mappsyay gotham time05:08
mappsquiet ere07:37
SuperEngineerssssshhhh ;-)08:02
SuperEngineerBad moment: when you right click on a file and accidentally hit "delete" instead of rename08:13
SuperEngineerGood moment: you restore file in a few secounds from last night's "Back In Time" copy :-)08:14
SuperEngineerIn Flanders Fields - John McCrae, May 1915 - http://paste.ubuntu.com/13192249/10:14
brobostigonmorning boys and girls.10:25
MartijnVdS\o brobostigon10:48
brobostigonhi MartijnVdS10:48
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penguin42popey: What's your boot time like - on this old core2 my boot time in W and X is pretty awful - 6.23s kernel, 46s userspace16:27
popeypenguin42, not timed it16:27
penguin42popey: run   systemd-analyze16:27
popeyStartup finished in 23.306s (kernel) + 3min 3.314s (userspace) = 3min 26.621s16:27
penguin42wow, I thought mine was bad16:27
popeyoh, i know why16:28
popeymine hangs because I had two LUKs drives and got rid of one16:28
popeyI have fixed it but not rebooted since16:28
popeyactually maybe I have rebooted since and that's not it16:28
popeyis there some detail to that report?16:28
penguin42yeh there are some options where you can get it to spit out a chart16:28
penguin42systemd-analyze plot > foo.svg16:29
popeyalso blame16:29
penguin42popey: also, can you do a      dmesg |grep ifup       I see a pair of segs in there (with no apparent downside)16:30
popeyi see nothing16:30
penguin42hmm fun16:30
popeyhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/13196193/ is the blame16:30
diddledanwow that's awesome16:31
penguin42http://paste.ubuntu.com/13196209/ is mine16:31
popeynot seen this before16:31
penguin42the graph is pretty as well - very much like the old bootchart16:31
popeymine is quite red16:32
* penguin42 disables mysql startup and hope it wasn't needed by anything16:32
* diddledan disables the kernel and hopes it wasn't needed :-p16:33
diddledanwho is this colonel anyway?16:33
popey(I actually upgraded to xenial 3 days ago) :D16:34
diddledanthat's absolutely amazing16:34
popeywonder if the kernel stuff is it waiting on my LUKS password?16:34
DJonesdiddledan: They're not a full "bird" colonel, more like a NCO, "corporal" :)16:34
penguin42popey: Yeh you do get the waiting for LUKS included somewhere - but I didn't think during the kernel16:34
popeyunrelated, are you still rocking the oneplus penguin42 ?16:35
popeyI ordered a OnePlus X (smaller new device they do) the other day16:35
diddledan"who needs a smartphone" "not me, I need fifteen smartphones :-p"16:36
penguin42popey: Yeh, still beign good to me - not done anything to exciting to it16:36
popeygood to know it's lasted well :)16:36
penguin42popey: looks like your power manager needs forceful education16:36
popeyheh yeah16:36
penguin42popey: http://www.treblig.org/debug/davros.svg16:38
penguin42diddledan: This old core2 laptop that mostly just runs irc :-)16:38
popeyI'll do a couple of clean boots later and see if things have improved16:39
popeythings change a lot in 3 days on the devel release, even over a weekend16:39
diddledanI guess being immediately after release of 15.10 there's a lot changing in xerus right now?16:40
diddledanor are we calling it xenial?16:40
penguin42popey: For comparison; my f23 desktop (i7, ssd  so a lot faster)   http://www.treblig.org/debug/major.svg16:41
popeymy laptop is also i7/ssd16:42
popey"Cloud edition".. really? :)16:42
penguin42popey: Oh, I don't think anyone has a clue about f edition naming16:42
popeygood good16:42
penguin42popey: To be fair the core2 is running KDE, and the i7 xfce16:43
penguin42so the later part of it is probably lighter16:43
popeyI'm running MATE here16:43
popeyunrelated, this is worth a read http://www.theguardian.com/world/2015/nov/07/fisherman-lost-at-sea-436-days-book-extract?CMP=fb_gu16:44
penguin42popey: OK, MATE off an SSD should be up and ready a few seconds after you give your LUKS password16:45
popeythis is a year or more old install that's been upgraded and had all kinds of crap installed16:46
popeyneeds a cleanup16:46
penguin42popey: You might be able to find your kernel part from a dmesg, see if it sticks anyway for a while16:46
diddledan__what exactly does apt/dpkg mean when it says "selecting previously deselected package"?19:18
diddledan__seems in wily it's evolved from "deselected" to "unselected". still rather opaque as to what it actually means tho19:18
daftykinsmarking it from [] to like -> [install preez!]19:20
diddledaneh? those two messages took 40 minutes to arrive in the channel? (I sent them at 18:35 and 18:36 on my other machine and this one has only just attributed them at 19:18 for both - they're also listed after contempt, SupaYoshia and Stanley_Darth joined when my other machines has them sent before those joins)19:20
diddledandaftykins, so.. it's saying "I know you asked for them to be installed but I chose not to"?19:21
diddledanlike I say "apt, go install this" and it says "you said to install it, but nyer nyer. I'm going to install it when I decide!"19:22
zmoylan-pifreenode was very laggy for me earlier but that's a new one19:25
daftykinsdiddledan: i thought it is more two tools together, dpkg does the installation whilst apt handles the database portion - so marking it to be installed is logging the desire - whilst dpkg is actioning it? might be wrong19:26
diddledanbut my point is apt isn't selecting anything. _I_ selected it in the commandline and then apt tells me that it's selecting it again because it wasn't selected (by me!)19:27
daftykinsthat's just confirming prior state :D19:27
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diddledanafaict it also says the same on stuff it's updating which I've already installed prior but has a new version19:28
diddledanit's just a pointless and silly message that makes no sense19:28
diddledanwhy not just say "installing X"19:28
daftykinsbut the real question, are you enjoying apt's progress bar? :D19:29
zmoylan-pifor the same same reason mode access standby replaced the archaic on/off :-)19:29
diddledanNO! because the messages are evil! :-p19:29
diddledanmode access?19:29
* zmoylan-pi realises i'm in a channel with kids who haven't read h2g2...19:32
diddledanoh dear, I've let you down, I've let geekdom down, and worse, I've let myself down19:41
* penguin42 admits to only knowing the radio series19:43
* zmoylan-pi is mentally preparing myself to the realisation that i'm the only one here who carries a towel...19:53
penguin42zmoylan-pi: No, the radio series had the towels19:53
penguin42but, granted zmoylan-pi is a cool frood19:54
diddledanvogon poetry ftw19:54
diddledanI've decided that virgin media "super hub"s are far from super when used in routing mode19:56
penguin42oh, no they really aren't; mine is in modem mode19:56
zmoylan-piif they have to describe it as super it's obviously lacking something...19:56
diddledanI'm on a 150Mbit/s connection and getting throughput of about 15KB/s19:56
penguin42diddledan: I do see people complaining about really bad areas, there are lots of stats things you can find on the router though19:57
diddledanI'm switching it back to modem mode methinks19:57
daftykinsi used to like those simple little box modems back in 2006 they did... none of this 'superhub' really bad attempt at a router rubbish :>19:59
diddledanyeah I wish they'd go back to providing a bridge/modem and let the consumer decide what router they want20:00
tripleclonesthey did remove the modem option when they first released the superhub, came after customer pressure20:00
diddledanI also wish other mainstream providers would do the same - bt have their own thingy as do sky as do EE as do TalkTalk. It means you have to pay a premium to get a service without a router20:01
penguin42diddledan: Given that it does have a modem mode I can't really complain20:01
diddledanpenguin42, except if you phone to tell them about a fault they query your box and say "oh, you're in modem mode, let me fix that for you"20:02
penguin42diddledan: And since they're the only UK DOCSIS provider it's not like their is a market for it20:02
penguin42diddledan: No, I've had them be OK with it being in modem mode20:02
diddledanI've had exactly that scenario play out over the phone20:03
penguin42huh ok20:03
diddledanthey've rebooted my router and turned off the modem mode before I got the chance to say no20:03
penguin42diddledan: One thing, I find the log dates on the 'Network Log' page of modem mode has the month out by one - i.e. it runs from 0..1120:03
diddledanyeah that's wonky20:03
penguin42diddledan: Have you been upgraded to the new 'vivid' - i.e. speed bump; my date for that keeps slipping (about 1 month every 2 weeks)20:04
diddledanno :-(20:04
penguin42diddledan: And I see most people on the forums are saying it's going slower - I guess they haven't bumped their backend bandwidth yet20:04
diddledanthe website that tells you your expected date says I've got to wait until between April and September20:05
penguin42diddledan: Ah, mine started off by telling me that I would be told when by the end of October, then it said I'd be done in November, now it's telling me I'll be told when by the end of December20:05
daftykinswhen i heard the UK ISPs had started making their provided gear only work on their service, that was one step too far imo20:06
daftykinslike sky had firmware modified netgears for their ADSL service a few years back iirc20:06
diddledanseriously shoddy IMO - they seemed to claim that the speed bump was nationwide with a switchon of october. now it transpires they aren't ready20:06
penguin42diddledan: Yeh they announced the speedbump at the same time as they put prices up20:07
diddledandaftykins they did20:07
diddledandaftykins now they have their own box which is effectively the same idea but isn't a rebadging job but an actual bespoke20:07
daftykinsah har20:07
diddledanthe sky system requires a wonky dhcp request from the router which contains login details which sky won't tell you with the theory that you must use their router if they don't tell you the login detilas20:09
penguin42diddledan: Which speed grade are you on - I'm on the bottom20:09
* penguin42 wouldn't know what to do with all those bits20:10
penguin42very nice upload20:10
tripleclonesthats what I had when I was on 152Mbps20:11
penguin42they're supposed to be increasing the upload for those of us on the bottom rung when they do the update; it's currently 3mbps20:12
triplecloneswe could live quite happily with a smaller tier20:14
penguin42the latency on virgin is what I normally find very impressive20:16
zmoylan-piroll on the 11-31-2015 :-P20:16
zmoylan-pithe end of december according to the modem :-)20:18
zmoylan-pithus those that besmirched virgin were banshed :-)20:22
popeyi have a virgin media engineer coming here between 8am and 12pm20:34
popeynot quite sure why, i think they think the cables are broken or something20:34
popeyI do hope he doesn't use this as an excuse to push me to drop my STB20:34
daftykinsgotta move with the times! :)20:36
tripleclonespopey you still having issues then20:42
triplecloneswe had an outage last Wed/Thu but was everyone in area, think it must have been a hardware failure in the cabinets or such like20:43
daftykinsVM does seem as stable as a cow balancing in a shopping trolley on top of Mr.Bean's mini20:54
zmoylan-pibut we would all watch that episode...20:55
* daftykins writes it and submits it to the BBC & Rowan Atkinson20:57
popeyMine is super stable20:57
popeyI think I've had maybe 3 or 4 downtimes since I have been with them20:57
daftykinsthey used to have a lot of early hours drops back in my student days :)20:58
daftykinsso if you keep sane times the majority might not be noticed20:58
tripleclonesmine is stable as well, had it since we moved in 2009 and reckon we are under 5 really disruptive issues21:16
tripleclonesand not many more minor niggles21:16
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