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Guest52724G'Day I just installed the ubuntustudio 14.04.3 lts version to check it out and I can't update due to /boot being 384k too small. Do I need to repartition this drive?09:55
Guest52724*G'Day I just installed ubuntustudio10:00
Guest5272414.04.3lts version10:01
Guest52724but the software updater isn't working as /boot is 384k too small10:01
Guest52724I ran sudo apt-get clean and that didn't fix it10:02
Guest52724I also rebooted but no luck10:02
Guest52724I just changed the repository from local to main and that didn't fix it10:03
Guest52724this is a fresh install and I don't have anything in the trash10:04
SentientSightG'Day All10:16
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schnitzHi... never got a real answer from ubuntu chat, well I love ubuntu studio but I've had soooo many problems just getting a decent screen resolution and rate, I'm kinda frustrated now19:27
schnitzUsing different AMD grafics card19:28
schnitzHD5000 Series and an R7 200 series... so  Radeon all in all19:28
schnitzcurrently running 640x480 :-)19:28
schnitzDunno, since all the time I've been using Ustudio, it seems to really hate all my grafic card and constantly kicks out drivers and messes up setting19:29
schnitzxrandr doesn't work for me, I tried many things but somehow I never really understood how you can successfully override settings19:30
schnitzOk , Just updated to 15.1021:35
schnitzbut now Audacity opens with exceptions21:35
schnitzso I d/l latest version (2.10)21:35
schnitzstupid question21:36
schnitzhow do I get the downloaded tar.gz ontop the current installed audactiy (2.06)?21:36

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