tsimonq2sorry miss pleia2, had to have a weekend of terror without Internet .__.00:55
pleia2tsimonq2: there's still time :) lots of summaries to write01:22
tsimonq2pleia2: a mountain of homework to do, sorry ;)01:23
tsimonq2pleia2: maybe next weel01:23
* pleia2 gets to summaries06:24
pleia215 to do, if anyone else wants to help out :)06:27
pleia2bullet pointed phone news, consolidated the DJI drone news, doing stats, then will finish up the 7 in the blogosphere07:04
pleia2still finishing, long day07:57
pleia2<3 jose08:00
josepleia2: ping me next time, I was watching a movie08:00
pleia2haha, it's ok, you're allowed :)08:00
pleia2next weekend I'll be gone again, so I will need some help08:00
pleia2I will do what I can, but oof08:01
josepleia2: I've got your back there08:01
joseare you able to release on the 23rd? I'll be gone that whole weekend08:01
pleia2yep, I'll be home08:02
pleia2I travel again on the 25th for the thanksgiving holiday on the 26th08:02
pleia2this year is going to kill me :)08:03
pleia2I'm home in december so I can finish my openstack book!08:03
joseI'll take care of that weekend too08:03
josewoot woot08:03
pleia2I'll at least pitch in with adding articles and some summaries when I can08:03
joseok, should be all done08:04
pleia2coping to wiki now08:05
joseI'll go to bed for a while, gotta wake up in like 3h08:06
joselet me know if you need anything else and I'll take care later :)08:07
pleia2have a good night08:07
pleia2thanks, should be good now :)08:07
pleia2Unit193: link check? https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuWeeklyNewsletter/Issue44108:07
* pleia2 ships to editors08:07
* pleia2 sleep &08:26
Unit193up, lost the screen window.08:29
Unit193Seems fine.08:29
pleia2Unit193: thanks17:27

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