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Unit193schroot?  Not really all that handy, for me.08:08
zequenceI was going to see if that guy schnitz was still online using autocomplete :)08:16
zequenceA bit dark in here, and backspace is awfully close to return08:17
Unit193Ctrl+w, I'm lazy.08:18
zequenceAh, great08:24
zequenceI'm still such an IRC greenie08:24
Unit193That's actually your terminal.  Careful about getting into the habbit, in Firefox of course it closes the window.08:29
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ubuntu-studiohello! At the moment I'm trying to install ubuntustudio, but it crashed twice with the same error message: "trying to overwrite '/etc/console-setup/compose.ISO-8859-11.inc', which is also in package console-setup 1.123"12:38
ubuntu-studioHas anybody any hints what may cause this problem?12:39
ubuntu-studiobtw: Afterwards the installation script isn't even able to create an error-report...12:39
zequenceubuntu-studio: Hi. Which release are you trying to install?12:55
zequenceubuntu-studio: Did you do a checksum to see if the ISO you downloaded is good?13:03
zequenceYou know how to do it?13:05
zequenceHere are the md5 checksums for 15.10 http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ubuntustudio/releases/wily/release/MD5SUMS13:05
zequenceIn a terminal: md5sum <isofile>13:06
zequenceThe result should match what you see on the page I linked you to13:06
ubuntu-studioyes, but i downloaded on a windows 1013:06
ubuntu-studiois there a windows tool?13:06
zequenceNo idea :)13:06
zequenceYou could boot the installer, mount your HD and check, if it's the same computer13:07
ubuntu-studiogot a small tool, its calculating right now...13:07
zequenceWhat are you using to create the installer?13:07
ubuntu-studiounetbootin in the windows version13:08
ubuntu-studioand I was wrong, its the 14.04.3, but the MD5 is correct13:09
zequenceI usually never have problems with it, so that should work13:09
ubuntu-studiostrange. I'll try to copy it to another USB-Stick, perhaps this might help...13:10
zequenceWhat language and keyboard layout are you using when installing?13:10
ubuntu-studioGerman and German layout13:11
zequenceOk. I will give that a try. Not sure at all if it is related.13:11
zequenceAlso, are you deselecting any packages during install?13:11
ubuntu-studiono. the only changes I did in the installer are the mounting settings13:12
zequenceOk. If you have time, and continue to have problems, it would be helpful if you did a bug report. You need a launchpad account - http://launchpad.net13:13
zequenceWhen you are booted in the live environment, in a terminal, do: ubuntu-bug ubiquity13:13
zequenceubiquity is the installer. Firefox will open, you login to launchpad, and describe the problem. Some info is included in the bug report13:14
zequenceI wasn't able to find a bug report about it yet anyway13:15
ubuntu-studioOK, this seems to work.13:15
zequenceGood :)13:15
ubuntu-studioOK, Bug 1514422 is online. Thanks for help anyway :-)13:22
ubottubug 1514422 in ubiquity (Ubuntu) "The installer crashes on new installation" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/151442213:22
zequenceubuntu-studio: Thanks. I will try an installation and see if I get the same problem.13:25
zequenceInstalling on virtualbox using German language and keyboard setting worked fine for me14:31
zequenceMaybe the problem is with unetbootin then?14:32
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