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jtaylorhi, the lts-wily git is in a different location than the 3.x lts, will that stay like this?12:07
jtaylorthe btrfs read corruption fixes that went into 3.x recently don't seem to be in 4.2 but I also don't know where the review branch is :/12:09
apwjtaylor, in a different place?  how so ?13:39
jtaylorapw: there are only 3.19 branches at kernel.ubuntu.com14:30
jtaylorwhile 4.2 seems to be on launchpad14:30
apwjtaylor, could you give me the URLs you are referring to14:31
apwjtaylor, as my ubuntu-trusty tree seems to have lts-backport-iwly in it14:32
jtaylorapw: kernel.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/linux.git14:32
apwjtaylor, that is just the stable trees, and 4.2 isn't under stable maintenance by us as yet i don't believe14:32
apwjtaylor, so that would be in gregkh's trees and he produced only the quilt forms14:33
apwjtaylor, but either way they don't represent the ubuntu kernel source14:33
jtaylorapw: what is the right one then?14:34
jtaylorI think I got that from the ubuntu docs14:34
jtaylorbut that might have been a long time ago14:34
apwjtaylor, if you are looking for the source for linux-lts-wily in trusty that is on the lts-backport-wily branch in the ubuntu-trusty tree14:34
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jtaylorapw: thx, what is the relation of that tree to the stable tree? will patches from the stable go into the lts backports?14:42
jtaylorseems lts-vivid is lagging ~3 month behind stable 3.1914:43
apwjtaylor, generally the answer to that is yes, we follow and apply the vast majority of the stable updates to the trees14:43
apwjtaylor, really?  vivid seems to have -ckt8 applied and -ckt9 is the latest14:45
apwwhich would make it a couple of weeks behind, which with us being at the start of a 3 week cycle, would be unsupprising14:46
jtaylorapw: I just looked at the btfs tree, last update there was in july14:46
jtaylorthere have been a bunch of important fixes in stable since then14:46
apwjtaylor, do you have an example of a missing commit14:46
jtaylorthough maybe they only got merged in recently so its probably ok14:47
apwjtaylor, if they are in -ctk9 then they will be in the next kernel upload14:49
jtaylorapw: 3276852 e.g. is from aug, but thats probably the author date not when it actually went into stable14:49
jtaylorso its probably fine14:50
jtaylornow I know where to look so I'll be patient, thanks14:50
apwjtaylor, right that appears in -ckt8, and vivid is -ckt7 in the last cycle, so we can expect that to be applied any day now for the next cycle14:52
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