubuntu15wjust want to ask10:35
xubuntu15wdoes anybody here experiencing a shutdown issue after upgrading to wily werewolf10:36
franco_hello just want to ask how to resolve a shutdown issue, shutdown becomes reboot after upgrade to wily werewolf10:43
xubuntu681can anybody help me?11:45
Meerkatxubuntu681, please write your question and we'll see what we can do11:52
xubuntu681okay so i am currently trying to install xubuntu on my laptop11:56
xubuntu681the installation works fine, but when i try to boot, there's no bootable device11:56
bazhangthe installation was not fine then11:57
Meerkatxubuntu681, did you manually partition the disk or did you let Xubuntu do that?11:57
xubuntu681i let xubuntu do that11:58
bazhangfirst, md5 the iso, use an appropriate tool to burn the iso to usb11:58
xubuntu681@bazhang i used uNetbootin11:58
bazhangmd5 the iso first11:59
xubuntu681how do i do that?11:59
ubottuTo verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows11:59
bazhangsee above11:59
xubuntu681on my main computer is windows running12:00
xubuntu681now i see ^^12:00
xubuntu681i even fail to navigate to another hard drive12:08
xubuntu681it says md5sum: WARNING: 334 of 334 listed files could not be read12:10
SpassAFAIK unetbootin installs boot loader on a pendrive instead on your drive12:10
xubuntu681umm i tried to install using an usb stick12:11
Spassyou must manually choose right device on this screen http://i.stack.imgur.com/5JkQX.png12:11
Spassyep, i've recently had same issue12:11
Spasswith unetbootin12:11
xubuntu681so what do i have to do exactly?12:11
Spasswell, i don't know any other way than reinstall12:12
Spassmaybe someone knows how to install a boot loader from livecd?12:12
xubuntu681i dont have a cd drive in the laptop12:13
Spassthere's no need12:13
xubuntu681oh thats what you mean now i understand it12:13
xubuntu681ok so the problem is not the installation but the boot? does it even copy the files to the hard drive??12:14
Spassi think your installation is ok, but you don't have boot loader installed on the right drive12:14
Spassunetbootin installed it on the pendrive... that's my guess12:15
xubuntu681what's pendrive?12:15
xubuntu681the usb stick?12:15
Spassyes, usb stick12:15
xubuntu681how do i fix this?12:16
Spassunless you find a way to install boot loader from livecd (or someone here knows how to do it) try to reinstall12:16
xubuntu681i did12:16
xubuntu6814 times or so12:16
Spassusing the same usb stick, but choose to manually partition your drive12:17
xubuntu681i even tried using debian12:17
Spassand choose right device for a boot loader12:17
Spassdrop list under "Device for boot loader installation:" http://i.stack.imgur.com/5JkQX.png12:18
Spassor... try to install boot loader from live cd12:18
Spasslive usb ;)12:18
Spassbut i don't know how, but google knows i suppose12:19
xubuntu681you mean start the live OS and then use the link on the desktop to install? i did that12:19
xubuntu681didn't work aswell12:19
Spassstart live cd and use command line (terminal) to install grub on your drive12:20
Spasswith no need to reinstall then12:20
xubuntu681ok wait a second i start the live device now12:20
xubuntu681ok good12:21
xubuntu681i'm in the terminal12:21
Spassbut like i said, i'm a casual user and i don't know the correct command to do that :)12:21
Spassi'm googling it12:22
Spasssudo blkid12:27
Spassto find out what drives/partitions you have12:28
xubuntu681i see12:28
xubuntu681's sda1-sda312:28
Spassbtw, i'm basing in this HowTo https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2/Installing12:28
Spass"via the LiveCD terminal" part12:28
Spass*basing on this12:29
Spasssda3 is swap i suppose, what are sda1 and sda2 in your case?12:30
xubuntu681sda1: UUID="C838-7D50" TYPE="vfat"12:31
xubuntu681sda2: Type ext412:31
Spassyou have windows on sda1 right?12:32
xubuntu681i dont12:32
xubuntu681the computer has absolutely no OS12:32
xubuntu681oh and there's /dev/loop0: TYPE="squashfs"12:33
Spasswell i think it will be easier to just reinstall then :D12:36
Spassfrom the shortcut on live cd12:36
Spassbut this time partition your drive manually12:37
Spassi blame unetbootin for your problems12:41
cfhowlettstrangely enough, unetbootin creates a very different USB than the default ubuntu startupUSBCreator12:41
Spasswhen you create your livecd on windows, consider Win32 Disk Imager, i think it;s much better for liveusb12:42
xubuntu681i did use it but the stick was not bootable then12:42
xubuntu681umm should i format the hard drive before reinstalling?12:42
Spassstrange, i never had problems with it12:42
Spassif you don't have anything important on this drive then yes12:43
xubuntu681ok good12:43
xubuntu681as i said the pc is brand new there isn't anything on it12:43
Spasschoose sda for your boot loader device12:43
Spasson the bottom of the partitioning screen12:44
xubuntu6811 second...12:45
xubuntu681good so there's only one device for the bootloader installation12:46
xubuntu681and in the upper window there's /dev/dsa and unused storage12:46
xubuntu681which one should i select?12:47
Spassif you want to use whole drive on linux first i suggest to delete all existing partitions12:49
Spassand then create 2 main partions on 'unused starage'12:49
xubuntu681there is only /dev/sda with no memory size and free disk space12:49
Spasscreate primary sda1 ext4 for whole system (/) and sda2 as a swap12:50
xubuntu681how big should those patitions be each?12:50
Spasshow big is your drive? how much ram do you have on this computer?12:51
xubuntu681500 107 MB12:51
xubuntu6814 GB12:52
Spassfirst you should consider one thing - do you need two separate partitions for system files (/) and you user files (/home)12:54
Spasswhen you have it separate it can help you in the future when you will want to install other linux distribution12:54
Spassor... when you just want to install it "windows style" create one big partition12:55
SpassI personally have all files on one partition12:55
xubuntu681okay and which file system does it have to be?12:56
cfhowlettdefault = ext412:56
Spassext4 is default12:56
xubuntu681what about the option below? (don't know how it's called in english) where i can select "/", "/home", "/tmp" etc.12:57
Spass"/" for whole system on one partition12:57
xubuntu681well default is empty12:58
Spassselect "/"12:58
Spassand swap should be couple of GB i think, maybe 5GB? i don't know today trends12:59
xubuntu681now there's "/dev/sda" with no space, then 1MB of empty space, then "/dev/sda1", and then another MB12:59
Spassresize sda1 ext4, you should free some space for swap partition13:01
Meerkatyou dont really need swap these days?13:01
Spassyou don't?13:02
Meerkatthe kernel will kill programs if the computer runs out of RAM. The swap will only make the last few minutes really slow until that runs out too.13:02
Spassoh, ok13:03
Spassand how about hibernate function on laptops?13:03
xubuntu681umm now there's two options for the bootloader installation13:03
MeerkatSpass, you'll need the amount of RAM you have on the computer for that. But I haven't run into a situation where those features actually work on Ubuntu.13:04
xubuntu681okay good13:04
xubuntu681should i install now?13:04
Spassgo for it :) let's see how it goes13:05
xubuntu681does it matter which drive i select in the upper windows?13:05
xubuntu681like /dev/sda1?13:05
Spasswhat do you mean select? highlight?13:06
Spassno, i don't think that's important at this point13:07
xubuntu681ok now theres a message13:07
SpassMeerkat, ok, so i remembered it correctly13:08
xubuntu681"the partition table format in use on your disks normally requires you to create a separate partition for boot loader code. this partition should be marked as use as an 'EFI boot partition' and should be at least 35 MB in size. Note that this is not the same as a partition moundted on /boot. If you do not go back to the partitioning menu and correct this error, boot loader installation may fail later, although it may still be pos13:10
xubuntu681a partition."13:10
Spasslooks like you have to create 3 partitions on your system13:11
Spassyou could try to: delete all partitions, create sda1 100MB marked as an 'EFI boot partition', sda2 495GB ext4 for "/" and sda3 5GB for swap13:17
Spassand install boot loader on "/dev/sda1"13:17
xubuntu681100 MB?13:18
Spassbut i'm just guessing at this point, i've never before encountered 'EFI'13:18
Spassyes 100 MB13:18
Spassit's just for boot loader code13:19
Spasslike in this messege above you pasted13:19
xubuntu681okay now there's the partitions and in the bottom i can choose the device for the bootloader installation13:21
xubuntu681which one should i choose there?13:21
Spassyou marked (somewhere) this 100mb partition as EFI boot partition13:25
Spasschoose "/dev/sda1"13:25
Spassif possible13:25
xubuntu681and hope?13:25
Spassyes :)13:26
Spassno strange message = good news13:26
xubuntu681data is copying13:27
Spasswhat version are you installing? just curious13:31
xubuntu681you mean distribution?13:33
Spassyes, and version13:34
xubuntu681i guess the latest one13:34
xubuntu681oh no it's 14.0413:35
cfhowlettstill supported13:36
xubuntu681well i will probably update as soon as everything is running smoothely13:37
Spass14.04 is a good option for start13:37
Spassit is stable and have long time support (LTS)13:38
xubuntu681hm well i actually need the computer for university only so it's not that big of a deal as long as the terminal works fine13:38
cfhowlettxubuntu681, 14.04 is long term support.  if you really NEED the lastest shiny stuff, OK, but otherwise you might find LTS the sanest option13:38
xubuntu681ok that's good then13:39
Spassyes i agree, you should stick with lts versions for stability13:39
Spassnext LTS will be 16.04 so it will be released around april 201613:40
Spassthen you should upgrade13:40
* cfhowlett upgrades only on the first LTS point release 14.04.1 > 16.04.113:40
xubuntu681okay good i'll do that then13:43
xubuntu681@spass installation still in progress13:43
Spassfingers crossed13:44
xubuntu681ok restart or do i have to do something else?13:48
xubuntu681ok wish me luck13:50
xubuntu681can i pull out the usb stick?13:52
Spassyes, after the reboot13:52
Meerkatxubuntu681, if the install is done and you have restarted then you can remove it.13:52
xubuntu681i'm in the bios to set the boot order13:53
xubuntu681so can i remove it safely?13:53
xubuntu681no bootable device.13:53
Meerkatnow I have a question. Why does patching have to be so darn difficult?! :/13:53
Spassyou can try to find option called 'legacy boot' in the bios13:54
Meerkatxubuntu681, what is first in your bios boot order?13:54
Spassor something like that13:54
xubuntu681should i try legacy boot?13:55
Spassthat could help13:56
Spasswell, i'm really sorry i couldn't help you, i tried my best13:59
xubuntu681well, sh*t14:01
Spassthe only possibility i can think right know is to leave legacy boot 'on' for the whole process, and try to reinstall once again, but it could be just a waste of time...14:02
xubuntu681i already tried that14:03
Spassinstall on sda1 ext4 "/" 495gb and sda2 swap 5gb and boot device on "/dev/sda" (not sda1) and ignore strange messages and try to boot on legacy mode14:03
Spassor try to get in touch with some linux guru lurking on this channel14:04
xubuntu681how do i know who is a linux guru :D14:05
artagby their beards and sandals14:06
cfhowlettNECKbeards ...14:06
artagbtw no offence intended. I have a neckbeard, and a selection of far less attractive descriptions of windows geeks14:08
artagtbh though, I think what you really want is a BIOS geek. Not sure how to recognise them.14:09
artagI have a similar problem myself, where I had a perfectly working ubuntu laptop and tried to make it dual-boot win7 and mint, for largely bogus reasons. I find I'm having to change from UEFI for windows to legacy BIOS for Mint, which shouldn't be necessary14:12
artagIf I ever find I actually want to use the win7 part I mihgt have to try harder to fix that14:12
Unit193You need to install Xubuntu under secureboot then, don't install in legacy mode.14:16
Unit193Specifically, the 64bit version.14:16
artagI'll try it again. Ideally I should do that before there's much stuff to backup14:18
=== rebelos is now known as karan
xubuntu681does anybody have any idea for me?14:19
krytarikxubuntu681: I didn't follow the whole thing, but did you read Unit193's message? Also, you can try in #ubuntu for that too.14:31
Unit193krytarik: I didn't either. :314:32
xubuntu681so i have to uefi boot with secure mode turned ON?14:32
krytarikxubuntu681: Doesn't Unit193's message imply that?14:43
xubuntu681krytarik: yes, english = shit :D14:45
krytarikxubuntu681: Would you rather #ubuntu-de then?14:55
xubuntu681krytarik it's fine, but i'm sometimes not sure about commands and stuff you guys write :D14:56
Unit193krytarik: He's in #ubuntu, all good.15:02
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xubuntu681i'm in #ubuntu-de aswell but they don't seem to answer15:06
krytarikxubuntu681: Just have a bit patience, it's usually pretty active there.15:09
williangarciaHi , Can i fix my restart option , when I will restart my computer screen just hangs, but when I will shutdown my PC work fine...15:12
williangarciahow can i fix **15:12
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kozukumihow do i edit the grub menu from xubuntu 15.10?17:20
kozukumiactually i dont even need it, can i make it just boot to linux now?17:20
kozukumiis there a gksu for xfce that is built in?17:23
krytarikkozukumi: "pkexec mousepad /etc/default/grub"17:35
kozukumikrytarik, thanks but i cant seem to figure out everything from /etc/grub.d/ files17:36
krytarikkozukumi: Huh, aren't you following like this?: http://askubuntu.com/questions/143500/how-can-i-boot-directly-to-ubuntu-after-removing-windows-from-a-dual-boot17:38
kozukumihow can i stop it detecting the windows partition when it does an update?17:43
krytarikkozukumi: "GRUB_DISABLE_OS_PROBER=true" from here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2/Setup#Configuring_GRUB_217:50
kozukumiawesome, thank you!17:50
kozukumiworks perfectly, thanks krytarik17:55
krytarikAlright. :)17:55
kozukumiit seems to wait a couple of seconds on a "black" screen tho which is a bit odd, im gonna see if i can get grub to just fire up the default instantly17:58
krytarikkozukumi: I think that's the time it loads the kernel though.18:04
kozukumiah ok18:04
kozukumistrange because if i have it prompt me and i hit enter right away it boots faster18:04
kozukumiis it possible to disable grub and just have it boot right into linux or do i need to use grub to do that?18:07
krytarikkozukumi: You need some sort of boot loader, yes - and Grub is the default on Ubuntu.18:15
kozukumiok cheers18:16
kozukumigonna try and get an image on it now lol18:16
kozukumiright well everything is almost perfect :)18:30
kozukumilast thing is to work out how to get window edge for resizing a bit bigger18:30
drckozukumi: The only way I know (with deep voodoo) is Settings>Window Manager>Theme=Greybird-accessibility18:32
kozukumidrc yeah18:32
drcWhich make the windows about 3 pixels too big for the way I do thing :(18:33
kozukumii wish i could set it to 5 pixels or something but without fucking up the theme18:33
krytarikkozukumi: Just work around it :P - http://xubuntu.org/news/window-resizing-in-xubuntu-and-xfce/18:34
kozukumiyeah i use alt+rightclick18:34
kozukumiworks ok 90% of the time for my needs18:34
kozukumibit of a pain when i am just using the mouse18:34
J_EDGAR_HOOVERDoes anyone know what happened with the whole wireless-regdb thing in Xubuntu/ubuntu20:18
J_EDGAR_HOOVERI'm on 14.0420:18
J_EDGAR_HOOVERI wanted to make my own regulatory.bin20:18
J_EDGAR_HOOVERbut I have no idea where to put it20:18
J_EDGAR_HOOVERWhat does iw reg get/set rely on?20:19
bekkswireless-regdb? Never heard of it.20:34
ochosiJ_EDGAR_HOOVER: that doesn't sound like it's xubuntu specific20:35
J_EDGAR_HOOVERIt's maybe part of the linux kernel or.. GNU project20:37
J_EDGAR_HOOVERIt seems that Xubuntu must have some specific place where the regulatory domain file is20:37
J_EDGAR_HOOVERWhen you type as su ... <iw reg get> you get your domain location20:37
J_EDGAR_HOOVERif you do <iw reg set NZ> you uncap it a bit.20:38
Unit193Are you actually asking or is this the same stuff you were going over in ##linux?20:38
J_EDGAR_HOOVERI'm actually asking.20:38
J_EDGAR_HOOVERLike I know as much as I just said.. and that in the past you could compile your own regulatory.bin file, then verify it.20:38
J_EDGAR_HOOVERBut now it's like they "obfuscated it" and i'm not sure if that's Xubuntu doing it or the Linux/GNU team20:39
J_EDGAR_HOOVERThey probably don't publish much about it because the more they do, the more people will uncap their NIC's tx power and violate the FCC or applicable government regulation body20:39
J_EDGAR_HOOVERSo I'll just assume that, until I hear anything else.20:39
Unit193Perhaps see regulatory.bin(5) and /lib/crda/regulatory.bin20:39
J_EDGAR_HOOVEROh wow I think it's right there. Thank you so much20:40
J_EDGAR_HOOVERIt could be one I put there, but I think that's the location in Xubuntu :D ty20:40
J_EDGAR_HOOVERif anyone's interested following this should allow you to make your own replacement regulatory.bin , but keep in mind you munst make another file too to "verify" it. http://null-byte.wonderhowto.com/how-to/set-your-wi-fi-cards-tx-power-higher-than-30-dbm-0149606/20:42
J_EDGAR_HOOVERHow do I untar these kinds of files20:46
J_EDGAR_HOOVERcrda-latest.tar.bz2               wireless-regdb-2015.10.22.tar.xz20:46
J_EDGAR_HOOVERWell other than the bz220:46
J_EDGAR_HOOVERim trying tar xvjf20:46
J_EDGAR_HOOVERnvm ill just open thunar as root20:48
hoodediceI mapped SuperUser to whisker menu -- it makes it easier to open programs.20:50
hoodediceThe thing is, Mousepad is something I use often, but when I type "Mouse", the selector is on "Mouse and Touchpad"20:51
hoodediceIs there a way to add an alias to the Mousepad entry in the whisker menu settings so I can type, say, "text" and it will open mousepad?20:51
mrkrampshoodedice, no and yes20:53
mrkrampsjust create a new menu entry20:54
mrkrampshoodedice, copy /usr/share/applications/mousepad.desktop to ~/.local/share/applications/texteditor.desktop20:55
mrkrampsedit the copy and change name to "Text Editor"20:56
mrkrampsoptionally, delete all content from this file not required20:56
hoodediceokay, I'll try it out20:57
J_EDGAR_HOOVERThink I did it...21:24
J_EDGAR_HOOVERroot@network:/home/cia/Desktop/WirelessRegNew/crda-1.1.3# make21:24
J_EDGAR_HOOVER  CHK  /usr/lib/crda/regulatory.bin21:24
J_EDGAR_HOOVERroot@network:/home/cia/Desktop/WirelessRegNew/crda-1.1.3# make install21:24
J_EDGAR_HOOVER GZIP regdbdump.821:24
J_EDGAR_HOOVER  INSTALL  regdbdump21:24
J_EDGAR_HOOVER  INSTALL  85-regulatory.rules21:24
J_EDGAR_HOOVER  INSTALL  crda.8.gz21:24
J_EDGAR_HOOVER  INSTALL  regdbdump.8.gz21:24
J_EDGAR_HOOVERProblem is i'm not sure wher eit put the new regulatory.bin21:28
Unit193!pastebin | J_EDGAR_HOOVER21:28
ubottuJ_EDGAR_HOOVER: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.21:28
J_EDGAR_HOOVERit wants /usr/lib/cdra but in xubuntu its /lib/crda21:28
J_EDGAR_HOOVERWell I replaced the regulatory.bin21:30
J_EDGAR_HOOVERand got the pubkeys right21:30
J_EDGAR_HOOVERshould be OK on reboot. wish me luck :)21:30
kozukumican i remove the lock screen button from the main whisker menu?23:12
kozukumiah yes i can :D23:14
xubuntu29wHi ! I have a basic question...23:39
drcxubuntu29w: You're in luck, we are overstocked in Basic Answers...just ask :)23:40
xubuntu29wI connect my android phone to my laptop with a usb cable and wants to open some pictures but I cannot look at them23:42
xubuntu29wwhen I click on them23:42
xubuntu29wnothing is displayed...23:42
xubuntu29wany reason?23:42
hoodediceyou need to mount your sd card23:42
xubuntu29wI have to save them first and after click on them to be abe to look at them...23:43
hoodediceon your desktop, there should be a greyed out drive23:43
hoodedicesave them?23:43
hoodediceoh, you already mounted it, missed that, sorry23:43
xubuntu29wyes already mounted...23:44
xubuntu29wand yes... I need to save them on my hard drive to look at the pictures..23:44
xubuntu29wbut if I click on a folder the pictures are displayed in the folder andca look at them all as view icons or view as detailed list...23:47
xubuntu29wbut when I click on oe of them in this case it doesnt work. the picture is not displayed23:47

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