flocculantjjfrv8: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-manual-tests/+filebug make sure testcase id# is there somewhere :)08:34
bluesabrehey flocculant 11:41
flocculanthi bluesabre 13:09
jjfrv8flocculant, bug 1514417 opened and merge proposal submitted.13:22
ubottubug 1514417 in Ubuntu Manual Tests "1582 Power Manager testcase needs updates for version 1.4.4" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/151441713:22
jjfrv8I forgot to link the bug to the MP :(13:22
flocculantjjfrv8: thanks jjfrv8 - I linked it - approved it - merged it - updated tracker 13:28
flocculantjjfrv8: big thanks - so much better when someone does the fiddling first :p13:30
jjfrv8now if I can just remember which settings I've screwed up before I file bugs :|13:32
flocculantha ha ha 13:32
flocculantwhy do think I've got about 6 billion vm's in different states :D13:33
akxwi_davelol not just me then.. :-)13:35
knomefor anybody interested, the tracker code is now in a branch under the website project in LP13:37
knomeUnit193, pleia2, bluesabre, ochosi: ^13:37
flocculantnice :)13:38
flocculanteven nicer if the one who turned up the other day wanting to help does that :)13:39
akxwi_daveknome : Nice bit of coding there.. :-)13:52
knomeakxwi_dave, ta14:23
knomeok, time to go grocery shopping14:23
flocculantakxwi_dave: was talking to someone the other day - who was a bit all at sea with testing 14:28
flocculantsuggestion was running a session for people - wonder if you'd like to take that as a work item to set up and advertise for us 14:29
flocculantyou can use the social media stuffs14:29
flocculantI'd suggest an irc session - people can connect easily via the tracker 14:29
akxwi_daveYep, I can do...14:39
flocculantexcellent - just shout when you need something :)14:39
akxwi_davewill do..  I'll get some ideas set up and let you know.14:39
akxwi_daveWhen are we wanting to start testing in situe upgrade from 14.04 to 16.04?15:26
flocculantakxwi_dave: I'd not point people at that till at least a beta15:38
akxwi_daveNo worries, was thinking more about myself for the testing15:39
flocculantif someone's brave enough or foolhardy enough to do it - then I'd not stop them15:39
flocculantbut currently we're really half and half 15:39
pleia2knome: thanks re: tracker, I don't even remember how we got it put on the server XD17:58
knomepleia2, i pushed it :P20:51
knomepleia2, it *should* be safe now to pull the branch there on updates too, configuration files have only examples on tracker20:52
flocculantevening knome 21:00
knomehey flocculant 21:03
flocculantI even looked at the tracker stuff :p21:04
flocculantjust looked you understand ;)21:05
flocculantone thing to try and get my head around is enough21:08
slickyma1terknome, ack the automatic translations export21:12
flocculanthi slickyma1ter 21:12
slickyma1terhey flocculant 21:12
slickyma1terkrytarik, go ahead and change those two directories names21:23
slickyma1terit makes perfect sense21:23
slickyma1terknome ^^21:23
=== slickyma1ter is now known as slickymaster
ochosievening all21:28
slickymasterhey ochosi 21:28
flocculanthi ochosi 21:29
ochosihow're things?21:29
flocculantgood here21:29
ochosijjfrv8: thanks - an update for xfpm 1.4.4 would be very welcome indeed! (although the changes shouldn't be too dramatic)21:30
knomeslickymaster, ack21:43
slickymasterwill you be around tomorrow knome?21:44
knomemm, at some point of the day or evening, yes21:44
slickymasterI'll ping then. I was thinking that we could have a talk about the ubiquity translations21:45
knomeor we can have it today if you have time21:46
slickymasterlittle one is with me, today knome 21:46
slickymasterand it's about time to start the all bed time fight21:46
slickymasterand tbh I'm a bit tired also21:47
knomegood luck then21:47
slickymasterthanks knome 21:48
flocculantknome: any thoughts on when we'll get the contributor docs live? 22:14
knomepleia2, ping22:15
flocculantochosi: any thoughts on getting the poll done before the next meeting?22:19
flocculantknome: one more :P 22:19
flocculantso if we're not doing team updates anymore in a meeting22:20
flocculantwhat do we do about people wanting to tell things in the meetings? 22:20
knomethey can tell them in the updates section22:20
knomelet me explain the idea once more22:20
knomethe "team updates" part i wanted to drop was the mechanical copy-paste of done work items into the meeting22:21
flocculantso still doing updates - just not blurbing what's a bp task? 22:21
knomebecause now with the tracker, they are there already22:21
knomeand sure, if any of those items affect many people, it's probably a good idea to tell you did that22:21
flocculantyep - that was what I thought - just making sure 22:21
knomeor if you need comments22:21
flocculantoic the meeting page has changed 22:22
knomeand yes, we can/should still do updates if they are relevant past the "this work item is done" level22:22
knomeso the idea was not to stop people from doing any communication22:22
knomebut to save their time in having to collect these mechanical updates22:22
flocculantdon't know if you caught the backlog - akxwi is going to set up a session in here for 'testers' 22:23
knomeand instead let them have a bit more time to update them in the blueprints22:23
flocculantyep 22:23
knomewhere they are always live22:23
knomewell, at least ideally live22:23
flocculantyea :)22:23
knomere: session, that must have slipped22:23
flocculantbeen trying to put task things on there - even if I then mark it done 22:23
flocculantknome: yea - someone was talking to me the other night about that22:24
knomeand then if you think what is relevant for a BP work item or not22:24
knomei think the line is about "if it's something people outside team might be interested or it might affect them, it's suitable for a work item"22:24
knomeand yeah, i just added an item that was straight done today - the tracker code being in a branch22:25
flocculantI've been putting testcase bugs on mine - if for no other reason that it's easy to see what's going on internally22:25
knomei haven't noticed that the amount of work items would have been too big yet to actually find what you are looking for22:26
knomeonce we have 3000 items, then we might be off the rails...22:26
flocculantyep :D22:26
knomebut yeah, listing more stuff there isn't a bad idea22:26
flocculantand really really tired too 22:26
knomeat the end of the cycle it also provides as a list on who did what22:26
knomeand a place for personal evaluation as well22:26
flocculantyea I guess so 22:27
flocculantfor those that would do that22:27
knomei mean i do look at a cycles BPs and see what i have accomplished in the last 6 months22:27
flocculantwhat you do is different to last cycle :)22:27
knomeand think whether my time contribution was in level with that22:27
flocculantwhat qa does is re-rinse 22:28
knomeor if i should start using less time but be more effective when i do work on stuff22:28
knomeand also if i met enough of the goals set22:28
flocculanttracker is certainly a really useful tool 22:28
knomeusually 10-20% of the work items on a team level are left undone22:28
knomeso if i personally hit that level, i guess i've done well enough22:29
knomebut yeah, there are a lot of good things in tracking22:29
knomeand i'm kind of happy that we built our own22:29
flocculantI think it's awesome tbh22:30
* knome bows22:30
flocculantkudos :)22:30
knomei like the event markers in the burndown22:30
knomethey are more useful than you might think22:30
flocculantand I don't even remember now what it was that I was missing :D22:30
flocculantI find them useful - if no more than a visual cue that a milestone is soon22:31
ochosiknome: oh right, thanks for the reminder. i'll try to set something meaningful up asap22:31
ochosijust have been really busy at work and at home22:31
knomeochosi, i think you mean flocculant 22:31
flocculantcos I had that annoying itch :D22:31
ochosioh well, there you go, sleep deprivation22:32
flocculantochosi: if it helps I'm off all week and could do it if you wanted :)22:32
ochosioh, actually that'd be great. let me quickly take a peek at that spec again..22:32
flocculantochosi: and after 26 years - I am just getting out of that deprivation cycle :p22:33
* knome looks at the v status page, notes the amount of work items per person and sighs22:33
flocculanttomorrow \o/ 22:33
ochosiwell, lucky you... :)22:33
flocculantlast one hits 16 tomorrow 22:34
knomecool, congrats22:34
ochosiflocculant: so yeah, that page looks right. please just make sure that you mention that there's no "Option C: Advocate your player of choice from the list on that page" in the poll text22:35
ochosii'd prefer to avoid that, and frankly, having that list on that page somehow suggests that22:36
flocculantochosi: I could edit 22:36
flocculantbuild new page and just have it on the choice page as a link22:37
ochosiyeah, or use the old W page as a reference there22:37
flocculantthat said I will probably doodle poll it - and it will just be A or B22:37
flocculantwith the link22:37
ochosioh ok, so no mailinglist?22:37
ochosibut the doodle doesn't allow for real authentication, right?22:37
* ochosi hasn't doodled much in his time22:38
knomei would go with ML, it's then archived forever there22:38
flocculantI really didn't want to ml it 22:38
flocculantbut will if I had to 22:39
flocculantI could do it with condorcet :D22:39
knomei won't force anybody to do that if they don't want to, but i would say it would be the simplest22:39
knomeand the archival thing is great, then we don't rely on anybody else keeping the data up22:39
flocculantsimplest to run yea :D22:39
flocculantI guess so 22:39
knomeand isn't too hard to figure out the results either22:39
knomeit's 14 people at max voting22:39
knomeone of them being you :P22:40
flocculantoh noes 22:40
flocculantthat tips me over the balance ... 22:40
knomeoops, did i just talk you into it :P22:40
flocculantcan count to 13 with some forks :p22:40
knomeand you can use your legs too!22:41
flocculantall three? 22:41
knomei didn't say that!22:41
flocculantochosi: I'll get that sorted out tomorrow then - do you want to see before I send it to list? 22:46
ochosiflocculant: nah, that's ok, i trust you with that22:48
flocculantokey doke :)22:48
knomeochosi, MISTAKE22:48
* knome hides22:48
flocculanttoo late22:48
flocculantin the logs :p22:48
ochosiand also, i don't take these "default application xy" things as serious anymore as i used to22:49
ochosii mean yeah, it's good to have good defaults22:49
flocculantochosi: LO took it out of you did it? 22:49
flocculantdid me :p22:49
ochosibut especially with this one, there is no pleasing people22:49
flocculantyea for sure22:49
flocculantthe only way I could be pleased would be if we QT'd 22:49
flocculantpersonally ofc22:50
ochosiLO might actually be for the better, i think it's useful for many and the alternatives were bug-plagued and not comparable feature-wise22:50
ochosiyeah, well, meh :)22:50
flocculantI think that was wise all in all 22:50
flocculantha :)22:50
ochosiwe already have FF and LO which don't use our toolkit22:50
flocculantyep 22:50
ochosilet's not go overboard on that one22:50
flocculantochosi: ha ha ha 22:51
flocculantI might argue personally that if you want to use foo then do so - but I'd not argue that point for Xubuntu :)22:52
flocculantunless we need Muon 22:52
bluesabrewell, they do use our toolkit to a point22:52
bluesabrefirefox is certainly built on gtk22:52
flocculantbluesabre: good evening :)22:52
bluesabrehey hey22:52
ochosioh wow, the bluesabre sneaks out of the shadows22:52
flocculanthe's been doing that lately 22:52
bluesabrealways watching from the shadows once I get home22:52
flocculantI think it's the loss of summer time :p22:53
bluesabreand turn the lights on22:53
ochosibluesabre: i know, LO uses gtk as well, but in a very very very old-fashioned (and partly weird) way22:53
flocculantbluesabre: cos it's dark ... 22:53
bluesabreochosi: its getting better though with each release22:53
ochosibluesabre: yeah, well the gtk3 version still looks like crap tbh ;)22:53
ochosii tested it on the LO hackfest22:53
ochosicause obviously i had to make sure my patch worked with 2 and 3 (which it did ofc)22:54
ochosibut they're very busy with all their platforms22:54
ochosianyway, no problem for us, we're gtk2 mostly anyway22:54
ochosi(i should really re-consider my overuse of the word "anyway")22:54
ochosibtw, one more thing for the poll (just a personal note): if we would still pour resources into gmusicbrowser then dropping it would free those up so we could further improve parole22:55
ochosibut since we don't do that anymore, i guess this advantage is gone :)22:55
ochosi(and ofc if we still poured resources into gmb, we might not want to drop it anymore)22:56
SwissBotochosi meant: "(and ofc if we still poured resources into gmb, we might not want to drop it )"22:56
* ochosi really needs some sleep22:56
ochosibluesabre: don't get kids, they eat your sleep!22:56
knomeSwissBot, seriously?22:57
bluesabreochosi: you'd probably be jealous that I've been getting 8-9 hours of sleep a night lately22:57
knomei slept 14 hours two nights ago22:57
flocculantbluesabre: I have been assiduously ignoring that I get lie-ins now 22:58
flocculantdidn't think it would be fair 22:58
ochosiyeah well, otoh she has that "awwwwh, look at the baaaaby!" effect, so i guess the higher endorphine level makes up for *some* of the sleep deprivation...22:59
flocculantthey do that for sure 22:59
flocculantochosi: do you want me to edit the xx spec to lose the list of media players? 23:00
ochosiwell that'd only be my suggestion, what do the others here think?23:00
flocculantmight be better23:00
flocculantis my thought23:00
flocculantbluesabre knome ^^ 23:00
knomefine with that23:01
bluesabrego for it23:01
flocculantok did that23:04
flocculantI'll get the mail out tomorrow sometime23:04
ochosibluesabre: btw, i agree we should offer to launch light-locker if it isn't running23:11
ochosie.g. with a nice infobar23:11
ochosicould be the last new feature before making 1.5 stable23:11
bluesabreI'll see about getting something together for that this week23:11
ochosithat'd be awesome!23:12
bluesabreI've been more busy than lately, so that might slip, but will *try*23:12
SwissBotbluesabre meant: "I've been more busy  lately, so that might slip, but will *try*"23:12
flocculantnot that I mean this at all personally, but if team is going to vote on this - lderan has been off doing life for a cycle 23:16
flocculantmaybe that team should have expiry dates 23:17
ochosiflocculant: good point, i've actually discussed this with him specifically repeatedly23:19
ochosii'll send him an email now and deactivate him so he has to take some action to get back on the team and voting rights23:20
flocculantjust seems a bit unfair when there are people constantly about not in team - but 'about' 23:20
flocculantk 23:20
knomethen what about jackson/micah? not sure what their actual contributions have been23:20
knomeif we go this path, that is...23:21
* flocculant feels a bit like someone with a pitchfork :(23:21
ochosiknome: yeah, arguably i haven't had any PMs with them about this yet23:21
ochosiso i wouldn't want to go straight ahead and deactivate them23:21
knomeof course not23:22
ochosibut i agree that i/we should talk to them23:22
flocculantthen perhaps expiry dates would help - not 6 months as that's how long the processes gives, so someone could be active at start of a cycle23:22
knomei think that's a bit meh for -team23:22
flocculantperhaps so 23:22
knomeit is a community after all and everybody should judge their own contributions23:23
flocculantjust putting the hat on 23:23
flocculantyep of course23:23
ochosiyeah, we're still in a range where we can discuss things with people individually23:24
ochosii mean we're actually not that many23:24
ochosii wouldn't want to enforce too much of a policy here23:24
flocculantgood 23:24
knomeand i'd rather encourage people to pick up contributing again than felt excluded23:24
flocculantwas just bringing it up 23:24
knomegood to talk about stuff23:25
flocculantcos - I'm about to send a mail saying only team can vote :)23:25
flocculantwhich made me think about it 23:25
knomeinactive members are problematic also for the quorum23:25
ochosii'm sending this email privately fwiw23:28
ochosibut just so you know, i naturally invited him to just pick up contributing again - i really think re-earning your once held membership should be very easy and i think we should always emphasize that23:28
bluesabreyes, that sounds very reasonable23:29
flocculantochosi: yep totally23:29
ochosiok, so now we're 1223:30
flocculantdoesn't the bit in the 'processes' say that? 23:30
ochosiwhat a biblical number...23:30
flocculantoh man - so what's quorum? 7? 23:30
ochosii'll let you figure that out and get some sleep instead ;)23:30
flocculant\o/ 23:30
ochosi(it's really not a hard math problem anyway)23:30
knomeso 7 people need to vote, 4 on the same side... :P23:30
flocculantochosi: good night :)23:30
ochosinight y'all!23:30
flocculantknome: ha ha 23:31
knomenighty ochosi 23:31
Unit193knome: Nice.23:31
flocculantevening Unit193 23:31
knomehullo Unit193 23:31
flocculantwhile we've got people awake - and Unit193 will hate me now ... who's going to prod about core next? 23:32
pleia2knome: hey23:33
knomepleia2, hai23:33
pleia2another airplane in 9 hours, so kind of chaos day x_x23:33
knomeso we've been preparing this contributor documentation in the docs branch for some time23:33
* pleia2 nods23:33
knomecould we sit down some time and see how we want it done in the docs subdomain?23:34
flocculantpleia2: I hope you have shares :D23:34
pleia2knome: I'm around next week, starting Tuesday23:34
knomepleia2, oki, ping me then :)23:34
knomeflocculant, ^ also23:34
pleia2knome: so we can talk about that, and some other thing that's on our list (something about social media or somethin?)23:34
knomeis tuesday good or fo you want a buffer of some days23:35
flocculantknome: yep - I'd like to be about too if I'm awake :)23:35
flocculantjust to nose in ofc23:35
knomewhat did i write23:35
knome... good for you or do ...23:35
bluesabrenighty ochosi23:40
bbrawnerHey knome, you around?23:41
knomebbrawner, i am23:41
bbrawnerHow's it going?23:41
knomeno complaints23:42
bbrawnerHaha that's always good23:42
bbrawnerI've been looking around here: http://tracker.xubuntu.org/#tab-details/spec=xubuntu-x-web23:42
bbrawnerAnd I haven't been able to find the code haha23:42
bluesabreflocculant, Unit193: if we know what needs to be asked, I can start poking folks23:42
bbrawnerAm I missing something?23:42
bbrawnerThanks knome!23:45
Unit193bluesabre: Well they *were* supposed to review it, but that never happened.  We fixed it to be more like what they wanted, as far as we can tell.  I'm pretty sure it's out of sync now, but I have no intention on fixing it now.23:46
flocculantbluesabre: afaik - we did what they wanted us to - just needs pushing 23:46
flocculantthat ^^23:46
bluesabreUnit193: cool, I'll take a look at it and see how far behind we are. Then we can give ochosi the stabbing stick23:48
flocculantwell - I'm off now 23:49
flocculantnight all 23:49
bluesabrenight flocculant 23:49
flocculantand hi bbrawner :)23:49
knomenighty flocculant 23:49
bbrawnerHey flocculant!23:49

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