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aendrewHey folks — so, I've copied the packages from another PPA into my own PPA (because I'm wanting them on Trusty and not Precise), and Launchpad's telling me an updated version of Postgres and Postgres-common is available. How do I upgrade my PPA to use that instead? https://launchpad.net/~aendrew/+archive/ubuntu/cartodb-postgresql-9.3/+packages13:27
cjwatsonaendrew: so, that's telling you that those source package names have a newer version in the primary archive for trusty, which it's worth LP telling you because apt clients will probably prefer the newer version unless explicitly configured otherwise14:24
cjwatsonaendrew: you'll have to figure out what the nature of the differences between the baseline version in Ubuntu precise and the version you've copied are14:25
aendrewcjwatson: What if it's identical otherwise? Can I just tell the PPA to use the newer package somehow?14:25
cjwatsonaendrew: it may be that they're all backports from later versions, or have otherwise been totally superseded by the version in Ubuntu trusty, or it may be that there are some substantial differences that you'll have to merge forward14:25
cjwatsonaendrew: if they're identical, you can likely just delete the one from your PPA14:26
cjwatsonaendrew: PPAs are always based on the primary Ubuntu archive, so there's no need to copy the version from Ubuntu into your PPA14:26
aendrewcjwatson: Right. Investigating a bit further, it seems they've made some changes, so therefore I'll just leave-be. Thanks!14:26
cjwatsonaendrew: but there isn't a straightforward works-for-everyone answer here, you have to look at the source packages14:26
cjwatsonaendrew: well, you can leave it be, but that doesn't solve the problem of apt clients probably not actually using those packages if they're pointed at your PPA14:26
cjwatsonaendrew: if there are outstanding differences, the usual answer would be to merge/rebase the changes on top of the latest version in trusty14:31
aendrewRight-o, I can probably manage that. Is there a guide to forward-porting changes anywhere? Am super new to LP.14:31
cjwatsonhttps://help.launchpad.net/Packaging/PPA/Uploading if you don't already know the details of uploading stuff directly14:31
cjwatsonI don't think there's a specific guide to this (unfortunately) - I'd suggest starting by grabbing the source package in precise and the source package in your PPA and using debdiff to compare them, then going through that diff and adjusting/applying it as necessary14:33
aendrewcjwatson: Cool, will give that a go! Thanks!14:35
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ki7mtHello, quick question. Not sure f this is the right place, but, I have package that requires a backport  from Wily to Trusty, Asciidoctor v1.5.3 to be exact. 14.04 has v1.4.1 which lacks the ability to generate manpages. Is there a way I can enable a backport in the control file for PPA generation?18:31

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