FritigernWhat the... I just rebooted my machine and my .config doesn't seem to be read. Icons are missing or icons from the humaniy set are used. Also stuff requires a double-click to open now. The hec is going on??? .config and .local are still there, and are accessible, and have the proper perms and owner00:12
FritigernWell now. I renamed .config in an attempt to restore default settings, but the icons are still MIA00:49
FritigernThe icons being from the Breeze theme00:49
williefcant get logged into new install of 15.10 with plasma00:55
williefenter passwd, hit return, screen blanks for few secs then kicks me back to login screen00:55
skierpage_willief: you could try switching to a terminal (Alt-Ctrl-F1), see if you can login from that, and if so start looking for errors.01:07
williefIm trying that with jasonvw in #kde right now01:08
skierpage_willief: OK, good luck. In `journalctl` look for "dm" (I can't remember if Kubuntu uses lightdm, or kdm, etc. as its greeter), there should be some error somewhere01:09
williefwhat is the KDM display managere service called    I thought it was kdm but service stop kdm fails and I dont see an obv alternative01:09
williefjournalctl.... god01:10
willieferr good hint .... thx01:10
skierpage_willief: it's OK ;) ... beats grinding through all the /var/log stuff (assuming all the /var/log routes into journalctl)01:10
williefit's sddm btw01:12
FritigernAnyone, no suggestions for my issue?01:15
FritigernSwitching icon themes does not work. I tried that but nothing happens. Missing icons remain missing, and the rest are Humanity iconsw. I want my Breeze icons back!01:18
FritigernAh, the joys of being ignored01:22
chrisb2244willief: Do you have /home mounted separately from your kde/sddm install?02:01
chrisb2244Or rather, is your $HOME directory potentially not mounted when you login? That can cause a similar sounding problem for me. Probably this isn't your problem, but worth a check02:02
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Guest41027I have a dual boot PC...windows won't boot, a certain AVAST file is preventing it from loading....I am on kubuntu at the moment, is it possible to remove avast while using linux on my windows partition?04:03
FinetundarGuest41027: yes, you'll have to delete AVAST's install folder04:05
Guest41027Finetundar: Okay. I'll try that!04:06
FinetundarGuest41027: do you know where installed?04:06
Guest41027Finetundar: I do not.04:07
Guest41027Finetundar: I am googling it to see if I can find that answer.04:07
toby_Finetundar: Okay, I deleted those files. That error is gone, now I get "Invalid Partition Table" are you familiar with this?04:15
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skierpage_command-line install completed. Rebooting, wish me luck!04:40
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Eluusin the open file dialog in most programs, usb drives are not visible, how can I fix that?08:59
Eluuskubuntu 15.1008:59
Swipe-Anyone else having continuous problems with kmail in 15.10/09:48
Swipe-if any fixes are released with akonadiserver would they get pushed out via the normal system updates?09:51
ubottuh_boyz: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».10:24
lordievaderGood morning.10:39
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BluesKaj'Morning folks12:41
veqzI'm on Kubuntu 15.10 and have a laptop with one of those combined Intel & Nvidia graphics. Is Nouveau the only driver which will work for that combination? My screen sometimes starts to lag while doing normal desktop things (watching video, moving mouse around, typing, etc.), and I have been trying the proprietary drivers, but they don't seem to work, and I always have to revert to Nouveau from a console. Nouveau seemed to work smoothly on 15.12:53
veqz04 however, so I'm really confused about what the problem is...12:53
veqzanyone have any clues?12:54
soee_proprierty drivers dont work in 15.10 with nvidia-prime12:55
BluesKajveqz, how do you mean the proprietary drivers don't work ?12:55
veqzwhat's nvidia-prime?12:55
BluesKajnvidia-prime shouild be installed by default anyway12:56
veqzwhen rebooting, the screen remains blank. I go to a terminal (Ctrl+Alt+F1) and uninstall nvidia stuff, and reinstall x and nouveau, and after a reboot I'm up and running again12:56
veqzI had to use Nouveau on 15.04 as well, so I don't have any real complaints about it, except for in 15.10, where it tends to suddenly lag for a second every ~5-30 seconds12:57
BluesKajveqz, make sure as soee_ says that nvisia-prime is installed, if not install it, then install the proprietary driver. It's a hit and miss with theose hybrid gpus systems12:58
veqzjust apt-get install nvidia-prime?12:58
BluesKajyes with sudo12:59
veqzhm. seems it wasn't installed12:59
veqzso should I try just going to the Driver Management in System Settings and choosing one of the binary nvidia drivers and see if it goes better this time?13:00
soee_BluesKaj: it wont work13:01
BluesKajsoee_, I've seen it work a few times13:01
soee_we can't use proprierty drivers in 15.10, Ubuntu simply is broken in this part13:01
veqzwhat's changed since 15.04?13:02
BluesKajveqz, you're on 15.04 right ?13:02
veqzno 15.1013:02
soee_in 15.04 - yes it worked fine, they broke it in 15.1013:02
veqzshould I uninstall nvidia-prime again? :)13:03
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1501041 in xorg-server (Ubuntu) "No visible display in non gnome sessions when using nvidia drivers via nvidia-prime until screen goes to sleep, then waked up" [Critical,Confirmed]13:05
veqzhm ok13:05
soee_well you can have nvidia-prime and drivers installed13:06
soee_but just use intel profile13:06
BluesKajveqz, seems you need to regress to 15.04 then. I still use 14.04LTS as my main OS13:06
soee_if they fix it some day, than switch to nvidai profile13:06
veqzhm okay13:08
soee_BluesKaj: i like to use latest releaes to test all the new stuff but you are right, if someone want stable system, he should stick to LTS13:08
veqzI'm rather loath to reinstall my OS again, so I guess I'll reconsider it if I can't find some way to live with this13:09
BluesKajsoee_, I have both a test OS/16.04, and a stable OS 14.04LTS13:09
veqzis there any procedure to try and hunt down why nouveau seems to lag a bit? and logs I can check?13:10
BluesKajveqz, there's no real sacrifice running 15.04 vs 15.10, there's not much difference except your Optimus gpu syatem works13:11
BluesKajthat's my opinion of course13:11
veqzI'd still have to reinstall though, and be stuck with Plasma 5.3 iirc...13:12
BluesKajveqz, http://ubuntuhandbook.org/index.php/2015/08/install-kde-plasma-plasma-5-4/13:19
veqzthanks. that seems helpful if I do decide to go back to 15.0413:21
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ArtluHi! I'm having issues with my sound devices. I have a laptop internal sound card, and an USB headset. And when trying to set the input to the USB device, it uses the internal sound card. Also when I select the internal sound card, it also uses it. So there is no possibility to use the USB device, it's always using the internal device.13:53
ArtluI already tried to delete every .pulse and gstreamer config directories, but it didn't help.13:54
Artluany chance of fixing this?13:54
Artlukubuntu version is 15.10 by the way (upgraded from 15.04, but the issue also occured with 15.04)13:56
BluesKajArtlu, so you have no sound at the usb port, correct ?14:15
ArtluBluesKaj: Playback works, but when I try to use the USB device for sound capturing, it's using the internal laptop sound card14:16
ArtluBluesKaj: However, both capture devices (internal and USB) are getting displayed in KMix and I can select both in any program, but there's no difference whether I choose the internal card or the USB device14:18
BluesKajArtlu, so you expqaec the usb device to work as a sound card ?14:19
BluesKajexpect rather14:19
ArtluBluesKaj: Of course, it's an USB headset, so for playback and recording. It also worked fine until a few days ago.14:22
BluesKajArtlu, check as root, /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base.conf and make sure any usb options with a -2 index are either changed to a 0 or 1 , or you can comment them with a # then at the bottom there should be a line for usb that you can change from index=-2 to 0 or 114:27
BluesKajthis used to work , but no guarantees14:27
BluesKajunless of course your headset shows up in alsamixer F6 and you can choose it as card0 there14:28
ArtluOkay, thanks. I already tried commenting out everything snd-usb related, but there was no change. I can also try setting it to 1 manually.14:29
BluesKajthen do sudo alsactl store14:29
BluesKajyou have to reboot after changing the alsa-base conf file14:30
ArtluYes, I can choose the device as the default device in alsamixer. number is 2. 0 is internal device, 1 is HDA NVidia, and 2 is my USB device14:30
Artluso I'll reboot now and see if the changes in alsa-base.conf help. I'll let you know14:32
BluesKajArtlu, you can move it up to the top in system settings>multimedia>device preference>music and test it there as well14:33
ArtluBluesKaj: still the same14:36
BluesKajArtlu, you can move it up to the top in system settings>multimedia>device preference>music and test it there as well14:37
BluesKajwhich audio chips are we dealing with here btw?14:38
ArtluYeah, I already moved it to top for everything.14:40
ArtluHow do I get the name for the sound devices?14:40
BluesKajaplay -l is one14:41
BluesKajlspci -nn | grep -i audio is another14:41
BluesKajand for the audio drivers,  cat /proc/asound/modules14:43
ArtluThis is what I get with the 3 commands: https://paste.kde.org/pzguanqyw14:44
BluesKajArtlu, ok,  which audio player do you use?14:47
Artluaudio playback is working everywhere. VLC, chrome, firefox, teamspeak, skype, ... but recording is not working. I tried with TeamSPeak and audacity14:48
BluesKajunfortunately I have very little experience with recording using headphones to monitor the audio14:51
BluesKajespecially usb 'phones14:52
BluesKajare you using the spdif out to record ?14:53
BluesKajoops to monitor rather14:54
ArtluI used Audacity and TeamSpeak for monitoring the recording. no spdif14:54
BluesKajwhat is  your recording setup ?14:56
BluesKajArtlu, are you using mics or inputs from other devices or..?15:01
ArtluMy laptop microphone is working fine. Only the headset microphone doesn't seem to work15:01
ArtluSo whatever I choose as my input device, it always captures from my laptop microphone15:02
BluesKajyes, usb audio devices can be a challenge, even the usb outboiard sound cards are difficult15:04
somekoolis there special package to run KDE from recent git source? like RC or Alpha releases ?15:06
alexandrДоброго времени суток! В shutter  проблема с кириллицей. Если русские имена окон, то отображаются крякозябры. Кубунту 15.10. Подскажите пожалуйста, в какую сторону копать?15:07
ArtluBluesKaj: It worked a few days ago, so I thought there are just some problems with the settings. Can I reset the sound settings to default somehow?15:07
somekoolalexandr: I am not too sure, but 15.10 definitely sound good15:07
BluesKaj!ru | alexandr15:14
ubottualexandr: Пожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.15:14
BluesKajArtlu, did you upgrade packages ?15:15
ArtluBluesKaj: sure, I always install updates. But of course I don't remember every package which gets upgraded15:17
BluesKajyes, understood, ..perhaps something in alsamixer has changed15:18
Fleckhey, is there a way to get back to KDE 4? plasma is such a crap :(16:06
SmurphyFleck: Nope. reinstall Ubuntu 14.10.16:09
SmurphyMaybe you could uninstall all the plasma stuff, and get KDE installe. I don't know how to do it though.16:10
SmurphyI managed to get most non working things to work now, hence I'll keep it.16:10
Fleckit's slow, don't show systray icons and many more problems with it16:11
SmurphyDid you upgrade ?16:12
Fleckyep :(16:12
Smurphyin that case, go to: .config, and delete all plasma related stuff with: rm -fv plasma*16:12
Fleckaaand yes, also, two monitor setup, plasma does not rememmber my desktop settings :D16:13
Fleckok, I can do that16:13
Smurphybefore that, log out, when sddm shows up, Ctrl-Alt-F1, log in, and delete all the plasma related stuff out of .config as breviously explained.16:13
Fleckyes, yes, not so dumb :D16:13
svend-evGood morning16:13
SmurphyThen, go back to sddm with: Alt-F7, log in, and it should put some plain defaults.16:13
SmurphyThat's what I did.16:14
SmurphyYo svend-ev16:14
FleckI think I made new user and tried Smurphy, same problems were there :D16:14
SmurphyThen I don't know where it comes.16:14
FleckI am so sad I did install plasma 5 ;(16:15
Smurphyyou unter Ubuntu 15.10 ?16:15
Fleckyes, I have 15.1016:15
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NaizugaiHow do I change the start of the week in the calendar?17:48
SmurphyIn settings17:49
NaizugaiLooked under "Regional Settings", but I don't see any option to change it. I'm running 15.10 btw.17:51
steveireHey, I just upgraded to 15.10, and knode seems to be gone. aptitude show knode shows it, but attempting to install it has no effect...17:54
steveireIs that deliberate?17:55
steveireDamn, it's been deleted from kdepim :(17:56
BluesKajsteveire, yeah knode is no longer supported18:11
steveireGoing to try to change that :)18:11
* BluesKaj wishes he could rid of pim altogether, along with akonadi and baloo18:13
BluesKajuseless to me18:13
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excalibrHmm the new icon sets from kubuntu-ci look sort of out of place with the default breeze theme19:27
dougielhow do I stop gui in 14.0419:38
dougieltrying to install nvidia drivers19:38
Unit193Drop to a TTY and  sudo service lightdm stop  ?19:38
dougielUnit193, will try that from ssh login ok?19:39
Unit193Same deal, just not a terminal emulator.19:39
dougielso before I severely screw something up what is a difinitive method of installning nvidia drivers?19:50
Unit193Using jockey?19:50
dougielusing control panel now19:52
dougiellet see waht this piece of crap looks like now after a reboot19:54
heinkel_111I am installing kubuntu as second OS on my win8 PC20:13
heinkel_111both OSes work, but it automatically loads windows by default20:14
heinkel_111to start kubuntu I need to do it manually from BIOS setup screen20:15
heinkel_111hang on...I think I just found out what I need to do20:15
soee_uo can edit grub configuration and change order20:16
heinkel_111it doesnt start grub, that is the problem, just loads windows directly20:17
heinkel_111but I think if I change boot device in BIOS that should do it20:17
soee_you have instaled Kubuntu after Windows ?20:18
soee_if grub was installed on different disk or not primary partition where probably mbr record is20:18
dougieldifferent HD20:18
heinkel_111as I said, both OSes work, so I should be pretty close to success20:18
heinkel_111grub is installed same partition as kubuntu20:21
heinkel_111seems this fixed it, it was that easy20:24
heinkel_111I am not as much of a hacker as I used to be, that must be the conclusion :-)20:25
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sam_Hello. Is there any way to enable scrolling while moving the mouse inside of KDE Plasma windows? I can't seem to get it to work.22:42
bpromptsam_:     what do you mean?22:49
sam_bprompt, when inside a terminal, or dolphin, or any plasma supplied GUI,  mouse wheel scrolling isn't recognized unless I don't move the mouse. It however does work in third party applications like browsers22:56
bpromptsam_:    not sure you can enable it anymore than you can disable it either, is default setting for me for that matter23:02
bpromptsam_:    and it's not in System Settings, because it's meant to be a default behaviour23:02
sam_Hmm, I figured. Well, thank you for your time!23:03
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Letr5tsSimple firewall for KUbuntu - What is recommended?23:58

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