didrocksgood morning05:49
darkxsthey didrocks05:54
didrocksgood evening darkxst, how was your week-end?05:55
darkxstdidrocks, crap still can barely walk and today they found a blood clot in my leg ;(05:56
didrocksargh :/05:56
didrocksyeah, typical issues when you can't really move… :/05:56
didrocksgoing to the hospital to get it extracted?05:57
darkxstno, just been put on medication, and lost lots of blood for some tests05:57
didrocksah, I can something to make your blood liquid05:58
darkxstdidrocks, trying to finish up my gdm3 merge, but migrating settings is a mess, can't use dpkg-maintscripts-helper scripts, since the conffiles cross packages05:59
didrocksdarkxst: most of the time, you can force with pre-depends the orders06:00
didrocks(not really indicated for general case, but for some special case like that)06:01
darkxstdidrocks, but the paths and packages change06:01
darkxst/etc/gdm -> /etc/gdm306:01
didrocksah, not as easy then, indeed…06:01
darkxstgdm -> gdm306:01
didrocksor in that case, don't care about the conffiles in the older package06:01
didrocksjust handle the removal in the new binary06:01
didrocks(after transitioning)06:01
darkxstwell I don't suppose many people modify gdm configs, so just going to get annoyed corner cases06:03
darkxstrm_conffile may work, since the old conffiles seem to get owned by the transitional package06:05
didrocksbetter to handle the transition still06:05
* didrocks dislikes when we drop the ball on config transition06:05
didrocksbut you don't really care about the "owning" part for moving to one package to another one06:06
didrocksyou just don't install it in the "new" version of the old package06:06
didrocksand then, you handle the conffile in the new package, extracting data, rming the old conffile, and filing data in the new one06:06
darkxstdidrocks, dpkg-maintscript-helper is was cares about owership06:06
didrocksoh, interesting, in that case, you should do it the old way :)06:07
didrocksyou still have the scripts we used some moons ago at https://wiki.debian.org/DpkgConffileHandling06:07
darkxstyeh guess I will have to06:10
darkxstis there anyway to actaully test the scripts without a full package rebuild?06:11
didrocksjust drop the file in /var/lib/dpkg/info and run it manually AFAIK06:12
didrocks(as root, of course)06:12
didrocksyou can as well opened your previous ar .deb package, and change the file06:12
didrocksand run dpkg -i directly06:13
darkxstdidrocks, I did try that, and the helper scripts bailed out with "invalid package", but thats less of a problem is I don't use it06:14
darkxstalso debconf is dumb, suppose I have to tell it directly the new display manager is gdm3, right now it asks to choose between gdm and gdm3 (can only guess the configure script runs while both versions are unpacked?)06:15
didrocksyeah, that's what happen I guess06:18
didrocksas those triggers are executed on configure06:18
didrocksand so, you have the unpack step first (and removal)06:18
darkxstthat shouldnt be a problem though, and the diff against debian is actually sane now!06:21
didrocksyeah, this gdm/gdm3 has been a nightmare for too many years06:22
didrocksthanks for fixing it! :)06:22
darkxstyeh, there hasnt been a proper merge in maybe 10 years06:22
darkxstdidrocks, don't thank me yet, you will probably have to NEW it ;) and someone is going to have to sponsor the upload06:24
didrocksdarkxst: I prefer NEWing that reviewing MIRs TBH :p06:26
darkxstyeh and I guess the NEWing bit is actually pretty simple in this case, same upstream code06:27
darkxstno one is going to review the merge though, would take them all day !06:29
didrocksyeah, I bet!06:30
didrocksThis will be more a case of "I try to install -> works -> upload"06:30
didrockslike libreoffice uploads :)06:30
darkxstdidrocks, has only taken me a year to finish it up06:34
darkxsts/to get around to finishing it up/06:35
didrocksheh ;)06:37
darkxstdidrocks, mainly because its like impossible to get a sane diff, between the two06:40
didrocksyeah, I guess anyway it's a case where testing (and early drop in the distro) is the best that we can get06:41
darkxstyep, lots of time left in this cycle!06:42
darkxstand 3.18 is almost done06:42
darkxstjust waiting on MIR stuff for gtk, then there are the few long standing outdated packages06:44
darkxstdidrocks, or should that be Mir?06:47
darkxstwhy name a display server after a process!06:48
didrocksdarkxst: yeah, I know :/06:52
didrocksMir is the project06:52
didrocksMIR is the process06:52
darkxstdidrocks, I well know that, but its still confusing!07:18
Sweet5harkmoin all07:58
didrocksgood morning Sweet5hark!07:59
didrockshey early willcooke08:04
Sweet5harkdidrocks, willcooke: hey guys.08:05
larsugood morning!08:14
darkxsthey willcooke larsu08:14
didrocksmorning larsu08:14
larsumorning didrocks & darkxst. How are you?08:15
didrocksgood, thanks! yourself?08:15
darkxstlarsu, broken... apparently have a blood clot in my leg, but battling with gdm3 merge was just as painful ;)08:16
larsudarkxst: oh sorry to hear. Hope you get better soon!08:16
larsudidrocks: good thanks :)08:16
darkxstlarsu, not sure I will ever recover from merging gdm3!08:18
darkxstmy leg however should recover soon08:18
larsuhaha :)08:20
seb128good morning desktopers08:21
seb128hey larsu08:21
didrocksre seb12808:21
seb128I just missed something funny?!08:21
darkxstlarsu, took my entire friday evening to just get a sane enough diff, with some rename, sed foo08:21
larsuseb128: morning! how are you?08:21
darkxstseb128, probably <darkxst> larsu, broken... apparently have a blood clot in my leg, but battling with gdm3 merge was just as painful ;)08:22
seb128larsu, good! how are you?08:22
seb128gdm fun, I see08:22
darkxst<darkxst> larsu, not sure I will ever recover from merging gdm3!08:22
darkxst<darkxst> my leg however should recover soon08:22
darkxstseb128, merge is done, just battling with migrations now08:22
darkxstI can't use the helper scripts ;(08:23
seb128why not?08:23
darkxstcause paths and packages changes08:23
darkxstdpkg-maintscript-helper checks to see if package owns the files, but we are crossing packages and changing paths08:24
darkxstseb128, really migration is just a mess, but the resulting diff is so much more saner, atleast08:26
seb128that's something ;-)08:27
larsuseb128: great thanks!08:30
darkxstseb128, atleast it only needs to be done once!08:32
darkxstseb128, or twice, though my git branch from the first attempt last year proved incredibly helpful ;)08:42
seb128larsu, did you see my ping on friday btw?08:42
larsuseb128: notify osd icons? Working on it08:42
seb128larsu, yes08:42
larsusorry, conference was more fun than I thought08:42
seb128thanks, should we hold the current silo?08:42
larsuand got the log spam issue fixed :)08:42
larsutalking to maintainers in person helps ;)08:42
seb128no problem :-)08:42
seb128was it fixed in glib?08:43
seb128or in dbus?08:43
larsumy (amended) patch is in dbus (just the spec)08:43
larsuI'll take care of pushing the glib fix today08:43
larsuseb128: ya hold it if you don't mind watining the day08:44
seb128k, doing that, no worry08:45
* willcooke -> opticians - bbiab08:49
darkxsthey laney09:05
Laneysup darkxst09:05
LaneyI read scrollback, no need to repeat ;-)09:05
darkxstLaney, too much crap09:06
larsumorning Laney!09:07
didrockshey Laney!09:10
seb128hey Laney, how are you?09:10
Laneyhey larsu & didrocks & seb128!09:11
Laneywhat a treat!09:11
ricotzhey desktopers09:11
Laneydoing good thanks, nice relaxing weekend09:11
Laneygood weekends all?09:11
Laneyhi ricotz09:11
ricotzseb128, hi, afaics bamf doesnt like those two gedit desktop-files and seems to randomly pick one as default09:11
ricotzhey Laney09:12
ricotzTrevinho, hi ^, regarding bamf <-> new gedit09:12
didrocksmorning ricotz09:14
ricotzhi didrocks09:15
seb128ricotz, no idea about that, it's not different from what we did with e.g totem or nautilus09:20
seb128but we can revert the GNOME renames if needed09:20
seb128Laney, seems like doko fixed binutils and a good part of what was stacked migrated on saturday ;-)09:22
Laneyyeah I saw09:22
Laneygood old doko09:22
seb128I'm glad it did migrate09:24
seb128I misread what you said on friday and though we were stucked to get x265 and other things through09:25
Laneyno that's gstreamer and other things09:26
seb128I though we ended up with everything have to go together09:27
seb128anyway it's mostly good now ;-)09:27
ricotzseb128, I think I see this with nautilus too, not sure about totem09:29
seb128ricotz, is that a bamf bug?09:30
ricotzseb128, I would not revert the GNOME renames, this would break the DBusActivatable feature?09:30
seb128is that used anywhere?09:30
ricotzseb128, it might be a bamf issue, maybe NotShownIn OnlyShowIn would be better to differenciate09:31
ricotznot sure, but it is there for a reason and avoiding to follow the rename might just lead to problems later09:32
ricotzkeeping those old-named files arround is just to preserver user-settings regarding pinned application in unity?09:33
seb128not only unity or pinned applications09:35
seb128but yeah user settings09:35
seb128it's also e.g mimetype associations09:35
seb128you pick something else as your favorite text editor and then back gedit09:36
seb128and you have gedit.desktop in your config09:36
larsuoh we're talking about *this* again09:39
* larsu sighs09:39
seb128larsu, yeah, we alternate between that and headerbar as favorite topics :p09:47
seb128but yeah, it's another issue that we never really resolved and that GNOME completely ignored :-/09:52
seb128unsure what to do about it09:52
larsuwrite a migration tool that converts desktop file names in all the user settings09:53
ricotzseb128, I see09:53
larsuor put a translation thing into gli09:53
seb128the migration thing is not possible09:53
seb128you can't know every user config and they storage format09:53
seb128some apps could have a custom sql database with the .desktop names in it09:54
seb128unsure what was the outcome of the translation thing into glib previous time we discussed it09:55
larsuwhich apps deal with desktop files?09:55
seb128good questions, I've no idea09:56
seb128every sort of "launcher" we have in the archive?09:56
seb128gnome-panel, cairo-dock, unity, xfce-panel, lxde-panel, kde*09:56
seb128and every sort of dock I don't know about09:56
* larsu wonders why he even got into that debate again :)09:57
larsusolution: put up a big bug, add all the things09:57
larsuand fix it for unity only09:57
larsuothers will quickly follow if we provide an easy way to integrate09:57
seb128yeah, let's stop there, I feel like we are going to go circle and just create frustration09:57
* larsu makes another tea09:57
larsumuch better use of these 5 minutes09:58
Laneysomeone help me find the actual failure in ffmpeg?09:58
Laney's build log09:58
seb128Laney, url?09:58
Laneyit's on → machine09:59
Laneyslangasek tried to fix it but it didn't work10:00
Laneywondering if there is some easy enough way but can't find the error10:00
larsuFT_FREETYPE_H is not defined?!10:00
larsu#include MACRO is ... weird10:01
seb128gcc -I. -I./ -D_FORTIFY_SOURCE=2 -U_FORTIFY_SOURCE -D_FORTIFY_SOURCE=2 -D_ISOC99_SOURCE -D_FILE_OFFSET_BITS=64 -D_LARGEFILE_SOURCE -D_POSIX_C_SOURCE=200112 -D_XOPEN_SOURCE=600 -DPIC -DZLIB_CONST -MM ffplay.c | sed -e "/^#.*/d" -e "s,^[[:space:]]*ffplay\\.o,./ffplay.o," > ffplay.d10:01
seb128ffplay.c:3217:46: error: missing binary operator before token "("10:01
seb128 #if defined(__APPLE__) && SDL_VERSION_ATLEAST(1, 2, 14)10:01
Laneyis that breaking it?10:01
LaneyTest idct8x8 failed. Look at tests/data/fate/idct8x8.err for details. make[2]: *** [fate-idct8x8] Error 1 tests/Makefile:203: recipe for target 'fate-idct8x8' failed10:02
Laneythat one I think10:02
Laneydoesn't show that file though10:02
larsuseb128: that one and the ones about freetype macros being empty10:03
Laneybecause it's in there too and still builds10:04
seb128Laney, https://sourceware.org/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=1921710:04
ubot5sourceware.org bug 19217 in gas "[2.26 Regression] ffmpeg test idct8x8 (NEON) fails on ARM32 when built with binutils from the trunk" [Normal,New]10:04
davidcallewillcooke, hey, sorry I'm not done with scopes patches yet, will update you on it asap10:04
Laneyseb128: yeah I think it was trying to work aroudn this one10:05
seb128just disable that one test on armhf?10:05
Laneyso should be disabled in this case I guess10:05
* Laney looks at it10:05
seb128wb willcooke10:08
Laneyhi willcooke10:08
Laneygood bonfire?10:09
larsuhey willcooke10:09
Laneyor was the opticians related...10:10
Laneydon't stand too close to the fire...10:10
willcookeI have to wear galsses now10:11
Laneyit begins10:11
willcookeBeing able to see things close up again will be lovely though10:12
* Laney is practicing staring out of the window for a bit every now and then10:12
Laneyoh hi HMP Nottingham10:12
willcookechrisccoulson, do you have a few mins today to catch up re: my email?10:13
willcookelarsu, I want to fix this:  https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubuntu-themes/+bug/76234910:24
ubot5Ubuntu bug 762349 in ubuntu-themes (Ubuntu) "Difficult to distinguish which tab is selected" [High,Confirmed]10:24
willcookelarsu, can you tell me which are the best files to edit and I'll try and scrape an MP together10:24
willcookeI think it'll be something in /usr/share/themes/Ambiance/gtk-3.0/10:25
willcookeand then Radiance as well10:25
larsuwillcooke: yep, gtkwidgets.css10:25
larsuhow do you want to color them?10:26
willcookegonna make active the same colour as it is and inactive darker I think10:26
larsuah cool stuff10:26
willcookeI'll get JohnLea to check it10:26
larsuplease use the shade()/darker() stuff instead of hard coding a value10:26
willcookegot it10:26
larsu(that's also a bit hard coding, but not as bad)10:27
willcookeyeah, makes sense10:27
Laneywillcooke: firefox looks good imho10:28
larsuLaney: I agree, but that only works when the tab bar is attached to another dark widget10:29
larsulike the title bar or a header bar10:29
larsulooks bad otherwis10:29
willcookeI'll try with darker and I think I'll be able to get close10:29
* larsu is looking forward to seeingthat10:30
Laneysuch as where?10:30
willcookelarsu, will I need a separate entry for the tabs in gedit too - or is there a clever way to do both terminal tabs and gedit tabs?10:30
larsuwillcooke: it's the same widget. If you need to do something app specific, please put it in apps/<appname>.css10:31
larsulike if you want to select by GeditWindow or similar10:31
larsubut I'd prefer to keep that small10:31
larsuLaney: old gedit has tabs below the toolbar10:31
willcookeah cool, I think they should be the same, so a single widget is good news10:31
larsuLaney: I'm sure there are more apps that do this10:31
LaneyI'm not doubting you...10:32
larsuwillcooke: there should already be quite some rules about tabs in gtkwidgets.css10:32
Laneyjust asking for an example10:32
Laneyok, can't visualise the problem, looking forward to seeing it in action then :)10:35
willcookeI've tried it with @dark_bg_color but it clashes badly with the main background of the gedit window for example10:42
willcookeso that's similar to ffox10:42
willcookedont like it10:42
willcookegonna try again just making it slightly darker10:42
willcookelarsu, is using shade acceptable?10:42
willcookeif Ihave to10:42
LaneyI don't get why it's okay for FF10:42
Laneyeyes are hard10:42
willcookeI'll do a screenshot, one sec...10:43
Laneynah, I believe you :P10:43
larsuwillcooke: yeah, of course10:44
seb128willcooke, want to look at bug #1479054 as well? ;-)10:45
ubot5bug 1479054 in ubuntu-themes (Ubuntu) "Shuffle and repeat buttons pressed state does not visually differ from unpressed state" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/147905410:45
didrocksseb128: quick, assign! :)10:45
didrockswelcome to our new theme maintainer, larsu is off the hook \o/10:46
seb128we have a new theme maintainer \o/10:46
larsudidrocks: pssst - don't let him know yet10:46
larsuit has to look natural10:46
willcookeSure!  CSS is about my level10:46
seb128he's not maintaining it, just looking at some issues10:47
seb128that's fine10:47
willcookeactually, I'm quote happy to do this10:47
willcookeok, gedit fixed10:47
Laneyoh cool, you can fix the big info icon in hidpi too10:47
willcookedaker(@bg_color) is the right one imo10:47
Laneycss theme comes with icon theme10:47
BigWhaleHello everyone... :)10:47
willcookeand since I'm not the maintainer then let's ship it10:47
seb128hey BigWhale10:48
larsuwillcooke: if you're the maintainer you can even review your own patches!!!10:48
willcookeok, that was easy! :D10:49
willcookeNow I have to work out bzr10:49
seb128screenshot? ;-)10:49
willcookeYOU QUESTION ME?!?!?!?10:49
seb128NEVER SIR10:49
seb128just wanted to see the beautiful outcome, going to wait for the package to land ;-)10:50
willcookeactually, it's not awesome.  e.g. the close icons on the inactive tabs could do with a tweak as well I think10:50
Laneyteach this man about the inspector10:51
seb128didrocks, see how he starts caring about detail, going to make a good theme maintainer, i'm telling you ;-)10:51
willcookescreen shot10:51
willcooke"golf facts" were for my sons homework10:52
didrocksseb128: heh, I'm actually waiting for the first theme regressions though :p10:52
didrocksthen, he will get the stamp10:52
larsuwillcooke: was about to mention those :P10:52
willcookeoh, that's odd.  The close icon in gedit has no circle around in on active or inactive, but terminal does10:53
willcookeok, yeah I need to get the inspector working10:54
willcookeoh, but only when the window isn't focused do the circles appear10:55
* willcooke decides thats a bug10:55
seb128willcooke, install libgtk-3-dev and do ctrl-shift-I10:56
didrocks(you probably need to restart the app after installing the -dev package)10:56
willcookehumm, that circles issues doesn't exist on 14.0410:58
davmor2willcooke: yeah, yeah, blame your son for looking at golf stuff, sure we believe you ;)10:59
davmor2willcooke: oh good news at the weekend I found a non-apple compatible mini display port to hdmi so I can now play multimonitor with xps, will be looking at setting it up this afternoon.  One big question though, on the auto detect of monitors should it not ask for the dpi of the monitor?11:02
larsudavmor2: should it not find it out for itself?11:03
willcookedavmor2, erm, not sure I follow you, but I would expect it to do it automatically11:03
davmor2willcooke: from the quick test at the weekend it looks like it was correctly getting 1080p for the resolution, but the dpi was still set to the xps 4k11:03
davmor2willcooke: so the screen app on the laptop was fine, but on the monitor filled the screen and then some11:04
willcookehrm, dunno.  Question for Trevinho I think ^^11:05
davmor2Trevinho: just for the record, Xps 13 4k display, scaling factor 2 set through the Screen Display section of the settings app, plugged into an acer 26" monitor at 1920x108011:08
davmor2Trevinho: I'll take screenshot/photo's later when I set it up properly11:09
willcookeseb128, could you have a look at that mailing list proposed email today?11:12
seb128willcooke, oh, right, sorry I started on that friday and got sidetracked with other thing, doing that after lunch11:13
willcookethx seb12811:14
seb128np, sorry for not doing it on friday11:15
Laneyis that the one about the seed changes?11:23
willcookeLaney, more just "here are some app changes..."  brasero, empathy, g cal11:24
willcookeI think we should still communicate the seed changes properly11:24
willcookethis is just a heads up11:24
willcookemhall119 asked for it11:24
willcookebut if you're nearly ready with the seed changes email, that will be better11:24
LaneyNo not yet11:27
willcookeoki, I will carry on with this then11:28
LaneyI'll do the changes this week though11:29
LaneyHope we don't get some terrid discussion11:29
* davmor2 pictures didrocks doing his best Darth Vader Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! impression with that "braserooooooooooooooooooooooooo"11:32
happyaronI guess I'll stuck with GNOME translations for half of the week, to get all the submissions processed...11:32
didrocksLaney: nice! you are running it?11:52
Trevinhodavmor2: unfortunately you can only define a global scale value for apps, while unity can be scaled per-screen..11:52
Laneyjust hooked it up in the stack, nothing fancy now11:52
davmor2Trevinho: right so it is the scaling at fault then :(  meh11:53
Trevinhodavmor2: yeah... unfortunately it's not nice, but no toolkit has the concept of scaling per monitor currently11:54
Sweet5harkseb128: I dont plan to SRU bug 1514195 as a backport, but with 5.0.4: sure.12:01
ubot5bug 1514195 in libreoffice (Ubuntu) "changing border style closes libreoffice calc in i3-wm" [High,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/151419512:01
seb128Sweet5hark, wfm12:20
=== alan_g is now known as alan_g|lunch
seb128Laney, well done!13:10
Laneynot sure skipping a test is that smart :P13:11
Laneybut thanks13:11
willcookeThemes are hard13:29
willcookewell, css selectors are hard13:29
willcookeSeems the close buttons on Gedit tabs are specific to Gedit13:29
seb128yeah, the nautilus ones seem differen13:32
willcookeUsing the inspector and looking at the selector says it's a GeditCloseButton13:32
willcookeso I will put the changes in the gedit css file13:33
seb128that makes sense13:33
attentegood morning!14:08
willcookehey attente14:08
seb128hey attente14:08
attentehi guys14:08
didrockshey attente14:08
attentehi didrocks14:08
=== alan_g|lunch is now known as alan_g
Laneywhat up attente14:28
larsuhi attente!14:29
attentehey Laney, hey larsu14:29
=== balloons is now known as Guest42098
desrtgood morning peeps14:33
desrtattente: any reason not to use a socketpair for your dbus connection?14:33
larsuhey desrt14:34
desrtmorning :)14:34
=== Ursinha_ is now known as Ursinha
attentedesrt: i thought using pipes would be simpler14:36
attentedesrt: good morning14:36
desrtpipes can't do everything you can with sockets14:37
desrtlike sending fds14:37
attentebefore i switch over to sockets, do you think it's because the object doesn't implement org.freedesktop.Properties, etcx14:38
attentelike who is responsible for implementing that interface?14:40
attentegdbus-codegen doesn't generate it14:40
seb128hey desrt14:40
larsuattente: it should when you have properties in the dbus xml14:41
attentelarsu: oh, so what about org.freedesktop.DBus.Introspectable?14:42
qenghoFJKong: zaoshanghao. That is not in hanzi because my input method isn't doing anything after switching from en to zh-pinyin. fcitx is running. Can you help me debug?14:43
larsuattente: same (but I think register_object() does this, even)14:43
attentelarsu: ok, thanks14:47
=== Guest42098 is now known as balloons_
willcookegtk inspector has black corners as well, that's related to the tooltips thing right?14:52
seb128that's an exemple of application using the client side decoration14:52
seb128you know that topic that comes back every cycle :p14:53
* willcooke shuts up now14:53
seb128so not exactly like the tooltip (which we fixed with a gtk workaround)14:53
seb128but hikiko/trevinho are working on that14:53
willcookeahhh, ok, yes14:54
willcookelarsu, css selectors make me sad.  In our 1:1 on Friday can you give me a hand with this?  The basic patch for making unselected tabs darker is very simple, but trying to get rid of the light grey circle from around the close icon on an unfocused window has me beaten14:55
larsuwillcooke: sure! css is a bit tricky (order matters, but more so specificity of the rules)14:57
larsuand specificity is hard to grok14:57
Trevinhoseb128: yeah, I did a first version, but hikiko one would cover more cases14:57
larsuthis is the year of fixed client side decorations!14:58
larsuoh I guess I should say "cycle"14:58
willcookelarsu,  I /think/ I need to make the selector match the Geditclosebutton but for an unfocused window, the logic is sound, but yeah, not working ;)  I'll keep playing with it in the meantime.  It's a fun learning exercise14:58
larsuwillcooke: I don't think you can select for unfocussed things...15:01
larsubuttons are very tricky15:01
larsuall the same classes, but look different in a million places15:01
willcookeI'll press on :)15:02
attentedesrt: why is passing around fds not possible with pipes in my case? the pipes are internal to my process15:02
desrtwhy are you speaking dbus to yourself via pipes?15:03
attenteit's a test case15:04
seb128Laney, can you push your nautilus upload (the bg scaling fix) to the vcs?15:07
seb128I'm starting looking at the 3.18 update15:08
willcookelarsu, do things like Ambiance and Radiance inherit from other themes?  e.g. Should I be looking for the general button theme outside of the Ambiance directory?15:09
Laneyseb128: keeping the headerbar yes?15:09
larsuwillcooke: no, they don't15:10
larsuonly the icon themes inherit15:10
willcookecool, that makes it easier, thanks larsu15:10
larsubut there's some stuff in -borders.css15:10
seb128Laney, for now yes, same as gedit, let's see how those go15:10
larsuif I haven't removed all of that yet...15:10
Laneyjust checking15:10
seb128Laney, going to need to redo the menubar patch though15:10
Laneybecause the menu bar patch was the reason we blocked it before15:10
seb128that needs to be redone15:11
seb128I would usually ask larsu but he's busy with geoloc work so I'm going to have a try15:11
* larsu can help out!15:11
seb128larsu, want to have a look at doing the menubar patch for nautilus?15:12
seb128hopefully it's easy enough, they ported their code to the modern ways15:12
seb128larsu, danke15:12
Laneythat went from "I'm going to have a try" to "larsu is doing it" in about 45 seconds15:12
seb128larsu, just do that based on git, I'm going to look at the package update and refreshing the other patches, etc (based on the work robert did for 3.16 and the gnome3 ppa, though they often comment patches instead of refreshing them)15:13
seb128Laney, :-)15:13
seb128there is still quite a load of patches and diff for the Debian rebase15:13
seb128so it's not like I was avoiding doing any work :p15:13
larsuseb128: master, even?15:13
Laneydrop all the patches!15:13
larsujust drop a random one every week15:14
larsuI'm sure didrocks could write a script for that15:14
Laneyoh yeah it's still doing the wallpaper15:14
Laney:( :( :( :(15:14
seb128larsu, yes, I don't think 3.18.1 and master are too far15:15
Laney): ): ): ):15:15
Laneybackwards smileys are weirdly hard to type15:15
mterrykenvandine, did you see my poke about deja-dup's no-python2 branch?15:15
larsuLaney: also, read15:15
kenvandinemterry, yeah, sorry i didn't respond15:15
* Laney reads things all the time15:15
* Laney is good at reading15:15
Laneymy mum told me so15:15
kenvandinei was busy and glanced at the branch and saw i couldn't review it quickly15:16
desrtattente: transfering fds with dbus is only possible on unix sockets because it is done using a control message that is specific to unix sockets15:16
desrtfor your testcase, though, what are you doing?15:16
kenvandinemterry, i can look at it today or tomorrow, ok?15:16
desrtare you creating the proxy sync or async?15:16
desrtand is the 'service side' in the same thread?15:16
larsuLaney: also how to read backwards smileys? d:15:17
mterrykenvandine, no rush at all.  Just wanted to make sure it was on your radar15:18
kenvandineyeah, that's a huge merge proposal :)15:19
kenvandinei might need help setting up my desktop for running the tests, it's been ages15:19
kenvandinebut not this morning, meetings15:20
Laneygtk 3.18?15:26
Laneyok, no objections, thanks guys!15:26
* Laney slides it in15:26
seb128Laney, no real blocker for me, I hope the bg issue is not going to hit too many users/going to be hard to resolve15:27
Laneyya let's file gtk318 + rls-x-incoming bugs15:28
attentedesrt: it's a test case for a library (maliit-glib) that talks to a stub server over dbus to make sure the library talks to it properly15:30
attentei'm creating the proxy sync15:31
attenteservice side is created with g_dbus_interface_skeleton_export on the same thread, don't know if the signal handlers are being called on the same thread or a different one though15:34
desrtattente: that's the problem15:34
desrtattente: proxy creation needs to talk to the service15:34
desrtattente: you create the proxy sync, so the client-side waits until the service responds15:34
desrtmeanwhile, the service can't respond until the mainloop runs, which it can't do because you're doing a sync wait15:35
desrtput the service in a thread15:35
larsuor don't do sync operations..15:38
desrtin a testcase?15:38
larsusure, why not?15:39
desrtbecause sync is easier and it's just a testcase15:39
larsuputting it in a thread sounds like it will bring more problems later ;)15:39
desrtimho if you want to have a service in the same process as a client, for testing purposes, it only makes sense that it would be in a separate thread15:40
desrtrather than the two things constantly having to dance around each other in the same maincontext15:40
larsushould work fine though, shouldn't it?15:41
desrtas long as you constantly sprinkle your code with (run the mainloop for a while) sections complete with termination conditions15:42
desrtthe way people write tests isn't normally event driven15:42
desrtit's "do this, then this, then this"15:43
desrtit's not particularly well suited to async, unless you're writing in vala or something like that15:43
desrtalso: i'm not even sure if this is really the problem.  it just sounds like it.15:43
larsuwell sure, it won't work if you do everything sync15:44
larsuin that case threads do make more sense15:44
larsuand probably you're right - in a test case this is easier15:44
* desrt cleans up the glib inline mess once and for all15:48
=== balloons_ is now known as balloons
didrockslarsu: what this script being in nodejs, dart, go?15:57
larsudidrocks: your choice ;)16:02
* didrocks does it in perl then16:03
didrockswell… https://metacpan.org/release/Git-Raw16:03
larsudidrocks: you've been pulled off this project. Effective immediately16:04
larsudon't even joke about doing stuff in perl16:04
didrocksI'll know next time I don't want to work on something16:04
didrocksjust threat doing it in perl!16:04
attentehow do i ensure the signal handlers are called in my new thread and not the main one?16:10
larsuattente: from gdbusproxy? They're called in the thread you create the proxy in16:10
attentelarsu: so i have to create the proxy in a separate thread? it's not enough to create the server in a separate thread?16:12
* attente doesn't know this stuff...16:12
larsuattente: wait. what?16:17
larsuyou create the server in a thread, and create the proxy (which points to the server?) in the main thread?16:18
attenteoh i need two non-main threads?16:24
larsuattente: don't know what you talked about with desrt, but I'd assume you only need the one for the service and do the rest from the main thread16:38
* Laney 's fingers slipped16:56
* Laney is off to catch a train - ttyl!16:57
didrockssee you Laney!17:02
didrocksand see you guys, time to go off!17:03
willcookeTrevinho, andyrock, hikiko-lpt  -  I'd like to have our first Agile sprint planning and kick off this week.  andyrock is there a morning which works better for you this week?17:39
willcookeWednesday morning is pretty good for me17:40
Trevinhowillcooke: that's fine as well, not sure about andyrock (who maybe prefers afternoon)17:41
hikiko-lpthello I just arrived home17:46
hikiko-lptfosscomm :d17:47
hikiko-lptwednesday is fine for me as well :)17:47
=== hikiko-lpt is now known as hikiko
seb128what cursor themes are using other distributions?17:51
seb128gedit throws warnings because we don't have "progress" and "text" in our default one, but it seems the other installed ones on Ubuntu also don't have those17:52
willcookeok, I think I've just made my first ever MP18:09
willcookelarsu, it's trivial I know, and I should wait until I've got all my fixes in18:10
willcookebut I wanted to see if I could work out how to do it18:10
willcookeso feel free to reject or whatever18:11
willcookeoh, so I have to link to a bug at commit time18:21
seb128you can do that with --fixes lp:<nnn>18:23
willcookebut only at commit time?18:24
seb128you can do it on launchpad then18:25
seb128like add a branch to the bug18:25
seb128the commit in bzr log isn't going to have the bug reference if you do that18:25
seb128but it's good enough for the CI to have the reference in the changelog etc18:25
willcookeoki, I'll delete it and do it properly18:27
seb128you can "bzr uncommit" and then commit again18:28
seb128and then push --overwrite18:28
willcookecool, thanks seb18:33
larsuwillcooke: congrats! Off to a pub in a bit - will have a look in the morning18:49
willcookeTrevinho, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-themes/+bug/1493607  <-- fixed right?20:12
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1493607 in Ubuntu theme "Dragging overlay scrollbars in gnome-terminal, causes the window to resize" [High,In progress]20:12
willcookeI can close it if yes20:12
Trevinhowillcooke: yep20:13
willcookethx Trevinho20:13
willcookeI thought that once I'd put up a branch for review then I would be free to continue working in that branch on other things and commit further changes to other bugs21:13
willcookebut it rather looks like the branch I put up for review earlier now includes a fix to the Gtk2 theme21:14
willcookelarsu, I've asked John Lea to ack the changes so please hold off for his OK before accepting.  Or if you want to reject, then you don't need to wait :)21:14
willcookerobert_ancell, when PS Jenkins Bot said "Needs Fixing" - how do I find out why it thinks that?21:18
robert_ancellwillcooke, it should say in a comment21:18
robert_ancellwhat is the MP?21:19
willcookeI see21:19
robert_ancellwillcooke, yeah, the commit message missing - I thought so. That one is a bit confusing.21:21
willcookeYeah, because I certainly had a message21:21
* Sweet5hark fixed 10 crashing race conditions today.21:23
* Sweet5hark now comfortably feels yoda speaking.21:24
willcookeright ho, quittin' time.  G'night all21:27

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