lotuspsychjegood morning to all04:29
lotuspsychjeLatrodectus: welcome mate :p05:51
Latrodectusty for the invite05:51
lotuspsychjeLatrodectus: the idea behind this, we all do support but never have a chance to discuss to each other05:51
lotuspsychjeLatrodectus: so here we are discussing, to make a better support also05:51
lotuspsychjewe also share latest ubuntu news05:53
Latrodectushas the update/upgrade problem been solved for 15.10?05:54
lotuspsychjeLatrodectus: well in my opninion, there are many 15.04/15.10 issues so far05:54
lotuspsychjeupgrade/screen/acpi issues05:55
lotuspsychjeall depends on different system right Latrodectus05:55
lotuspsychjeothers have no issues05:55
lotuspsychjeLatrodectus: but we notice alot of black screens/login loops05:56
lotuspsychjemostly by wrong drivers05:56
Latrodectusand then the person doesn't read the output of the update/upgrade and reboots...05:57
lotuspsychjeyeah upgrading on non-lts is always tricky without backups05:57
lotuspsychjeLatrodectus: im on trusty and also testing xenial05:57
Latrodectusyup, this is why i usually stick to lts05:57
lotuspsychjenice nice!05:57
Latrodectusthough one thing that i found distasteful about ubuntu, was the suggested apps in unity and the inability to turn it off05:58
lotuspsychjeLatrodectus: you mean paying apps?05:59
Latrodectusbut having them in the menu itself05:59
Latrodectusand no way to turn it off05:59
lotuspsychjeah, you can choose to turnoff internet hits in dash05:59
lotuspsychje!info unity-tweak-tool | Latrodectus can help tweak things06:00
ubot5Latrodectus can help tweak things: unity-tweak-tool (source: unity-tweak-tool): configuration tool for the Unity desktop environment. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.0.6ubuntu2 (vivid), package size 325 kB, installed size 2550 kB06:00
Latrodectusinteresting, no one told me about this06:00
Latrodectusso i just changed distro to xubuntu06:00
lotuspsychjeoh also cool06:01
lotuspsychjewell i rather used to unity now06:01
Latrodectusya i run both lubuntu and xubuntu06:01
lotuspsychjethats for everyones choice06:01
Latrodectusunity seemed nice, but when i saw the resource usage i, and the paid apps, i changed to xubuntu06:02
lotuspsychjeyeah i understand06:02
lotuspsychjei like unity's left bar ease06:02
lotuspsychjexubuntu is nice n fast06:04
Latrodectusi need the speed because i'm planning to do some multi media production on it06:05
lotuspsychjenice, specificly what?06:06
Latrodectusmusic, animation, image, editing, maybe some video editing06:07
Latrodectus*image editing06:07
Latrodectusi think that linux has gotten to a level that you can begin to do post processing on it, i'm just gonna see how far i can go with it.06:09
Latrodectusplus i hate apple, and dislike windows06:09
lotuspsychjesame here mate06:09
lotuspsychjei installed trusty on so many boxes06:10
lotuspsychjeand try to spread the word :p06:10
lotuspsychjeopensource is the future06:10
Latrodectushere's then thing that i tell the apple sheep: apple's whole busness model is to rip you off, by selling you the crappiest shit, for the most expensive price06:10
Latrodectusand for those windows fanboys: window's busness model is DLC06:11
Latrodectusthough it's shifting to being a paid platform for three letter agencies06:12
Latrodectuslike cortana really?06:12
Latrodectusyou're gonna try to exfil info about your users, and then charge them for it?06:12
Latrodectuslol nope06:12
lotuspsychjeits a $$$ world06:13
Latrodectusthat's where linux flat out wins06:13
Latrodectuslinux should take over the universe06:13
lotuspsychjeubuntu made a big jump last years06:13
lotuspsychjei totaly agree06:13
Latrodectusand i see a couple of big jumps for linux in the future06:14
Latrodectusespecially with big bussiness picking it up06:14
Latrodectusbut you know what that means though?06:15
Latrodectusmore viruses for linux06:15
lotuspsychjeyes, just readed something yesterday06:15
Latrodectusoh link?06:15
lotuspsychjeoptirun virus for android,linux,windows,mac06:15
lotuspsychjehmmm not sure of the name06:16
Latrodectusthat's okay, i know that viruses exsist for all platforms06:17
lotuspsychjealot of 0day rootkits out there06:17
lotuspsychjeeven for linux06:17
Latrodectusthe only reason why linux and mac don't have big problems is because of the market share of windows06:17
Latrodectuslike why write something that can only target 10% of the market when you can write something that will target 70%-80%06:18
Latrodectusthe only thing that protects linux right now is how premissions are setup06:19
lotuspsychjeand recent updates06:19
lotuspsychjeto patch security holes06:19
Latrodectusi think that the default setting for security updates should be to do it immedatly when found06:20
Latrodectusand to not prompt the user06:20
lotuspsychjeLatrodectus: http://www.viruss.eu/security-news/omnirat-on-the-loose-spywares-nibbling-android-with-a-taste-for-linux-mac-and-windows/06:20
lotuspsychjeomnirat it was06:20
Latrodectusto be fare though 80% of android devices are insecure...06:21
lotuspsychjeLatrodectus: well the user is still the boss of the system06:21
lotuspsychjeLatrodectus: maybe even 99% lol06:21
Latrodectusyup, but security should not be left up to the sheep06:21
lotuspsychjethat google app store is a malware nightmare06:22
Latrodectusgoogle is a malware nightmare06:22
lotuspsychjei despite pc banking on phones and leak Oses06:22
lotuspsychjeits a real nasty danger for our future06:22
Latrodectusbanks should block mobile connections06:23
Latrodectusbecause they're not capabel of security06:23
lotuspsychjebanks dont care, what users do06:23
Latrodectusbut banks should care about loseing money06:23
lotuspsychjethe sheeps loosing money all round the globe06:23
lotuspsychjethey never loose a dime, insurances06:24
Latrodectusbut they could pay less for insurance if they didn't have to pay out so much06:24
lotuspsychjeits the ppl that loose big money06:24
lotuspsychjethats true06:24
lotuspsychjeim sure that every bank have rootkits06:25
Latrodectusi know that banks like to rip people off, but they should be smart about their security06:25
lotuspsychjeand remote hackers can follow every move06:25
Latrodectusi've gotten to a point that i don't trust any electronic device that's connected to the internet06:25
lotuspsychjethe whole world is one big botnet06:25
lotuspsychjevery true06:25
Latrodectusand then any device that ever touched the internet is tainted06:26
lotuspsychjeyour healthy paranoia mate06:26
lotuspsychjeeven offline boxes got usb infections06:26
lotuspsychjespreading around their intranet06:26
lotuspsychjeanyway brekfast here Latrodectus tnx for joining us and feel free to add to favs06:27
Latrodectusty for inviteing me, have a good day06:27
lotuspsychjeLatrodectus: you too :p06:27
Latrodectusnm, getting tired07:50
trumpyyi know that feeling07:50
Latrodectusyou know the feeling that you get from not blinking, while looking at a screen for hours on end07:51
trumpyywell i tend to blink every now and then, but yeah lol i know that feeling07:52
Latrodectuswell i think that my eyes are about to fall out...07:54
trumpyylol that sucks08:07
lotus|xenialmorning to all09:59
lotus|xenialmorning tj10:32
lotus|xenialTJ-: having issues loading a 4.3 kernel on xenial10:34
lotus|xenialsays error on archive --install10:35
lotus|xenialafter a sudo dpkg -i linux-headers-4.3.0-040300-generic_4.3.0-040300.201511020846_amd64.deb10:35
TJ-have the other related packages also been installed?10:36
lotus|xenialTJ-: this is what the guy asked me:https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/151347710:37
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1513477 in linux (Ubuntu) "Ralink RT2800pci doesnt work by default" [Medium,Confirmed]10:37
lotus|xenialno, just put that .deb in a test folder in /home10:38
TJ-To be frank, I'd ignore that for now. The later kernel isn't going to help. That device has been supported since 12.04 or even earlier.10:38
lotus|xenialthats what i thought10:38
TJ-That's just the standard response to kernel bug reports10:38
lotus|xenialshould i just reply confirmed then10:39
TJ-If you can wait a day until I've got my WMP600N into a working Mobo here we can see what is expected, and compare with your system10:39
lotus|xenialok mate10:39
lotus|xenialwill do10:39
lordievaderGood morning.10:39
TJ-wet and soggy morning :)10:39
lotus|xenialsunny here10:39
TJ-I've spent a happy hour converting the Arch iptables systemd service and default rule setting into a nicer Debianised modular format. I *like* systemd :)10:40
lordievaderNews reported yesterday was the hottest day since measurement started. 18C in november.10:40
lotus|xenialyeah lets hope for a cr4ppy winter10:41
TJ-lordievader: WMP600N has been supported about 10 years: see e.g. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Device/Linksys%20WMP600N10:41
lordievaderMy iptables systemd service simply calls a script which sets everything up (ipset & ip(6)tables)10:41
lotus|xeniallets c10:41
lordievaderTJ-: That is for lotus|xenial I think ;)10:42
TJ-lordievader: same here; a single script that works for ipv4/6 and reads sets of default rules to apply from /usr/share/ and /etc/10:42
TJ-Grrr, tab complete!10:42
lotus|xenialand early morning10:42
lordievaderIpset is really nice :D10:43
TJ-lordievader: I'm going to get the script and service control added to the iptables package so we have standard support, regardless of UFW. It's much more important with IPv6 now becoming more widespread, else systems are left open10:43
lordievaderWasn't that the default Ubuntu policy, accept all?10:44
TJ-Yes, which has to change10:44
lordievaderCouldn't agree more. Never understood why they didn't at least set the drop policy on the input table.10:45
TJ-It may be OK with IPv4 where most services are done outside the kernel, but with IPv6 so much is integrated into the protocol, especially with ICMPv6 RA, NS, and everything else10:45
TJ-but it is refreshing to be able to throw PNAT out the window and just route :)10:46
lordievaderPerhaps that was the reasoning, "most boxes are behind nat we can allow input".10:46
TJ-Yes, precisely10:48
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1513477 in linux (Ubuntu) "Ralink RT2800pci doesnt work by default" [Medium,Confirmed]10:52
lordievaderlotus|xenial: Would the RT2800usb suffer the same problem?10:53
lotus|xeniallordievader: i think so10:53
lordievaderHmm, that would explain a thing or two.10:54
lotus|xeniallordievader: i had it working on trusty after fixing something with TJ- with linux-firmware10:54
lotus|xenialcant remember how exactly10:54
lordievaderMust say I haven't really fully troubleshooted the issue yet.10:55
lotus|xenialanyway ill try to bug ancient bus to xenial again in early stage :p10:55
lotus|xenialhere's my second: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xserver-xorg-video-ati/+bug/151380110:56
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1513801 in xserver-xorg-video-ati (Ubuntu) "Scrambled screen and mouse pointer on first boot" [Undecided,New]10:56
* lordievader blames Unity :P10:56
lotus|xenialyeah havent tested kubuntu on this card,ever10:57
lotus|xenialmaybe i should10:57
TJ-OK, I must still be asleep! Just spent 10 minutes trying to debug an error in a bash shell script... then realised I was calling it with 'sh' as in "sh -x /path/to/script" - no wonder if failed!10:58
lordievaderTJ-: More coffee!!10:59
* lordievader slide TJ- a cup10:59
cfhowletthey bubba!10:59
lotus|xenialhow are things in beijing11:00
cfhowlettcounting down.  I'm soon to relocate; Tokyo.11:00
lotus|xenialcfhowlett: for good?11:00
lotus|xeniali love japan11:01
cfhowlettwell, for the length of the employment contract.  It'll be my first time.  Looking forward to it.11:01
lotus|xenialeat alot of sushi for me11:01
cfhowlettyeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaah, no.  sake maybe?11:02
lotus|xenialof course11:02
lotus|xenialno sushi without sake11:02
lotus|xeniallol away11:07
cfhowletthey, I was gentle.11:07
lotus|xenialand he did it!!11:07
cfhowlett:) that's a win11:08
TJ-Grrr, I'm getting annoyed. NM runs 2 private instances of dhclient when using both IPv4 and IPv6. when those processes write to the syslog they don't identify themselves. So, I have a message there and don't know which one is having difficulty!11:16
lotus|xenialrealtime tail -f cant seperate them neither i presume?11:17
lotus|xenialTJ-: maybe this can help: http://serverfault.com/questions/556124/monitoring-ipv4-vs-ipv6-traffic11:25
lotus|xenial* pikaaaa (~ubuntu@ has joined11:34
lordievaderKnown troll?11:35
lotus|xenialhe comes back with false info lordievader11:36
lordievaderDo ops know about him?11:36
lotus|xenialdaftykins added an op report, but not sure they was awake at this time11:37
lotus|xeniallordievader: he quoted TJ- last time to use for another user and wasnt relevant11:37
lordievaderProbably just to look knowledgable.11:37
lotus|xenialyesss hes got in with ikonia lol11:38
lotus|xenialnow its not gonna take long lol11:38
lotus|xenialhe got himself banned11:40
lordievaderI'm not surprised :P11:42
lotus|xeniallordievader: all ok with your new ssd?11:42
lordievaderYeah, it is working nicely.11:43
lotus|xenialok dinnertime here guys11:43
lotus|xenialif anyone see daftykins tell him pikachu got banned11:43
lordievaderDinner? It is the afternoon?11:45
BluesKaj'Morning folks12:41
lordievaderHey BluesKaj12:44
BluesKajHey lordievader12:45
lordievaderHow are you doing today?12:46
BluesKajfine here, lordievader, and you?12:49
lordievaderDoing good here12:49
BluesKajheavy frost last night, but supposed to be +10 or so this afternoon, gotta finish raking the leaves before the rain later this week12:52
lordievaderIt is around 17 today, quite warm for november.12:54
BluesKajyes , we had 20 last weeks for a few days13:14
BluesKajerr last week13:15
daftykinsyay no more pikachu! :) (i'm keeping with the pokemon nickname, it's funnier)18:27
EriC^^daftykins: \o18:35
daftykinshow are we all this relaxed sunday night?18:36
EriC^^good good, you?18:36
daftykinsyeah not bad thanks :)18:37
daftykinslooks like a chance call and meet today has got me some work \o/18:37
daftykinshelping to properly network cable an electrician friends client's house18:37
EriC^^i bought the tv today18:37
daftykinsah yeah? happy with it?18:37
daftykinswhich did you settle on? :D18:38
EriC^^they didn't have 1920x1080 though, the guy said they dont carry it for 32" tv's there18:38
EriC^^i got a 1366x768 one18:38
daftykinsah ok18:38
daftykinsmy 2006 Sony was that res - and my laptop is :>18:39
EriC^^i ended up getting a samsung, i wanted an lg, but the seat wont work cause of the funky leg design18:39
EriC^^but i'm happy with the samsung, it's nice18:39
daftykinsexcellent :>18:40
daftykinswas the plan just to watch TV, or to connect your laptop/PC into it too?18:40
EriC^^man they have some crazy shit there18:40
EriC^^like curved huge tv's and stuff18:40
EriC^^i was like whoa O.o18:41
EriC^^nah, it's just for watching tv18:41
OerHeks1366x768 tvs are cheap, i want a full hd 200 mhz18:42
EriC^^why are the new ones curved anyways?18:45
daftykinssome kinda gimmick18:47
daftykinsthe idea is that our eyes prefer a curved display18:47
daftykinsi've not seen one in person, but someone i know got one and they say they don't even notice the difference in use18:47
EriC^^it looks pretty cool i'd say18:47
EriC^^i want to go buy a hdmi cable and lots of neat pc stuff18:48
OerHekssuch intel compute-stick too?18:50
EriC^^what's that?18:51
OerHeksplugin hdmi, attach bt keyboard and go18:53
EriC^^wow that is nuts!18:54
daftykinswhat's funny is the Linux ones i've seen have way lower specs compared to the Windows one XD18:54
OerHeksone sidenote: it is a huge stick hanging on your hdmi ..18:55
EriC^^yeah that's true18:56
EriC^^i want to maybe get a hdmi cable for my room's tv -> pc i had one but it broke a while ago, for the ps3 too18:56
EriC^^and maybe some random usb's maybe18:57
daftykinsthe little FireTV stick things amazon sell, they at least come with a short extension in case your HDMI sockets are too close together18:58
EriC^^it's pretty nuts that they fit a quad core on that thing19:00
OerHeksThat would be preferrable.19:00
EriC^^a usb pc, heh19:00
EriC^^with microsd card slot19:00
EriC^^hmm it has a power input?19:01
EriC^^and 2 usb slots? 1 for key 1 for mouse?19:01
EriC^^oh ok 1 usb slot19:03
EriC^^and wireless keyboard and mouse19:04
EriC^^i think it uses it's own power supply though19:05
daftykinsyeah no power from HDMI, the amazon things for example would use what is basically a smartphone charger19:06
EriC^^i wonder if you get the windows one could you format and install ubuntu on it?19:06
EriC^^they gave ubuntu 1gb memory and 8gb space, windows is 2gb and 32gb space19:07
lotuspsychjegood evening to all19:07
daftykinshey sir! funny news about our buddy pikachu i saw there :>19:08
EriC^^evening lotuspsychje19:08
lotuspsychjehey daftykins and EriC^^19:09
lotuspsychjedaftykins: yeah got him right where i wanted :p19:09
lotuspsychjedaftykins: started to make scene while ikonia was on lol19:09
TJ-lotuspsychje: I've just fired up a PC with the WMP600N in19:09
lotuspsychjeTJ-: nice, wich ubuntu version?19:10
lotuspsychjeTJ-: hows that working out19:10
daftykins:) http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2015/11/08/%23ubuntu-ops.txt muchly amusing19:12
=== \b is now known as benonsoftware
TJ-HaHa, I think lotus managed to actually reprogram the device ID of his WMP600N!19:17
TJ-whilst I'm AWOL if lotus returns ask him to "pastebinit <( sudo lspci -xxxvvvnn -s 00:0c.0 )" please19:20
OerHeks[20:20:50] <TJ-> whilst I'm AWOL if lotus returns ask him to "pastebinit <( sudo lspci -xxxvvvnn -s 00:0c.0 )" please19:27
OerHeksbut please use paste.ubuntu.com19:28
OerHeksno LoL, serious.19:28
lotuspsychjeOerHeks: im on another box here19:28
OerHekssell it, and return19:28
lotuspsychjeholdon lemme go upstairs19:28
lotus|xenialOerHeks: paste me again please :p19:31
OerHeks[20:20:50] <TJ-> whilst I'm AWOL if lotus returns ask him to "pastebinit <( sudo lspci -xxxvvvnn -s 00:0c.0 )" please19:31
lotus|xenialTJ-: http://paste.ubuntu.com/13200303/19:32
TJ-lotus|xenial: You're amazing! You've somehow managed to reprogram the PCI config space of that device (in other words, corrupt it ) :D19:34
pauljwHi everyone19:35
lotus|xenialhey pauljw19:35
lotus|xenialTJ-: explain in english now :p19:35
TJ-First look at this table which shows the layout of PCI device registers. Pay attention to the Device ID, Vendor ID, Subsystem ID and Subsytem Vendor ID fields19:36
TJ-Now compare my device's lspci report to your own: http://paste.ubuntu.com/13199781/19:37
lotus|xeniallets c19:37
TJ-The block of hexadecimal data in those is the PCI config registers19:37
lotus|xenialTJ-: yes, but your device has the rt2800pci module loaded, mine not19:38
lotus|xenialTJ-: or doesnt that matter19:38
TJ-If you look carefully you'll recognise the expected Vendor:Device ID at 00 (bytes are stored little-endian, so you have to reverse them). 14 18 01 06 is 1814:060119:38
TJ-lotus|xenial: forget about the driver; that has ZERO to do with it19:38
TJ-BOTH our devices PCI registers report the CORRECT Vendor:Product ID19:39
TJ-BUT your PC somehow translates that to "1014:0601" in the record which is what causes it to fail to be recognised19:39
TJ-00:0c.0 Network controller [0280]: IBM Device [1014:0601]19:39
lotus|xenialyeah i see19:39
lotus|xenialso why does it do that?19:39
TJ-1014:0601 not 1814:060119:39
TJ-Well, the most obvious cause is a glitch in the CPU's data bus, or in a memory module19:40
lotus|xenialTJ-: ram glitch?19:40
TJ-I'd bet on the former since I can't imagine the exact same memory address being used every time for different OS releases.19:40
TJ-So, somehow, the PCI config is initially read incorrectly but later, when we use lspci -xxx and force it to be read directly, we see the correct data19:41
lotus|xenialTJ-: do its not ubuntu's fault, but somewhere hardware/bios?19:41
TJ-Looks that way; I'm wondering if it is some kind of PCI bus bug19:43
lotus|xenialTJ-: but the weird thing is, it all worked on trusty19:44
TJ-I want to try some direct manipulation of the device to see if we can 'poke' it into waking up19:44
lotus|xenialTJ-: we fixxed this somehow with linux-firmware19:44
lotus|xenial100% sure19:44
TJ-Yeah, which is why I think it's a PCI Bus issue19:44
TJ-The kernel is definitely misreading the device ID at boot time19:44
lotus|xeniali also recently tested trusty usb again live, and card didnt show anymore19:45
TJ-which is unlikely to be a device issue, but a PCI bus issue. It's obviously 'loosing' the 2nd nibble (4 bits) of the 1st byte, so instead of reading 0x18 (as we can see is actually there) it is reading 0x1019:45
TJ-We need to check the Extended PCI config space; let me check how to do that19:46
lotus|xenialTJ-: can i pastebin some other boot logs somewhere?19:46
TJ- "pastebinit <( sudo lspci -xxxxvvvnn -s 00:0c.0 )" (4 x this time)19:47
lotus|xenialTJ-: http://paste.ubuntu.com/13200817/19:48
TJ-the extra x gets us the extended 4096 byte config space19:48
TJ-Oh, the device doesn't have any extended - didn't realise they were that old!19:49
lotus|xeniali refuse to throw away old hardware :p19:49
TJ-right. thinking cap on. We know the config space registers are correct *now*. Can we influence the kernel though19:50
lotus|xenialTJ-: how about i test a cmos clear?19:50
TJ-won't help19:52
TJ-Could you test it with a 15.10 *i386* live ISO please?19:52
lotus|xenialTJ-: i cam from 15.10 64bit19:53
TJ-I think my Chinese friend that hacks the PCI code has boo-booed :)19:53
lotus|xenialdidnt work on wily19:53
lotus|xenialonly trusty saw the card19:53
TJ-Well, test an i386 Live ISO19:53
TJ-I think there's a bug in the amd64-specific code19:53
TJ-Unfortunately I can't test a 64-bit install on the PC here its only a 32-bit CPU19:54
TJ-I also noticed your bug report doesn't have a dmesg attached, which it really needs19:55
lotus|xenialTJ-: ok ill add it19:55
* OerHeks grabs a 64 bit duo core with 2 gb from the wastebin19:55
lotus|xenialTJ-: added: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/151347719:57
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1513477 in linux (Ubuntu) "Ralink RT2800pci doesnt work by default" [Medium,Confirmed]19:57
lotus|xenialdownloading wily3219:59
lotus|xenialmight take while for getting it on stick, as xenial lil buggy startup creator20:00
TJ-I think the crux of the issue is: "acpi PNP0A03:00: fail to add MMCONFIG information, can't access extended PCI configuration space under this bridge." ... MMCONFIG is the keyword there20:01
lotus|xenialTJ-: acpi bug would make more sense, as trusty hadnt the issue20:02
TJ-might be worth trying a boot with acpi=off - it'll probably break lots of other things, but if you can do it in Recovery mode to get to a root shell so you can run "lspci -nn" and check the Vendor ID that'd be enough20:03
lotus|xenialok ill try after wily 32 live20:04
TJ-Also, separately, try "pci=check_enable_amd_mmconf"20:05
lotus|xenialwhat does that do20:05
TJ-And another, which tells the kernel to try a different method to access the PCI config space: "pci=conf2" (the default is "pci=conf1" )20:06
TJ-check_enable_amd_mmconf [X86] check for and enable20:06
TJ-                                properly configured MMIO access to PCI20:06
TJ-                                config space on AMD family 10h CPU20:06
daftykinssilly question, but that card coming up as IBM isn't down to it being pulled from a more business system at all is it? very odd idea i know, but thought i'd shout20:07
daftykinsi think one of you even suggested it earlier on20:07
TJ-[    0.084000] smpboot: CPU0: AMD Athlon(tm) 64 Processor 3200+ (fam: 0f, model: 04, stepping: 08)20:08
TJ-daftykins: No, it's actually misreading the Vendor ID.20:08
lotus|xenialdaftykins: we investigated and base was IBM and vendor linksys20:08
daftykinsah ok20:09
TJ-The card actual has stored in its PCI config registers: 1814:0601 BUT at PCI bus probe time it reads it as 1014:0601 - dropping the 2nd nibble20:09
lotus|xenialwhat a weird situation lol20:09
daftykinsweird! same in other systems too?20:09
lotus|xenialTJ-: does precise got your card by default?20:09
daftykinsi guess lotus wouldn't dare put Windows near it ;)20:09
TJ-I've seen this kind of thing in the distant past but not recently20:09
lotus|xeniallol dualboot you wish!!20:09
lotus|xenialTJ-: or did you have to play with firmwares20:11
lotus|xenialfirst wily usb attempt create failed20:15
TJ-firmware doesn't enter into this; that is loaded by the driver, and the driver is loaded when the kernel tells udevd a new device has been added. udev finds the module to load by the PCI Vendor:Device ID, and as the kernel is passing the wrong one, it fails.20:18
lotus|xenialTJ-: but on trusty lspci -nn saw the right chipset20:20
lotus|xenialTJ-: and after adding firmware right, card was working20:20
TJ-lotus|xenial: right. So like I said, a bug in the recent kernel's PCI bus probe logic20:20
TJ-I think I've found a way to force the kernel to see it correctly whilst the system is running20:20
TJ-can you "pastebinit <( ls -l /sys/bus/pci/devices/0000:00:0c.0/ )"20:21
lotus|xenialTJ-: http://paste.ubuntu.com/13201737/20:22
TJ-Try this: "echo 1 | sudo dd of=/sys/bus/pci/devices/0000:00:0c.0/rescan"  - that tells the device to rescan the hardware. It *may* help. Then, to check, do "lspci -nn" and see if the Vendor:Device ID are now correctly showing 1814:060120:23
lotus|xenialTJ-: http://paste.ubuntu.com/13201788/20:25
lotus|xenialTJ-: no: 00:0c.0 Network controller [0280]: IBM Device [1014:0601]20:25
TJ-OK, let's try a more serious one then20:25
TJ-Try this: "echo 1 | sudo dd of=/sys/bus/pci/devices/0000:00:0c.0/reset"20:26
lotus|xenialTJ-: gives me a>_20:27
TJ-OK, that's forced a reset - did 'dd' report and complete, or is it hung?20:27
lotus|xenialhung on blink cursor yea20:27
TJ-Open a new terminal, check you've got control20:28
lotus|xenialTJ-: same, ibm device20:28
TJ-Let me check the kernel source; I'm not sure if '1' is the correct value to write. It ought to be since those things are usually booleans and 1 == true20:29
lotus|xenial3rd time wily usb creating grrr20:32
TJ-Yes, 1 is the correct value20:34
lotus|xenialTJ-: whats next :p20:34
TJ-Try all those kernel command-line parameters I gave you, one at a time, with Recovery mode/root shell to check20:39
lotus|xenialok trying acpi=off first20:40
TJ-I'm reading the source. It's drivers/pci/probe.c::pci_scan_device() which calls pci_bus_read_dev_vendor_id()20:40
lotus|xenialbrb reboot with acpi=off20:41
lotus|xenialacpi=off no luck20:44
lotus|xenialnext going for pci=check_enable_amd_mmconf20:44
TJ-... which calls pci_bus_read_dev_vendor_id() which calls pci_bus_read_config_dword() which is created by a preprocessor macro in drivers/pci/access.c PCI_OP_READ(dword, u32, 4) which calls (struct pci_bus*bus)->ops->read(bus, devfn, pos, len, &data)20:45
lotus|xenialpci= failed20:47
lotus|xenialnext is "pci=conf220:48
lotuspsychjeTJ-: conf2 locked me into an initram busybox20:56
lotuspsychjeTJ-: cant boot anymore20:56
TJ-OK, so we know method2 doesn't work. reboot it normally and try "pastebinit <( sudo lspci -nn -H1 -s 00:0c.0 ; sudo  sudo lspci -nn -A dump -s 00:0c.0 ; sudo lspci -nn -H1 -M )"20:58
TJ-That will try several different direct hardware probe methods20:58
lotuspsychjeTJ-: gonna b for tomorrow mate20:59
TJ-OK, keep a note of it21:00
TJ-At least we have a line on what the problem is now21:00
lotuspsychjeTJ-: tnx for supporting so far21:01
TJ-I'll try to test mine in a later, 64-bit, kernel tonight21:02
lotuspsychjenite nite21:02
OerHeksi hear that claim before, no memtest86 in grubmenu ..22:19
daftykinsmmm, can't be a thing of EFI installs right?22:19
OerHeksmaybe, http://i.stack.imgur.com/1aKFc.jpg , then 'advanced options' ??22:20
daftykinsyep, guy claimed he just saw his older kernels there22:20
TJ-UEFI can't do memtest86+, or couldn't some time ago, because UEFI was 'in the way' (using memory so can't test it)22:22
TJ-Got an interesting PC here - just booted it with Rescue and its kernel 2.4.21, dated 2003, and SUSE Linux. Interesting experience!22:23
daftykinsah that'll explain why http://termbin.com/weir has no entry :)22:23
daftykinsTJ-: :D22:23
daftykinsTJ-: keep a count of commands or tools that aren't there ;)22:23
OerHeksoh oke, learned something today22:23
TJ-It's doing rather well when it agrees to boot. I think one of the RAID controllers has an issue22:24
daftykins<3 RAID :)22:24
TJ-About to boot it from a DVD with 15.10 on.. that'll shock it22:25
daftykins"what are you doing to meeeeee!?"22:26
daftykinswe're getting a lot of these guys with expensive gaming laptops trying to dualboot ubuntu with Windows, and it really not working well, these days22:27
TJ-I forgot how DVD trays like to snag my fingers!22:30
OerHekseject && eject -t22:30
OerHeksoh, does not work, -t, on laptops without motorised caddy22:31
daftykinswere you guys ever fans of pushing the trays in? i always used the buttons for safety :>22:31
OerHeksstupid button is under the tray, design-failure nr 122:31
TJ-oh grrr! it's got 2 physical CPUs but they're 32-bit! Back to the DVD-writer!22:31
OerHeksTJ-, hop on your bicycle, and grab a 64 mobo here22:32
OerHeksplenty of that stuff ..22:32
TJ-the BIOS doesn't support USB boot which surprised me22:35
daftykinsdoes it sound safe for me to tell ksft to install libc6* on his 14.04.3 install? it's to get 32-bit libs for steam22:48
daftykinsoh, ^libc6.*22:48
TJ-it sounds like it needs the multilibs. I'd be tempted to run 'ldd' against the steam executable, to see which libraries it claims to have lost22:48
TJ-Because if it worked, and now doesn't, that points to disk corruption22:49
daftykinsit did only report the one missing at least in its' error, libc.so.622:49
TJ-Might be worth also doing "sudo ldconfig" in case its just the library cache broken22:49
daftykinsty :) interesting he's not getting a power off anymore since updating the BIOS22:50
OerHekshe did already, this afternoon with ikonia22:50
daftykinshuge jump from v2.xx to v3.xx on the Lenovo site22:51
TJ-I'd 'strace' it too, see what is going on22:51
OerHeksif ksft did install a prop driver for his intel/nvidia machine, steam should work.22:52
TJ-how it can 'miss' libc I don't know; almost nothing can function without that22:53
TJ-And everything else is working, so that makes me wonder if its a libc shipped with steam22:53
OerHeksthat is checked too, still wonder ..22:54
TJ-what release is ksft using? there shouldn't be apt errors.  Is it 14.10 by any chance?23:01
TJ-i asked for 'apt-cache policy steam' to identify where the steam package is coming from23:02
daftykinsnah 14.04.3 - he just meant he was re-running steam thinking my dist-upgrade would have fixed it23:02
daftykinsthat sounds good, i'll see if i can persuade him to run it too :)23:02
daftykinsi did wonder if ubuntu repo or PPA based23:02
TJ-right, or gdebi, or debian!23:02
daftykinsah he got you it23:02
TJ-I've found similar bugs with debian23:02
OerHeksor steam in wine :-D23:02
daftykins'tis official23:03
TJ-dependencies: http://packages.ubuntu.com/trusty/steam23:03
TJ-libc6 (>= 2.12)23:04
OerHeksso he might need  libgl1-nvidia-glx:i38623:05
TJ-OerHeks: if the package is installed by apt, all the dependencies should be pulled in. He reported some errors with apt-get though, so yes, we need a pastebin of those23:07
daftykinsmy history of commands would have involved "purge nvidia* " but that won't match when nvidia is in the middle right? so i probably didn't remove it23:07
TJ-No, this is a dynamic linker issue23:08
TJ-I'm wondering if he's got an older version of libc6 installed under /usr/local/ or similar23:09
daftykinswhen he first came in with the issue it sounded like steam ran until the fiddling commenced :D23:12
TJ-Hmmm... /lib32/libc.so.6 and /libx32/libc.so.623:15
TJ-that script does a load of weird stuff to figure out which executable to run23:19
daftykinsi don't think the steam client is too clever :) a while back they had a bit of code that erases / as root instead of /some/path/to/a/game/ if you told it to delete a game :)23:21
TJ-It looks crap already! Looks like we lost ksft, not seen a response anyhow23:28
daftykinsruh roh23:29
TJ-let's see if <my username> gets translated!23:30
OerHeksstill not installed libc6:386 ... is he fooling us?23:30
TJ-It's installed23:31
TJ-I'd laugh if ksft's real username were actually "<my username>" and the <> and space were causing the script to die23:31
OerHeksuh oh23:32
TJ-urghh, it's messing with the LIBRARY_PATHs23:32
daftykinsnot fond of that me_xy guy demanding help to fix Windows boot, because he's using a Linux program to do it XD23:33
daftykins"this means it's your problem!"23:33

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