vthompsonI watching one of the UOS sessions (http://summit.ubuntu.com/uos-1511/meeting/22592/core-1511-snappy-developer-community-resources/) and was wondering if it'd be useful to have a snappy/core specific G+ community. The Ubuntu App Developers community has been very active at certain points in the past. Maybe that could be used to talk about snappy/core since they'll be one in the same in the future.00:26
vthompsonNm the above question, dholbach brought up making a G+ community in the video.00:40
The_Letter_MI have snappy installed on a RasPi2 and I'm trying to get an ssh to it. I run "sudo snappy se ssh" and I get no results. How can I get an ssh session to it03:04
The_Letter_Mjust found it in the docs03:05
The_Letter_MIs there a good reference for what commands are replaced with what in Snappy? Like I need to wget a file from the web and wget does not exist in snappy03:08
The_Letter_MJust curious, does anyone here use snappy outside of just what WebDM provides?03:51
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liuxgwoodrowshen, ping11:38
liuxgwoodrowshen, would you please let me which armfh for ubuntu you are using for cross-building your snappy app. I just found that the image I was using golang installation got problem. thanks11:40
meebohow can i help?19:47

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