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dholbachgood morning07:54
rpadovanipopey, it's time for a calculator release \o/ here a changelog from the last update: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/13207972/09:51
popeyI have it on my to-do list for today \o/09:51
popeythanks for the changelog, I'll get on it this morning09:52
rpadovaniyeah :)09:52
popeyrpadovani, you have mail :)10:06
dubstar_041when i try and build a qmake project with show build disabled the .desktop file is being deleted. anyone know why this would happen.11:37
dubstar_041*shadow build11:37
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dubstar_041can anyone advice on how to use Quick plugins?11:53
Mirvis there a way to modify existing click's apparmor profile? I did it low-level, unpacking the click, modifying and repacking it :)12:07
popeyMirv, get the source and build it properly?12:20
Mirvpopey: right, so that probably is the alternative. this ar magic seemed to work too.12:25
popeyI have bodged like that too in the past12:26
bzoltan_popey: dholbach: mhall119: Guys, i am about to release the new IDE to the SDK PPA. But before that I would like you to take a final look at it in the Dev Tools PPA and give me a thumbs up :)12:33
popeydoes it break click chroots?12:34
popeyif so I'm not installing it :)12:34
popeyalso, cmake12:34
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Mirvit obviously fixes everything and regresses nowhere... unless you'll find a BUG!12:58
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mzanettipopey, ping13:33
popeymzanetti, pong13:33
mzanettihey popey :)13:34
mzanettiwhat's the status on this? https://bugs.launchpad.net/reminders-app/+bug/149608413:34
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1496084 in Ubuntu Notes app "0.5.490: Can't connect to reminders account from inside the app" [High,Confirmed]13:34
* popey looks13:34
mzanettididn't we figure it was a weird build-time issue with your chroot?13:34
popeymzanetti, yeah, i can no longer reproduce it with the click on my device (0.5.490)13:40
mzanettipopey, ok. lets close it then, ok?13:41
popeyiirc I re-uploaded the click and davmor2 re-tested, so yes, I think this bug is no longer an issue13:41
popeyhm, i thought we re-requested testing, but it's showing "QA Failed"13:42
* popey marks QA Needed13:42
popeythanks mzanetti13:42
davmor2popey: the qa failed is there so when you have set it all back up/ fixed any issues you set it back to qa needed and then it re-triggers a new card13:48
popeydone :)13:48
davmor2popey: which ticket it is it's not showing up on the trello board14:09
davmor2popey: nevermind seen it14:09
davmor2popey: needs setting to ready for qa not qa required that might be why14:10
popeysorry, I'll get the hang of citrain one day14:13
popeythen it'll get replaced14:13
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davmor2popey: yeah now we have a new ticket :)14:33
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popeydavmor2, yay14:52
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popeymzanetti, for bug 1514519 ..17:51
ubot5bug 1514519 in Canonical System Image "Font in Terminal is incorrectly massive since recent update" [High,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/151451917:51
popeyoh, never mind, you replied again :)17:51
Foresterhi. I downloaded LibreOffice 1:5.0.3~rc2-0ubuntu1~trusty2 and this package has an issues with font size.18:12
ForesterIs this place for reporting an issue with LibreOffice?18:13
mzanettiForester, https://bugs.launchpad.net/~libreoffice18:24
mzanettisorry, wrong link18:25
mzanettisearching for the correct one18:25
mzanettiForester, this one: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/libreoffice18:26
ForesterThank you18:27
rpadovanido someone of you have issues with the last gallery version (the one released a couple of hours ago)?18:31
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1514530 in gallery-app (Ubuntu) "Header disappears and picture won't go fullscreen" [Undecided,Confirmed]18:31
sverzegnassirpadovani: same here on BQ E518:42
rpadovanibfiller, artmello maybe you should revert the last updaet ^^18:45
rpadovaniI wonder how is possible it passed QA review...18:45
bfillerrpadovani: hmn, not seeing that18:51
bfillerrpadovani: mind pasting your log18:51
artmellorpadovani: hmm, which version of ui-toolkit do you have?18:52
rpadovanibfiller, artmello I've the same log of sverzegnassi (attached in the bug) - mx4 with last ota18:53
rpadovaniconfirmed on another phone by an italian user on a forum18:53
rpadovanibfiller, artmello the problem is when you click on a photo - previews are good, but you cant see it fullscreen18:54
bfillerrpadovani: you running stable or rc-proposed18:54
rpadovanibfiller, stable18:54
bfillerrpadovani: we'll get it sorted, thanks for reporting18:56
rpadovanithanks, keep up the good work :-)18:56
davmor2bfiller: D'oh you know why this is the 1.3 version which isn't available on stable right19:00
bfillerdavmor2: 1.3 is available on stable19:01
bfillerso not sure what's going on19:01
bfillerperhaps we're using an api that is not though19:01
davmor2bfiller: works fine on rc-proposed, I wonder if there was new stuff added to 1.319:01
bfillerdavmor2: I bet there was19:01
popeyyeah, probably should have bumped framework to 15.04.1 maybe?19:18
mcphailAny appdevs around from the SDK team? I think the QML/QMake template might be broken. I can't get it to make a .click as it can't seem to find the .desktop file19:19
popeyrpadovani, http://popey.mooo.com/mirror/clicks/2015/11/2015-11-09-050001/com.ubuntu.gallery_2.9.1.1238_armhf.click if you want to go backwards, to get back to a working gallery.19:45
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