FritigernOh, another symptom which I forgot to mention is that it would seem that the font settings are also affected. My fonts suddenly look normal again.00:03
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FritigernAnd one more symptom: single-click to open documents and/or folders would no longer work, It was "promoted" to double-click.00:10
valoriehmmm, I have neither appmenu-qt5 or appmenu-qt installed, according to apt-cache policy command in the cli00:27
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finetundraI need to write a windows install iamge to a usb drive. How would I do that and can it be done without DD?02:02
keithzgfinetundra: I've used WinUSB before to do that. I think http://askubuntu.com/questions/289559/how-can-i-create-a-windows-bootable-usb-stick-with-ubuntu/381560#381560 is still current in terms of quick installation instructions.02:40
keithzgNo idea if that still works with Windows 10 or such.02:42
* keithzg only tends to install Windows in VMs these days02:42
finetundrawell, it's worth a shot02:42
keithzgfinetundra_: Did it work out in the end?05:18
amichairis it normal for dolphin to take up 21G of virtual memory (RES is ok)?06:56
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CautiousLong term members of the Kubuntu community thoughts on stability of distro moving forward?09:36
hateballCautious: I am sure someone will have opinions in #kubuntu-offtopic09:36
Cautiousjoin #kubuntu-offtopic09:37
rvkКак обновить ubuntu до 14.1009:38
bolzohi all, do you know about a tool for a managing display configuration?. I have a laptop and i frequently switch from laptop monitor to  dual monitor and I get bored to configure them each time.09:41
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Smurphybolzo: I had written a script using randr to do that from the command line. Worked quite well, but not on PLasma 5.09:49
bolzoSmurphy: thx mate, but i'm too lazy to do that :D. Joking ... I have it too but it suck.09:54
bolzoWhere display positions are saved?  I guess .local/share/kscreen/ but there are lot of guid name file there09:58
rvkhow update distributive09:59
rvkmy distr Description:Ubuntu 14.04.3 LTS10:00
rvkhow update to 16.0410:00
rvksudo dist-upgrade -d no working10:00
rvksudo dist-upgrade -d10:01
rvkno working10:01
Smurphy16.04 does not exist yet, aka,it is not stable, hence not enabled.10:01
rvkthan how update to 15.1010:03
SmurphyYou probably have the system setup to only update to LTS releases.10:10
SmurphyChange that to stable releases, and it should work.10:10
hateballrvk: there is no way to upgrade from 14.04 to 15.1010:30
hateballrvk: As you will need to upgrade to each release between, 14.10 -> 15.04, and they are EOL10:31
hateballrvk: And you use "do-release-upgrade -d", not dist-upgrade. Upgrading to 16.04 now will leave you with a broken system most likely10:32
hateballrvk: So the least painful way for you is to wait another few months, then upgrade to 16.04 using the regular updater (do-release-upgrade)10:33
hazamonzoFlavour country11:08
rvkhateball: when i use "do-release-upgrade -d"  i get "Detected an insoluble problem when calculating the upgrade". and stoped11:29
hateballrvk: perhaps https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/1511903 ? anyhow, unreleased version help goes in #ubuntu+111:34
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1511903 in Ubuntu "dependency problem on upgrade from trusty to xenial" [Undecided,New]11:34
rvkubottu: then whow me update to next version whis 14,0411:35
ubotturvk: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)11:35
rvkhateball:  then whow me update to next version whis 14,0411:36
hateballrvk: I already told you, wait for 16.04 to be released next april. Then upgrade to that.11:37
rvkhateball: thanks11:37
hateballEither you stick to LTS releases every 2 years, or you keep updating every 6 months. If you fall inbetween... it's not so much fun11:38
BluesKajHowdy all12:54
jubo2I need to make simple, good-looking .html page13:09
jubo2any suggestions for 'sudo apt install'13:09
jubo2I remember still the day I discovered Dreamweaver coz I had just explained my idea of HTML editor that shows WYSIWYG in code and code in HTML in 2 views just the previous night13:10
jubo2and then I found an HTML editor (Dreamweaver 1.0) that does exactly that13:11
jubo2woops.. WYSIWYG in code and code in WYSIWYG for optimal website maker mental comfort and ease of learning13:12
jubo2maybe I try out the Myon explorer or whatevs it called13:12
FragemenschHi, I have a problem with my Distribution Upgrade. At about 73% or so of being done, the window turned mostly gray and there does not seem to be any activity anymore. I am unsure how to proceed from here. Can anyone help me?13:16
BluesKajin the gui or the terminal, Fragemensch13:17
Fragemenschthe GUI, I barely know how to use terminal tbh13:18
jubo2Fragemensch: Ja.. dass ist möglich sie Hilfe können haben13:18
Fragemenschenglish is fine13:18
jubo2Me too. I don't even speak more then touristik Deutsch13:18
BluesKajjubo2, this is an English Kubuntu support chat, go show off your linguistics in the appropriate chts13:20
jubo2BluesKaj: any suggestion on making a single, good-looking .html page tool?13:20
BluesKajFragemensch, which kubuntu version?13:21
Fragemenschp sure it was 15.04 it tried to upgrade to13:21
Fragemenschi myself am on Trusty Tahr still13:22
BluesKajFragemensch, from 14.10?13:22
BluesKajFragemensch, you have to do a clean install13:22
FragemenschTrusty Tahr is 14.04 I believe.13:22
BluesKaj15.04 is not LTS13:23
FragemenschWell, I just followed the instructions on the kubuntu website, started up muon update manager and clicked the button.13:24
FragemenschSo can I safely / should I kill the Distribution Upgrade window at any time?13:29
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BluesKajFragemensch, which ubuntu websiate?13:29
hateballFragemensch: do you have a Details button in the gui?13:31
hateballFragemensch: It is possible the upgrader has halted and prompted you about something, usually where to re-install grub, or to remove packages13:32
hateballThere should be a button to display the terminal13:32
BluesKajFragemensch, those just general instructions, the upgrade manager should not show any LTS upgrades yet , there aren't any13:32
FragemenschThere was. It's all gray now.13:32
JunkHunkhello yesterday I configured conky in kubuntu trusty and somehow some snapshots were taken and now every time I login the system displays with okular those three snapshots...does anyone know why is this happening and whether is fix?13:32
Fragemenschhateball: Sorry, was adressing you: Yes, there was terminal button, but as the rest of the window except the frame it'S all gray now.13:33
BluesKajJunkHunk, delete the snapshots in your /home dir13:33
hateballJunkHunk: It sounds like you saved the session and are restoring it on login. Perhaps I am not understanding your question13:34
hateballThat would cause the applications to restart13:34
JunkHunkthe snapshots are called sys argparse and subprocess13:34
hateballFragemensch: oh I didnt see you tried to upgrade from 14.04. There is no supported upgrade path from 14.04 to 15.10 as the releases in between are EOL13:35
BluesKajFragemensch, if the gui just stopped then most likely the sources to make changes to your system aren't available13:35
hateballIt has probably halted trying to fetch packages from the Utopic repo or some such13:35
Fragemenschit was an upgrade to 15.04 I believe, that was what muon upgrade manager suggested to me.13:36
JunkHunkI can see in those my home folder when I was renaming a file...creating a new folder and editing conky's config file13:36
hateballThe only upgrade a 14.04 should offer if you tell it to search for non-LTS is 14.10. And then you would have a non-upgradable system13:36
BluesKajFragemensch, the muon manager is incorrcect , must be a bug13:36
JunkHunkand those 'snapshots' are not in my home directory13:37
FragemenschAt the moment I am downloading the 15.10 iso. Can I safely kill the Distribution Upgrade window of muon upgrade manager and then just try to continue with the iso?13:37
JunkHunkno idea how and where they appeared13:37
BluesKajFragemensch, yes I think so, I doubt any changes were made to your system13:38
FragemenschWell, it was already installing stuff (past the unpacking stage)13:38
hateballThen you may have a problem13:38
hateballFragemensch: Do you keep /home on a separate partition? If so you could do a fresh install but keep /home intact13:39
BluesKajusually saved snapshots are located in /home/user13:39
hateballI'm not sure what type of "snapshot" would open in Okular13:39
Fragemenschhateball: I am not sure, tbh.13:41
JunkHunkI run this script: http://www.overclock.net/t/1400247/nvidia-info-in-conky-help/2013:47
JunkHunkthen the mouse turned into a cross for a while...13:48
JunkHunkI was kind of lazy but I wanted to edit conky config file...I found that thread where they were using nvidia-smi with conky but they did it adding a python script because they needed nvidia-smi to show info from two cards and not just one in conky...13:49
JunkHunkIt wasnt exactly my case because I only have one card but I felt like trying13:50
JunkHunkI copied the script in a new folder called Python_Scripts in my home folder...13:51
JunkHunkmade it executable13:51
JunkHunkand run13:51
JunkHunkI could see the conky they programmed...13:51
JunkHunkbut it was working only partly...as they monitored their specific hardware different from mine...13:53
BluesKajJunkHunk, is there question in there somewhere?13:53
JunkHunklater on I upgraded my graphics driver deleted that python script and used some of the conky config file lines to get mine working13:54
JunkHunkno question13:54
JunkHunkthese are clues to find out what might had happened to my system that it is making it display three snapshots I didnt take13:55
JunkHunkeach time I login13:55
JunkHunksys subprocess and argparse13:55
BluesKajJunkHunk, maybe the folks at #conky can help13:56
JunkHunkor python13:56
BluesKajbut just putting thoughts in here is just spamming the chat13:56
JunkHunkI f you need help you need to give info13:57
JunkHunksorry anyway13:57
BluesKajyou haven't asked a question13:58
Fragemenschhateball: It seems to be the case that I am [keeping /home on a separate partition]. So I hope I can fix this with a clean install. Right now downloading the 15.10 iso, then will burn it and install from there. Any advice on what to do with the frozen 15.04 upgrade window/process presumably broken?13:59
hateballFragemensch: so it's 15.04 now?14:05
hateballFragemensch: you said both 15.04 and also trusty (14.04) so it isnt easy to know14:06
FragemenschI was on 14.04. System Settings now tells me 15.04. But that installation is likely incomplete/broken.14:07
BluesKajFragemensch, burn the iso, but leave the upgrade process open for now until you decide to reboot into the media wit 15.10 iso on  it.  Also install the OS to your / partiton and set themountoint as /home for your /home partition using manual partitoning during the installation14:07
Fragemenschhateball: sorry, missed adressing again. I was on 14.04. System Settings now tells me 15.04. But that installation is likely incomplete/broken.14:26
hateballFragemensch: If you have separate /home, I would do what BluesKaj said14:31
hateballSort out a fresh boot-media before you reboot, then reinstall keeping /home14:31
Fragemenschhateball: Okay, thank you.14:32
Hudsonkemwhen google chrome call dolphin, its come without color theme, how to change it to my own theme?15:12
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armin_hi, i upgraded kubuntu to 15.10 from 14.10. Everthing is ok, however I'm used to have starters always visible in the control bar. Now I start e.g. konsole and the starter hides.16:20
armin_is there a way to configure the behaviour to not hide starters?16:21
svend-evGood morning16:47
Khaoticplasma is so fucked up on 15.1017:00
clivejoKhaotic: how so?17:00
Khaotici have issues when bringing my laptop back from sleep, and when i use dual monitors17:00
Khaoticit always crashes17:01
* clivejo likes the weather widget :)17:01
clivejonow I can see its raining without looking outside!17:01
Unit193No cursing please, though.17:02
* clivejo wonders when replying to SMS will be introduced in KDE Connect17:02
Khaoticoh and kde connect is glitchy for me17:03
Khaotici have it turned off on my phone and computer, yet i still get the notifications17:03
clivejohummm that sounds odd17:03
clivejoyou might have a haunted Kubuntu instll17:04
clivejoI hear those are nasty17:04
Khaotici reinstalled twice...17:05
clivejoI was going to reply to armin_ before they left.  To drag the icon from the KickOff menu onto the Task Manager bar and it would stay there when launched17:06
clivejoI done it on my own desktop and now I cant get rid of it!17:06
clivejoanyone know how I remove it?17:07
mparilloAn icon on your desktop or in your task manager bar?17:16
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smoovepmy first time irc'ing ..19:59
soeehiho smoovep20:00
smoovepwhere you from soee? how you end up in kubuntu?20:00
soeehiho nescius20:25
nesciusanyone with qhd screens already?20:25
nesciusi think i am the first one ever who installed linux on one of those20:25
nesciushow to make icons bigger?20:26
nesciusit was possible once but it seems broken now20:26
aramiscdctrl and scroll20:26
nesciusaramiscd: no20:26
aramiscdworks here20:26
nesciusthat only works in dolphin's file display20:26
nesciusi mean menu, desktop, everything20:27
nesciusI was hoping that eventually some devs would be getting those screens..20:27
nesciusnot yet as it seems20:27
aramiscdsystemsettings > symbols > ...20:29
nesciushttps://community.kde.org/KDE/High-dpi_issues ok, i was wrong20:29
nesciussymbols? is that icons?20:32
nesciusi tried to start the LC_ALL=en_US systemsettings5 but all entries are still in czech, except for menu which is in english20:33
nesciuswhere to report kubuntu specific bugs with upgrade? ksyscoca had issues starting, untill deletion of ~/.cache i could not connect to internet, I was really furrious20:42
nesciusmaybe it should be tested before release ..? Ill try to help rather than bitching here.. next time :~(20:43
aramiscdyeah, maybe it's icons. sorry, i have it in german here.20:44
geniiIf you file a bug, probably it would be for the package ubuntu-release-upgrader-core20:44
nesciusaramiscd: thats the thing which is broken, I already reported it https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=35515620:47
ubottuKDE bug 355156 in kcm_icons "icon sizes are unavailable" [Normal,Unconfirmed]20:47
nesciusha! icons are the only issue, even firefox plays nice with dpi set to 200, yeah!20:54
nesciushmm, maybe I am lucky.. kde plasma 5.4 release notes: Much improved high DPI support21:18
daumi'm on 14.04 and just did some package upgrades today (not 100% sure what, just got a notice) and have restarted since, but been noticing problems like : http://i.imgur.com/nucOzmQ.png where the windows don't seem to be properly filling in?  anyone else having a similar issue?21:28
RYExplain to me why Kubuntu is better than a other KDE distro21:37
Piciaccess denied.21:38
PiciNot being a KDE user myself, I'd say that because it's backed by the Ubuntu software repositories.21:38
bpromptdaum:    I'd think is a videocard drivers issue, you could try maybe by deleting or moving any .conf under /etc/X11/ folder21:38
bpromptRY:    "better" is relative, the "best" shirt for you, is probably hated by your sister, so...  depends21:39
daumbprompt, hm just a few .configs in that folder but no confs21:40
bpromptRY:    so... unless we know what you want in a distribution or OS, then we dunn if it's "better" for y ou21:40
RYAlright, that I can understand. Let's say I'm sick of Unity 15.10, and really love the design of Plasma 5.421:40
RYI've considered arch, but not for my work machine, so that's down the road.21:41
RYNot into the idea of being "Bleeding Edge"21:41
RYAnd really just looking for that visually looks appealing or cohesive while having functionality.21:41
RYI had tried Elementary OS, had found it too simple21:42
bpromptRY:    I assume you're referring to Unity running in Ubuntu, kubuntu is still ubuntu, no any different than what Unity runs on, it's just a different Desktop Manager and also a window manager, so, you're talking more about desktop managers and window managers mostly, no distribution per se21:42
RYTruth be told, I do need a Mac. But, I want to embrace Linux and cannot afford a mac so I'm here.21:42
keithzgWell, give Kubuntu 15.10 a shot! Best way to find out if it'll work for you is to try it :)21:43
RYI'm aware of DE / WM, hence I was asking since I'm only aware of Ubuntu / Debian what other distrobutios people enjoy.21:43
bpromptdaum:    check the backports I'd say, for any video drivers, may just be the session also if you haven't rebooted  yet, could also be kwin21:43
keithzgIf you already have Ubuntu 15.10 installed you can even just install the kubuntu-desktop package and try it out fairly immediately.21:43
RYAnd I will <keithzg>, I tried a live boot the other night and it crashed many times, but that's a random occurance.21:43
RYMixing kubuntu desktop with unity broke half the packages.21:43
daumbprompt, i did reboot fully after the updates.  it did try to restore my session from my previous one once i logged in though21:44
daumbprompt, what do you mean by backports?21:44
ubottuIf new updated packages are built for an application, they may go into Kubuntu Backports, which is one of the official Kubuntu PPAs. See https://community.kde.org/Kubuntu/PPAs for more information.21:44
bpromptdaum:    backport repositories, check your sources, they're usually no included, but you can add them as Sources21:44
bpromptdaum:    they're not hmm included as default repositories, rather, a backport is kinda a hotfix issued for some things21:45
RYI understand21:46
RYRandom question, do you find Kubuntu is better in battery life compared to Ubuntu21:47
bpromptRY:    shouldn't, Unity is just a DM and kubuntu comes with KDE DM, just two DM's, is all, I've used to run SuSE with gnome as well as kde, and now and then switch between the two, but I've mainly run kde, since I run many kde apps, and yes, kde apps can be a bit more GUIsh than other frameworks, keeping in mind that kde also relies on QT framework, and QT is also very GUIsh, QT(quantum technologies) bought and owned by Nokia21:48
lordievaderRY: Probably not very different.21:48
bpromptRY:   electricity consumption, I don't think they differ at all, if any it'd be very little21:49
RYThanks for clarifying that, I thought so considering that even in resources (of a live boot) Unity8 and Plasma 5.4 both push the desktop running 4k resolution with 1.5gb of ram21:49
RYIt is settled then, is there a way to upgrade from Ubuntu to Kubuntu aside from wipe / install desktop over Unity?21:50
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bpromptRY:   you don't have to, if you are running Ubuntu already, just install the kde-desktop package21:51
RYBut it always breaks the packages. Am I doing something wrong? I've installed the PPA for kubuntu21:51
RYsudo apt-get kubuntu-desktop21:51
bpromptit will install KWIN(kde window manager), that runs the plasma and plasmoids, and you'd be given the choice to which one to log with, session wise, at login screen21:51
RYI will look more into this then, the only thing I'll miss from Unity is global menu21:52
bpromptglobal menu?   kwin has that21:53
RYin Plasma 4, Plasma 5 lacks a global menu because the application needs to be translated to QT if I recall21:53
bpromptnot even sure what global menu is, but it shows all apps though :)21:53
RYAh, I'm talking about the task bar which holds (traditionally : file, view, etc) at the very top of each window. But, this one is for every window and is found on top status bar21:54
bpromptI've run Unity, I don't recall seeing that in the webbrowser21:55
bpromptor the office packages21:56
RYhttp://i.kinja-img.com/gawker-media/image/upload/s--K0LKEXgH--/17eblpbylxuj9jpg.jpg  <- top left21:57
bpromptRY:    but either way, if you want to run kde apps, you don't need to use kwin,  you can still run Unity WM and run your kde apps :), only difference being, that kwin can do plasmoids, and to use plasmoids, you'd need kwin21:57
RYThat's good to know actually, if I wanted to run Kate or K Develop it wouldn't be a problem then?21:58
bpromptRY:    nope, I run kubuntu, but I don't run kwin, I use LXDE, and use many kde apps21:59
keithzgRY: Yup, all applications *should* work fine regardless of what DE you run them in.21:59
RYGood to know22:00
mparillokeithzg: For some with sharp eyes, there are questions about theming.22:00
bpromptRY:   as far as "that" menu, well, just run dolphin for that :P, that's just Unity taskbar including that menu there, which isn't of much use if you're reading webpages or doing an Excel file  btw, and pretty sure you can do that in Kwin's taskbar anyway, with either a plasmoid pin to the taskbar, or  just as an added element to it22:00
RYDo explain <bprompt>22:01
bpromptRY:    kwin's taskbar is customizable at some extent22:01
bpromptjust like Unity's I'm sure22:01
keithzgmparillo: Well sure. One of the reasons I avoid Firefox :P Although for most applications you can pick equivalent GTK and KDE/Qt themes, or at least could back in the day. Much of the theme side isn't being maintained these days, eh?22:02
bpromptRY:   but why would you want that "file manager" 's menu visible at all times on any app that has no use for it?22:02
RYI started on OSX almost a decade ago, It's what I know.22:03
bpromptRY:   back in SuSE, I used to run a few window managers, I ran Enlightment, nice window manager, no taskbar, just docks, it had a nice macOSX theme, with a static "finder" menu static atop for any window, and changing entries, depending on the window :)22:05
bpromptRY:    but sounds to me, that the issue is not Ubuntu itself, so much as theming and functionality, and for that, you can just get a window manager  you like, plenty available, and see if it has a good theme22:07
bpromptRY:    http://www.lifehacker.com.au/2010/10/macbuntu-makes-your-linux-desktop-look-like-mac-os-x/    <-- not sure if it may work with plasma5, but you could check about22:10
random_guy1654hi i want to ask if there is a known bug for kwin_x11 because mine randomly suspends22:31
* keithzg really hates the Mac-style menu-at-the-top scheme, since it really stops making sense very quickly when you have more than one monitor . . .23:03

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