flocculantxubuntu29w: yep - know that one, something awry somewhere and you need to save the images to a drive then view them - should get around to reporting that one00:03
flocculantof course - what would be awesome would be people checking things BEFORE we release00:04
flocculantwhat can you do when 5 or 6 people check things for 1000's00:04
xubuntu29wflocculant... ok but I remember to have had the same issue 2 years ago...00:05
flocculantxubuntu29w: ok - so where is the 2 year old bug report?00:05
flocculantwe try really hard to get people to join in with testing - no-one bothers00:06
xubuntu29wIflocculant:  they could hire me as a tester...  I'm very good at messing with a operating system and discovering bugs..  :) :)00:06
flocculantwhat can WE do other than ask00:06
flocculantxubuntu29w: then do it00:06
xubuntu29wand how do I do it??00:06
flocculantyou are actually talking to the right person - what's your LP name?00:06
xubuntu29wbecause I'm a beginner with Linux...00:06
xubuntu29wLP name?  sorry you pea chinese now...   loll00:07
flocculantxubuntu29w: ... means nothing at all :)00:07
xubuntu29wahhhhhhh..  launchpad acount...  I don't have one for the moment00:08
flocculantwe are always asking people to join in and test00:08
flocculantand this cycle it will get more and more00:08
flocculantperhaps we need to ask elsewhere00:08
flocculantbecause quite frankly - coming and mentioning things 2 weeks after a release is 2 months too late00:09
flocculantand it really is completely depressing :|00:09
xubuntu29wflocculant: ok ! but the problem is I remember to have the same issue 2 years ago with Ubuntu...00:09
xubuntu29wso It's not specific to Xubuntu00:10
flocculantok - so once again - where is the bug report? people are not telepathic - if YOU are the one that's seen it - report it00:10
xubuntu29wi will create a LP account00:11
xubuntu29wand will send a bug report...00:11
flocculantthank you :)00:12
xubuntu29wflocculant:  you're welcome !00:12
flocculantxubuntu29w: in response I have added a task to the XX blueprint to try and include normal users - and what they can do - and generally they will be surprised at how easily they can make things better00:13
xubuntu29wanother question:  as a beginner in Linux, do you know any internet site or document which explains very well how to use Linux?00:13
flocculantxubuntu29w: Xubuntu is a Community thing - that includes everyone00:13
xubuntu29wI mean.. command lines, .tar.gz files for example....00:14
flocculantxubuntu29w: I've only used it for ~10 years, I rarely need to do anything *normal* with a command line00:15
flocculantif I could say anything for Xubuntu - then it would be - report it00:16
xubuntu29wflocculant: thanks... I like better the ubuntu manual00:16
flocculantwe might say that it's design or normal - but we really do try and read all the xubuntu bugs00:17
flocculantit really is not hard to get involved at all00:17
flocculantI turned up - now I deal with the testing and QA with a bunch of people - who JUST turned up to help00:18
xubuntu29wIf I report a bug and the bug is resolved after... that's fine for me !00:18
flocculantyea - so you reported it - what's the bug number?00:18
xubuntu29wI didn't do it yet...00:19
xubuntu29wfirst I need to creat a LP account...  :)00:19
flocculantmuch is generic - so we can't do anything about those - but as testers we can at least make it more known00:19
flocculantxubuntu29w: seriously - if you like Xubuntu, want to make it better - then get involved00:20
flocculantxubuntu29w: you still about?00:22
xubuntu29wespecially for this bug which pisses me off !!00:23
xubuntu29wfor a long time00:24
flocculantxubuntu29w: would you be interested is some sort of session where a group of people who DO test are about to try and help you join in?00:24
xubuntu29wI will put a screenshot when I will report the bug... it will be easier00:24
xubuntu29wYes I will...00:24
flocculantxubuntu29w: pictures paint a 10000 words ;)00:24
flocculantxubuntu29w: ok - so where do you get Xubuntu information? facebook?twitter? google? mailing lists?00:25
xubuntu29wwhen is the next session??00:25
xubuntu29wI only go to the xubuntu site...00:26
xubuntu29wthat's all00:26
flocculantxubuntu29w: you and I are discussing it :00:26
flocculantxubuntu29w: so you just read whatever shows up at xubuntu.org ?00:27
xubuntu29wand I only use google if I need informations on how to do something in Xubuntu or Linux...00:27
flocculantxubuntu29w: but if you thought you could - then you would get more involved?00:27
xubuntu29wYes I will... BUT.....00:28
xubuntu29wfirst I will need to know more how to do things in Linux...00:28
flocculantno you don't00:29
xubuntu29wyes I do...00:29
flocculantwhat you need is to know how to say "I used this, now I use this - that seems wrong!"00:29
xubuntu29wI agree... but personaly I will feel more confident when reporting a bug if I know more about Linux and how to use it !00:30
flocculantxubuntu29w: yea - but where it falls apart is you report something then from the wrong viewpoint00:31
flocculantdoing the fiddly bits comes (from my experience only) from trying to explaiin to 1 person why some thing is wrong00:32
flocculantyou should NOT need to fiddle with conf files normally00:33
xubuntu29wanyway..  whe would be the next session when a group of people who DO test are about to try and help join in?00:35
flocculantxubuntu29w: I will try and get something set up in the next few weeks00:37
flocculantxubuntu29w: it will show up on http://tracker.xubuntu.org/ and will get mentioned in all the social sites and both mailing lists00:38
flocculantwe really are desperate to get people checking and reporting things00:39
flocculantxubuntu29w: thanks for talking to us :)00:39
xubuntu29wflocculant: no problem.... I will...00:39
xubuntu29wflocculant:  be ready for more work !  :) :)00:40
xubuntu29wflocculant:  sent you a messagein private00:45
xubuntu29wflocculant:  thanks for your help..00:59
xubuntu29wsee you next time !00:59
doctorpepperhello.  I'm getting a message about being out of space in /boot when trying to apt-get dist-upgrade.  I have a lot of older versions of abi, initird.img, System.map, and vmlinuz.  Should I remove them?06:24
doctorpeppertrying to remove them through dpkg or apt-get says tha tthey are not installed06:26
Unit193You need to get rid of a few kernels, what does  sudo apt-get autoremove  show?06:26
doctorpepperUnit193: http://pastebin.com/jDes3S8Y06:29
Unit193That's not a lot, doctorpepper.  dpkg -l | grep -e linux-image -e linux-header06:32
doctorpepperUnit193: http://pastebin.com/wEe39uQL06:35
Unit193Yeeeep, you have a few.06:36
doctorpepperProbably shouldn't have gone with the default partition setup but I was being lazy.06:37
doctorpepperEither way it would have filled up eventually.06:37
Unit193Generally, you'd keep the newest and last functional one.06:38
doctorpepperhow do I go about removing them?  apt-get purge results in   "E: Couldn't find any package by regex 'vmlinuz-3.19.0-31-generic'"06:40
Unit193You don't see that on the list do you?  Just purge the packages that don't match the criteria aforementioned.06:41
doctorpepperUnit193: thanks, starting to get some space freed up06:48
doctorpepperare the old ones supposed to get removed after the new one is installed?06:49
Unit193No, though on newer versions they get marked so autoremove will remove them.06:50
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howdystrangerHi all. Just upgraded my desktop computer to 15.10 and now it hangs on the login screen with the rotating loading symbol08:34
howdystrangerany ideas about what's going wrong?08:34
amundseni'm using xub15.10 and when i updated to the last kernel, something went wrong with nvidia-prime because now i get a blank screen instead of getting to lightdm13:51
amundsendid anyone have this issue?13:51
uflaighello everyone, memtest is missing and I dont know what to do17:16
uflaigin the grub menu17:16
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bn_need some quick advice how to assign shortcut keys like Superkey + T = Terminal ?18:23
mrkrampsbn_, settings → keyboard → application shortcuts18:26
bn_yes I know mrkramps18:27
bn_but I want to change for example super key + e to something else and not mousepad18:27
bn_but can't seem to find it there18:27
bn_nvm found it somewhere else18:28
bn_apparently was looking in the wrong spot18:28
bn_thanks though for the help mrkramps!18:28
mrkrampsyou're welcome18:29
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alessandro_ho xubuntu e in fase di avvio va in stanby20:55
ubottuVai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)20:57
SkippersBossevening the following error is buggung me ever since upgrading to 15.10  '/org/freedesktop/NetworkManager/ActiveConnection/2' failed in libnm-glib.21:40
SkippersBossGoogle search mentions a work around. Delete the existing entry reboot, select the ap and fill in key but i just want network manager to apply the key him self. any one a solution ??21:42
JohnnyComeL8lySkippersBoss, I think you should do what works, and leave it at that.22:13
JohnnyComeL8ly(My 2 cents.... ^^^)22:13
dixie7z_hey guys, i have a problem with workspaces and applications staying in fixed/right positions after restart or shutdown... I googled it, a as it turns out there was a feature in previous versions that could remember on what position was app after restarting with saving the session... but it was buggy and was removed. How do you save your workspace.... I'm tired of shutting down every app and turning it back on after restart. I have 8 gi22:24
dixie7z_gs of ram so i usually just leave every app open. I use 14.04 LTS22:24
JohnnyComeL8lydixie7z_, I think that is still a part of Xubuntu.22:33
dixie7z_JohnnyComeL8ly, well maybe but after saving the session every app locates itself on first workspace so i need to manually put it right back on right workspace22:34
JohnnyComeL8lyCheck box "Save session for future logins" right on the power off menu (accessible from the "Whisker menu").22:35
JohnnyComeL8lyOh, I think I see the problem....22:35
dixie7z_JohnnyComeL8ly, after googling a little bit more I think I found the solution http://superuser.com/questions/625529/xubuntu-session-issues-multiple-windows-positioning-workspaces22:43
xubuntu12wI Like Umbunu, didn't know there were other distros. I have a friend that has a really old 16 bit DOS program. Which distro of Umbuntu is the best?22:58
JohnnyComeL8lyxubuntu12w, you might try FreeDOS.23:00
knomeactually, i would just use the dosbox emulator for running dos apps23:02
knomethat way you don't need to install a complete OS23:03
xubuntu12wHere is my status. I purchased a new computer and tried to back it down to windows 10 32 bit. No Go. I bought an old bare bones box. My Windows 10 32 bit came on a flash drive. The old box will not boot from the flash drive. Now I am thinking Linux may be a better solution. Which Linux should I start with. Again I like Umbuntu.23:03
knomexubuntu12w, just a note that it is "ubuntu" not "umbuntu"23:04
knomexubuntu12w, and there usually isn't an objective answer for "best" questions23:05
knomexubuntu12w, and since you are asking on the xubuntu channel, might i ask what do you expect us to answer...?23:05
xubuntu12wyup, noted, my typing skills have a lot to be desired23:06
Unit193knome: FreeBSD?23:06
knomeUnit193, silly, of course it would be slackware23:06
xubuntu12wCan I or should I use any Linux OS or can Dosbox boot on its own and print the output I want. I was thinking I would have to have some sort of OS first.23:08
JohnnyComeL8lyxubuntu12w, Just use Xubuntu... and then if that doesn't work... try FreeDOS.23:10
JohnnyComeL8lyIf you are using Xubuntu, all the more reason to try to just use the emu.23:10
xubuntu12wthanks, got it, awesome23:10
knomexubuntu12w, dosbox needs a host os, but it works with windows too, for example23:11

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