Scary_Guydoes anyone here use weechat as their IRC client?00:45
Scary_Guyand here's where it gets obscure (more so than a specific client and IRC in general) anyone tried to relay to the android app on f-droid?00:45
cmaloneyI use Weechat01:30
tony-smlrSMLR Live: E166/167 (11/08/2015) Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U4cn0S9gKyQ12:50
* greg-g coughs16:32
greg-gstupid sickness16:32
_stink_i also have that16:37
_stink_the stupid sickness16:37
_stink_also called16:37
_stink_the herp16:37
_stink_or the derp16:40
cmaloneyI really feel bad for those who have the herp. The Herpees.21:58
cmaloneyand the derpees.21:58

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