jplattepopey: I remember I read on my laptop something about there already being a ms2 build with debugging symbols. But I'm on my other computer now, and the server doesn't seem to log either.00:33
jplatteDo you have time to explain me how to install ms2 with debugging symbols right now?00:33
popeyjplatte, i just noticed that we have debug symbol debian packages00:34
popeyjplatte, what version of mediascanner-2.0 is on your device?00:34
popey(my point being usually debug symbols are turned off in ppas, but it looks like the ppas that we use for building stuff for the phone has debugsymbols turned on, so yay)00:35
popeywe just need to know what build of ms2 is on your phone, then find the matching dbgsym debs and I think you can install those on the phone and you're good00:35
jplatte  Installed: 0.107+15.04.20150922.1-0ubuntu100:35
popeyit has them00:37
popeySo, you _could_ make your device writable (sudo mount -o remount,rw /) on the device00:37
jplatteIt's already writable ;)00:38
popeythen wget those https://launchpad.net/~ci-train-ppa-service/+archive/ubuntu/stable-phone-overlay/+files/libmediascanner-2.0-4-dbgsym_0.107%2B15.10.20150922.1-0ubuntu1_armhf.ddeb https://launchpad.net/~ci-train-ppa-service/+archive/ubuntu/stable-phone-overlay/+files/mediascanner2.0-dbgsym_0.107%2B15.10.20150922.1-0ubuntu1_armhf.ddeb00:38
popeyoh, and any other mediascanner related ddebs, install them and you can do your debugging I think?00:38
jplatteInstall them like .deb's?00:39
jplattedpkg -i?00:39
popeyI think so, I don't do this often :)00:39
jplatteaaand nope00:39
jplattedpkg -i seems to be correct00:39
jplattebut the versions are too recent00:39
popeythey match yours..00:40
jplatte mediascanner2.0-dbgsym depends on mediascanner2.0 (= 0.107+15.10.20150922.1-0ubuntu1); however:00:40
jplatte  Version of mediascanner2.0 on system is 0.107+15.04.20150922.1-0ubuntu1.00:40
jplattewait I think I can find the right files myself ^^00:40
popeyoh, sorry. my bad00:41
jplatteactually no00:41
jplattethere's only 0.108 for vivid and 0.108 for wily00:42
jplatteOr am I missing something?00:42
popeyit will be in a ppa somewhere I imagine00:42
jplatteWill check if there's an update for mediascanner in the repos00:42
popeyunless replaced by newer00:42
popeytbh if you grab a slightly newer ms2, you probably still have the bug :)00:42
popeybut yeah, the phone is all vivid based, so get vivid builds00:42
jplatteokay, so I'll add this PPA?00:43
jplatteaahh I can't even find the ppa id / name thing for "Stable Phone Overlay PPA" inside launchpad00:44
jplatteOh wait I found the link00:44
jplattein the breadcrumb menu thing00:44
popeythe one above is the stable ppa  yeah00:44
jplatteSo I'll add ppa:ci-train-ppa-service/stable-phone-overlay ?00:44
popeynot sure I'd do that00:44
popeyI'd probably grab specific debs00:45
jplatteAdded the PPA :D00:45
popeyyour phone :)00:45
jplattethe non-home stuff will be reset with the next OTA anyway, right=00:45
jplatteIt doesn't want to update mediascanner after adding the ppa and apt-get update?00:46
jplatteOkay, is there a way to pull the ddeb from the ppa through apt now that I've added the ppa?00:46
popeywhat if you apt-get install mediascanner-2.0   specifically?00:47
popeyalso, what does apt-get policy mediascanner-2.0  think00:47
jplatteis already the latest version, was set to manually installed00:47
jplatteyou mean apt-cache00:47
jplatteHuh interesting00:48
jplatteIt shows the later version from the ppa00:48
popeyand apt-get upgrade doesn't offer it?00:48
popeymight be that something is pinned00:48
melescan somebody help me what to do when ubuntu-emulator fails with /lib/init/init-d-script: 12: /etc/rc2.d/S02whoopsie: -c: not found; basename: missing operand?00:48
jplattehahaha if I tell apt-get to specifically install the 0.108 version, it wants to remove some system packages00:49
jplatteor at least the ubuntu-touch meta package00:49
popeyyeah, I'd grab the debs :)00:49
jplatteNope, that will only be worse00:49
jplattebecause then I'll install with dpkg which doesn't even care whether something breaks, it just installs stuff00:50
jplatteI'll figure this out00:50
* popey turns into a pumpkin00:50
jplattegood night00:51
jplatteaand figured it out00:53
jplattefor some reason I had to manually tell apt-get the versions of three mediascanner packages so it would actually upgrade them all instead of removing the ones where the old version depended on one of the other packages old versions00:54
jplatte(sudo apt-get install mediascanner2.0=0.108+15.04.20151102-0ubuntu1 libmediascanner-2.0-3=0.108+15.04.20151102-0ubuntu1 qtdeclarative5-ubuntu-mediascanner0.1=0.108+15.04.20151102-0ubuntu1)00:54
jplatteInstalled the ddebs for all of them, to make sure00:55
jplatteactually not the qt thing, there are none for that00:56
jplatteSo, about this...01:02
jplatte> popey: tbh if you grab a slightly newer ms2, you probably still have the bug :)01:02
jplatteNope. Seems like it's fixed!01:03
* popey goes back to sleep01:03
jplatteThat probably doesn't mean the code now looks any better than before (I really had never seen goto and exception-for-flow-control used in the same function)01:03
jplatteBuutt for me as a user it's glorious :D01:04
mcphailAnyone around from the SDK team? I think the QML/QMake template might be broken. I can't get it to make a .click as it can't seem to find the .desktop file09:28
pynurzhanqml-ubuntu-ui-devs, please i need your help. how i can define minimum and maximum date in PickerPanel. https://developer.ubuntu.com/api/apps/qml/sdk-15.04.1/Ubuntu.Components.PickerPanel/11:53
mcphailAny appdevs around from the SDK team? I think the QML/QMake template might be broken. I can't get it to make a .click as it can't seem to find the .desktop file13:15
snizzois it possible to send a path to be opened to a generic "file manager" application?17:40

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