Mirvanything for the meeting?09:29
anpok_cihelp: we have a problem in unity-system-compositor ci https://jenkins.qa.ubuntu.com/job/unity-system-compositor-wily-amd64-ci/88/console for some reason the builder is unable to find mirclient via pkg-config (but it does install libmirclient-dev from the mir staging ppa, which has the pc file) this seems to happen in several mps09:55
psivaaanpok_: looking09:55
anpok_psivaa: I believe this is a problem in mircookie .. having wrong dependencies10:09
psivaaanpok_: is this intended to run on wily?10:09
anpok_vs wily + overlay..10:09
psivaano, xenial10:10
psivaawily vs xenial10:10
anpok_psivaa: yes, that ci should rather target xenial.10:12
psivaaanpok_: OK, i'll replace wily jobs for that with xenial ones. It may need to wait for review until my US team members come online10:13
anpok_I believe the problem is caused by mircookie-dev ..10:13
anpok_psivaa: we have some private requires dependencies in pkg-config files that werent reflected by dev packages10:16
psivaaanpok_: That I believe you'll be taking on to fix?10:19
psivaaanpok_: and you'd want this to target vivid+overlay & xenial, just to confirm?10:20
anpok_psivaa: yeah .. actually alf_ will fix that through a change in lp:mir and this will be picked up through the mir-staging ppa10:27
anpok_psivaa: yes.. development target is vivid+o and xenial10:27
psivaaanpok_: ack, thanks. i'll do the change for targetting  xenial10:28
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zsombicihelp: huston, we have a problem: UITK is preparing to export a shared library (not a QML plugin as we did so far) and the build system generates some intermediate header files for the build time automatically under $BUILD_DIR/include folder. CI faisl continuously on it when checking the copyright https://code.launchpad.net/~zsombi/ubuntu-ui-toolkit/migrate_unity8_gestures/+merge/27514613:45
jibelbfiller, Hi, has gallery app 1271 approved Friday been published ?14:09
bfillerjibel: I'm building the click now and will upload to store14:09
jibelmore precisely
jibelbfiller, ok14:09
bfillerjibel: should be ready soon14:09
bfillerjibel: will be rev 1245 as that's the latest in trunk14:10
bfillerI think the versioning of the click in the silo was not correct..14:11
davmor2popey: I have an issue. Silo 55 is an atempt to fix the issue with webm, but to me the way it fixes it is to simply drop anything that isn't supported, so as the reporter would expect to see videos that you have on the device even if you can't play them?  Just trying to think if this is the best way round the issue or not14:13
popeyno, hide stuff you can't play14:14
davmor2popey: that's fine then14:15
xavigarciatrainguards, hey guys... can we start landing things for ota-9?14:15
jibelxavigarcia, not before final freeze of OTA814:16
bfillerpopey: mind approving new gallery in the store?14:17
popeysure thing14:17
xavigarciajibel: ok... thanks... when is the final freeze... this week, right?14:18
jibelxavigarcia, tomorrow night14:18
xavigarciajibel: cool, thanks!14:18
popeybfiller, done14:19
bfillerpopey: thanks, jibel gallery all set14:19
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josephtzsombi: Are you able to add a "GENERATED" copyright to those intermediate header files?14:24
zsombijosepht: nope14:24
zsombijosepht: and the thing is that this is only for build, the install copies the proper files14:25
josephtzsombi: another option is to have the built headers be placed in one of the directories the license check ignores: excludedirs="(3rd_party|_build)"14:26
josephtzsombi: is that possible?14:27
zsombijosepht: we cannot do that, we must obey upstream structure :/14:27
zsombizbenjamin: ^14:27
josephtzsombi: ack, let me chat with fginther` and see if he has any ideas14:27
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zbenjaminzsombi: ack14:32
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fgintherzsombi, those license check failures are not comming from anything added by CI. They are generated by a 'license' target in your project's makefile14:43
fgintherzsombi, the A10checklicenseheaders check that is added by CI runs much earlier and didn't flag any files14:43
zsombifginther: yes, but we were wondering whether we shoudl exclude the include path freely from our target, as if we do and CI doesn't then we are async.14:43
zsombifginther: aaah, ok... zbenjamin: kalikiana: so we can exclude include freely seems14:44
zbenjaminzsombi: niiiiice14:45
zsombizbenjamin: that works at least... ok, fginther, thx for your help!!!14:45
josephtzsombi: it looks like tests/license/checklicense.sh has some modification that the A10checklicenseheaders does not and vice-versa14:46
fgintherzsombi, A10checklicenseheaders runs before build so it should never see those intermediate files14:47
zsombifginther: ai sire, then we can add the exception freely14:47
zsombifginther: josepht: thanks guys!14:47
fgintherzsombi, you're welcome14:47
josephtzsombi: no problem14:48
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kalikianafginther: has that A10checklicenseheaders change at one point? I was certain it ran after build as we had some issues with generated files... but I could be mistaken. I don't even know where that script is coming from.14:57
fgintherkalikiana, I think it's always been executed prior to build. I believe there are some projects which have generated files committed to the source tree.14:59
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fgintherkalikiana, A10checklicenseheaders comes from lp:pbuilderjenkins15:43
kalikianafginther: ah. thanks! I'll have a look. so next time I know better what it does.15:45
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balloonsping cihelp. I'd like to get the old core app jenkins,, disabled completely16:12
josephtballoons: I'll add a card to trello for that.16:13
balloonsjosepht, thank you. I'm keen to test the backup/restore bits as well, and be done with the old system16:14
josephtballoons: https://trello.com/c/8wjtCHmW/838-vanguard-disable-old-core-apps-jenkins-http-91-189-93-70-808016:14
balloonsso you can tear it down complete. . .16:14
josephtballoons: I've taken all of the slaves offline16:17
balloonsjosepht, ack, ty16:32
popeywhat landed overnight last night? Terminal app has now got a massive font where it previously didn't.16:41
jibelpopey, I noticed that too, probably something that landed last friday.16:41
popeymy krillin is on r16716:42
jibelpopey, there was a new unity/mir last Friday16:42
popeyis there an easy way for me to see what changed that day?16:42
jibelpopey, http://people.canonical.com/~ogra/touch-image-stats/vivid/20151106.1.changes16:43
jibelit's on 16716:44
jibelI'll try 16616:44
popeyjibel, my nexus 4 is still on r282 (8/11/2015) and shows massive font too16:46
popeyoh, probably same as 16616:46
popeyjibel, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-terminal-app/+bug/1514519 (cc mhall119 )16:52
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1514519 in Ubuntu Terminal App "Font in Terminal is incorrectly massive since recent update" [Undecided,New]16:52
popeyis there a landing meeting in 5 mins?16:55
jibelpopey, I don't think so unless you really want to do one16:55
popeyno, just checking because my current call is overrrunning :)16:55
jibelpopey, that's fine, we can skip the landing meeting16:56
jibelpopey, I confirm it's a regression in 16717:04
popeyok, thanks.17:04
popeywe need a task for whatever it was that landed in that image (i.e. not terminal)17:05
mhall119thanks popey17:06
jibelSaviq, bug 1514519 might be due to the unity8/mir landing last friday, can someone have a look?17:07
ubot5bug 1514519 in Canonical System Image "Font in Terminal is incorrectly massive since recent update" [High,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/151451917:07
robrukenvandine: hey, does the package in silo 0 have autopkgtests?17:41
robrukenvandine: are you aware of any silos that have packages that have autopkgtests? I have some autopkgtest stuff I need to try out in production for the first time17:42
kenvandinenot current silos17:43
kenvandinebut if you need to test something, content-hub has tests17:43
kenvandinewe could create a silo to test :)17:44
robrukenvandine: oh if you can that'd be great17:44
kenvandinehappy to help17:44
robrukenvandine: I just have to make some breakfast, can you ping me once the new content-hub silo is built?17:45
kenvandinerobru, sure, after it's built?17:45
jibelrobru, mediascanner2 in silo 55 has autopkgtests17:45
kenvandinethat's good, because bileto blew up when i tried to build content-hub in silo 44 :)17:48
robrukenvandine: ok nm I'll fix that quick17:50
robrujibel: thanks17:50
kenvandinerobru, should i delete the silo?17:51
robrukenvandine: yeah17:52
rvrpopey: ping17:52
popeyhello rvr17:52
rvrpopey: I tested and approved the calculator update17:52
rvrpopey: Forgot to ping you17:52
popeyThank you!17:52
popeyThat's a great end to my day. Appreciate it!17:52
rvrpopey: I'm now with reminders17:52
popey... which could now still go downhill ;)17:53
kenvandinepopey, shutdown your computer and walk away now :)17:55
popeytempting :)17:56
jibelrobru, do you know why indicator-sound is qa granted since Nov. 5th but not landed? https://requests.ci-train.ubuntu.com/#/ticket/52817:57
robrujibel: 1. nobody ever clicked publish. 2. there's some comment about it needing a rebuild and then no rebuild ever happened, so i doubt the silo is in any kind of releasable state. I'd ask Mirv for more info18:00
robruor maybe I misread the comment, maybe it is ready...18:00
kenvandinerobru, what's up with the exception in silo 0?18:06
robrukenvandine: I've apparently botched this rollout horribly18:07
jibelalecu, ^^ do you know what it the status of https://requests.ci-train.ubuntu.com/#/ticket/528 and if it is releasable?18:07
robrukenvandine: what happened was I made an architectural shift and deleted a bunch of methods that I was sure weren't used anymore but apparently they're still used.18:09
robrukenvandine: fixes in trunk, should hit production in ~1018:09
alecujibel: after the QA ack, that silo got NACKd by cyphermox, because it's used in the desktop, but it adds new dependencies that are not in main.18:11
alecujibel: we tried splitting the deps because they were only used by the tests during the build18:12
alecujibel: but it did not got there in time, and the silo adds many very visible strings, and it was already past string freeze.18:12
alecujibel: so, xavi is trying to find a solution for the dependency issues, and then will try to land it very early in the OTA-9 cycle.18:13
robrukenvandine: oh, but the failure in silo zero happened when it was attempting to mark the silo successfully built, so you can consider silo 0 to be 'Packages built.'18:14
kenvandinerobru, yeah, i already told tiago he can start testing it18:15
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jibelalecu, ah right, forgot all the details. Thanks18:21
alecujibel: sure, no worries. I just added a comment about that to the silo18:21
rvrpopey: I cannot create a notebook with a single word as title, needs an space. We had a similar problem with the notes, that was solved.18:21
anpokdavmor2: hm wrt to landing-056 .. there is a problem and it is in usc...18:30
anpokdavmor2: should I add usc to the silo.. or can we land libinput independently (as of now nobody uses it by default)18:32
davmor2anpok: no because if someone decides to use it and it breaks then it is no use to anyone, better that it lands fully fixed18:51
robruslangasek: skip landing team meeting since sil is off and we just had a sprint anyway?18:58
slangasekrobru: yah19:01
robrubrb again19:06
boikotrainguards: can someone please trigger an amd64 rebuild of telephony-service in silo 25?19:26
robruboiko: one sec19:33
boikorobru: thanks19:34
robruboiko: you're welcome!19:36
jgdxalesage, hey, what's the cursor insertion pattern? :)21:01
alesagejgdx, find myself backspacing through an existing entry in order to enter a new #21:02
alesagejgdx, don't know if we have a better pattern for that, e.g. full highlight21:03
alesagejgdx, but again this is me being a cranky QE :)21:03
jgdxalesage, are we talking System Settings?21:17
alesagejgdx, yes in the call-waiting/forwarding entries21:18
jgdxalesage, oh, why'd you need a #?21:18
jgdxlol number21:18
jgdxright.. it's late here :p21:18
jgdxalesage, if you file a bug for it, I'm sure design will take another look at the spec.21:19
alesagejgdx, an entry exists, e.g., but my desired forwarding number has changed, e.g.21:19
alesagejgdx, ack, maybe a bit too finicky even for a bug21:19
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robruslangasek: hey can you bump the priority of this rt? A couple things i need to do are blocked by this https://portal.admin.canonical.com/8611023:15
Trevinhorobru: it looks like ci-train has some troubles in loading here... ANd i got a "0 error"23:37
robruTrevinho: what url?23:38
Trevinhorobru: on create first then on main23:38
robruTrevinho: what do you mean? were you not able to make a new request at all?23:39
Trevinhorobru: it went ok now, but before it didn't go23:39
Trevinhorobru: yep, it hanged...23:39
slangasekrobru: what specifically is this blocking?23:40
robruslangasek: the staging instance can't be deployed because it tries to install those packages and fails in trusty23:41
robruslangasek: also means I can't do production rollouts...23:41
slangasekrobru: er, but that can be fixed by backing out your change to trunk23:41
slangasekso should not block you23:41
slangasekand I wouldn't think those changes should be landed to trunk before they're deployable (i.e. the RT should be done first)23:42
robruslangasek: ok, but that RT says itself it's a small amount of work and I filed it thursday. would be great if that could just go in23:43
robrurather than undoing work I've already done23:43
robruTrevinho: sounds intermittent, like a network issue. looks like you have the request no?23:44
slangasekrobru: that is nevertheless not an argument for bumping the priority for the ticket - which for me to do, I want to understand what functionality is tied to these new dependencies so I can set a proper priority23:44
robruslangasek: it's just to do with gating MPs to trunk with pylint. that part is already set up and working in s-jenkins (because s-jenkins uses our backport PPA rather than trusty-cat-ue)23:45
robruslangasek: doesn't actually add any features or anything to production, it's just that the charm installs all those deps and breaks in production23:45
slangasekrobru: well, then I definitely think you should back it out of trunk instead of us raising the priority of an RT23:48
robruslangasek: ok23:48

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