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apuimedobeisner: gnuoy: I'm trying to use my private openstack cloud16:33
apuimedobut i'm getting some problems bootstrapping16:34
apuimedodo you think it could be due to not being an admin (I have perms for creating instances and nets though)16:35
beisnerhi apuimedo, could you paste a (sanitized)  `juju stat --format tabular`  for the private cloud?16:36
beisnerit'll help me to understand the services and topology16:37
apuimedobeisner: I get the same error16:39
apuimedotrying to do the juju stat16:39
beisnerapuimedo, do you have openstack already deployed?16:39
apuimedoyes, I have several instances running on this cloud16:39
apuimedonow I want juju to create its machines there too16:40
beisnerapuimedo, ok, so i'm referring to that cloud that is deployed.  can you juju stat that cloud?16:40
beisnerapuimedo, ie. 1 layer down.16:40
apuimedobeisner: that cloud has been deployed with ansible, not juju16:40
apuimedobeisner: does juju need admin level credentials for the bootstrapping?16:41
beisnerapuimedo, ok.  in that case, i'd need to see your environments.yaml file, `keystone catalog` and `keystone endpoint-list` output.16:41
beisnerapuimedo, no, shouldn't need to be admin @ the undercloud.16:41
apuimedocool, thanks16:42
beisnerapuimedo, sanitized for sensitive data on those pastes, of course.16:42
beisneralso can you show `apt-cache policy juju`  ?16:43
apuimedobeisner: http://paste.ubuntu.com/13216940/16:43
beisnerapuimedo, what vers of openstack is the cloud?16:45
apuimedoI was talking with my operator16:46
beisnerapuimedo, it may not be directly related to the issue at hand, but you can use ppa:juju/stable to get the current stable release of Juju (1.25).  https://launchpad.net/~juju/+archive/ubuntu/stable16:46
apuimedohe fixed some of my credentials and now I got past that error16:46
apuimedooh, that sounds like a good idea anyway16:46
beisnerapuimedo, it looks like a previous juju bootstrap didn't get completely destroyed.  can you remove (back up if you want to) the /home/ubuntu/.juju/environments/openstack.jenv file, then see if juju stat exits ok (showing no enviro bootstrapped)?16:47
apuimedobeisner: ^^ that will be due to the streams, right?16:47
beisnerapuimedo, i'd rm that .jenv file to make sure the basic juju stat cmd is good.  then do a `juju bootstrap --debug` ... which will show more detail if there's a failure somewhere.16:48
apuimedocool. I'll try that now16:49
apuimedobeisner: http://paste.ubuntu.com/13216996/16:53
apuimedoyeah... It seems I have to define the images somehow in the environment16:53
apuimedoI have to say the guide I found online was not the clearest16:53
beisnerapuimedo, i think this is what you're after :  https://jujucharms.com/docs/1.25/howto-privatecloud16:56
apuimedoyes. That's the one I'm looking at beisner16:57
jcastrolazypower: mbruzek: check this out: https://sysdig.com/digging-into-kubernetes-with-sysdig/17:02
mbruzekjcastro: cool17:03
beisnerapuimedo, images and metadata are the things to sort out for the private cloud juju usage.  i've got a test cloud building, and will be able to step through that on my end later today.17:05
beisnerin the past, i've used that guide.17:05
apuimedoI'm doing that now17:05
apuimedolet's see if I succeed :-)17:06
beisnerapuimedo, be aware too - it looks like you're hitting a destroy bug (for which a fix is underway).  the bug is that the destroy errors out, leaving the .jenv file behind, and you have to manually rm it after destroying.  but that won't affect bootstrapping or deploying.17:06
mupBug #1512399: ERROR environment destruction failed: destroying storage: listing volumes: Get https://x.x.x.x:8776/v2/<UUID>/volumes/detail: local error: record overflow <amulet> <bug-squad> <openstack> <sts> <uosci> <Go OpenStack Exchange:In Progress by gz> <juju-core:Triaged> <juju-core17:06
mup1.25:Triaged> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1512399>17:06
apuimedothanks beisner17:06
beisneryw apuimedo - let us know how you turn out17:07
apuimedoI will, thanks17:07
apuimedobeisner: I set up agent-metadata-url and image-metadata-url17:18
apuimedobut somehow it seems it still goes to17:18
apuimedo2015-11-10 17:17:53 DEBUG juju.environs.simplestreams simplestreams.go:429 read metadata index at "http://cloud-images.ubuntu.com/releases/streams/v1/index.sjson"17:19
apuimedook, my mistake17:21
apuimedoI had a typo :P17:21
apuimedosorry about that17:21
apuimedogot it bootstrapping ;-)17:25
apuimedothanks for the help beisner!17:25
beisnerapuimedo, woot!  you're welcome.  happy deploying.17:39
apuimedobeisner: is it possible to specify the ram amount when adding machine19:00
beisnerhi apuimedo - juju can use constraints to choose the nearest specs match presented by your cloud.  i believe "equal or greater" logic is used in that.    `nova flavor-list`  will show the machine sizes you have to choose from.19:03
apuimedojuju machine add --constraints mem=8G19:03
apuimedolike so?19:03
apuimedoit worked19:05
beisnerapuimedo, ok good :)19:11
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blris the new lxd provider going to obviate the local provider?20:28
joseblr: well, local uses lxc, which lxd is based on (I believe)20:36
blrjose: right, just curious if the long term intention is to replace the local/lxc provider20:39
rick_h__blr: yes in time the lxd provider, with better isolation and ability tondo things like HA will deprecate the local provider.20:41
blrrick_h__: nice20:42
blrlazypower: if you're about, have a simple MP for charmhelpers that could use a look (https://code.launchpad.net/~blr/charm-helpers/pip-constraints/+merge/276062)20:49
apuimedobeisner: is there any way to make juju deploy lxc to the machines on openstack providers with the juju-br0 model that it uses when the machine is provided by maas?21:11
rick_h__frobware: ^ this was done for the machine registration work and isn't part of OS provider work atm? Or is it planned/part of it?21:17
beisnerapuimedo, i believe the juju openstack provider is designed to use 1 nova instance per juju unit.  i don't think there is currently support for juju deploying services to lxc containers within nova instances via the openstack provider.21:17
apuimedobeisner: well, it does deploy the lxc containers21:18
beisnerapuimedo, rick_h__  ... and i was about to say, let me check though.  ;-)   thanks rick_h__  ...  fwiw - that would be immensely useful for us in openstack engineering too (juju/goose support for lxc containers on nova instances).21:18
apuimedobut obviously they are unreachable21:18
rick_h__beisner: well you can use provision to an lxc on a nova vm with --to=lxc and such.21:18
beisnerapuimedo, right, i think it will, but then they are marooned in my experience.21:18
rick_h__beisner: at least I wanted to think that was possible with normal --to support21:18
apuimedobeisner: I just had my nova instances remove the anti spoofing filter21:19
apuimedoso if they would just have the bridge on the eth0 device21:19
apuimedoit would all work21:19
apuimedoor putting different /24 on each nova vm21:19
rick_h__apuimedo: beisner frobware leads the team working on networking and can best speak to that atm. however he's EU and EOD21:19
beisnerrick_h__, something legacy is ringing a vague bell with goose -- where it didn't / couldn't know about all of the various neutron bits to wire up in advance.21:19
apuimedoEU here too :P21:20
rick_h__beisner: yea, I'll not be surprised that maas has it because it's more knowledgable21:20
apuimedowell, what I do is every time I put up a nova VM21:20
apuimedoyou get a new port21:20
apuimedoso you can immediately do whatever to remove the filter21:20
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rick_h__beisner: apuimedo jrwren had an interesting post around the bridge http://jrwren.wrenfam.com/blog/2015/11/10/converting-eth0-to-br0-and-getting-all-your-lxc-or-lxd-onto-your-lan/22:20
rick_h__not sure if it's helpful at all, but fyi22:20
apuimedorick_h__: I was considering doing it like that22:21
apuimedothe problem for OSt deployments is that the dhcp should not give you an address22:22
apuimedoso what I was thinking of was to make juju call neutron to set routes between the VMs22:22
apuimedoand, of course, use a /24 net per VM22:23
apuimedorick_h__: do you happen to know who's in charge of networking in the context of the openstack provider?22:23
rick_h__apuimedo: frobware's team22:24

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