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blahdeblahAny charmers able to look at https://code.launchpad.net/~paulgear/charms/trusty/ntp/sync-charm-helpers/+merge/276826?04:15
* marcoceppi_ shrugs04:16
blahdeblahthanks marcoceppi_ - should be an easy one; I just wanted to get it out of the way before proposing my second one.04:18
blahdeblahmarcoceppi_: https://code.launchpad.net/~paulgear/charms/trusty/ntp/sync-canonical-is-charms/+merge/276951 is the second one04:36
blahdeblahthanks for the merge!04:36
marcoceppi_blahdeblah: it's almost midnight and still Sunday, I'll let this get handled in the queue04:37
* marcoceppi_ sleeps04:37
blahdeblahHi all - I've got a question about the juju-info implicit relation.  When we "nova floating-ip-associate $MACHINE $IP" in an OpenStack environment, juju status eventually works out that $IP is the public address, but that doesn't show up in the relation data returned from relation-get.  Why?  How can I get access to this information from within the charm?08:04
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gnuoyjamespage, https://code.launchpad.net/~gnuoy/charms/trusty/odl-controller/amulet/+merge/276959 I'm investigating amulet fails for > trusty atm08:13
stubgnuoy: _initialize_tests has a whole heap of unit/0's hardcoded, and there may no longer be a unit/008:18
gnuoystub, there may no longer be a unit/0 ?08:18
gnuoyI must be missing an exciting new development08:19
stubYes, with Juju 1.25 unit numbers stopped being recycled. So your first unit will not be unit 0 if the environment previously had a service using the same name.08:19
gnuoyack, thanks for the tip08:20
gnuoystub, even better , thanks for the fix!08:22
stubShare it around, its going to bite every non-trivial set of Amulet tests ;)08:22
jamespagedimitern, morning - nice picture ;-)10:00
jamespagethanks for the credit btw :-)10:00
dimiternjamespage, hey :) yeah - I'd like to give credit where it's due10:01
dimiternjamespage, thanks10:01
jamespagedimitern, great replay on our conversations btw10:02
dimiternjamespage, there are still some unresolved points, but it's shaping up I think10:02
jamespagedimitern, yup10:02
jamespagedimitern, so I think that thedac will be on point from my team to work on this - gnuoy is going on holiday for december afaict10:03
gnuoyhaha, I'm around but lots of holiday dotted around the place10:03
gnuoyjamespage, any idea when python-networking-odl will be in the cloud archive for kilo and liberty?10:17
jamespagegnuoy, its already there10:18
gnuoyjamespage, argh, sorry. I'm looking at a vivid deploy so no cloud archive10:18
gnuoyjamespage, is it on its way to vivid?10:19
jamespagegnuoy, actually vivid did not get that enablement10:19
jamespagegnuoy, only the CA10:19
jamespagegnuoy, I don't think we'll do vivid10:19
jamespageits high cost, with no users as far as I'm concerned10:19
jamespagewe can use the UCA for hardware enablement stuff like this10:19
gnuoyjamespage, ok, so the amulet tests for odl-controller can just be trusty?10:20
jamespagegnuoy, for now yes that's fine10:20
stoI'm deploying openstack liberty with juju using the same configuration I used for kilo and it looks that the neutron-gateway charm does not install the neutron-dhcp-agent ... is that intentional?10:54
stoWith the current deployment my openstack nodes have no dhcp service10:55
stoBTW, if this is not the right irc channel a pointer to the right one will be appreciated10:55
jamespagesto: that's not intentional, but not something I've seen either in my testing12:08
jamespage(and this channel if fine for openstack charms + juju stuff)12:08
jamespagesto: can you tell a bit more about your deployment?  output of juju status might be good for a start12:09
stojamespage: I'm re-deploying it now to have a clean installation, I'll send you a pastebin once deployed12:14
gnuoyjamespage, https://code.launchpad.net/~gnuoy/charms/trusty/odl-controller/amulet/+merge/276959 is ready for review. I can remove the systemd stuff if you want.13:09
gnuoyjamespage, I missed a ch change to support the previously mentioned branch https://code.launchpad.net/~gnuoy/charm-helpers/exlude-no-openstack-origin/+merge/27700513:41
ddellavjamespage, here's the link to the neutron port security MP again from friday in case you missed it: https://code.launchpad.net/~ddellav/charms/trusty/neutron-api/ml2-port-security/+merge/27676413:57
ddellavfor some reason tests don't seem to have run, i must have disabled them somehow, I'll fix it.13:58
jamespageddellav, looking now14:01
jamespageddellav, couple of comments14:03
ddellavjamespage, got it, fixing.14:05
jcastromarcoceppi_: hey, wrt. charm-tools and all our associated tooling, did you see barry's plan for python3 only in main for 16.04?14:09
jamespagejcastro, erm python3 only in the iso14:10
jamespagenot quite the same thing as python3 only in main14:10
jcastroacutally I said that entirely backwards, what I should have said is "hey are we ready for distros to drop python2"14:13
jcastroI've got some openstack questions that need to be scrubbed if people want to check them out14:19
Odd_BlokeSo I'm trying to configure Juju (1.22.8) to use an HTTP proxy and (a) I'm seeing that I can't configure an HTTP proxy but _not_ an apt HTTP proxy, and (b) that the OpenStack provider attempts to use the configured proxy for OpenStack API calls.14:32
Odd_BlokeAre either of these things fixed/changed in more recent versions, or shall I report bugs?14:33
beisnerOdd_Bloke, that is a thing for sure.  in my experience, the only way to get endpoint http/https traffic to not proxy api calls, is to set no_proxy to include every possible endpoint IP.  note, no_proxy doesn't understand cidr.14:35
beisnerhi gnuoy, i've added odl/amulet MP comments.  holler with any ?s.  thanks!14:52
marcoceppi_jcastro: yes14:54
sunithai want to discuss about IBM XL Fortran charm review comments, which we recieved recently15:18
sunithaHi Matt15:20
sunithaThe charm must cryptographically verify all downloaded software. Line 125 of hooks/config-changed will skip the cryptographic check if the sha_fortran configuration variable is an empty string (which is default).15:20
sunithaThis is about Ibm XL fortran charm15:21
mbruzekYes, I am watching this channel now that you said my name.15:21
mbruzekI recall the review.15:21
sunithaactually till now we were doing for all the charms as if user provides some value for cryptographic check, it will check, if user has not provided any thing it will ignore15:22
mbruzeksunitha: A charm can not skip the crytpographic check.  The way I read the code if the sha_fortran configuration value was NOT set then the software would not be verified.15:24
mbruzeksunitha: I see people just leaving that value empty when they deploy the charm (because empty is default)15:25
mbruzekSo by default the charm will never check the cryptographic signature.15:26
mbruzekunless the user sets the sha_fortran value.15:26
mbruzeksunitha: You don't have to write code to verify payloads that are already inside the charm.  This is why I highly suggest putting the xl fortran payload inside the charm.15:27
sunithanow you want us to specify default  package value there?15:27
mbruzeksunitha: no. But you can not skip the validation if the value is empty.15:28
sunithabut if i keep build inside charm user can deploy charm for only specific version15:29
sunithahe cannot use for another build version15:29
mbruzeksunitha: How often is this xl fortran package updated?15:30
mbruzeksunitha: many charms make use of this pattern (putting the binary inside the charm).  Only the IBM charms require downloading the binary and putting inside the charm.15:31
mbruzeksunitha: I suspect there is not much activity on the Fortran binary.15:32
mbruzekbut if there is, you can either update the charm, or write in the README how the user can update.15:32
mbruzeksunitha: I see the BASH code looks for *tar.gz anyway so in theory the user could replace with the new version.15:33
mbruzekBefore they deploy .15:33
sunithaMatt: In last 6 months they updated with 2 fix packs15:37
mbruzekI still highly suggest putting the binary inside the charm, it makes it way easier to deploy the charm.15:38
mbruzekmuch easier user experience15:39
sunithaok I will keep this inside charm only15:40
sunithaand one more thing about license15:41
sunithawith out setting license value , prouct uninstall will not happen15:41
sunithaif user want to uninstall the software..15:42
sunithaif i remove license parameter, how user will uninstall the software?15:43
mbruzekyes I understand15:43
mbruzekthe license needs to be accepted15:44
sunithamatt:I cannot add any relations to this , since it is a stand alone and its just a compailer, using this user can develop applications in power linux systems.15:48
mbruzeksunitha: that is unfortunate, it really limits the usefulness of the charm.16:09
mbruzeksunitha: please consider the merge proposal I made to improve the README.md file.  If you do end up putting the file inside the charm the README.md file will need to be edited to remove the apache server, and perhaps tell the user how to put a new binary in the charm.16:10
mbruzeksunitha: regarding the uninstall:  The user does not need to uninstall the software.  If fortran is the only thing on the instance then when the user is done they would just shutdown/destroy the instance.16:13
mbruzeksunitha: uninstall:  If you mean how would the user uninstall the software when the license was no longer accepted that code would not change.  You can still remove it from /opt/ibm/.... so they can not run the fortran compiler any longer.16:15
sunithaOk .Thanks Matt.16:23
jcastrocory_fu: bcsaller: So adam did a ghost charm with reactive18:16
jcastroand I started thinking, and it may be dumb but I'd like to think aloud for a minute18:16
bdxhey whats going on everyone? When specifying "JUJU_DEV_FEATURE_FLAGS=address-allocation" it seems my deploy is blocked after the first 3 devices are allocated ips see -> http://cl.ly/image/2o292Z3g1F3Q19:51
bdxI have verified this multiple times now......I'm sure you guys are already all over this though....19:52
lazypowerbdx o/20:37
lazypowerbdx - make sure you follow up with a bug on that please. It helps when tracking issues like this - if its a duplicate we can link the issues and track in a singular location20:38
bdxlazypower: I did20:46
lazypowerbdx: ta :) appreciate the diligence in feedback20:46
bdxlazypower: of course!20:47
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