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Kuldeep_How to partition the ubuntu 12.4?18:30
* Kuldeep_ slaps commandoline around a bit with a large fishbot18:30
* Kuldeep_ slaps Arieh around a bit with a large fishbot18:31
lordievaderKuldeep_: This is the Dutch Ubuntu support channel, for the English one see #ubuntu. To answer your question, get a partition editor like parted (CLI) or gparted (graphical).18:55
Kuldeep_ya am using gparted but the resize option is not enabled18:59
lordievaderKuldeep_: Hmm, I know relatively little about gparted. Prefer the cli version myself. Is the partition mounted?19:00
Kuldeep_what actually cli means19:08
lordievaderCommand line interface, terminal applications.19:10
Kuldeep_ok thanks, then how can i partition by using cli ony19:12
bn_sudo fdisk /dev/sdx19:14
bn_I think19:14
bn_but I'm not 100% sure if this is what you are after19:14
lordievaderKuldeep_: See the man page of parted.19:16
lordievaderOr fdisk.19:16
Kuldeep_ok thanks.19:16
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