Unit193At 2am?07:22
linuxn00b1is 2 am late? i usually stay up until 5 lol07:24
Unit193I try to get to sleep before 4am, it doesn't always happen.07:32
linuxn00b1yeah i try to get to bed by 2 lol. it never happens.07:46
linuxn00b1yesterday i stayed up until 7 am07:47
Unit193Sometimes means I get anywhere from 4-2 hours of sleep...07:47
linuxn00b1that sucks. i usually still get at least get 6. i work second shift. lol07:48
Unit193well on top I don't sleep well, so can be fun.07:49
linuxn00b1i don't either. i usually toss and turn.07:51
Unit193So what brings you to -us-oh?07:53
Unit193Building isos now, fun times...07:56
linuxn00b1well i live in ohio. figured this would be a good chat to join lol. 07:57
linuxn00b1plus i'm trying to wrap my mind completely around computer literacy. learn a crap load more than i know now07:58

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