ubottuUbuntu, like any other Linux distribution, has built-in firewall capabilities. The firewall is managed using the 'ufw' command - see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UFW | GUI frontends such as gufw and ufw-kde also exist. | An alternative to ufw is the 'iptables' command - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo00:01
valorieLetr5ts: ^^^00:01
Letr5tsvalorie: thanks :)   Is there a KDE specific firewall GUI package that many KUbuntu users use?00:07
valorieLetr5ts: pretty much as the factoid says00:10
valorieI let my router do the work, personally00:11
bpromptLetr5ts:  hhhmm there used to be a kfw  or kfirewall, not sure if its there still in kde400:18
bprompt!ufw | Letr5ts00:18
ubottuLetr5ts: Ubuntu, like any other Linux distribution, has built-in firewall capabilities. The firewall is managed using the 'ufw' command - see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UFW | GUI frontends such as gufw and ufw-kde also exist. | An alternative to ufw is the 'iptables' command - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo00:18
Letr5tsbprompt: yeah, several years ago there was a real nice simple package, gui. kfirewall, iirc, but not anymore???00:19
bpromptI don't see it in the repositories00:20
Letr5tsWere is the KStart menu location for ufw-kde?  I just installed it, but don't see it in the menu.00:20
bpromptLetr5ts:    do a search =)00:25
bpromptLetr5ts:   but I'd think either Networking or System tools00:25
valorie!info kfirewall00:32
ubottuPackage kfirewall does not exist in wily00:32
valorieprobably not ported to kf5 (yet)00:32
Letr5tsvalorie: kf5?00:35
Letr5tsvalorie: ah. Frameworks 500:36
valoriesorry for the jargon00:37
valorieyes, frameworks 500:37
seriousstorm85what do you think will happen to Kubuntu with Jonathan Ridell leaving?00:38
Letr5tsJR +=00:39
valoriewe'll be a bit slower00:39
Letr5tsJR +=00:39
valoriewe have no paid work now, so releases will be slower, especially now as we try to ramp up tooling00:40
valorieall help welcome!00:40
Letr5tsFirewall GUI viewer sw???00:43
valorieLetr5ts: if that is what you love, we'd like your help, yes00:45
valorieon the Kubuntu level, or upstream in KDE00:45
Letr5tsI am wondering if there is such a thing.00:45
valoriethe "viewer" part I don't know00:46
valorieyes, there was kfirewall, and ufw-kde00:46
valorie!info ufw-kde00:47
ubottuufw-kde (source: ufw-kde): KDE KCM to configure and control the Uncomplicated Firewall. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.5.0-0ubuntu1 (wily), package size 473 kB, installed size 901 kB00:47
Letr5tsvalorie: I see "Firewall" under KDE System Settings > Network.  Is that ufw-kde? It's config only, not a firewall/network status monitor.00:50
valorieright, KCM means control module00:50
valorieif there is a monitor, it would be a widget of some sort00:51
valorieavailable from the "hamburger" menu of plasma00:51
valorieeither on the desktop or panel, depending on how you work00:51
excalibrI read some months ago that ksecret would replace kwallet and that would also address all the long standing complains about kwallet password prompts at login01:01
excalibrIm on 15.10 now and I dont get the password prompt anymore at login. But I dont see ksecret in running process01:01
excalibrAny idea what actually the change that does that?01:03
excalibrJust curious01:03
shutinhey I'm about to try installing kubuntu 14.04 in a dual boot setup with win 10. anything i should watch out for?01:13
TheCyberQuakeanyone else having issues with sddm-greeter in 15.10? I can't get into kubuntu from both the live cd and from a full install, I've tried redownloading to no avail02:26
TheCyberQuakeExecutable: ssdm-greeter PID: 3534 Signal: Segmentation fault (11) Time: 11/9/15 02:24:0102:27
valoriehmm, cyberquake left02:55
valorieredownloading is usually not a help02:55
valorieexcalibr: I think ksecret is part of kwallet?02:56
valoriebut I've not read up on it02:56
excalibrvalorie, by the way, do you have any workaround for output audio device not switching back to lineout when I plug out headphone from lineout port?03:13
excalibrswitch back to speakers*03:14
valoriehmmm, the only time I had that problem it was a kernel bug03:15
valorieand the workaround was a kernel patch!03:15
valoriewhat version of kubuntu are you using, excalibr?03:16
excalibrIm on 15.10. Been having this issue since I started using plasma 503:17
valorieI'm also on 15.10, and have not experienced those issues03:17
valorieso I'm assuming that it's a driver issue03:17
valorieI would tend to open up alsamixer and watch what happens when I un/plug in the earphones03:18
valorieif not alsa, then pulseaudio03:18
valorielastly, kmix03:19
valoriesomewhere, the unplug action isn't being registered03:19
excalibrvalorie, sorry not so familiar with alsamixer. Where do I need to look a change in alsamixer while un/pluging in earphone03:27
valorie!info alsamix03:28
ubottuPackage alsamix does not exist in wily03:28
valorieit is a cli application, but you use your arrow keys to navigate it03:28
excalibrI know its cli. Im staring at alsamixer now but I dont know what exactly to look at03:29
valorieoh, sorry03:29
valoriethat page is better than me 'splaining03:30
valoriesilly ubottu03:30
valorienot sure what happened to the handy factoid03:30
excalibrvalorie, so while playing some song on speaker I plugged in earphone. I saw the speaker bar in alsamixer switched to MM. Then I unplugged the earphone, the speaker bar still has MM on it. Is that what should I observed in alsamixer?03:38
valoriewell, that shows that the "message" never gets to alsa03:39
valoriewhich is pretty far down on the stack03:39
valoriehow about the mic input, does that register?03:40
valorieyou can use your earphones to test that in the input jack03:40
valoriethey are bad mics, but can function that way03:41
excalibrvalorie, wait. Something magical happened. In alsamixer, with speaker still muted after I unplug the earphone, if I manually unmute the speaker bar after that, everything works as it should after that. Plugging in earphone, audio goes to lineout and unpluggin earphone, audio goes back to speakers03:46
excalibrWhat is..happening!03:46
excalibrSo what is the bug here?03:47
valoriealsamixer is a nice tool to have in your back pocket03:47
valorienot so good to use all the time03:47
valoriewell, hard to say if it was a hardware problem or software?03:47
valorieor, where in the stack it happened03:48
valorielike: "playing some song" -- in what?03:48
excalibrmost likely software? Ive never had this problem in gnome/unity03:48
valorieAmarok? Youtube?03:48
valoriewell, I've not had it in kubuntu either03:48
excalibrI was playing song in Spotify but now Im playing song in Amarok03:51
valoriedo you get the same behavior on both?03:52
valoriebecause Amarok uses phonon and spotify doesn'03:52
Hudsonkemblender thumbnail for dolphin 15.08.2, ideas?03:53
excalibrvalorie: Yep, the correct behavior on both. But only after I unmuted the speaker bar a while ago03:54
valorieexcalibr: so I guess then I would check with kmix, and pulseaudio in turn03:55
valorieas you did with alsamixer03:55
valorieif it is the same behavior on all, it's gotta be either a driver or hardware03:55
excalibrvalorie, do I need to undo the change I did in alsamixer first before checking with kmix/pulseaudio?03:57
valoriethat I do not know03:57
valorieas I said, the only time I had your problem was years ago03:58
valorieand it was the kernel03:58
valorieabout as far down the stack as you can go03:58
Hudsonkemexcalibr whats problem?04:00
excalibrHudsonkem, my output audio device doesnt switch back to speakers when I unplug ear/headphone04:01
Hudsonkem山 :O ok, just a moment04:02
Hudsonkemread about it ok, so take back if u not solve it :)>>>http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=205854804:06
excalibrHudsonkem, ty I'll give it a go04:15
jbermudesDoes anyone else experience in 15.10 times where the thubnails that show up when you hover over a taskbar item don't go away when you mouse away from the taskbar?04:47
Hudsonkemjbermudes right click on taskbar and go to task manager settings,04:51
Hudsonkemcheck (show tips)04:51
Hudsonkemcheck (show tooltips)*04:52
jbermudesHudsonkem: Thanks. I understand that will turn them off, but I was wondering if others had experienced a bug where they don't behave as they should04:54
valoriejbermudes: I've not seen that04:54
jbermudesIt might be because I upgraded from 15.04. Maybe I'll try a fresh install, because I also noticed the upgrade made my taskbar take forever to load after logging in04:55
valorieI like tooltips so wouldn't want to turn them off04:55
jbermudesRight, I like them too04:55
jbermudesI just don't like them sometimes being there permanently :P04:55
valorieI upgraded04:55
valorieI doubt it's that04:56
Hudsonkemjbermudes, ^^ got it04:56
valorieyou could find the plasma config in ~/.config and rename that04:56
Hudsonkemvalorie dont be, upgrade dist may cause many issues as u can wonder04:56
valorieperhhaps there is a wonky config left over from 15.0404:57
Hudsonkemmaybe :).04:57
valorieHudsonkem: sure, but that is usually left-over configs and such04:57
valorieone can always test with a new user04:57
valorieI have had bad upgrades, yes04:58
Hudsonkem:V ya god listen u :), try it jbermudes,04:58
valoriebut in general, apt gives good ways to fix partial installs and such05:00
Hudsonkemjbermudes>> mv ~/.config ~/.config_bkp05:03
jbermudesI'll try that out. Thanks :)05:04
valorieooo, I wouldn't have moved the whole .config folder, but that can work.....05:14
valorieyou've always got the old one if you need to move some files back05:14
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londohHi I have a failed upgrade 15.05 -> 15.10. I started it from muon as per wiki. left it running over night. this morning machine has hung. a reboot gets kernel panic unabel to mount root fs07:57
londohanyone know 1?how to recover it please07:58
valorielondoh: can you get a konsole or does control + alt + f2 or f3 etc. work?08:00
valorieif so, can you do `sudo do-release-upgrade` ?08:03
valoriejust paste that into your console using control-shift-v08:04
londohno its completley hung08:04
valoriewithout the backticks08:04
valorieso no control + alt + f anything?08:05
valoriesometimes one will work, when others will no08:05
londohand so i hit power button. now have kernel panic and "unable to mount root rs"08:05
valoriepower button was not a good move08:06
valorieprobably now your only hope is to do a new install08:06
londohi just searched the forum and it failed updating libsane drivers. others have the problem.08:06
valoriea failed upgrade is possible to fix, but not once restarted08:06
londohoh bugger :-(08:07
valorieso do you have a DVD drive in it?08:07
londohyea i do08:07
valorieand can burn a DVD or USB somehow?08:07
ubottuFor information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent08:07
valorieusb is best, I think08:08
valoriebecause fastest08:08
londohyea I have a couple other machines here. am downloading iso now.08:08
londohsurely there is some way to recover this failed install?08:08
valoriewell, it is possible that with the liveUSB, you can fix it from there08:09
valorieis it worthwhile to do so?08:09
valorieI mean, it's a challenge08:09
londohwell the machine has a spare drive with rsynced /home backup but even so its a hassle to reinstall everything08:10
ubottuIf your system fails to boot normally, it may be useful to boot it into recovery mode. For instructions, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecoveryMode08:10
londohtried it - same kernel panic / me panic08:10
valorieright, that wasn't what I was looking for08:11
valoriethere are special live ISOs for recovery08:11
londohrecorvery iso for kubunto or generic?08:12
valoriehttp://www.sysresccd.org/Download is the one I've heard of most08:12
londohok i'll give it a shot08:12
valoriethe thing is, if you have your ~/home safe08:12
valoriethen all you need do with a new install is add a few applications08:13
valorieI know that there is some futzing08:13
valoriebut really, installing takes so little time08:13
valoriebut if you want to do the work, rescue might be interesting08:13
londohyea I kinda know that but even so it takes a few days to get it all back up08:14
londohit mys work machine - stoopid thing to do to trust and upgrade at bedtime :-( doh!08:14
valoriewell, usually it works08:15
valoriemy upgrade was totally boring08:15
londohI have to go out now for an hour. I'll elect to try the rescue remedy first.08:15
valoriebest of luck, londoh08:15
londohthis kinda excitment i can do without at 8 am monday morning ;-)08:15
Smurphylondoh: It probably is only a failed Grub configuration update. Means all data is there.08:20
SmurphyYou should be able to manually fix the grub and boot into the system.08:20
SmurphyCheck out08:20
SmurphyThat's what I usually do.08:20
londohsmurphy  I was typing but i think the chat hung too08:24
londohI'm hoping your suggestion is possible, but I've never done it before. have to go out back in an hour for some more advice. thanks all08:25
lordievaderGood morning.08:44
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ArdalanHey folks09:51
ArdalanI have a problem with making kubuntu 15.10 usb disk09:51
Ardalanunetbootin and startup disk creator doesn't work09:52
Ardalancan anyone help?!09:52
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freeroutehi everyone, I have this idea / feature and I was wondering if I could do that on KDE.11:29
freeroutebasically, I want to name virtual desktops, and have something like Krunner go to that specific virtual desktop based on that name.11:30
freerouteis that somehow doable?11:30
Smurphyfreeroute: it is doable./ Check activities for the placing. And - the desktop naming is a feature that exists for a long time already11:40
freerouteSmurphy: well I've named my virtual desktops accordingly, but selecting them based on text search? Do I have to use activities for that?11:41
SmurphyWhy not just make Ctrl-F1, Ctrl-F2 etc. ?11:43
Smurphyselecting based on text search, no. Doesn't work.11:43
freeroutebecause I only have 12 function keys :p11:46
SmurphyCtrl-Fx is already hard-coded into it.,11:46
freeroutefor example, I have browser windows based on topic: Research, linux, reddit general, crypto, etc.11:47
freerouteand personally I'd rather have different workspaces cut out for those topics.11:47
freerouteoh I thought I could change that shortcut to for example do Super-1, Super-2 etc.11:48
freerouteis it hardcoded?11:48
SmurphyCtrl-F1 etc., yes.11:48
freerouteoh... so I can't change those shortcut? :S11:49
hateballfreeroute: well your browser windows should show up in the search, and you will be offered to be taken there regardless of which virtual desktop they are on11:56
hateballso as long as you know the browser window name, that should work just the same as assigning the desktop itself a name, no?11:56
freeroutea lot of the times however the browser window title does not necessarily reflect the topic though11:57
BluesKajHey all12:00
freerouteello :)12:17
londohthanks to the kind folks who stepped in earlier re 15.04->15.10 upgrade issue (valorie and a smurph maybe ;-) ) - the little boot-repair utility fixed most of it, then bit of messing about with dkms and nvidia driver.  all good now, on 15.10. But that is one garish piece of desktop wallpaper - yuckk12:23
lordievaderlondoh: Nothing is stopping you from changing it ;)12:24
amovahI want to remove KDE desktop completly12:33
BluesKajamovah, why and which kubuntu?12:36
amovahBluesKaj: I like KDE desktop but my hardwares is sucks12:37
BluesKajok , but which kubu8ntu release?12:37
amovahwhich kubuntu??? I don't understand. can you explain more12:37
amovahhow can I find out which kubuntu12:37
lordievaderamovah: Open a terminal and run 'lsb_release -a'12:38
amovahI'm not in KDE desktop now12:38
lordievaderamovah: As long as it it somekind of ubuntu it doesn't matter.12:38
amovahso, how can I remove completly kde desktop?12:39
BluesKajsudo apt remove kubuntu-desktop && plasma-desktop12:40
BluesKajoops not that12:40
BluesKajsudo apt remove kubuntu-desktop && sudo apt remove plasma-desktop12:41
amovahshould I run sudo apt-get autoremove command ?12:41
Smurphyafter that, yes.12:41
amovahand I'm using Ubuntu 15.1012:42
BluesKajamovah, do you have unity or gnome desktop installed12:43
SmurphyWhich desktop do you run ?12:43
Smurphy*lol* Almost same question :}12:43
amovahnow I have another problem12:44
amovahI still have some applications, like konverstaion, kmail12:44
amovahI don't want them12:44
amovahHow can I remove them all.?12:44
SmurphyShould have been removed by removing kubuntu-desktop....12:45
ssarahhei guys12:46
ssarahim learning chinese12:46
ssarahhow to i change kde so i can start typing in chinese?12:46
amovahno, they are still here12:46
Smurphyremove the  kontact suite then.12:47
BluesKajamovah, did you run autoremove12:47
amovahyes of courese12:47
amovahSmurphy: it's not all, I have katem Knote, etc.12:48
BluesKajrun sudo apt-get autoclean as well\12:48
amovahare you sure?12:48
amovahit doesn't work12:48
BluesKajamovah, try a reboot12:49
amovahlet me do12:49
Smurphyfast reboot.12:52
amovahKDE desktop is still exsits on dm12:52
amovahand also its application12:52
SmurphyHe didn't remote it then.12:53
Smurphysudo apt-get remote desktop-kubuntu12:53
amovahUnable to locate package desktop-kubuntu12:54
amovahremote or remove?12:54
BluesKajuhm kubuntu-desktop12:55
amovahPackage 'kubuntu-desktop' is not installed, so not removed12:55
lordievaderYou can allways spit through the 'dpkg -l' list and remove things manually.12:56
amovahthere isn't another way?12:56
SmurphyCheck this: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/pureubuntu12:57
amovahin my opinion it isn't a solution , and it takes my time.12:57
BluesKajaamo go ask in #ubuntu , those commands should have worked12:57
amovahSmurphy: It doesn't work12:58
BluesKajfrankly I'm not sure this guy is legit , I've had enough ...I smell troll13:00
SmurphySorry then. I am using kubuntu. I don't remove it.13:00
SmurphyBluesKaj :}13:00
amovahmy hardwares is sucks13:03
amovahI like that13:03
amovahbut I need too remove it13:03
amovahI need to remove it13:03
amovahNo it's doesn't work, it's referenced to http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/pureubuntu13:04
BluesKajamovah, then go to #ubuntu , they can help you13:05
amovahalso they can't13:05
BluesKajremove akonadi , it will take most of the kubuntu desktop with it13:06
Smurphyyep :}13:07
amovahit is their answer: amovah: look at your apt/dpkg log and see what packages you installed, and remove them13:07
BluesKajamovah, just remove akonadi13:11
BluesKajit happened to me the first time i used kde4 and wanted to get rid of akonadi because I didn't need it , took the whole kubuntu-desktop :-)13:13
BluesKajgood riddance and good luck13:17
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JunkHunkdid anybody get nvclock working on kubuntu?15:07
JunkHunkI really would like to monitor GPU usage15:08
JunkHunkI get this error: $ nvclock -i15:10
JunkHunkError: failed to mmap PMC15:10
BluesKajJunkHunk, I don't see nvclock in muon15:12
JunkHunkI found this: http://askubuntu.com/questions/387594/how-to-measure-gpu-usage15:12
JunkHunknvclock seems to be kind of forgotten15:12
JunkHunknvidia-smi works nice for me15:13
JunkHunkI only need now to type the command in conky to use it15:13
JunkHunkI ll ask in conky15:13
BluesKajqhynot use the system monitor or cpustat15:14
BluesKajoops whynot15:14
ejayhi. Plasma5 just went full retard. Did not change nothing and this crap is making extra spaces and, it looks like, it's trying to take whole space of a panel. Ofc it's retarded and my question is - how to make it so it will stop act like a rest of plasma?15:18
ejaysystray of plasma5*15:18
BluesKajejay, which plasma version , plasmashell -v in the terminal15:30
swahi wifi gets disconnected15:36
swahelp please15:36
Alias_system requirements for kubuntu 15.10?15:39
BluesKajAlias_, which kubuntu are running now?15:40
BluesKajare you15:40
Alias_Now I am with lubuntu15:40
BluesKajok , but whcich release?15:41
Alias_14.04 LTS15:41
ejayBluesKaj: nvm. Tried to to fix it by clicking RMB on systray and plasma just died. Now it's fine, prolly will go retard after next reboot but I don't want to try if it's true.15:41
BluesKajAlias_, ok what hardware do you have and how old is your pc?15:43
Alias_It's up to 4 year, the hardware is: Intel® Atom™ N450 Processor ,15:44
Alias_1gb DDR215:44
Alias_1024x600 screen resolution15:45
BluesKaj1GB RAM is minimum for kubuntu15:46
Alias_It have 1gb ram15:46
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BluesKajyour cpu is fine, you can install kubuntu-desktop to try it out and choose the desktop at login, if it's too slow and difficult then just remove it15:52
Alias_Okey, really thx!15:52
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ubottuПожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.16:54
maartenwI have recently been upgrading to 15.10 and since then, I'm suffering from a severe problem17:58
maartenwwhen I am in the KDE environment, all of a sudden both of my screens go blank, the computer remains alive, but keyboard seems unusable17:58
maartenwThe only way to get out is by hitting the reset button17:59
maartenwI use a GT430 Nvidia card with the nvidia drivers18:00
maartenwI've tried various versions: newest one, 340 and also legacy, 304, all have the same error18:00
maartenwI have no clue when it happens, all of a sudden18:01
maartenwI've now switched to xfce to see whether plasma is to be blamed, but it seems it happened again during diner18:01
maartenwAny clues? I see nothing among bug reports...18:01
drleviathanmaartenw, do you still have access to the command line terminals (e.g. CTRL+ALT+F1, CTRL+ALT+F2, ... up to F5 or F6)?18:13
drleviathanbtw, to get back to GUI mode use CTRL+ALT+F718:14
maartenwdrleviathan: no, unfortunately not. I tried immediately18:14
maartenwit seems the keyboard is broken too18:14
drleviathanmaartenw, do you have SSH access to the computer when it goes blank?18:16
drleviathanI'm just wondering if running the "dmesg" command or looking at some log while the screen is blank would provide clues18:17
drleviathanI don't have a good theory about what the problem is18:17
maartenwdrleviathan i've not yet tried18:17
maartenwthe thing is it's long ago when I used ssh18:18
maartenwbut i can try to set it up with my tablet18:18
maartenwdo you know an easy app for android?18:18
drleviathanno.  I always have a second computer available since everyone in my family has their own18:19
maartenwin mine too, but they are on windows18:19
maartenwwait i have an old laptop18:20
maartenwi'm going to try18:20
maartenwi guess the old X log will help too18:20
maartenwI personally think that the x server crashes and locks up the screen18:20
maartenwok, i have ssh access now to the computer18:29
maartenwso as soon as it goes down, which might take quite some time, I can try18:29
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xela2244hi, i'm using kubuntu 15.10 and I added system load widget, but is showing wrong RAM usage19:00
stefan_____hi, i have i small problem with my kde install, kde does not change icons when i choose some(dolphin uses the gtk icon set)19:12
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stefan____hi has someone ever experienced that programms like dolphin use the gtk style even if its not configured as default(kf5)?21:23
bpromptstefan____:    nope21:24
daumhey guys - i just installed 15.10 fresh on my laptop which was on 14.  now when i close browser windows/click log out the top of the screen flickers as it must be trying to do some sort of animation?21:38
stefan____ok found my problem, the env QT_QPA_PLATFORMTHEME was set21:58
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finetundrahow do I get to the OS from grub recovery22:15
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bpromptfinetundra:    "to the OS"?22:17
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Eluus"open file" dialog doesn't see usb drives in some programs, how do I fix that? kubuntu 15.1022:30
bpromptEluus:     that depends on the app itself, IIRC you can customize at some level the "open file" dialog window, or even provide your own, but you can always just got to /media/ folder to find your device22:32
Eluusbprompt: thanks!22:33
Eluusbprompt: do you know where I can customize the open file dialog window?22:34
bpromptEluus:    well... by "you", I meant the developer writing the application and using an "open file" dialog22:36
Eluusnot all programs open the same dialog22:36
EluusI wish all of them used KDialog22:37
bpromptsome use GTK dialogs, some use KDE's or QTs, and some may write their own like Java apps22:37
FritigernHOLY COW!!!! Who would have thought that appmenu-qt5 could cause that much problems??? For days I could not figure out why the &^$*^ I had lost icons, why I couldn;t change Icon themes and my widgets looked like GTK. But thanks to stefan____ who discovered that QT_QPA_PLATFORMTHEME was set, I discovered that appmenu-qt5 was the cause of these issues23:54
FritigernI've uninstalled that package, and now my icons (breeze) are reappearing, the widgts (breeze) look normal and everyhihng can be reconfigured again.23:56
FritigernSo now you know, if someone complains about missing icons, icon theme no longer working, and/or widgets looking weird, direct them to uninstalling the package appmenu-qt5 and stick with appmenu-qt (without 5)23:57
geniiGood to know23:57

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