_stink_but the slurpees?  awesome.01:14
cmaloneySitting at Beaumont because woo13:07
rick_h__cmaloney: :(13:07
cmaloneyno worries13:08
Scary_Guyanyone know a good way to manage keybindings.  seems like the WM conflicts with every app I have installed13:25
cmaloneyWHich WM? i3?13:40
cmaloneyI think there were a few i3 users13:40
cmaloney(in the channel)13:40
Scary_Guyi can go into the config (and have) and moved some stuff around13:40
cmaloneywhich keys specifcally are conflicting?13:41
Scary_Guywell I'm using MATE as the DE and i3 as the WM, so functionality might not be "normal" I'm not sure13:41
Scary_Guylike in weechat the arrow keys switch buffers with the alt modifiers13:42
Scary_Guyin i3 alt and arrow keys move the window focus around, as secondary keys though so I just commented those out13:42
Scary_Guyweechat has a /scripts command that works like a package manager kind of.  so alt+i installs the script.  so unfortunately I like a different key layout in i3 so I had to move the other keys, not a huge deal but kind of hard to explain in text13:43
Scary_Guynormal window movement is jkl; but I prefer a wasd style FPS layout, so I made it ijkl but i was taken for install so I moved it to jbnm because h moves windows to a horizontal layout and it's just annoying playing whackamole with keybindings13:45
Scary_GuyI just realized I should probably look at using the numberpad specifically for movement13:51
jrwrencmaloney: i'll be at henry ford macomb later today. maybe we can meet up and swap stories. :)  *sigh*13:58
cmaloneyjrwren: What brings you out there?14:01
Scary_Guywork I hope14:01
jrwrencmaloney: ever see leaving las vegas? My dad tried that. I thought he was going to die on Thursday.14:02
cmaloneyoh no14:03
jrwrenyeah, he looks a lot better than he did on Thursday, but his liver and kidneys are still failing14:03
cmaloneyjrwren: Fuck, I had to look up the movie. Not cool14:04
jrwrenoh, yeah. trying to drink yourself to death is not cool.14:05
jrwrenhiding your depression and drinking from your family for years is not cool.14:05
Scary_Guysounds like my mom, except she wasn't hiding it.  on the plus side she stopped, on the negative side, painkillers for chronic back pain14:05
jrwrenwas she drinking because of the back pain?14:06
Scary_Guypartly also depression, she seems much better these days14:07
jrwrenI think he is same though he'd might not admit the depression.14:08
Scary_Guyalthough she holds up in her room and avoids people like the plague now14:08
Scary_Guydepression is a hard thing to admit, sometimes even to ones self14:08
cmaloneyYeah, I can relate14:21
cmaloneyhave some online friends that are deep in the depression well14:21
cmaloneyjrwren: If you need anythin LMK14:29
jrwrencmaloney: thanks.14:39

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