bazhang<jackcom> break into computer. ikonia11:08
bazhangI read that as 'break into ikonia 's computer'11:09
bazhang@random doit dontdoit HURD11:09
ikoniabazhang: he'd be welcome to11:14
bazhangikonia, talk about worst ideas of all time, thats like trying to defeat sauron with a decoder ring from a cracker jack box11:19
ikoniahe may get lucky11:19
bazhangsounds like a clint eastwood challenge11:20
bazhang'do ya feel lucky'11:21
ikoniahis level of research made me feel easy about the challange11:21
iceman_hi i have a problem15:55
iceman_it keep telling me that im banned from #ubuntu15:55
ikoniahello there15:55
ikonialets have a look why iceman_ can you give me a minute or two please15:55
ikoniaiceman_: found the ban, won't keep you a minute15:56
iceman_can i join #ubuntu again?15:57
ikonianot yet, hang on please15:57
ikoniaso it appears a person caled Dragos has been a problem in the ubuntu channels from your domain16:00
ikoniaand as a result he got your domain black listed16:00
ikoniawhich appears to be you16:01
ikoniaso I don't think you can be unbanned from ubuntu16:02
ikoniabecause you've been a problem in #ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic multiple times before16:02
iceman_what happened?16:02
ikoniaso it's easier to not let you use the channels16:02
ikoniarather than baby sit you16:02
iceman_ok my brother will not have permition to my laptop anymore :(16:03
ikoniait's not your brother16:03
ikoniait's you16:03
ikoniaso please find other channels16:03
iceman_i need to share my laptop with my brother and i think he spammed these ircs16:04
ikoniano, he didn't16:04
ikoniayou did16:04
ikoniawe're done here, bye16:04
iceman_how do you know?16:04
iceman_i never used irc before16:04
bazhangiceman_, the ban stays16:08
bazhangiceman_, its your responsibility to control your hw16:08
iceman_what do i need to do to remove the ban?16:09
ikoniafind other channels,16:09
bazhangthe ban stays iceman_ please find another avenue of support16:09
ikoniathe guys in #freenode can help you learn how to use IRC and search for channels16:09
ikoniathere are also forums,16:10
iceman_forums never work16:10
iceman_forums never works16:10
ikoniagood luck going forward,16:10
bazhangaskubuntu.com works16:10
bazhangand works very well16:10
bazhanggo there iceman_16:10
ikoniaa good suggestion16:10
iceman_can i get just 1 more chanse?16:11
ikoniayou've burnt a few now,16:12
ikoniaso best to move on16:12
ikoniathanks for proving the point16:13
bazhanghis brother just got up!16:13
ikonia@mark #ubuntu-ops iceman_ proven poor behaviour was not his brother16:13
ubottuThe operation succeeded.16:13
ikoniahello again16:14
ikoniawhat do you wnt now ?16:14
bazhangchibapet came back to crow/gloat?16:43
DJoness/crow/make a prat of themselves/16:44
ikoniahe's trying to brag to ##slackware about it16:44
DJonesThat'll go down well in there, if you're not using slackware, you get short shift in there, asking about anything normally gets quite a bit ofabuse16:45
ikoniahello there18:12
pikaaaaa guy called ikonia is banning for no reason o___O18:13
ikoniano, I'm not18:13
pikaaaacan someone look into it please18:13
ikoniaI'm banning you for being a problem, and evading a ban18:13
pikaaaai evaded a ban?18:13
ikoniayes, you did18:13
pikaaaahow so?18:13
ikoniaas you said you would when I banned you the first time18:13
ikoniaor suggested as much18:13
pikaaaaand why was i ban in first place18:14
ikoniabecause you cause a problem18:14
pikaaaawhat is "problem"18:14
pikaaaaare you holding a personal grudge?18:14
ikoniayour contribution to the ubuntu channels you join18:14
ikoniahence why I ignored your ban evasion and tried to get you to stay in the channel18:15
pikaaaahow can i cause a problem in ubuntu-offtopic?18:15
ikoniawith your attitude18:15
pikaaaawhat was the problem?18:15
ikoniainitially you joined after being banned from ubuntu to call me a noob and stress you could get around the ban,18:15
pikaaaafirst of i have a dynamic ip18:15
pikaaaaeverytime i connect to internet i get a new ip18:16
ikoniayou then evaded the ban which I ignored, made poor contributions, started swearing, I asked you not to, you chose to argue, I tried again, you continued to argue18:16
pikaaaai did not ban evade18:16
ikonia11:43 < pikaaaa> hahahahah ikonia is a noob18:16
ikonia11:43 < pikaaaa> i am using proxy to connect :)))18:16
ikonialets not mess around shall we18:16
ikoniayou know what you're doing18:16
ikoniaso stop playing inocent and games18:16
pikaaaawhat is that?18:16
ikoniawhat you said in the channel earlier18:16
pikaaaathat proves he is holding a personal grudge18:18
pikaaaaplease remove ban and ask not to persist with it18:18
pikaaaawe need to know why you ban in the first place18:18
ikoniathe ban will not be removed at this time.18:18
ikoniaI told you why I set the ban in the first place18:18
pikaaaanot paste things from ubuntu-offtopic18:19
DJonespikaaaa: You've been abusive to channel ops, delliberatly avoided a ban, bragged about avoiding the ban,  why do you think a ban would be removed18:19
pikaaaaDJones, no no no18:19
pikaaaaDJones, i didnt do that all that18:19
DJonespikaaaa: And lied about it18:19
pikaaaaDJones, let me explain18:19
bazhangpikaaaa, theres nothing to discuss18:19
DJonespikaaaa: No, please leave the channel, as ikonia said, the ban will not be removed at this time18:20
pikaaaawhat happened was this guy banned me from ubuntu. reason not given18:20
pikaaaaso when i was in offtopic i said he banned the ip but i have a dynamic ip18:20
pikaaaanoob is not abusive cmon now18:21
pikaaaaask him why he ban in first place18:21
bazhangpikaaaa, we know why18:21
bazhangpikaaaa, the discussion is over the ban stands18:21
pikaaaain my defence i would say if i was to avoid ban , i would use a different name to connect18:21
pikaaaabut i didnt18:21
pikaaaacos my intention was not to avoid ban like he claims18:22
pikaaaahe is using personal grudge and his powers to do wrong18:23
pikaaaanow i know you will not directly unban me18:23
DJonespikaaaa: So, you know you have a dynamic ip, but rejoined when it changed. Why didn't youjoin the channel you're linked to when banned to discuss the ban, rather than just ignoring it18:23
pikaaaathe client auto joins channels18:23
ikonialets be real, proxy is not a dynamic IP18:23
ikoniaI'm a noob as I can't ban him as he's using a proxy18:24
bazhangpikaaaa, theres no grudge multiple ops saw and agree18:24
ikoniais very different to "I have a dynamic IP"18:24
pikaaaaso as i was saying i know you will not admit and directly remove the ban18:24
ikoniaok, then we are done18:24
ikonialeave the channel18:25
pikaaaabut atleast you can remove the ban from offtopic18:25
DJonespikaaaa: There's nothing for us to admit, you've admitted ban evading, you've bragged about ban evading.  What do you expect?18:25
pikaaaai wasnt done18:25
k1lNUCKFIGGERS (~u749750@
k1lthat is that brandom pm and troll nicks guy again21:24
DJonesJoined #freenode and immediately asked for a cloak21:27
DJones21:24 < NUCKFIGGERS> lol I just got banned from Ruby channel for saying js is the best language21:27
k1lobvious troll21:28
DJonesNetwork wide troll, but channels are left to deal withh them  themselves21:29
k1la classic freenode21:30
DJonesnetwork wide as in #ruby, #ubuntu, #freenode (thats counts as a network issue to me)21:30
DJonesk1l: Yep21:30
Unit193To be fair, there doesn't appear to be any staff around anyway.21:30
DJonesUnit193: Whats new?21:31
DJonesEven when around, they just give personal abuse or ignore it21:31
Unit193A lot of the time, aye.21:32
DJonesCurrent and regular staffers don't appearto appreciate the freenode policy21:33
Unit193Wonder how many actually can't do it.21:33
DJonesNot sure, but having seen staffers being highly offensive (to the point of abuse), I'm hoping the ubuntu channels will move  to another  network21:35
Unit193Eww, no.21:45
Unit193FWIW, there are still some great staffers.21:45
DJonesSadly, they're never online durine european timzones21:49
Unit193That is to say, OFTC and Freenode are the main two Open Source networks, and of those two I like Freenode technically speaking better.21:54
DJonesI've never been on OFTC, so can't compare21:55
Flannelk1l: I presume you're talking with him in a query?  If not, don't quiet, just kick/ban (quiets are confusing)21:59
k1lyep, asked him in pm. but got no answer so far21:59
FlannelAlrighty.  Carry on then! :)22:00
DJonesUnit193: I would refer to tinyhippo as being a freenode op who is abusive to users22:00
Unit193Not delt with him.  My biggest interaction is with ni ko, but not actually as staff (super helpful, though!)22:01
DJonesHaving seem tell a user to go f themselves (or something similar) in #freenode22:01
Unit193DJones: Delt with c?  More helpful.  Was that a user or troll? (not that it's great either way..)22:02
DJonesNo, they're online when I'm around22:02
DJoness/ online/never online/22:04

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