dholbachgood morning07:54
davidcalleMorning o/10:04
czajkowskihow are we all doing today?10:19
czajkowskipopey: how is the little one ? all better?10:19
popeyyeah, mostly10:29
popeythey all have had sore throats, flu type things10:29
popeyclare has chest infection10:29
popeyI'm the only one well in the house10:29
popey(cats aside)10:29
czajkowskipopey: you know by Friday you're going to be ill then!11:15
czajkowskiyou've just jinxed yourself in time for the weekend11:15
popeyheh, maybe11:16
czajkowskipopey: going to all your base UK on friday ?11:24
popeyIt says "database" in the name, so I instantly fall asleep :)11:25
czajkowskiyadda yadda phones yadda yadda juju : *yawns* :)11:31
dholbachjcastro (or anyone else): do you know the answer to this?12:36
dholbach<jayteeuk> dholbach, quick question: do you know if it's possible to disable the duplicate checking on askubuntu? I'm trying to upload questions for some click-reviewers-tools messages, and they're all quite similar.12:36
dholbach Bereits als zurück markiert.12:36
jcastrodholbach: no, he needs to have a unique title to each question14:07
jcastroIf a two questions are too similar then they're either too ambiguous and need to be made more specific, or they're the same question14:08
dholbachjcastro, ok, passing that on14:08
jcastroit might be that he just needs like a bunch of merges, etc.14:08
dholbachdpm, davidcalle: if we find out we can do more, we can always add more cards to the sprint - for now I think we should fix some of the easy things, look into the importer and have the conversations with the snappy team to get their pending changes lined up as well - I'm not 100% sure how long that's all going to take14:09
jcastroif he needs a little bit of guided help tell him to post his problem on meta.askubuntu.com and someone will recommend what to do14:09
dholbachparticularly the importer14:09
dholbachthanks a lot jcastro14:09
dpmdavidcalle, you were mentioning https://elementary.io/docs/human-interface-guidelines#human-interface-guidelines14:10
dpmI think it looks good in terms of the navigation on the left14:10
dpmbut still I feel we need the input from the web team - I don't want to end up maintaining a custom menu on d.u.c14:11
dpmI think your proposal to have it on particular pages is good, but we should really pick those where it's necessary14:11
davidcalledpm, agreed with web team input, I think that it would be a nice fit on manuals in general and long docs. But let's focus on good IA first, our current nav has served us well, and we can still push the way we are using it. On a related note, I'm opening a RT for the thrid level nav padding issue, should be fixed if IS run a single command (that will replace old css with new one)14:15
dpmdavidcalle, ah, excellent!14:16
dpmpopey, omw14:32
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popeydpm, https://bugs.launchpad.net/click-sync/+bug/141898614:51
popeydpm, https://bugs.launchpad.net/click-sync/+bug/147721014:52
josedpm: ping15:18
joseor dholbach, popey15:21
joselol, I wanna send a call for mentors/tasks for google code in to MLs, and was wondering if you knew any teams that could use some extra hands15:22
josejust a couple days left15:22
popeyHm, not sure.15:24
josewe need to be able to provide 150-500 tasks in order to register15:28
mhall119dpm: loading up chrome, will be there in a minute15:30
popeyjose, not sure we can do that in the time you're asking?15:36
joseI mean, we just gotta make sure there's enough people and ideas on what we may work on15:37
josethe tasks are for December-January15:37
balloons_jose, it's interesting.. when is the deadline?15:50
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dholbachballoons, 11 Nov15:53
balloonsahh, I see https://developers.google.com/open-source/gci/15:56
balloonsI didn't know they did this with high school students, interesting. So the requirements are lessened for an organization then?15:56
balloonsjose, " ensure a great support system for these impressionable new contributors, we select organizations that have gained experience in mentoring students by previously taking part in Google Summer of Code."15:57
balloonsI'm not sure we'd qualify; though ubuntu did do GSOC as I understand at some time in the past15:57
balloonsit may be more realistic to shoot for being a mentoring org for GSOC?15:57
joseit's pretty basic15:58
balloonsjose, I'm happy to try helping, but ofc, we are late to the game16:01
joseyeah, I know :/ I thought maybe we could try16:02
balloonspopey, I'd like to disable the old jenkins this week. we can leave it up, but it's messing with landings16:03
balloonspopey, you OK with that?16:04
popeyyou got my mail about dropping letters?16:04
balloonsyes, adding it this morning16:04
balloonsif you don't want to shut it all down, i still need to shut down some16:05
balloonsie reminders16:05
popeyballoons, i am happy with it being shutdown if everything has been moved over16:08
balloonspopey, it all should be. I just want to keep the old system around as a backup until everything is ready. It should more or less be ready, but I have one more criteria for CI to finish. We need to test backup and redeploy. It doesn't work yet apparently, or at least didn't last week16:09
popeydetails.... details :)16:19
balloonsjose, so docs team I think would be a good place to start for tasks16:41
balloonsOn the QA side, I can pickup tasks from the roles page; pretty straightforward. How many tasks are needed / how specific? It's rather unclear how much overhead is created should a team add tasks. I'm curious how much you and other admins would need to coordinate16:43
dholbachall right - have a great rest of your day - see you all tomorrow!17:27
* davidcalle +1, have a nice end of day o/17:28
mhall119jose: ping flavor devs for gci tasks too, I'm sure they all have some they could contribute17:28
mhall119jose: pinging you again about your UbuCon@FOSSETCON talk, ping me back when you have a minute19:46
josemhall119: pong, I'll get to a PC in 1519:46
mhall119jose: hey, I just need to confirm your talk title and if you're able to present on the morning of the 19th19:47
josemhall119: definitely! title should be something like "Juju, orchestrating your cloud instances"19:52
josemhall119: do we have the schedule for the day somewhere?19:52
mhall119jose: for UbuCon, that's what I'm putting together now19:54
mhall119for FOSSETCON, I don't know19:54
josemhall119: yeah, for ubucon at fossetcon19:54
josebtw if you need help with setup, I will be there starting the day before with Ian19:55
mhall119jose: the plan is to have 3 hour-long sessions before lunch, you me and tedg, then ad-hoc unconference sessions after lunch, probably featuring ahoneybun and chad (desktop team)20:01
mhall119plus anybody else who wants to propose one after the 3 morning talks20:01
josemhall119: like more for general discussion?20:01
mhall119yeah, I'm basing it off the way jono runs CLS20:02
mhall119basically people propose a topic and it gets put on the schedule then and there, rather than planning it out ahead of time20:02
mhall119and it's more round-table20:02
joseooooh nice20:02
joseif you want me to print posters I can do that, they would be A3 sized posters, they're quite cheap over here (between $1 and $2)20:02
mhall119chad and aaron both said they had things to talk about, but couldn't fill an hour-long slot20:02
josealso, will balloons be there?20:03
mhall119jose: sure, we can post them in the hall and by the room doors20:03
mhall119I don't think he's going to make it down this time, no20:03
joseoh wel0p20:03
mhall119we'll be missing lyz too :(20:03
joseyeah :(20:04
mhall119hopefully we'll have itnet7 there though20:05
joseoooh that's nice. I haven't seem him since last year20:12
josemhall119: oh, also, are we planning on having an ubuntu dinner?20:18
* pleia2 has to be home sometimes :)21:09
pleia2I am sorry to miss it though21:11
popeymarcoceppi_, oi oi, turn the music down a tiny bit, can't hear you :)23:45
popeymarcoceppi_, \o/23:45

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