cambazzhello, i just apt-get upgraded a remote server, and it is asking me about configuring grub-pc - and this is a server in hetzner - it is asking which harddrive to install00:32
cambazzi got /dev/sdb and /dev/sdc into a /dev/md1 and /dev/md200:32
cambazzso i dont know where to install00:33
cambazzwell it worked, i found the correct disk00:47
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hackematehi, what "update" in apt-get really does? does a query in a certain database to detect which new packages are available?09:47
bekksIt queries the update servers for new package lists.09:47
hackematebut it compares that new list to the installed packages?09:48
hackematei wonder if apt-get manages a database with used packages or check which packages are installed all the time09:49
bekksIt does not compare packages.09:50
bekksupdate downloads new package lists, if available.09:50
bekksdist-upgrade compares the installed packages against the package lists and installs updated packages.09:50
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lordievaderGood morning.10:39
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cynixx3I am having a very difficult time getting php to write an error log. The settings I change are showing up in phpinfo() I tried the webroot direcory and /var/log/apache2 but nethier writ to the file. Permissions are 640 and i have tried many owners. What am I missing or doing wrong?17:30
ikoniacynixx3: what is the user that is trying to write the log file ?17:38
cynixx3ikonia, I am not sure. I have tried the apache user and the web user as well as the log group adm when it was in var/log/apache2 like the rest of the files in those directories.17:40
ikoniacynixx3: why do you think it's related to permissions ?17:41
cynixx3ikonia, I am really not sure what the problem is. permissions are just a guess.17:42
ikoniaso how have you gone about debugging this ?17:43
ikoniawhat sort of logging/log file are you expecting ?17:43
cynixx3I am trying to get php errors, depricated functions, and script coding errors. I have taken the steps in my initial question. changed php.ini, created the file, updated owner and perms to what it looked like it needed, and reloaded apache2.17:45
captinehi all.  Am not a big tech.  Am an accountant, but love linux etc and am messing around.  Am wanting to know what is better for a production single server to run multiple applications etc?  Juju, or straight docker?17:45
captinevery opinionated, but struggling to get an idea of which to play with first17:45
captinesuggestions welcome17:45
cynixx3ikonia, when it didnt work in /var/log/apache2/phperror.log I moved it to my webroot directory and changed the owner and permissions to match the rest of the files, restarted apache and the log is still 0b after viewing some php pages with issues.17:47
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ikoniacynixx3: that sounds like php is not setup correctly to log17:59
ikoniaif the file is getting generated (you don't need to change the owner) that means the web service is creating it18:00
cynixx3I created the file18:00
cynixx3and phpinfo is showing that logging is on and it shows the directory I set when I change it.18:00
ikoniayou may not have the error level/redirect setup properly18:03
PryMar56can someone paste: tree /boot/efi or ls -al /boot/efi/EFI/ubuntu18:37
PryMar56I tried to script a Vivid install under EFI in a VM and it works, but I never see a grub menu18:37
PryMar56tree sometimes is garbled without unicode support18:38
PryMar56grub-install seems to do all the right things including a boot entry in EFI menu18:41
PryMar56to add EFI entry: efibootmgr -c -L ubuntu -l \\EFI\\ubuntu\\grubx64.efi --disk /dev/xvda --part 118:48
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