cjwatsonlifeless: hi, would it be possible for there to be a new testtools release soonish?  I'd like to disentangle some more of the bits of yak-shaving related to new Twisted11:30
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lifelesscjwatson: I thought I had; certainly I can18:41
cjwatsonThat would be lovely, thanks19:01
blrcjwatson: will that put us within reach of moving turnip to py3?20:04
cjwatsonblr: Maybe, I'm not sure.  Not my current itch :-)21:24
cjwatsontwisted.web.xmlrpc was ported in Twisted 15.3.0, which IIRC was one of the major blockers, and that is blocked by testtools at the moment.21:27
cjwatsonSo it would certainly bring us closer.  But my direct motivation is the SSH protocol work.21:27
wgrantConch still remains, doesn't it?21:30
wgrantI haven't checked in a while.21:30
wgrantAlso, morning.21:30
cjwatsonTrue, I think twisted.conch probably requires porting.21:31
cjwatsonhttps://twistedmatrix.com/trac/search?q=conch+python+3&noquickjump=1&ticket=on has a few.21:32

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