ianorlin iynque: that might be a bug but not very important00:27
iynqueYes, I saw a bug report online with the same spelling. I dunno what to do with the information though (because I’m a noob).00:29
iynqueNo idea what the origin is or where to fix it :B00:29
iynque(or how to find out)00:29
vnheya, hesitating between lubuntu, ubuntu and kali2 because of steam, hows steam setup doing on lubuntu lately?04:22
ianorlinvn it is the same as regular ubuntu. steam may need more gpu power than some old hardware, desktop environment does not matter that much for performance of gaming04:44
vnianorlin: ok thanks, thought it may matter on setup, will try!05:05
ianorlinI am not sure you can install steam from lubuntu software center itself I know it is if you install the software-center package05:08
ianorlinif you use the .deb from valves site lubuntu installed it with gedbi last time I treid it05:08
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qzerohi all09:30
Ubik_anyone here?12:25
redwolfyes :)12:26
Ubik_i made a persistent usb with version 15.10 and ran update manager12:26
Ubik_and now I have a system error pop up bur everything runs fine12:26
Ubik_is it a weird idea to update a live usb?12:27
redwolfthe bug report dialog?12:27
Ubik_there was a linux image (or so...) install12:27
redwolfyes, maybe the new kernel12:27
Ubik_probably it says system error12:28
Ubik_and possbility to report12:28
redwolfa persistent system should work the same way a disk installed one12:28
Ubik_ah ok    , was wondring12:29
redwolfI got errors to report sometimes, but that's nothing really serious unless you see real glitches that makes you unable to work12:29
redwolfso don't worry :)12:29
redwolfthe apport app looks for every single little error it finds :)12:29
Ubik_ok, no it runs perfectly, even sound that  had to force reload works straight12:30
redwolfnice :=12:30
Ubik_do u think it is safe to install from this live disk?12:31
redwolfyes, I did it a couple times12:32
Ubik_and do u know when version 16.xx lts will be available?12:33
redwolfthe version numbers are the dates. so 16.04 means it will be released in April 201612:33
Ubik_OK glad to learn that!12:33
Ubik_do update manager upgrade the distro?12:34
redwolfyes, when the new release is ready you'll get a message allowing you to upgrade your whole system12:35
Ubik_will that be a choice?  i guess so12:35
redwolfyes, you can postpone it, ignore it if you want12:36
Ubik_ok, thx for infos, I like the simplicity of lubuntu desktop12:36
redwolfwe're glad you like it :)12:36
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epictetushiya.   I just installed lubuntu on a laptop with an EMMC ssd, tried to setup duel boot, it just boots straight into windows -- it's a new (UEFI) laptop, i booted into rescue mode and reinstalled grub to /dev/emmcblk0 and same thing, it just boots straight into windows19:39
epictetusi did notice some /dev/emmcblk0boot0 etc devices, not sure what those are / if it's some EFI thing19:40
epictetusalso the BIOS had options "boot of emmc" and "Windows boot loader", both boot options seem to do the same thing19:40
redwolfso it's a UEFI computer?19:41
redwolfhave you used the UEFI (100mb) partition as a uefiboot partition?19:41
epictetusi mounted it in my rescue environment as /boot/efi I think19:42
epictetuswhile reinstalling grub19:42
epictetusinside the chroot19:42
redwolfhave you prepared your BIOS? tried with legacy support?19:43
redwolfor at least deactivating secure boot? that usually locks down the grub load and jumps into Windows19:44
epictetusooh I just disabled secure boot19:45
epictetusmaybe secure boot is part of it19:45
epictetusnope hmm. Inside the UEFI folder I def see a "ubuntu" folder19:45
redwolfit was for me19:45
epictetusmaybe I need to switch to legacy although it wouldnt boot off the usb lubuntu installer sick in legacy mode19:46
redwolfor just deactivating the secure boot. switching to legacy while installing and reactivating it after the setup process may lock it as well19:47
epictetusmaybe i should just get rid of the stupid win10 partition I just thought "hmm it might come in handy some day"19:48
redwolfhah! I did that finally19:48
epictetusi was really really good with partition/bios/boot loader stuff in the LILO / grub 1.0 etc BIOS days but now this UEFI stuff seems like a lot more complicated19:49
epictetusooooh figured it out kinda sorta not really. Once I "approved" the UEFI entries as secure now I can pick those, yay19:50
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Guest10575I was wanting to know why I can't install programs on my computer20:08
Guest10575I have the last verson from last year20:08
redwolfGuest10575, are you using the Software Center?20:10
redwolfand they download?20:11
redwolfwhat error do you get?20:11
epictetusdoh now sound doesn't work whoops hehe.20:11
epictetusnoticing that alsamixer calls the card "HDA Intel PCH" and the chip "Intel Braswell HDMI" i wonder if it is only seeing the HDMI audio and not the main audio20:12
epictetus(it's some intel onboard thing)20:12
Guest10575i get the error it wants to download files from untrusted sources20:12
redwolfuntrusted? have you added additional PPAs / sources?20:13
Guest10575do not know where to find that20:14
Guest10575I have tryed to use terminal it acts like it is dowloading but it does not20:14
redwolfmaybe you should change your download server. go to Software Properties (in System menu) and choose a closer server. refresh and it should fix it20:14
Guest10575it is set on united states20:16
redwolfmake it search for the fastest one and refresh20:16
redwolfsorry, I have to leave for a while20:16
Guest10575ah ok, how do I do that20:17
redwolfin software properties, search for the sources / servers tab20:18
redwolfor in the main tab, "Download from" combobox20:19
redwolftab "Ubuntu software"20:19
Guest10575ah ok thanks20:20
epictetuscrap, so it works on headphones but not on the speakers. whoops20:21
phillwhi Guest1057520:26
phillwcan you briefly explain to me the issue(s) you are having with the software centre. I've only had a prod to come and assist so do not know the issue(s) you are having.20:28
Guest10575it was just saying that some of the files are coming from untrusted sources and then it would not download20:30
Guest10575It would not update any of the files to get new products on the softwhere center20:31
phillwGuest10575: you need to add the security key for some ppa's...20:31
Guest10575how do you do that20:31
phillwGuest10575: the quickest way to have LSC reset itself and re-configure is to launch lxterminal and issue20:33
phillwsudo dpkg-reconfigure lubuntu-software-center20:33
phillwthen let me know what untrusted source you are trying to add.20:34
phillwwb redwolf20:34
Guest10575it is showing up on all the things I want to download20:37
phillwredwolf: ^^ how to reset LSC, jorn told me about it as part of bug 146751720:37
ubottubug 1467517 in lubuntu-software-center (Ubuntu) "LSC can only 'see' installed applications - Work around released." [Low,Won't fix] https://launchpad.net/bugs/146751720:37
redwolfyes, sometimes in 15.1020:37
phillwGuest10575: are you happy with the ability to install now. I was not familiar of it affecting a standard desktop system20:38
phillwGuest10575: if you gimp install goes okay, please do say on here. I can then update the bug.20:39
Guest10575i am using 14.1020:40
Guest10575I am not at the computer right now20:40
phillwGuest10575: ahh, 14.10 is no longer supported... I do reccommend that you create a seperate /home are and use 15.10... You can update from 14.10 to 15.04, but get that done before 15.04 goes End of Life as well.20:42
LangleyHey, anyone awake?21:03
redwolfyes :)21:03
LangleyIt seems like all Ubuntu based distros occationally freezes on my system... any ideas?21:04
redwolfall of them?!21:04
LangleyEvery single one I've tried21:05
LangleyActually, Debian based. Mint Debian did it too21:05
redwolfwhat computer do you have?21:05
LangleyNormal AMD desktop21:05
redwolfand what do you mean with "freezing"?21:05
LangleyBecomes completely unresponsive randomly21:05
LangleyIn some distros I can sometimes REISUB, but only rarely21:06
redwolfhave you tried an RPM distro just to compare?21:06
redwolfSuse, Fedora...21:06
LangleyAll those are fine21:07
LangleyOpensuse was at least21:07
redwolfodd, I have plenty AMD chips here now. and my last computers were AMD K7 and K8. worked smooth21:08
LangleyYeah I'm stumped... it's really annoying since most Ubuntu distros are pretty nice21:09
redwolfwell, I don't know what to say, if Debian and all DEB distros fail you should consider using another kind21:09
LangleyYeah I guess... Until I get a new computer in 10 years or so21:10
redwolfit will work in the Raspberry Pi2 so.. :)21:11
LangleyWhat will?21:11
redwolfUbuntu and Lubuntu21:11
LangleyNot powerful enough...21:11
redwolfbut nice! :D21:12
LangleyBut I need power... Unlimited power21:14
redwolfare you going to build a company or something? :)21:17
LangleyNah probably not. I don't even know if I would dare running linux in a company21:18

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