shadeslayersgclark: thanks for finishing off kscreenlocker00:35
shadeslayersgclark: though it still needs the lib so version I think ;)00:41
sgclarkshadeslayer: ok. And copyright. Will do that tomorrow, it is not a quick fix lol.01:26
ahoneybundamn why is it soooooo hard to find any KDE files?01:43
ahoneybunbreeze icons in this moment01:43
ahoneybunI've updated the support page on the site with new breeze icons now. Feedback and Review needed :)02:11
ahoneybunman KDE does not like dual monitors...02:32
ahoneybunseems that xorg restarts after every change and then the monitor shuts down anyway02:34
ovidiu-florinyofel: I can't come this year05:57
ovidiu-florinI've used up all my leave days :(05:57
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weigihi guys10:58
weigithe kubuntu-ci stable ppa start to depend on qt 5.510:58
weigihow do i get qt 5.5?10:58
weigior will qt 5.5 land in the same ppa eventually?10:58
clivejoany testers with xenial installed could you test kdeconnect-plasma for me please, its on my LP - https://launchpad.net/~clivejo/+archive/ubuntu/xenial/+packages12:07
clivejoyofel sgclark Riddell : is there a reason why kdeconnect-plasma is still at version 0.0, when the latest branch on github is 0.9?12:09
Riddellgithub? it's in kde12:09
yofelno idea12:09
clivejoor does the KF5 version not have versions yet?12:09
Riddellclivejo: yeah it's just because there's no releases of the kf5 version so it's usually best to stuck to 0.0+ so there's minimal danger of them releasing a lower version number12:12
Riddellvaca did say he'd made a release tar and I think that's why the branch exists but it didn't seem to happen12:13
clivejois github not an official mirror - https://github.com/albertvaka/kdeconnect-kde/ ?12:15
Riddellmm I guess so12:16
clivejoshhhh dont tell valorie12:16
Riddellthere was a long thread about github mirrors which I mostly avoided about whether people should be able to commit to them12:25
sittersgclark: http://kci.pangea.pub/search/?q=screenlock needs me running the script to provision jobs12:32
sittersgclark, yofel: xenial? yes? no? maybe?12:32
yofelsitter: wily for now12:33
yofelunless you plan to fully enable xenial. (I thought that wasn't the plan?)12:33
sitterI mean should I move the integration targets forward from [vivid, wily] to [wily, xenial]12:33
sitteryofel: up to you, I am not going to make it green. doesn't mean I can't enable you to do that though :P12:34
yofelthen please do so12:34
yofelthen we can wipe the vivid releaes from the PPAs12:34
sitterblurgh, first I need to fix the hardcoded docker upgrade mess I wrote last month12:37
BluesKajHowdy all12:54
BluesKajback on Trusty . Tired of small unreadable fonts on plasma5. Setting the fonts on systemsettings5 as root only works on titlebars , not the toolbars or dialogs on apps requiring root like partition editors etc ....it's a real pita 13:14
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mitya57yofel, ok if I fix kwin symbols?13:53
yofelerm, maybe13:56
yofelmgraesslin: so, did you guys reach a conclusion for https://git.reviewboard.kde.org/r/125883/ ?13:57
mgraesslinyofel: no13:59
mitya57Not a problem, I didn't realize there was an upstream discussion about it, can wait then.14:00
mitya57I just noticed it blocks some proposed migrations and the symbols were updated in Debian, so thought it's probably fine.14:01
yofelI didn't realize that they updated them14:05
yofelmaxyz: why are those gccinternal?14:05
mparilloclivejo: I can try to install your PPA, but your link does not have the usual instructions.14:24
mparillosudo add-apt-repository ~clivejo/+archive/ubuntu/xenial/+packages ?14:31
yofelthat URL translates to ppa:clivejo/xenial14:34
soee5.4.3 in WIly ? ;o14:34
clivejokdeconnect-plasma is in my wily archive too14:34
yofelsoee: ETA for plasma is probably in a week or so14:34
clivejoI was going to try frameworks in xenial but I dont know how to do it14:34
mparilloUnpacking kdeconnect-plasma (0.0+git20151110-0ubuntu1~ubuntu16.04~ppa1) over (0.0+git20150810-0ubuntu1) ...Setting up kdeconnect-plasma (0.0+git20151110-0ubuntu1~ubuntu16.04~ppa1) ... Installing new version of config file /etc/xdg/autostart/kdeconnectd.desktop ...14:40
mparilloSeemed to install without errors14:41
clivejocan you test it?14:42
clivejoIve it installed and tested sending files back and forth and the remote control14:42
sgclarksoee: yofel I am working on 5.4.3 in wily yes.14:42
sgclarkbut first I need to make my desktop functional. depending on krunner to do anything is a real pita.14:43
soeesgclark: well i have udate shere on my PC @ work avaialble, was it releasd to Wily archive ?14:43
sgclarknope. it is in the staging. I do not advise upgrading right now..14:47
soeehmm, why Plasma is in staging-kdeapplications ?14:48
sgclarkbecause I messed up. Need to delete those.14:48
clivejowould someone have time to guide me though staging frameworks for xenial using the old tools14:48
soeesgclark: ah to late i have them installed14:48
sgclarkreally should not keeps staging in your sources... it will only end up getting you in trouble...14:49
sgclarksources.list that is.14:49
sgclarkclivejo: we need to work frameworks Xenial down. please hold off on that14:49
sgclarkI am only doing plasma because it is a point release and will not go in Xenial14:49
yofeloh great, I broke the qa website14:49
sgclarkwe will start 5.5 iin xenial14:49
sgclarkI do not have access to do anything on the qa site. somehow my password changed.14:49
clivejoI dont understand what you mean by "work frameworks Xenial down"14:49
sgclarkbut I am under the impression we are losing that14:49
sgclarkNeeds to release to Xenial first, then we backporrt it to Wily etc14:49
sgclarkAnd with that we HAVE to do debian merges14:49
clivejoyes, I understand that part14:50
clivejodebian merges?14:50
sgclarkyeah a whole other beast.14:50
clivejocan I be involved in that to learn the process?14:51
sgclarkof course. as soon as I learnn the process now that we share packaging in debian git.14:51
yofelhm, I guess you lost the password in the server move15:00
yofelclivejo: process is easy. create/checkout xenial branch in git, git merge master, then sort out the mess15:01
sgclarkahh yes that will be easier.15:02
clivejoI need someone to guide me the first time, take notes and learn how its done15:02
yofelsomeone needs to make a long merge todo list on the pad, so we know what's done15:03
sgclarkI can make the list.15:03
maxyzsgclark: Sorry, need some extra context, which symbols?15:04
sgclarkI am out for training atm. At least until I have a functional desktop and my to-do list shrinks by a bit. I am far from expert on merges anyway.15:04
sgclarkmaxyz: I need context too, what ? lol15:05
yofelmaxyz: the kwin epoxy diff (ee2ef307 in master)15:05
maxyzOuch, sorry, wrong pong.15:11
maxyzyofel: Does it matter? Is there anything other that kwin that uses those symbols?15:12
maxyzyofel: Those symbols can be deleted, afaik15:14
yofelmaxyz: well, I don't know, which is why I asked martin if he knew what was up and he pointed me to https://git.reviewboard.kde.org/r/125883/15:16
yofelso I just left them be for now15:16
yofelok, so, I'm confused now15:27
mck182___ola, kwin seems to be failing cause of missing kidletime build dep --> https://launchpad.net/~kubuntu-ci/+archive/ubuntu/unstable/+build/828214115:30
mck182___the latest package is a bit outdated15:31
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yofelok, well, meh. Guess I'll just update the kwin symbols and blame maxy if something goes wrong :/15:39
mgraesslinyofel: can I see what you want to do?15:42
shadeslayermck182___: fixed15:43
yofelmgraesslin: cherry pick http://anonscm.debian.org/cgit/pkg-kde/plasma/kwin.git/commit/?id=ee2ef30743b749d34444f5a8f82f6963110e57e915:45
mgraesslinmaxyz: btw. it would have been awesome if debian would have informed us about that. You found an issue two months before we noticed it15:46
mgraesslinyofel: well, probably doesn't matter. The code is currently broken one way or the other15:47
yofelmgraesslin: ok, thanks. Then I'll patch it so our builds don't stay broken15:48
shadeslayerthat looks familiar15:53
mgraesslinshadeslayer: yes, it is15:54
shadeslayeryofel: that's literally what I've been working on for a month now xD15:54
mgraesslinwhich is exactly the point why a notice would have been nice15:54
yofelyeah, I read the reviewboard log15:54
mgraesslinit would have saved us lots of time investigating15:54
maxyzInteresting, I'm way lagged behind with respect to sync things with upstream.15:57
* lisandro is way lagged wrt testing upstream stuff (the same thing, the other way around)16:02
shadeslayeryofel: maxyz lisandro https://wingolog.org/archives/2015/11/09/embracing-conways-law16:08
yofelinteresting indeed. Still doesn't change the fact that NIH and forking gets people angry at you.16:13
yofelAlthough, I would probably live a happier life if I would put an I DON'T CARE stamp on every occurence I see.16:13
mck182___shadeslayer: you hero16:19
shadeslayermck182___: waiting on kscreenlocker to build16:22
mck182___much hero16:22
mck182___that will fix workspace too eh?16:22
shadeslayermy workspace is broken because it depends on a old libgps16:23
shadeslayeron Debian16:23
shadeslayerI'll bbl16:24
soeesgclark: ping17:42
sgclarksoee: pong17:46
soeesgclark: ah nothing, just fund ppa:kubuntu-ppa/staging-plasma- testing 5.4.317:46
sgclarksoee: thanks!17:47
soeesgclark: smooth upgrade17:56
sgclarksoee: great :)18:01
sgclarkI now have a functional desktop. Just a few more testers and I will move to backports.18:01
mamarleysgclark: Of Plasma 5.4.3 on Wily?  That is working great for me on all four systems I upgraded.18:04
sgclarkmamarley: yes from staging?18:04
mamarleysgclark: Correct.18:05
sgclarkone more tester and I will move to backports.18:05
soeewith 5.4.3 sddm background wallpaper has been fixed.changed i think18:10
soeenow i have the new one from 5.4 not older18:10
soeesgclark: any idea if new applications bugfix release will be build for Wily ?18:11
sgclarksoee starting the app bugfix right now18:12
sgclarkfor wily18:12
soeeah, cool. ping me when ready for test18:12
sgclarkwill do18:12
yofelthe plasma packages have a wrong version :/18:28
yofelwell, not important if they end up in backports18:29
yofel(not your fault scarlett, the relevant code was never finished)18:29
soeeyofel: what version should it be?18:30
yofelwill need fixing for the SRU, as well as the missing bug number. But that comes after I go the packageset fixed18:30
soeebut it can be changed before move to backports ?18:31
yofelit technically doesn't matter, as the packages would be identical. It's just relevant for uploading to the archive18:31
yofeland people in the backports will eventually get plasma 5.518:32
yofel*using the18:32
soeeyofel: ok so we have 5.4.3 ready for Wily, sgclark working on apps, what about frameworks ?18:34
yofeldunno, the pad should say if someone is working on it18:35
sgclarko.1~ wait what? I have no clue what is going on here18:52
sgclarksoee: no frameworks will no be done for a long time yet. It is going on Xenial which means merges need to be done18:53
sgclarkyofel: I am out of the loop on this new versioning scheme18:53
yofelyou ran the script in regular mode, not --sru. Hardly surprising as that was never implemented in staging-upload18:53
yofelit's not a new scheme, it's how we did the updates for the kde sc in the past. But that was before your time18:54
sgclarkyeah I have never done that.18:54
sgclarkperhaps something we can work on in Munich if the council ever responds to my request *cough*18:57
yofelI'll +1 as soon as I've talked to someone that knows how we actually get to our money..19:06
yofelsgclark: did you do the hotel reservation?19:10
sgclarkyofel: yes, sorry will reply with reservations.19:10
yofelok, np. Just wanted to make sure19:11
ubottutesters is Help is needed in #kubuntu-devel. Please ping Riddell, yofel, soee, Tm_T, shadeslayer, BluesKaj, James147, Quintasan, lordievader, shrini, tester56, parad1se, mamarley, alket, SourBlues, sgclark, neo31, vip, mparillo for information20:47
sgclarkI need one more tester for 5.4.3 please, official release now, I would like to get them in backports.20:48
Riddellsgclark: where is it?20:48
sgclarkRiddell: ^20:50
Riddelllet me see if I can upgrade or if the qt packages I installed get in the way20:51
sgclarkRiddell: thanks!20:52
sgclarkdoes that mean success? lol20:55
clivejonot yet21:04
mparilloI have a 15.10 VM up. Is it still staging-plasma?21:30
clivejodid Riddell's install die?21:35
mparillo112 to upgrade, 4 to install for me.21:39
Riddellinstalled, let me reboot21:57
* keithzg is trying to play along at home, but the 15.10 VM was updating super-slow since the ca.* mirror seems to be fairly glacial lately22:00
geniikeithzg: You could try the yorku one if in Ontario22:01
keithzggenii: Naw, Alberta. Should probably just switch to us.*22:02
geniikeithzg: Heh, maybe.22:02
geniikeithzg: If you do want to try the York one, it's debian.yorku.ca22:03
keithzggenii: Cool cool. Huh, I don't see it listed on https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+archivemirrors22:04
keithzgAlthough there's a UBC one.22:04
geniiIt's one they keep mostly for students but it's not widely published22:07
mparilloRebooting, and I can see the new background behind SDDM.22:07
valorieRiddell: ping about Kubuntu funds22:08
Riddellhi valorie22:08
valoriehow do we give out money?22:08
Riddellvalorie: well indeed, good question, I'm the one with access to the account and I can transfer to other UK accounts easily22:08
Riddellotherwise it's probably a case of paypal which has extra fees22:09
Riddellor cash in hand22:09
valoriepaypal is fastest though -- esp. if scarlett is to come to Munich22:09
mparilloDolphin and rekonq came up fine. Funny Dolphin in help about did not seem to have a version number, either for Dolphin or KDE22:09
valorieor you could just buy her ticket I guess22:09
Riddellyes that's the other way22:09
Riddellor we get a travel agent to do it but that has other fees22:10
Riddellprobably it would work if I bought stuff22:10
valoriesgclark: about?22:10
valoriehow about you choose your ticket and just have Riddell buy it?22:10
sgclarkvalorie: present22:10
mparilloI also do not get a KDE version in Konsole > Help > About KDE.22:10
Riddellsgclark: I like to use ebookers often22:11
mparilloSorry, I have to go,22:11
sgclarkRiddell: valorie sure, I sent the ticket I found to devel in my request22:11
valoriedid you figure out how much the ticket would be? so the council can say yeah we want to spend this money22:11
Riddellmparillo: KDE has no version, we are a community :)22:11
sgclarkRiddell: get me whatever gets me to Munich, I trust you. But the less stops the better... Also On the way back I must have at least 2 hours on layover for customs.22:12
Riddellah yes google flights, I always forget about that22:12
sgclarkRiddell: valorie there is also the cost of the room. How do we do that?22:13
Riddellsgclark: did you book the room already?22:13
sgclarkRiddell: yes, that was also in the request, albeight added today as a reply.22:14
Riddellsgclark: if you booked it already I can give you cash in hand in munich22:14
Riddellelse paypal I guess22:14
sgclarkRiddell: that would work, thank you22:14
valorieRiddell: we need to get the fund changed after this, I guess22:14
Riddellvalorie: up to you, no need to22:15
valoriesgclark: it is worthwhile to still ask the ubuntu fund, and if you get paid later, pay back the kub fund22:15
valorieif not, ok22:15
Riddellyes certainly22:17
sgclarksure, I did that for kde. np22:17
sgclarkRiddell: just give me a number when all is done.22:19
valoriesorry, gotta make a run to goodwill22:22
Riddellsgclark: how's this? http://embra.edinburghlinux.co.uk/~jr/tmp/sgclark.pdf22:36
* sgclark looks22:36
sgclarkRiddell: perfect22:37
ahoneybunso people are going somewhere22:38
* ahoneybun would love working display configs22:39
ahoneybuneverytime I make a change it restart X I think22:39
ahoneybunsince it throws me to the login22:39
soeeahoneybun: can you test 5.4.3 ?22:40
Riddellsgclark: groovy booked22:40
ahoneybunwhere is it>22:40
ahoneybunsoee: ?22:40
Riddellsgclark: e-mail forwarded22:40
ahoneybunanything that gets display things working22:40
ahoneybunI was in GNOME for a little on a USB22:40
soeeahoneybun: https://launchpad.net/~kubuntu-ppa/+archive/ubuntu/staging-plasma/+packages?field.name_filter=&field.status_filter=published&field.series_filter=wily22:41
soeestaging-plasma ppa22:41
Riddellsgclark: now I do have a spare sofa bed in my room at motel-one, I wouldn't mind being gentlemanly and taking that and you could have the bed bed, but then you'd have to put up with the room smelling of boy22:42
ahoneybunapt-add or add-apt>22:42
sgclarkahoneybun: a little more background needed that display not working. You arent on CI are you? if so that is borked atm. And you need to use staging soee just linked.22:42
ahoneybunsgclark: I'm on stock wily atm22:43
sgclarkRiddell: that is fine. We can do that.22:43
sgclarkahoneybun: hmm ok. can you try the staging jjust to see if it fixes your issue?22:43
ahoneybunupgrading now sgclark22:43
ahoneybunI saw something fixed about displays in a blog post in 5.4.322:43
sgclarkRiddell: My husband has made me immune to the smell of boy =p . Just say the word to confirm and I will cancel my reservation.22:46
Riddellsgclark: go for it :)22:46
sgclarkok great22:46
sgclarkRiddell: cancelled. You officially have a roomate.22:48
sgclarkThanks valorieand Riddell for making this happen.22:48
sgclarkerr valorie and Riddell. 22:48
sgclarkwill be a busy few days lol22:48
Riddelland not even a dr who special to keep us entertained this time22:49
Riddellalthough.. there should be a dr who normal episode!22:49
ahoneybunsgclark: funny thing about the display issue is that it was working before but then I turned off the other monitor and it will not stay on now lol22:49
sgclarkRiddell: woot!22:49
* ahoneybun wishes he had time off from work to go22:49
Riddellsgclark: do you have a debian wiki login? (they're faffy to get) https://wiki.debian.org/BSP/2015/11/Munich22:49
sgclarkRiddell: no I don't22:49
ahoneybunthough I can't code22:50
Riddellsgclark: added you22:50
sgclarkahoneybun: hmm. Not really sure on display issue. I have to ask, did you file a bug w/ KDE?22:50
lordievaderahoneybun: Start small ;)22:50
sgclarkahoneybun: well you were coming along with packaging, but then stopped :(22:51
sgclarkRiddell: ty22:51
ahoneybunnot yet sgclark tbh I'm not sure if it is X or KWin or something else22:51
sgclarkahoneybun: have you  looked through .xession_errors? that is a good place to start22:51
ahoneybunsgclark: I've been a little busy getting my LoCo back up and running22:51
ahoneybunsgclark:  in ~ ?22:52
sgclarkahoneybun: awesome! 22:52
sgclarkahoneybun: yes22:52
ahoneybunand got a Release Party together22:52
ahoneybunsgclark: http://usefoss.com/index.php/2015/10/27/15-10-release-party-result-success/22:52
sgclarkvery cool. wxl and I need to begin thinking about our planning lol22:53
wxlmeanwhile i gotta see if i can get meetup set up for ours22:53
ahoneybunsgclark: is that log from boot on or is it kept inbetween boots?22:53
ahoneybunmhall119 did it for us22:54
sgclarkahoneybun: it is session ahoneybun22:54
sgclarkshould be writing as you do things.22:54
sgclarkgonna need journlctl -b for boot messages (I think)22:55
ahoneybunmm sgclark this is going to take awhile22:55
sgclarkoh no hurry here, busy with applications22:55
sgclarkahoneybun: we can probably take this to email.22:56
ahoneybunI don't even know the name of what I'm looking for lol22:56
sgclarkjust paste me the log and email me a link22:56
ahoneybunyour email or the list>22:57
sgclarkmy email. I can pick out the bits needed if we need outside help22:57
ahoneybunthe damn paste site is lagging or my keyboard is off22:58
ahoneybunso slow to type22:58
ahoneybunsgclark: I can tell you from a lveUSB this does not happen in Ubuntu GNOME or Ubuntu23:00
ahoneybunbrb or not, reboot23:00
ahoneybunwell I booted23:04
ahoneybunbut the issue is still there23:04
sgclarkok ahoneybunback to plan B and you send me logs so I can try and track down or create a bug report. It needs attention obviously.23:18
sgclarkahoneybun: ^23:19
ahoneybunsgclark: I did23:20
sgclarkok, I will take a look as soon as I can. thanks23:21
wxlsgclark: https://launchpad.net/~kubuntu-ppa/+archive/ubuntu/backports is what i want for the trusty updates?23:22
sgclarkwxl: yes, sorry I am trying to improve my blog posts23:24
wxlahoneybun: https://launchpad.net/~kubuntu-ppa should be linked on https://community.kde.org/Kubuntu/PPAs. i'd do it myself but i don't think i have access23:24
sgclarkdid better today haha23:24
wxlsgclark: no prob. did you see the one on the kde blog? it linked to the bugs for the kubuntu-ppa PROJECT, not the ppas themselves XD23:24
sgclarkkde blog? 23:26
wxli think that's right23:26
wxllemme dig it up23:26
wxlkubuntu wire23:27
sgclarkwxl: ahoneybun: that whole section looks to be pretty dated. though mostly right.23:27
ahoneybunit is23:27
wxloh i guess that's marco's doing not to point any fingers23:28
sgclarkwxl: I see what he did. He put a link to instructions on how to add ppa:kubuntu-ppa/backports. 23:29
wxloh i guess you're right23:30
wxleye kan red23:30
wxli mean23:30
wxleye kan reed23:30
sgclarkthere are several methods including within Muon or commandline. Which could get repetitive to write. Though that link seems ubunutish, not sure it would have Muon instructions.23:30
sgclarknm eye can reed too, it is Kubuntu specific23:31
wxli just saw "kubuntu ppa link" and went for it23:32
sgclarkRiddell: sorry was your update successful with the staging plasma?23:33
sgclarkI am not counting ahoneybun upgrade fail because the issue was pre existing...23:34
ahoneybunit works so far23:35
ahoneybunnot the monitor but everything elese23:35
sgclarkok great23:35
ahoneybunI count it booting to be a big plus lol23:36
sgclarklol that is a good start indeed23:36
ahoneybunsgclark: kwin being the issue would explain why it worked on Unity and GNOME since they use the same WM right/.'23:44
sgclarkahoneybun: afraid I know nothing about gnome or unity, so I cannot answer that.23:45
ahoneybunmm I think they do23:45
ahoneybunthey would be using the same version of Xorg23:46
sgclarkI thought unity was its own thing /shrug23:46
ahoneybunMetacity used to be the WM23:46
ahoneybunnow it is something GNOME made23:46
* ahoneybun did like the simple nature of GNOME shell23:46
ahoneybunI wonder what happens when I move to the intel card23:49
ahoneybuneverything worked great at a Tech space near me23:50
ahoneybunI was playing Steam on aBIG tv23:50
ahoneybunand the issue is NVIDIA23:52
ahoneybunthe intel works fine with the monitor23:52
ahoneybunreally weird since it worked before23:52

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