dholbachgood morning07:54
Kiloshi dholbach svij and all others08:17
dholbachhi Kilos08:17
svijhi Kilos and dholbach 08:19
dholbachhey svij08:19
elachecheMorning LoCos!09:08
Kiloshi elacheche 12:27
elachechehey Kilos !12:41
Taufiq_Hello people. 13:25
Taufiq_Anybody there?13:27
Kiloshi dupingping how are you?14:09
dupingpingKilos, How are you today?14:10
Kilosvery good thank you14:10
dupingpingKilos, I found a bug on gnome-terminal.14:10
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1514288 in gnome-terminal (Ubuntu) "Japanese Character Encoding Bug" [Undecided,New]14:10
dupingpingKilos, I wonder about when can i get the certificate mail from canonical.14:12
Kilosmine took 2 months14:12
Kilosjust be patient14:12
dupingpingoh, yes. Mark will send me it before new years day?14:12
Kilosactually i think mine took longer but our post office was on strike at the time so not sure anymore14:14
dupingpingAnd i'm modifying now the gnome-vfs for virtualbox shared folder.14:15
dupingpingthe gnome-vfs could not process virtualbox shared folder.14:15
dupingpingSo i am going to modify it, so so let it can show virtualbox shared folder.14:16
dupingpingKilos, now your work going well?14:18
Kilosi dont work. i sit here sometimes and sleep other times14:18
dupingpingKilos, wow, how to earn money to life without work?14:19
Kilosim old and kinda retired14:19
dupingpingoh, i'm a beginner. Can you teach me, so i can earn money with my technology.14:19
dupingpingof course, i'm working to make open source projects better.14:20
Kiloslol im more of a beginner14:20
dupingpingKilos, oh, but you have good reputation. For example, you're in Ubuntu Membership board.14:21
Kilosi dont know how the guys here make money, i suppose by working for IT companies14:21
Kilosthats just because i talk alot and everyone felt sorry for me14:22
dupingpingKilos, oh, which company did you work in?14:22
Kilosi was in the za post office 40 years ago14:22
Kilosthen had my own forklift repair company14:23
Kilosdoing diesel engine repairs etc14:23
Kilosthen spent some yeara running farms for rich people14:24
dupingpingoh, you don't need software engineer?14:24
Kiloslol now i need just rest14:24
dupingpingKilos, yes, please. lol14:24
Kilosyou forgot to visit the africa channels for a long time hey14:26
Kilosand you can also get an ubuntu cloak for your irc nickname14:26
Kiloselacheche hows does she go about getting a cloak14:27
Kilosi think i just asked here14:27
Kilosdupingping you can also get an ubuntu email alis14:30
dupingpingKilos, yes, I got the ubuntu email alias.14:30
Kilosok now you just need a cloak for irc14:31
dupingpingand also got the cloak irc.14:31
Kilosoh , it doesnt show here14:31
dupingpingoh, Kilos, I just join in the ubuntu cloak team. And how to use it?14:32
Kiloscan you see the list of nicknames14:32
dupingpingKilos, where, please/14:32
elachecheKilos, wasn't read the conversation, and too lazy to read all that, can you summarize?14:32
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howget her irc cloak working here14:33
howoh my14:33
=== how is now known as Guest95502
Guest95502elacheche how does she get her irc cloak to show here14:33
Guest95502oh my i messed something up14:34
=== Guest95502 is now known as Kilos
dupingpingelacheche, how can use cloak nick name here?14:34
elachecheAh! I see14:35
elachechedupingping, you should register your nickname.. Then go to   #freenode and ask an OP for a cloak14:35
dupingpingyes, thanks. elacheche 14:36
Kilosdupingping see https://freenode.net/faq.shtml14:41
dupingpingKilos, it shows me as following14:41
dupingpingubuntu/member/dupingping :is now your hidden host (set by services.)14:41
Kiloswell done14:41
dupingpingyes, great.14:41
Kilosyes i see you now14:42
dupingpingKilos, where?14:42
elachechedupingping, you're an ubuntu member?14:42
Kilosin my irc client14:42
Kiloswhich irc client do you use14:42
dupingpingelacheche, yes, i'm a Ubuntu Member.14:43
Kilosnono the client to get irc14:43
dupingpingKilos, oh, what do you mean? i'm a beginner for irc.14:43
Kilosxchat hexchat etc14:43
Kilosi use konversation14:44
dupingpingKilos, it's dupingping, too.14:44
Kilosoh my14:44
Kilosyou too clever14:44
dupingpingyes, it's xchat.14:44
dupingpingsorry, lately understand.14:44
Kilosok in xchat you go to settings and set it to show nicknames and hosts14:44
dupingpingKilos, xchat settings have these settings?14:46
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Kilosoh my ive forgotten how to use xchat14:48
dupingpingoh, Kilos, I found it. thank you.14:50
Kilosim sorry i forgot been a while since i last looked at xchat14:51
dupingpingyes, i think that xchat is good, too.14:51
Kilosit will show nicks on the right and chnnels on the left14:51
dupingpingyes, i found it.14:51
dupingpingKilos: ~ miles@ubuntu/member/kilos14:52
dupingpingKilos: how do you often meet Mark?14:53
Kilosi have never met him'14:53
dupingpingoh, i saw the popey at the ubuntu summit.14:53
dupingpingThere are 4 peoples in Ubuntu Membership board?14:54
dupingpingYou and popey14:54
dupingpingand two men.14:54
Kilosno there are more14:54
dupingpingoh, yes. May i can join Ubuntu Membership board team?14:55
Kilosits just difficult for some to make some of the times14:55
Kilosso we try have at leat 4 at each application time14:55
dupingpingKilos: yes, i understand. And can i become a Ubuntu membership board team member? 14:56
Kilosthe members are fixed and expire after 2 years then you can apply to become one14:56
dupingpingKilos: after 2 years?14:57
Kilosthey send out a mail inviting people to apply to be on the board14:57
Kilosi think i expire in april14:57
dupingpingyes, i see. anytime they may send me invite mail.14:58
dupingpingI need to wait for them. :)14:58
Kilosthe mail goes out to all ubuntu members14:58
Kilosso dont just delete your mails. read them first14:59
dupingpingyes, let me try. :)14:59
dupingpingKilos: just a question. okay?15:01
Kilosyes anytime15:01
dupingpingKilos: please think about it. If i have a project and a idea for it, and i have no enough budget.15:02
dupingpinghow can i solve this problem?15:02
Kilosyou need to ask the clever guys that15:02
Kilosdholbach can you help dupingping please15:03
dupingpingKilos: :)15:03
dupingpingdholbach: hi.15:03
Kilosthats what i do, i get the clever peeps to think for me15:03
dupingpingKilos: dholbach may busy now.15:04
Kilosyes you must be patient15:04
Kilosoh ask popey he is at canonical15:04
dupingpingKilos: yes, you're very good friend.15:04
dupingpingpopey? yes, he is in canonical. I think that he often meet mark via summit.15:05
dupingpingpopey: hi, popey.15:05
Kiloshi popey 15:05
popeyhello hello15:05
dupingpingplease think about it. If i have a project and a idea for it, and i have no enough budget.15:06
dupingpinghow can i solve this problem?15:06
dupingpingof course, i mean that it's open source project and free.15:08
dupingpingpopey: are you in a meeting now?15:11
popeynope, just workin15:12
popeymany people use crowdfunding to obtain funds for a project15:13
popeythese vary in success15:13
dupingpingpopey: crowdfunding?15:13
popeyyes, like kickstarter, indiegogo, patreon15:13
dupingpingpopey: yes, i saw them. but i could not do it, because i'm not a designer. just programmer now. heh15:14
popeyThere are often threads on reddit where a designer is looking for a programmer for a project, and programmers looking for designers.15:14
dupingpingi think that kickstarter and indiegogo and so on, they are all focus design.15:15
popeyThey're often used by content creators, especially patreon.15:15
popeySome programmers use tipjar or other micropayments15:15
popeyI don't know a lot about this, never used these tools.15:15
dupingpingpopey: yes. thanks a lot.15:17
dupingpingpopey: can you help me to let me become a canonical member?15:20
popeyAn employee?15:20
popeyhttp://www.canonical.com/careers/all-vacancies there's the roles we're currently hiring for15:21
dupingpingThere is no for gnome.15:21
dupingpingi'm a gtk& gnome software engineer.15:21
dupingpingAnd there are some gnome developers in canonical.15:22
popeythere are a few, yes.15:25
popeyWe're not hiring in that department though.15:25
dupingpingyes. Then i just contribute for it.15:26
dupingpingI'm going to modify gnome vfs for virtualbox shared folder.15:26
dupingpinggnome vfs does not support vboxsf filesystem.15:27
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dpmnhaines, o/ are you around?16:39
nhainesAww, I missed dpm.18:28

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