hoodedice<hoodedice> so I pressed the del button by mistake while highlighting a folder02:17
hoodedice<hoodedice> and now it tells me that "Items in the trash may not be modified"02:17
hoodedice<hoodedice> what does this mean? Xubuntu 15.0502:17
hoodedicewhen I'm trying to restore the folder, yes02:18
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Marcio_MGood day. New xubuntu user here. On my xubuntu machine can´t open libreoffice files saved on a samba file server over the network. When I double-clicks on thunar over a .ods or .odt file on a samba share, Libreoffice splash screens appears for some seconds, but just disappears after that. What can I do?11:54
nikowTry start it from console.12:09
nikowConsole will tell you what is wrong.12:10
MarcioMMGood day, let me repost my question since I had to change IRC client...12:14
MarcioMMGood day. New xubuntu user here. On my xubuntu machine I can´t open  libreoffice files saved on a samba file server over the network. When I  double-clicks on thunar over a .ods or .odt file on a samba share,  Libreoffice splash screens appears for some seconds, but just disappears  after that. What can I do?12:15
MarcioMM[[[ Ok.. I have just left from the other cliente (but I am still here waiting for a response. Thanks ]]]12:16
genius3000MarcioMM: in case you missed it:12:31
genius3000<nikow> Try start it from console.12:31
genius3000<nikow> Console will tell you what is wrong.12:31
MarcioMMok.. let me try it12:34
MarcioMMgenius3000: I have tried using "lowriter"12:48
MarcioMMgenius3000: I get the following messages "javaldx: Could not find a Java Runtime Environment!" and "Warning: failed to read path from javaldx"12:51
MarcioMMAnd then... Writer opens. So I click on file > open, choose the file on the samba share and... nothing happens... No file is opened. No message on terminal.12:52
MarcioMMsergio-br só pode ser brasileiro12:53
MarcioMMEvery other kind of file opens correctly from the samba share: pfd, png, and so on. But not libreoffice files. So I believe it´s something about Libreoffice itself.12:55
WalliskiWhat happens if you open libre office, then click open from the menus and browse the file?13:00
MarcioMMNothing happens. It is lile if I had not clicked on anything.13:00
MarcioMMI mean.. it's like if I had not clicked on anything13:01
WalliskiWhen googling I find a couple of similar problems, but not sure how up-to-date they are... Most of them are from 2014 or older13:02
MarcioMMxubuntu-desktop-15-10 here. Installed yesterday13:03
WalliskiWhich version of LibreOffice do you have?13:03
MarcioMMBy the way... it is running on VirtualBox as a guest13:03
MarcioMMThe original one that came with xubuntu-15.1013:03
MarcioMMXubuntu is on a Virtual Machine. Virtualbox 5.0.8 host on Windows 10. Xubuntu-15-10-desktop guest.13:05
WalliskiCant really help much, maybe someone else can, but here seems to be a guy with similar problem: https://www.reddit.com/r/libreoffice/comments/3ij405/libreoffice_cannot_open_files_on_a_network/13:07
MarcioMMGonna read13:12
MarcioMMMy samba share is on a ubuntu 14.04 server machine13:14
MarcioMMMy windows machines use it everyday with OpenOffice13:14
MarcioMMOk... I have made this now...13:24
MarcioMMmount -t cifs -o username=***,password=f***, //server-ip/share /mnt/samba13:25
MarcioMMcd /mnt/samba/myfolder13:25
MarcioMM(all of this as superuser)13:25
MarcioMMlowriter -o myfile.odt13:26
MarcioMMand IT WORKED13:26
MarcioMMI am a Linux newbie13:26
MarcioMMBut... thunar won't me let into /mnt/samba because, I believe, it owned by root13:27
MarcioMMI need to let something very simple to my users13:32
MarcioMMThey don't know Linux at all13:32
MarcioMMxubuntu will be the way13:32
MarcioMMChanging permissions or ownership on /mnt/samba could solve this question, now???13:33
MarcioMMWhat permissions should I set?13:34
knomeMarcioMM, you should look into adding the share into /etc/fstab if you want to make it available for all13:38
MarcioMMSomeone is suggesting on the link passed by Walliski that installing libreoffice-gnome solved all the question. Will this install the whole gnome stuff in xubuntu???13:39
MarcioMMknome: ok... I will try it13:40
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* xubuntu790 slaps BytesAndCoffee around a bit with a large fishbot16:21
bazhang!ot | xubuntu79016:22
ubottuxubuntu790: #xubuntu is the Xubuntu support channel, #xubuntu-devel for discussion regarding development of Xubuntu, and #xubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!16:22
user_noop hello, there. I did a fresh installation of xubuntu 15.10.  In the upper left corner i saw wiskermenu. But i didn't find the Libreoffice Draw and Imrpess inside. Writer and Calc are almost there? Something wrong? What to do?17:09
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