shawnhello. since I updated to wily my system has been going into gnome fallback mode. I cant figure out what is wrong. I tried looking in the xorg log01:50
shawnthat is the xorg log^01:53
shawnthese are the symptoms: the blocky look to the buttons, the "task bar" at the bottom, the grey color of the system bars^01:57
darkxstshawn, is gnome-settings-daemon running?03:22
darkxstalso pastebin `journalctl -b /usr/bin/gnome-session` output03:23
shawnOK sec05:07
shawnyes gnome-settings-daemon is running05:08
darkxstshell crashed05:25
darkxstNov 07 18:34:30 minz-HP-G62-Notebook-PC gnome-session[1306]: gnome-session[1306]: CRITICAL: We failed, but the fail whale is dead. Sorry....05:25
darkxstNov 07 18:34:30 minz-HP-G62-Notebook-PC gnome-session[1306]: CRITICAL: We failed, but the fail whale is dead. Sorry....05:25
darkxstshawn, are you using gnome3-staging ppa?05:28
darkxstshawn, that also looks like gnome classic, did you try normal gnome session?05:45
shawnIt doesn't have that option in GDM unless the menu is hidden07:03
shawnI think itnis getting forced to be in "Gnome classic" mode07:03
darkxstshawn, there is nothing to force it, you should see a "gear" cog after clicking your username07:08
shawnI'll look again for one tomorrow, but that was one of the first things I looked for07:15
shawnI already put it away for the night07:15
shawndarkxst: somehow it got changed to classic and the icon for the menu was missing07:42
shawnBut I clicked around for the invisable click target and found the menu07:43
darkxstoh, that was meant to be fixed in wily, can you file a bug07:44
lindolhi all :)11:56
eliaspsdarkxst sorry for the absence. Was dealing with some work-related responsibilities. Regarding clutter's sru, there are many stuff that need to be bumped, dependencies versions.13:58
OlotilaI have 2 new notifications in lock screen17:02
Olotilait says: Files 2 new notifications17:03
Olotilabut when I login, I see nothing about any notifications17:03
Olotilawhere can I find the actual notifications?17:03
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darkxsteliasps, ok, don't worry about it21:33
darkxstricotz, I am going to rename gdm to sync up with debian, but is there some easy way to migrate /etc/gdm -> /etc/gdm3?21:34
ricotzdarkxst, look at gdm3.maintscript21:42
darkxstricotz, mv_conffile can only move individual files though?21:46
darkxstand there could in theory be custom hook scripts in there (although don't know if anyone uses those)21:48
ricotzdarkxst, a symlink might be a painless way21:52
darkxstricotz, ok, will try that22:09

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