lordievaderGood morning.08:45
ubuntun00bHi all. I hosed my ubuntu installation. I'm trying to reinstall using the xenial daily image. I have to choose manual install with everything on one drive. I DONT want to delete my home folder. Do i have to set my partition mount point to '/' and NOT check the format box. is that all I have to do and ubuntu will reinstall and keep all my data?08:49
lordievaderubuntun00b: You rather want to create a seperate /home and sync all the data to there.08:50
ubuntun00bthere is no option to do that. it wouldn't give me the option to upgrade my installation. i don't see that option anywhere. are you saying i should rename my /home partition first?08:53
lordievaderThe option is there, it is just more manual work ;)08:53
lordievaderYou resize your current root-fs, create a new /home, sync all the stuff. Then set the installer to format the root-fs and mount the /home to /home.08:54
ubuntun00bwhy resize the partition? isn't that more risky than just using the existing partition but just don't format anything?08:56
jtaylorlordievader: I think / needs to always be formatted08:56
lordievaderjtaylor: No, but it is recommended to format /.08:56
jtaylorelse installation would just overwrite stuff and leave other stuff leading to a likely broken installation08:57
lordievaderubuntun00b: You can, but the install can be unpredicatable.08:57
jtaylorI'd just do a backup and restore after installtion08:58
lordievaderThat is another way to go.08:58
ubuntun00bi don't have enough disk space to create 2 partitions. i'd have to backup to an external disk but it's ntfs. I'd lose all my file permissions. I'd like to avoid that if possible08:59
jtaylorubuntun00b: backup in a tarball08:59
jtayloralso get another disk for backups then, you should not use computers without regular backups08:59
jtaylorespecially when messing with dev releases :)09:00
ubuntun00bok. I'll take a file backup and then a tar backup just to be safe. but back to my original question. once my backup is done. There's no way to install ubuntu without deleting the partition?09:01
lordievaderubuntun00b: Like we said, you can, but it ain't recommended.09:02
jtaylordeleting everything but home from a live-cd then installing might work (if it allows you to skip the formating step)09:02
jtayloryou can try, if you ahve backups worst that happens is you ahve to install twice when it doesn't work09:03
ubuntun00bdo i have to choose a mount point or set no mount point or rename my /home folder? does nobody know for sure?09:04
lordievaderI don't fully understand the question...09:12
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alex__hello, I have an error while building unity. Is this the right place to ask? If not I'll not make a pastebin or similar report10:53
ikoniabuilding ?10:56
lordievaderDon't think many people in here actually build unity themselves.11:06
elhoirhello, does anyone know if Ubuntu 16.04 will bring LLVM 3.7 enabled? (i would want to have OpenGL 4.x support :P )11:06
BluesKajHey all12:00
hggdhmeanwhile, software-updated insists in installing some packages that apt insists in stating are not in use and can be auto-removable...20:10
BluesKajthe software update gui is slow to see what apt sees20:12
BluesKajin dkg20:12
BluesKajdpkg rather20:13
hggdhyeah. So I apt-get autoremove, and the packages are gone. Later on I apt-get update and... lo and behold, s-u now wants to install the packages again. Rinse & repeat, ad nauseum20:18
BluesKajis it a ppa20:19
BluesKajalso run autoclean20:20
hggdhBluesKaj: yes, seems autoremove did the trick. Sort of surprising.21:00

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