ahoneybunovidiu-florin: https://github.com/ahoneybun/kubuntu-manual/issues/100:08
valorieahoneybun: why github??????????? I hate it more every day00:16
ahoneybunvalorie: because that's where I put it?00:17
valoriewhy not git on launchpad at least?00:17
valorieI mean, I know lp is a pain00:17
valoriebut 00:17
valoriegithub is a closed-source business00:17
ahoneybunwhy is it such a huge deal?00:19
ahoneybunit works fine00:19
ahoneybunit is on lp, I just need to update it00:19
valoriewell, github isn't Free00:23
valorienot a huge deal00:23
valoriebut .....00:23
lordievaderGood morning.08:45
nluxtonHi there - is there a Kubuntu repo browser I can use to look at commit logs and trees?09:30
nluxtonTrying to determine if a particular commit from upstream KDE has been merged already before trying to figure out how/when to get it merged09:31
yofelnluxton: that depends on the package.. a couple extra packages are in bzr on launchpad owned by ~kubuntu-packagers. KDE applications, plasma and frameworks are in the kubuntu_${release}_archive branch in debian git09:36
yofelyou'll want to look for debian/patches/ folders in the tree09:37
yofelnluxton: if you run apt-cache showsrc $source, you should see a Vcs-Browser field that should point you to the right location09:39
nluxtonyofel: that's really helpful, thank you!09:52
nluxtonOK, so it looks like this particular fix hasn't been merged yet. Is there a way I can find out if/when this will be merged into the current release as an update?10:11
nluxtonI guess I should ask the package maintainer?10:11
nluxton(the next question, then, would be how I get an email address for said package maintainer :) )10:11
yofelnluxton: it would help to know what the package in question is..10:17
yofelif the package has bugfix releases, you will likely get the fix with that. Otherwise it's up to the maintainer10:18
nluxtonSorry, it's plasma-workspace10:19
nluxtonI'm pretty much completely new to the way this all works (in terms of process etc)10:19
nluxtonOK, so I could check if the upstream package is set to release a bugfix release?10:19
yofelright, so bugfix release it is if the version of plasma is still getting those, otherwise an SRU is in order10:20
nluxtonthe patch seems to have been applied 4 weeks ago, and the last tag was 5 weeks ago. Sorry, what's an SRU?10:21
ubottuStable Release Update information is at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/StableReleaseUpdates10:21
yofelis that about plasma 5.4 ?10:21
yofelregarding the maintainer for plasma-workspace, that's us, so you're at the right place (if IRC is unresponsive feel free to mail kubuntu-devel@lists.ubuntu.com)10:22
nluxtonYeah, 5.410:23
nluxtonOK awesome10:23
nluxtonEssentially this commit introduced a bug (https://quickgit.kde.org/?p=plasma-workspace.git&a=commit&h=2870b5e69bf892c3d08df2d8ee11491542e0d796) and this commit fixes it (https://quickgit.kde.org/?p=plasma-workspace.git&a=commit&h=f869daca8244131f6b452e2c15b4dee5903ff768)10:24
nluxtonIt breaks my environment which sucks and I have applied the patch manually at the moment to get it working, but would like to know if/when this update will make it into Kubuntu 15.10 updates10:25
yofelright, so that's part of 5.4.3, which is on our todo list. As we're overloaded as usual I would say that'll take 2-3 weeks to end up in -updates10:25
nluxtonOK cool10:26
nluxtonIs there anything I could do to help? Not necessarily with this specific issue, but in general, to help with the overloaded-ness10:27
nluxton(I realise that's quite a broad question...!)10:27
yofelnluxton: plenty! The more readable todo list is at https://trello.com/b/lAVvKdKF/16-0410:29
yofelbest look for an area that you would find fun to work on, then we can see what's to be done and who you should talk to10:30
nluxtonI guess the websites interest me but also packaging (interests me because I know very little about how it's done / what's involved)10:34
nluxtonI've been interested in contributing somehow for a long time but have been reticent, mostly because I don't really know anything about how any of the process works, etc10:35
nluxtonThe "getting started" part of it feels a bit overwhelming10:35
nluxtonI can also do some sysadmin stuff - I am a "devops" (is that still a word?) and a lot of what I do at work is both managing server infrastructure and doing things like configuring CI servers, issue trackers, code review tools and so on10:38
yofelright, best stay around in here to see what's going on, then you'll get a feeling what we're doing. For the website you'll want to talk to ovidiu-florin, packaging would be me and sgclark10:38
yofelwe have a "devop" person in my office here, so it seems so ^^10:38
yofeltalking about CI, we do have our own one for packaging, but that's currently moving so we'll need to set up our own one, every help with that would be appreciated10:40
nluxtonI'm not claiming to be an expert, but I do have a bit of experience, so anything I can help with, I'd be glad to10:42
yofelwell, no need to be one. We have people here that started packaging with no packaging experience at all, same in other fields. 10:43
yofelMost important thing is that you find something that you enjoy working on10:43
nluxtonI guess it would be a good idea to look at the mailing list10:46
yofelright, also make sure to subscribe to it if you plan to stay around (otherwise your mails will end up in the moderation queue, which will add delay)10:47
nluxtonOK I'll do that10:51
yofelovidiu-florin: you coming to https://wiki.debian.org/BSP/2015/11/Munich or too short notice?11:20
BluesKajHey all12:00
nluxtonDoes anybody know if the "Log notification to file" feature in KDE is broken at the moment? It doesn't seem to work for me. I'm trying to get KDE connect notifications to be logged to a file to display them in my dzen2 bar12:20
clivejoyofel: ping14:43
* yofel listens to the echo....14:43
yofelximion: coming to munich?14:44
clivejoI would like to stage frameworks for xenial, is that ok?14:44
yofeluhm, well, you can try. But make sure you don't push as I'm not sure what the old tooling does when branches are missing14:45
ximionyofel: would be nice, but I have to hold a seminar at that very weekend (yes, university is taking weekends now too!)14:45
* ximion currently thinks about attending FOSDEM - still enough time to plan for that ^^14:46
clivejoyofel: you seem to have created new kubuntu_xenial_archive branches already?14:46
yofelclivejo: I created the ones I needed. probably some missing14:46
clivejohow so?14:47
yofelwell, when I fixed the autopkgtests, I only pushed the branches that actually had commits14:47
clivejoso like http://anonscm.debian.org/cgit/pkg-kde/frameworks/extra-cmake-modules.git/ it doesnt have a xenial branch yet?14:49
yofelso, what I did initially, was clone all repositories in the same folder. Then I scripted checking out the wily_archive branch, then scripted "checkout -b kubuntu_xenial_archive" for all repositories.14:53
yofelWith that you get correctly set up xenial branches in all repositories. If you then push every repo you should be good to go14:53
clivejohow did extra-cmake-modules get missed?14:55
yofelas I said, I didn't make branches if there was no point in making one14:55
yofelyou don't make branches just for the fun of it, because delaying the branch creation makes sure that you get the up-to-date state of wily when you branch off14:56
yofelyou will get errors from the repos that already have the xenial branch, ignore that.14:56
clivejoI dont understand that.  Is the wily_archive branch not locked now, since its been released?14:58
yofelno, _archive also covers wily-updates14:59
yofelunless I misunderstood something?15:00
clivejono, Im just slow on the uptake15:00
clivejoI wanted to make a start on staging frameworks with the old tooling and try fixing any problems  15:02
yofelwell, do it. But as I said, make sure that the branches are correct and that you don't push your first run until you verified that everything's alright15:03
yofel(remember that the stage script defaults to pushing immediately, so disable that)15:06
mck182___I have many packages "kept back" with kubuntu ci, is that intended? it's mostly frameworks and plasma15:09
BluesKajmck182___, sudo apt dist-upgrade will install them15:17
mck182___BluesKaj: nope, in fact15:17
mck182___BluesKaj: https://paste.kde.org/p1lrpm4hr15:17
BluesKajmck182___, make sure you update and upgrade first 15:19
mck182___I did15:19
BluesKajmck182___, those kept packages need the other packages to be installed first 15:24
yofelmck182___: "kubuntu-ci/unstable" upgrades fine here with indi and Qt ppa's15:38
sitterpretty sure you should copy things into the ppa rather than make the ppa depend on other bits15:42
sitterlatter is not communicated to users, so that's some serious vodoo as far as non-devs are concerned xD15:43
yofelI wonder who added the deps then15:43
sitterwasn't me15:43
yofelbut yeah, I would assume that qt5.5 would be the source of the mess15:43
sitterit literally coudl be any member xD15:44
sittermaybe we should change the control structure15:44
sittercurrently all members are member of kubuntu-ci as with all other teams15:44
sittermight be wroth revisting that choice :P15:44
sitterit surely happened with all the best intentions, alas, that doesn't improve upon the situation I fear15:45
yofelyou could limit it to ninjas at least. Might not solve everything, but would sound more appropriate15:45
* yofel wonders why all the teams have random owners..15:46
mck182___yofel: I see...I sure don't have qt515:47
yofelmck182___: quickfix: add-apt-repository ppa:canonical-qt5-edgers/backup-qt55115:48
yofelbut we'll copy the packages over too15:48
mck182___woah, now I have even more packages held back tho15:48
mck182___fwiw, here's apt-cache policy on one of the held back things https://paste.kde.org/pgowhk9eu15:49
mck182___all of them have the same thing15:50
mck182___yofel: does that tell you anything useful?15:52
yofelnot particulary.. well, it tells me the breakage was introduced recently..15:52
yofelmck182___: the output of apt-get -o debug::pkgproblemresolver=1 dist-upgrade would be handy15:53
mck182___yofel: https://paste.kde.org/prurloqod15:54
mck182___though now dist-upgrade wants to remove only kwin-wayland \o/15:54
yofelright, sounds like a missing rebuild15:54
yofelwell, kwin be FTBFS, so hardly surprising15:55
shadeslayeryofel: FWIW upstream says 1514491 is unfixable on our end16:14
yofelshadeslayer: all of it? The description says that the xubuntu folks did *something* at least16:16
yofelthe button order is probably fixed though16:16
yofeltalking about xubuntu, we need to burn orion with fire16:17
mck182___mhh...the plasma-workspace build is one month old anyway :O16:23
shadeslayeryofel: I think most of it16:24
shadeslayersince GTK3+ is all CSS16:24
yofelmeh, well. I still haven't seen gtk3+ with breeze, so I'll leave it open for now16:25
mck182___is the plasma-workspace build failure cause of the missing qt5?16:32
yofelthe last successful plasma-workspace build supposedly was 2 days ago16:33
yofelafter that there seem to be a lot of dependency issues, haven't looked at it yet16:34
mck182___yofel: really? apt shows me the last available as 4:5.4.2+git20151014.0237+15.10-016:35
mck182___which is almost a month ago16:36
yofelwhich ppa is that?16:36
mck182___for wily16:36
yofel*facepalm* I was looking at the wrong page16:36
yofelright, 29 days ago16:37
yofelkscreenlocker is missing in the build16:37
yofelshadeslayer: you packaged that for DCI?16:39
shadeslayeryofel: I haven't yet16:39
shadeslayerI pushed a initial thing16:39
yofelright, I found the dummy16:41
yofelwell, your packaging so far without descriptions and whatever16:44
shadeslayerah yeah :P16:44
mck182___do you guys think the plasma-workspace could be rebuilt soon? I don't mean to be pushy but I just need it for work16:45
mck182___and screenshots for the release announcement ^^16:45
yofelproperly, probably not. But I guess we can just upload a snaphost of rohans packaging and live off that17:06
clivejoyofel: https://git.launchpad.net/~kubuntu-packagers/+git/kubuntu-automation/ is master the old automation tools?17:18
yofelit's also the "current" until we've merged the new ones17:18
clivejoare the ng ones ready to try yet?17:19
yofelclivejo: not on the branch on lp17:43
yofelthe github repo probably has the up-to-date branch for that17:43
Riddellangry e-mail du jour https://paste.kde.org/pwem72uq918:04
sgclarkKubuntu updates firmware now? my we have grown18:12
Riddellit's done by the driver-manager thing same as nvidia drivers18:13
sgclarkyes my desktop is fubar atm. Untimely reboot on unstable CI = bad18:13
sgclarkdriver manager that no one claims maintainership? lovely.18:16
Riddellin theory ubuntu foundations team maintain the actual installation of bits18:19
Riddellbut y'know, they also maintain usb-creator18:19
mamarleyRiddell: They are probably referencing the intel-microcode/iucode-tool packages, which together update the microcode of the CPU.  However, such microcode updates are transient and disappear with a reboot, so if I were a betting person I would bet that his fan issues are unrelated.18:28
sgclarkso I am reading this Kubuntu Brasil email. We were seriously expected to fix that load of extremely vague issues within less than 24 hours? Something tells me even if by miracle we succeeded there, it was going to be revoked.18:35
sgclarkon a Sunday no less. Total setup for failure. gosh people are great.18:36
yofelsomething is very wrong in the power management stack in wily. My notebooks randomly wake up from sleep by themselves18:42
yofelvery, VERY bad if they're in a bag when they do that18:43
sgclarkwell rebooting back to vivid as I currently have a non functional plasmashell and it makes for getting anything done difficult.18:44
sgclarkyofel: were you able to deal with kscreenlocker? I have to setup a wily chroot before I can be productive.19:14
yofelno, I'm trying to figure out how to easily keep out packageset updated19:17
sgclarkahh. very useful.19:18
sgclarkI seem to be having a bad day, not sure I will get it done either.19:19
sgclarksitter: I have created kubuntu_unstable for kscreenlocker. Any other magic needed to get this on the CI?19:32
sick_rimmitHi people19:41
clivejohi sick_rimmit19:42
sick_rimmitHi clivejo19:42
clivejohow are you sick_rimmit?19:43
clivejobad network connection it seems19:48
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shadeslayersgclark: fyi you can book at motel one without paying anything upfront right now21:15
shadeslayerand you can cancel for free till the 20th21:15
sgclarkshadeslayer: ok thanks21:17
pursuivantmuon (master) v5.4.2-177-g6e3f1aa * Matthias Klumpp:  (7 files in 2 dirs)21:18
pursuivanttrivial: Drop some code only used by Discover21:18
pursuivantmuon (master) v5.4.2-178-g528a6b7 * Matthias Klumpp: CMakeLists.txt21:46
pursuivantDrop dead option from CMakeLists21:46
valorieRiddell: I used to get notice of that update in 15.04 all the time as well21:58
valorieit never seemed to do anything though21:58

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