antonmorning all06:43
inetprogood mornings06:47
pieter2627morning all07:08
* dcbane kicks Trixar_za07:47
SquirmThere he is07:47
dcbanewake up, noob07:47
SquirmHe's not actually here though :P07:47
dcbanehe's never "here"07:47
dcbaneeven when chatting07:47
dcbanewe both know this from the gig days07:47
* dcbane noogies Trixar_za07:52
dcbanewake up07:52
Trixar_zaYou rang?07:53
dcbanelong time no yack07:53
dcbanehow the heck are ya07:53
* dcbane sets the phone down07:53
Trixar_zaWell slightly sore07:53
dcbanecramp will do that07:54
Trixar_zaI have a talent for falling and hurting my left side these days. Second time in 3 weeks.07:54
dcbanelean on the other foot then07:54
dcbaneeven it up07:54
Trixar_zaYeah, that might just be it :P07:55
dcbaneyou still keep in touch with the gigcrew?07:55
dcbaneincluding that co wikian of yours07:56
dcbaneforget his name, probably wasn't important07:56
Trixar_zaOnly one or two people. I've mostly pissed off the rest07:56
dcbanesuch as?07:56
Trixar_zaBertrum - real name Brian07:56
dcbaneyeh, that's the bugger07:56
dcbaneand who's the other one(s) you still keep in touch with?07:57
Trixar_zaWell, there's St0N3r, D3M0N, Athena and Andz - all people I apparently pissed off. Niki doesn't chat anymore since we're not together anymore.07:57
dcbaneaww but Niki was hawt07:57
dcbaneAndz pissed me off to the core, so gave her the cold shoulder07:58
Trixar_zaTimmy is never online either. Got himself a girlfriend07:58
dcbaneAthena I could never quite get a handle on07:58
dcbaneone moment she hates my guts, the other she's flirting non-stop with me07:58
dcbaneD3M0N is MIA for over a year now07:58
dcbaneeven his cell's been disconnected07:58
dcbaneand his alternative-to-searchirc is also down I've heard (but never verified)07:58
Trixar_zaHaven't seen Bertrum in like a year now.07:58
dcbanedon't even remember St0N3r...07:59
dcbanehow about katsklaw?07:59
Trixar_zaKatsklaw also hasn't been very active. Popped in once or twice, but he's mostly focusing on his long haul transport business07:59
dcbanealways did comment he needed something long08:00
dcbaneguess that's it right there08:00
Trixar_zalol - yeah08:04
Trixar_zaSo how are you when you're not threatening to send Shawn to people's houses? :P08:08
dcbaneif you were on skype we could call and I can give ya the rundown08:09
Trixar_zaI actually am on skype, I just don't run it very often.08:10
dcbaneI don't have you on my contact list08:10
dcbanedo now08:10
dcbaneI know08:11
dcbanealready found you08:11
Trixar_zalol, I see08:11
dcbaneyou're too damn predictable with your account names :P08:12
Trixar_zaI picked it in 2007, so sue me :P08:12
dcbanehow much can you afford to be sued for? :)08:12
Kilosmorning everyone08:17
* dcbane kicks isp of trixxo08:28
Kiloshi vlek12:25
Kiloshi jaysen 12:25
jaysenhi Kilos12:26
jaysenola vlek12:26
Kiloshe left already sigh12:26
Kilosive been baking in the sun so missed him12:26
Kiloshi superfly hows the eina12:27
captinehi all13:04
captinemanaged to get irc at work through digitalocean droplet13:04
Kiloshi captine 14:03
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Kiloscan someone advise me please. i have an hp nsc-15900 here that i want to scan with. the cartridge is old or out even can one still scan pages17:39
Kilosive tried simplescan and skanlite but the red light for the print section is on all the time so nothing happens17:40
Kilosboth apps say scanner busy17:41
Kilosdont they work without a cartridge in?17:46
Cryteriongood evening everyone17:46
Kiloshi Cryterion 17:46
Kiloshp-doctor command is doing something17:57
Kilosinstalling lotsa dependancies18:03
grembleHey Kilos 18:04
grembleWhat're you installing?18:04
Kiloshi gremble18:04
Kilosim running hp-doctor to try get scanner working18:04
kulelu88can anyone recommend a good encryption tool for an external HDD>18:04
Kiloshi theblazehen 18:14
Kilosdevice busy18:15
theblazehenKilos: What's that?18:15
Kilosstupid hp all in one thing with no cartridge i think18:16
Kilosi only want to scan some pages18:16
theblazehenAi, that's the worst18:16
Kilosdont they work without cartridge in?18:17
Kilosif i run skanlite from cli i get18:18
KilosBus::open: Can not get ibus-daemon's address. 18:18
KilosIBusInputContext::createInputContext: no connection to ibus-daemon 18:18
KilosObject::connect: No such signal org::freedesktop::UPower::DeviceAdded(QDBusObjectPath)18:18
KilosObject::connect: No such signal org::freedesktop::UPower::DeviceRemoved(QDBusObjectPath)18:18
Kiloserror: This distro (i.e ubuntu  14.04) is either deprecated or not yet supported.18:20
KilosThe diagnosis is limited on unsupported platforms.18:20
gremblekulelu88: lvm encryption?18:44
grembleI think the other one is veracrypt. It uses truecrpyt codebase, but a maintainer that fixed the security issues that truecrypt had18:47
kulelu88yeah veracrypt looks like my choice now18:49
grembleI wrote a little app in haskell that does rot13 encryption if you're interested?18:50
theblazehengremble: The issues that we *know* truecrypt had18:51
theblazehengremble: Keep in mind that the devs stated that the code shouldn't be trusted18:51
grembletheblazehen: All software have issues. At least there is an active maintainer that is doing work on the codebase18:51
theblazehenAnd something seems dodgy with their bitdefender suggestion, as that might be backdoored etc. Proprietary18:52
theblazehengremble: True. I'd rather go with pgp myself, or dm-crypt18:52
gremblePGP is keypair technology though. Is it suitable for disk/partition encryption?18:53
Kilosnight all. sleep tight18:53
theblazehengremble: Not for disk / partition, yeah. More for files etc18:54
theblazehenCya Kilos 18:54
grembletheblazehen: That is not really useful for someone that switches distro's though18:54
theblazehenI'd still rather go for dm-crypt or something18:54
theblazehengremble: pgp? Well, if you keep your keys..18:54
theblazehenAfaik veracrypt uses keys derived from the password18:54
grembleMeh. I haven't looked into encryption. I don't have the appropriate advesaries18:55
theblazehengremble: I like it as a matter of principle18:55
grembleAs principle it's fine.18:55
grembleBut I'm not going to turn my house into a prison just to pretend to feel safe18:56
grembleLikewise, I'm not going to encrypt everything that I own and cause myself inconvenience just to pretend to feel safe18:56
theblazehenYeah. I used to be into running everything through tor etc, too much hassle though18:56
grembleI don't need it18:56
grembleNo one is going to steal my blog posts or my haskell code.18:57
theblazehenyeah, I suspect that everyone important has backdoors anyway18:57
theblazehenNSA etc18:57
grembleThey're breaking DH keypairs as a hobby anyway18:57
theblazehenHave you read x86 considered harmful?18:58
theblazehenqubes os is interesting18:58
grembleI'll have a look at it if I can find it some peer reviewed journals. I'm rather skeptical about reading random papers on the internet as they don't always follow the most rigerous of analysis and I don't have the time or ability to independently verify their claims.19:00
theblazehengremble: This is written by one of the main people behind qubes os, google him19:00
theblazehenWell respected19:00
grembleWho writes it is not imporant :P What it says is. 19:01
theblazehenyeah, I know. But having credentials doesn't hurt19:01
kulelu88I did find Tomb, but it didn't work on an old OS19:03
theblazeheneven ignoring the security aspect, it's a great review of the x86 boot process19:03
grembleI have to either start studying or write an article to get a job at the writing center on campus. I want to do neither19:08
grembleIt's just too hot19:08

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