wxllubuntu having a problem with alternates apparently with missing packages libdpkg-perl and libfile-fcntllock-perl http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/cd-build-logs/lubuntu/xenial/daily-20151108.log00:33
wxlis this due to priority mismatches again? i do see them on the list http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/priority-mismatches.html00:36
wxlanyone mind if i add 14.04.4 to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/TrustyTahr/ReleaseSchedule ?01:21
wxlwell i'm going to do it01:22
wxlsomeone revert it if they don't like it01:22
infinitywxl: As a general rule, it's not up to random people to decide release dates.02:27
wxlinfinity: well, it does seem to follow a definitive pattern. at least i saved you the work of adding all the extra rows XD02:28
infinityThere is that.  I hate that bit. :P02:28
wxlinfinity: btw, is it release-team's job to deal with tthe priority mismatches or is that some other team?02:29
infinitywxl: archive admins.  Though, lots of overlap.02:29
wxlinfinity: so am i ok to ask for help here or should i go elsewhere?02:30
infinityOh interesting.  Whatever pulled all that junk into important in wily got fixed and now I get to demote it all.  Whee.02:30
infinitywxl: Here is fine.  I'll fix it all right now.02:30
wxlinfinity: k thx very much sir!02:31
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jamespageplease could the haproxy upload I made for wily be rejected; missing a corner case with multi-process haproxy configurations10:58
didrocksjamespage: done10:59
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yofelwould someone be so kind to release bug 1509334 to wily-updates? thanks16:12
davmor2yofel: why would you want to release a bug into the release ;)16:14
yofelheh, ok, that wording could be improved, right ^^16:15
bdmurrayinfinity: Could you have a look at my apport SRUs for bug 1512902?16:48
infinitybdmurray: If you say pretty please.16:58
infinitybdmurray: Which release(s)?17:08
bdmurrayinfinity: V, T and P - please17:09
infinitybdmurray: Already fixed in wily?17:10
bdmurrayinfinity: The fix is in -proposed for W and aging.17:10
* infinity nods.17:10
infinitybdmurray: Looking now, then.17:11
tewardinfinity: whenever you get the chance, could you review https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/electrum/+bug/1499094 regarding making 'electrum' binaries dummies in older releases, using the 'bitcoin' package as such precedent?  No rush at all, though it's been sitting for a while.  (very minor thing in the list of things I have to look at :P)17:16
infinitybdmurray: Done, done, and done.17:25
bdmurrayinfinity: thanks17:25
infinityteward: Not really around today (activity above to the contrary), can you remind me another time?17:26
tewardinfinity: sure, will do. :)17:29
tewardi actually *forgot* about it until recently xD17:29
stgraberLaney, micahg: updated LXD backport for trusty ^21:45
stgraber*LXC, sorry21:45
stgraberand those are the matching SRUs for the release where we have LXC 1.1 ^22:13
stgraberand that's the LXC stable release for trusty ^23:38
stgraberwith that, I'm done with this round of stable updates, going back to working on new stuff :)23:38

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