flocculantjjfrv8: really? all locks here fine02:37
flocculantbluesabre: can you check bug 1514137 out please :)02:38
ubottubug 1514137 in xfce4-power-manager (Ubuntu) "Session will not lock after either screensaver or suspend" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/151413702:38
flocculantwhat we need is to social medise a session where  we can make it plain how simple it is to test stuff02:52
flocculantI am about weekends02:53
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Unit193xf-pa-pl: Click on it opens a menu, clicking again does not close it; scrollering on the icon changes volume, but does not show via notify-osd.05:46
Unit193Hrm, different version?05:53
bluesabregood morning all12:05
bluesabrehi Unit193 12:47
bluesabrehow's it going?12:47
Unit193Chilly morning, so it seems.12:47
Unit193Uploading the last thing, 800+MB is fun.  You?12:48
bluesabretrying to catch up12:49
bluesabretook friday off for some extra catch up time, and now I think I am more behind than before12:49
Unit193Wow, what with?12:50
Unit193Upload done! \o/12:54
Unit193Did a screenshot "tour" of gnome-software, and hopefully made it easier to test too. :P13:00
Unit193But for some reason only finds already installed applications. :P13:01
jjfrv8flocculant, bluesabre, it was stupidity on my part. I had forgotten that I had disabled light-locker in Application Autostart on those machines.13:18
jjfrv8That was a holdover from the time when I couldn't get the machines to stop locking when I didn't want them to :(13:18
bluesabrejjfrv8: :D13:18
jjfrv8And the bad part is, my laptop was a fresh install, but for the first time, I did it with a separate home partition. I thought doing it that way, it would be easier to use my laptop for regular work as well as new image testing.13:18
jjfrv8I was a little worried, though, that it might compromise things, and guess what?  It did.13:18
bluesabrejjfrv8: np, that just means we have more testing variety :D13:19
jjfrv8I'll mark the bug as invalid?13:19
jjfrv8flocculant, I did notice that there were some obsolete references in the power manager testcase. I can file a bug and make a merge proposal for the suggested changes - if I remember how.13:22
bluesabrejjfrv8: as long as the functionality works when enabled, go ahead :)13:23
jjfrv8bluesabre, yup, it does.13:24
bluesabrejjfrv8, ochosi: if we could detect light-locker as running, a good enhancement would be for xfpm to show that its not running and offer to start it.13:24
bluesabreochosi: maybe with some dbus command13:25
jjfrv8ochosi, I also noticed that the power manager docs need updating. Shall I work on that?13:25
bluesabrejjfrv8: what needs updated?13:25
jjfrv8bluesabre, I forget what version I wrote them for, but there's been a tab added, for one thing.13:26
jjfrv8and the screenshots are the old theme.13:26
bluesabrejjfrv8: then yeah, go ahead and proceed with updating those docs if you feel motivated :)13:27
jjfrv8will do13:27
bluesabresince squentin is looking into this one, we will probably see some progress at some point, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gmusicbrowser/+bug/140160914:22
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1401609 in gmusicbrowser (Ubuntu) "gmusicbrowser crashes on close" [Medium,Confirmed]14:22
amigamagichi, I'm a little rusty on this topic, but I'm unable to create a clone of a git repository to compile an xfce plugin in local...  Is there someone that can help me?14:31
bluesabreamigamagic: probably just need to clone the git url instead of the ssh url, which plugin?14:38
bluesabreamigamagic: for example, the eyes plugin, git clone git://git.xfce.org/panel-plugins/xfce4-eyes-plugin14:40
amigamagicbluesabre, thanks, I'm getting help from cavalier on xfce channel :-)14:45
amigamagicI had to select the right branch14:46
dkessel_flocculant: how do i file bugs against testcases again? what is the correct launchpad project?17:31
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dkesselbluesabre: mousepad from the ppa is still built against gtk2 :p17:32
dkesseloh, and while i'm at it, when was parole changes so that "parole --xv false" no longer works? if it ever did.. i don't know. that's what the parole package test says for running parole inside a vm...17:33
krytarikdkessel: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu-manual-tests17:35
dkesselty krytarik17:36
Unit193knome: Hah, speaking of which, looks like you/someone typo'd in http://xubuntu.org/news/xubuntu-15-10-release/ about Libreoffice being included, you have one too many 'ands' there, one should be 'are' :P17:44
Unit193I can't edit it, or I would.17:44
krytarikdkessel: http://git.xfce.org/apps/parole/commit/?id=b86a4a5825995ed62a392aa9432da0ae87226bd018:14
dkesselkrytarik: so it got dropped from the command line options, but added to the UI, it seems?18:17
dkesseli'll add that to the testcase bug18:17
krytarikdkessel: Guess https://sources.debian.net/src/parole/0.8.1-1/debian/parole.1/ should be updated too then.18:23
dkesselkrytarik: right18:24
krytarikUnit193, Noskcaj: ^18:24
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Unit193krytarik: Shake your head, your eyes are stuck.19:19
Unit193cyphermox: ...Just have to say, you ever gotten adduser mixed up with useradd?19:30
cyphermoxUnit193: nop.e19:30
cyphermoxoh wait19:31
cyphermox"have you ever", then yes19:31
cyphermoxI always have to make a conscious effort to remember which one is the good one :)19:31
Unit193OK, because every time I go to use it: "Dang, now is it adduser or useradd?!"19:31
knomeUnit193, fixed21:19
Unit193There's the wiki too, but nobody reads that.21:30
knomebut you can edit tha!21:30

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