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dholbachgood morning07:56
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sturmflutpopey, sverzegnassi: Feels like the Document Viewer on my E4.5 now renders PDF files faster than evince on the desktop o_O13:51
justCarakascan't wait till it the ppt viewer functionality of the Document Viewer  lands in the store13:58
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ahayzenballoons, does the new jenkins bot make use of the new launchpad hooks or does it still poll every 15mins?15:47
balloonsahayzen, it's still polling every few mins15:47
balloonsahayzen, the hooks stuff wasn't quite done at the time, but I'd be happy to move to it15:47
ahayzenah cool :-)15:47
ahayzenballoons, and are any of the projects running autopilot from the bot yet? i think music+weather are still skipping?15:48
balloonsyes, they are indeed atm15:48
balloonsthe old system has just been shut off. We'll turn it back on when we can dedicate a little time to making sure trunks pass15:49
balloonsI can start by having it run, but not fail if it fails15:50
ahayzenok :-)15:50
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voldymanhey i wanted to change the DNS server programatically, is there an API for it?18:01
ogra_heh, that would be quite a security flaw if any app could just change your DNS to one that rewrites urls to fishing sites18:02
voldymanmaybe require permissions for it or something18:03
ogra_well, i dont think there is an API for that18:04
ogra_network-manager might expose the info on dbus ... but i doubt you can change it through that18:04
* voldyman fires up d-feet18:04
* popey wonders if anyone has strong opinions on the colour scheme in the file manager app ...18:48
voldymanmy terminal is my file manager18:49
* popey plays with the file manager colour scheme... http://imgur.com/p84BPjd20:20
popeyopinions sought20:20
davmor2popey: either make the folders and home a shade darker, or the header and places a shade lighter and I think you are a winner20:24
popeyhttp://imgur.com/fHTHGYR better20:24
ahayzenpopey, looks like a nautilus replacement already ;-)20:25
popeyside by side comparison20:25
popeyinsert dog picture meme "I don't know what I'm doing"20:25
ahayzenpopey, your keeping both dark and light right? and have it configurable  ;-)20:26
popeyshut your face20:26
* ahayzen thinks all coreapps should have a ambience and radiance or suru light/dark like themes 20:26
popeyI agree!20:27
davmor2popey: I think the greys are basically too close to each other, another shade or two difference and it will stand out more with out looking ugly, but it makes reading the text much easier20:27
popeysadly these are ubuntu standard colours20:27
sverzegnassimusic-app looks better with a dark theme only, imho ^_^20:28
popeyyeah, part of me thinks we should keep the dark theme20:28
popeybecause it stands out a bit20:28
ahayzenpopey, there should be a canonical theme where it uses the purple palette for the corporate look ;-)20:28
davmor2popey: if you keep the dark just lighten the lower text so it is more readable20:28
popeyI think the dark filemanager theme needs work20:28
ahayzenyeah i agree, but i think it should be user configurable20:28
popeyin fact, the file manager could go darker to bring it in line with music :)20:29
popeyand terminal :)20:29
popeyAlso need to move fm to uc1.320:29
popeynot even started looking at that yet20:29
ahayzenhave fun with that ;-)20:30
popeyactually, the colours on fm will change if I bump to 1.3 wont they20:30
ahayzenthe header will change quite a bit20:30
popeyand other random things20:30
ahayzentry it see what happens!20:30
popeyhaha, i expect it wont build :)20:31
popeyand I'll get issues with listitems and things20:31
ahayzenyou should be able to use the old listitems alongside20:31
ahayzen(that's what our WIP weather bump does, and we have a separate branch to bump the listitems)20:31
popeyguess which one is uc1.320:36
popeyFile manager in "Where'd my header go!" shocker20:37
popeysverzegnassi, did you see my reply the other day about those office docs? they all opened fine on nexus 4?20:40
sverzegnassipopey: no, i was at uni that day and there was a bad wifi connection. i guess i've missed the message20:40
popeyokay, well good news!20:41
popeythey open :)20:41
sverzegnassiok, then my suspect about the RAM usage may be right. On the E5 (1GB RAM) one of those documents was not loaded.20:42
ahayzenpopey, hahaha20:46
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mcphailCan anyone get the qmake/qml template in the SDK to produce a valid .click package? I get errors where it fails to find the .desktop file20:58
mcphailI think it may be something to do with the .desktop file needing to be modified for translations. Perhaps this step isn't being called by qmake?21:04
popeymcphail, what version of the sdk?21:16
popeymcphail, i haven't updated for a few days and bzoltan_ said he was gonna update the sdk21:16
popeyI am scared to update21:17
mcphailpopey: whatever comes as stock with 15.10 - let me check21:21
mcphailpopey: QtC 3.5.021:22
mcphailI haven't used the qmake template before, but thought this was going to be becoming the default21:22
mcphailI don't know enough about qmake to debug21:24
popeyahayzen, so should I be able to just remove import Ubuntu.Components.ListItems 1.0 as ListItem21:27
popeyand it use the ListItem from uc 1.3?21:27
* popey flails around21:27
ahayzenerm maybe, if they haven't used swipe actions etc21:27
ahayzenpopey, you mean in this file? http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-filemanager-dev/ubuntu-filemanager-app/trunk/view/head:/src/app/qml/components/FolderListDelegate.qml21:29
popeyas well as all the others :)21:29
ahayzenpopey, I assume if you remove the listitems import and change ListItem.Subtitled to ListItem {} it'll complain about the use of subText:21:31
popeyneed to do this when I have a clear head :)21:32
sverzegnassipopey, have a look at the ListItemLayout component. It makes a bit easier to play with ListItem slots21:37
sverzegnassi(and breaks a bit of Autopilot tests)21:37
sverzegnassihere's an example in docviewer21:38

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