HadiI have some question about lubuntu08:44
HadiIs anyone here?08:44
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience08:45
HadiI downloades Lubuntu AMD64  for my laptop,Can I use it for my PC or I have to dowbload 32 bit version?08:49
HadiMy pc : 3 GB ram, CPU 3700 ,Grapgic card 128 MB08:50
HadiHard 160 GB08:50
HadiThanks a lot08:50
bioterrorneeds more info regarding the CPU08:51
HadiCPU Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 CPU 3.6 GHz08:53
HadiIs the information ok?09:12
bioterroryes, it works but I it will not be as nice as 32bit would be with that ammount of RAM09:14
HadiOk Thanks a lot09:18
HadiGood luck09:18
goldalexhello, how to make working shorcut to executable game file in new lubuntu ?14:49
aedigitalgoldalex,  see: http://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/177386/how-can-i-add-applications-to-the-lxpanel-application-launch-bar-via-cli14:54
aedigitalor: http://askubuntu.com/questions/466395/how-can-i-create-a-quick-launcher-in-lubuntu14:57
LangleyHow do I turn off display compositing, so I can use Compton instead18:08
redwolfLangley, the only way is "killing" compton18:12
redwolfpkill compton18:12
LangleyWhat? But Compton is what I wanna use18:12
LangleyOr are you saying that Lubuntu already uses compton?18:12
redwolfah sorry :D18:13
redwolfwhat window manager are you using now?18:13
LangleyI don't know, whatever is default18:13
LangleyIn 15.1018:13
redwolfthen you don't have compositing yet18:14
redwolfjust run compton18:14
redwolfLubuntu comes without composition. you have to install compton and tun it18:14
redwolf*run it18:14
redwolfLangley, http://lubuntu.me/tip-compton/18:14
redwolfthen you can add it to startup by using lxsession-default-apps18:15
redwolfany problem, Langley?18:16
LangleyI thought compositing was required for graphical interfaces... then I dont even know what it is18:17
redwolfcompositing is a kind of app that uses some graphic resources to enable your desktop doing some special things18:17
redwolflike Compiz uses OpenGL of some Ati / Nvidia / etc. cards to enable effects18:18
redwolfCompton does the same using less resources, and of course, less effects18:18
redwolfyou can run them or not :)18:19
LangleyIs there any reason it's not included by default? To save resources?18:21
redwolfyes, and some graphics cards don't support those effects18:21
LangleyIn case it fixes my stuttering problem, I think it should be included... the stuttering is one of the worst things of linux18:23
redwolfanyway, once activate you are telling the gpu core (not cpu) to handle the screen drawing, so window movement can be a bit more fluid18:23
redwolfstuttering? in your screen?18:23
LangleyIn videos18:24
redwolfoh that, I don't think a compositor fixes that. have you tried using proprietary drivers or your graphics card?18:24
LangleyThe usual suggestion is to install Compton. But yeah the next step would be to install the blasted AMD drivers18:26
redwolfthat would fix that. and you may need the drivers to make compton work properly18:27
Langley So compositing is only 10 years old, huh...18:30
LangleyFor linux anyways18:30
redwolfactually, if you look at the wikipedia page, Commodore tried to do it in 198518:33
LangleyYes... rip...18:34
redwolfno shadows or effects, but the goal was that applications stopped drawing themselves in the graphic memory. there was a "module" for that task18:34
redwolfthen OSX "invented" Quartz, the same module tweaked, with some pieces of GNUStep able to drop shadows and produce 3D effects18:35
redwolfbut the idea is always the same: direct rendering18:36
LangleyI tried that GNUstep out on top of Arch some time ago... wtf is that stuff? A DE for museums?18:36
redwolf:D actually there's a new ISO now18:39
redwolfit's basically OSX / iOS without all the makeup18:40
iynqueI was upgrading 15.04 to 15.10 and I noticed “scienze” http://pastebin.com/8qMzuU7e23:50

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