iceman_ciao tuturor16:15
iceman_ciao tuturor16:17
iceman_ce faceti?16:17
=== iceman_ is now known as annonymus
annonymusikonia, 16:56
annonymusHow are you? today16:57
ikoniajust writing an email to hangarhosting.net16:57
ikoniaso a litle buy16:57
annonymusikonia, 17:04
annonymusikonia, 17:05
annonymuscan someone help me/17:07
annonymusikonia, please help me17:07
bazhanghelp is being enabled annonymus 17:11
annonymusoh ok17:12
annonymusbut i need to talk to ikonia 17:12
bazhangnot the kind you want, but still help17:12
annonymusi have an bot sending messages over irc to ubuntu channels17:12
annonymusi need to delete it QUIQK17:13
annonymusim running ubuntu 15.1017:13
annonymusplease help QUICK17:14
liveuserikonia, 17:36
ikoniayes ?17:36
liveusersorry for that17:38
liveuserdo u know the spam mesages from iceman_?17:38
liveuserikonia, 17:39
ikoniayes ?17:39
liveuserdo u know the spam mesages from iceman_?17:40
ikoniayes, what about them ?17:41
liveuserso they are from me. Im sorry about them i find the problem. my laptop was virused and some program intalled a bot that send random messages to irc. right now im reinstalling my laptop. right now im on an live usb17:43
ikonianah, they are not a virus17:44
ikoniayou did it on purpose as the logs show17:44
ikoniait's all included in my email to hangarhosting17:44
liveuserit was an virus that cracked my laptop17:44
ikoniasame way you lied and said it was your brother17:44
liveuserthis is real17:44
liveusercan u do something for me please?17:44
ikoniaI think we'll let the people at hangarhosting sort it17:44
ikoniaas you proved in #ubuntu-ops17:44
ikoniayou did it manually17:45
ikoniaand the logs show17:45
ikoniaso lets see what hangarhosting say about your behaviour with all the logs17:45
liveuseri will never join irc,forums ubuntu stuff etc i will never touch ubuntu again but please dont send that email17:45
ikoniaI'm sure they can track down Dragos Criste pretty easy17:45
ikoniano, that mail is getting sent17:45
ikoniawith all the logs and details17:45
liveuseri will give you anything17:45
ikoniadon't want anything17:46
liveusermy pc was virused17:46
liveusernot ant lies17:47
ikoniayes it is17:47
liveuserplease trust me this time17:47
ikoniaI respect the truth17:47
liveuserhow can i prove it?17:47
ikoniaI punish lies17:47
liveuserthis is TRUTH17:47
liveuserplease trust me for this one thime17:47
ikoniaI hope the people at hangarhosting believe you, most so when they see you spamming :) to me in #ubuntu-ops17:48
ikoniawhich isn't a virus17:48
ikoniathats you typing it17:48
ikoniaand you sending me messages in private17:48
liveuseryes that is a REAL virus17:48
ikonialets hope they trust you17:48
ikoniawell, lets see what the hangarhosting people say17:49
ikoniagood luck with that17:49
ikoniabye now17:49
liveuserbefore i go i got one more question to u17:49
ikoniaI'm too busy typing my email17:51
ikoniatakes time to pull all the logs together17:51
wiierhow are you today17:52
ikoniabusy typing emails17:53
wiierto who?17:53
ikonianot your concern 17:53
wiieri already know17:53
ikoniathen why ask ?17:53
wiierjust wanted to know if someone can trust you17:53
wiierim from hangarhosting17:54
ikoniaso ?17:54
ikoniayou're using the same PC as Dragos17:54
wiieractualy no im just using the same network17:54
ikoniaoh, the mac address looks the same17:55
ikoniawhat's you're name17:55
wiierdo u want to know my name?17:55
ikoniayes, thats why I just asked17:55
ikoniato know who I'm talking to 17:55
ikoniaif you don't want to tell me thats fine17:55
wiierStefaniu Criste17:55
wiierfounder of hangarhosting17:55
ikoniaI'll add that to the email I send17:55
bazhangbrother of dragos17:56
ikoniathat Dragos is pretending to be someone else17:56
ikoniathat will look good17:56
ikoniagoing to take a few hours to pull all this email info together17:56
ikonialots of logs showing Dragos has been a problem from 2014 and all todays stuff too17:56
wiiercan u do something for me?17:57
ikoniaI don't want to 17:57
ikoniayes ?18:00
wiieri just tell the hangarhosting dudes the problem18:00
ikoniadon't worry I'll tell them18:00
ikoniaand I'll tell netprojtect.ro who own their IP range that their IP's are being used to cause a problem18:01
wiieractualy it was my laptop the problem18:03
ikoniaI don't care 18:03
ikoniayou're wasting my time, I'll get back to writing my email18:03
ikoniabye now18:03
wiierwhy are u so mean?18:04
ikonianothing mean, you've been a problem for a while now, I've asked you nicely to stop, you continued18:04
wiierok i will stop forever18:04
wiieri will never use ubuntu irc anymore18:04
ikoniayou continue to tell lies, rather than just be honest, so I feel no other option but to contact hangarhosting and netproject18:04
ikoniaoh, so you admit you're the same person now ?18:05
wiierif i will quit using this irc will u stop sending the email?18:05
ikoniayou still lies18:05
wiiertake a look yourself i will quit ok?18:05
wiierand never come back\18:05
ikoniathe email is being sent - there is nothing you can do/say to stop that18:05
ikoniahangarhosting and netprotect will get a full account and logs of your behaviour and lies18:06
wiieri will never use irc or stuff like that never i will quit ok?18:06
wiierthis is not a lie18:06
ikoniayou can keep saying that, but it won't change anything18:06
wiierwhy are u mean?18:06

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