popeymarcoceppi_, i need to steal your playlist :)00:22
popeygood coding music00:22
marcoceppi_popey: ping lazypower to get a copy. It's his mix03:02
dholbachgood morning07:56
dpmmorning dholbach07:57
dholbachhey dpm07:59
dholbachhow are things in Stuttgart?07:59
dpmgood good, slowly waking up :)08:06
dholbachdpm, https://developer.ubuntu.com/en/snappy/guides/gadget-snaps/08:12
dholbachimages are loading08:12
dholbachnot sure what changed it, but it's working now08:12
dholbachI'll add a bit more text to the top08:12
dpmdholbach, ah, cool!08:13
dpmdholbach, I can only see generic images, though. Is that intended?08:14
dholbachso that's at least one "new" landing working08:14
dholbachdpm, I can see 10 images08:14
dholbachgeneric-i386 and generic-amd64 are the ones I'd call generic08:14
dholbachif you're commenting on the icons: the page would use images, if they were uploaded to the store, but it looks like nobody did08:15
dpmdholbach, here's what I see: http://i.imgur.com/uDXTMUU.png08:16
dholbachright, I'm seeing the same08:16
dpmyeah, that's what I meant, no specific images are shown, only the generic icon08:16
dholbachso what I said above: if somebody uploads a gadget snap without a specified icon, we show one of those (generic) snappy icons08:17
dholbachI could try to find out who maintains the snaps and see if they'd be willing to upload an image to go with it08:18
dpmyeah, I think that'd be good. Otherwise we might want to consider not showing the icon08:18
dholbachI think we tried that in the beginning and the page looked quite dull08:19
dholbachok, I'll figure something out08:19
dpmthanks dholbach08:20
dpmdholbach, another question: is there a more human-readable field that we could use as a title for each gadget? I.e. on "panda.gumstix" to show "Panda Board" instead?08:21
dholbachunfortunately not :-/08:23
dholbachthere's nothing coming from the store api that is more readable08:23
dpmok, let me ask beuno when he's up later on, perhaps there is a field they can make visible to the API08:28
dholbachdpm, this is wha uappexplorer does: https://uappexplorer.com/app/panda.gumstix08:33
dholbachbasically a   .split('.')[0]08:34
dpmdholbach, yeah, we could do that plus a capitalization of the first letter08:34
dpmnot sure where they get the icon, though08:35
dholbachI found a bug with the icons - I'm just fixing it right now08:35
dholbachwe imported everything from the store, but we were looking at screenshort_url instead of icon_url :)08:35
dholbachit's an easy fix08:35
dholbachdpm, would this look OK to you: Beagleblack, Pi2, Panda, Pepper, Overo, Duovero, Odroidc, Beagle (leaving out generic-*)08:36
dpmdholbach, yeah, I think until we have a field we can use directly (if we can have it), that would be a good workaround to make the names more readable08:37
dholbachsalut davidcalle08:49
davidcalleHey dholbach o/08:49
dholbachdavidcalle, showing the images on the gadget snap list is working08:50
dholbachdavidcalle, I'm just fixing a few small mistakes :)08:50
davidcalledholbach, I know, it was the same fix as the css for menus one. But as a side effect, not sure if you have noticed, but now, breadcrumbs have a large bottom padding08:55
davidcalle(fix was to update static files on prod)08:55
dholbachno, I didn't look at that one yet :-/08:55
davidcalledholbach, I just wanted to point it out, but if you reaction was not "ugh, it looks awful" when looking at any page on the site, I would call it a non-issue for now :)08:57
dholbachdavidcalle, https://code.launchpad.net/~dholbach/developer-ubuntu-com/show-gadgetsnap-images/+merge/27708909:05
dholbachdavidcalle, maybe you can help me with the size of the images - it doesn't quite match up with the placeholder images we used09:06
davidcalledholbach, do you know if snaps icons have a minimum size?09:06
dholbachlet me check09:06
dholbachdavidcalle, "A 256x256 icon that will be used when listing your app. If not provided, the value from the icon field from the click package manifest will be used."09:07
davidcalledholbach, what I meant earlier, btw, was that prod wasn't even showing fallback images (the ended up on a 404), and that it was fixed09:08
dholbachdavidcalle, yes, I closed https://bugs.launchpad.net/developer-ubuntu-com/+bug/150553909:09
davidcalledholbach, oops, forgot :)09:09
dholbachdavidcalle, looking at https://trello.com/c/mFtSDK7G/60-add-a-device-list-2 I wonder if we need a "short list of devices"09:10
dholbachbecause if we want it to on the front page, it shouldn't be this big table I'd say09:10
dholbachdpm, ^ what do you think?09:10
* dpm reads backlog09:11
dholbachjust the last 2-3 lines09:11
davidcalledholbach, we can probably go smaller, indeed :) The initial idea was a dedicated page, hence the current size09:11
dholbachdavidcalle, maybe we can offer both09:11
dpmI think it might be good to have a shortlist and then a search option to show all perhaps09:12
dholbachsearch option as in "directly query the api"?09:13
dpmI was going to say like http://partners.ubuntu.com/find-a-partner - but then I see that we're showing _all_ partners on that page already :)09:13
davidcalledholbach, I can envision a future where we list apps "using some API" on API and tutorials pages and a smaller format would work for it as well. I'd be tempted to ditch the large version for now, it's just a template change :)09:14
davidcalledpm, shortlist as in "smaller icon and box size" we are not on queries yet09:14
dholbachdavidcalle, I'll take a quick look at having one template for a small list and this big one09:14
davidcalledholbach, I've started on it actually, since I'm fixing fallback icons09:15
dholbachI'll leave it in your capable hands then :)09:15
* dholbach hugs davidcalle09:15
* davidcalle hugs dholbach back09:15
dpmno, I wasn't suggesting to do queries yet, I think  for now we're fine in doing a regular sync and then be able to handle the data the way we want it on the site (e.g. showing a shortlist or a full list)09:16
davidcalledpm, ah, right. eg. showing the n latest by default?09:18
dpmdavidcalle, yeah, or marking a few as "featured" in the admin, and showing those as the shortlist09:18
davidcalledpm, right, we don't have the admin for it yet, I'll look into it09:19
davidcalledholbach, woah, it looks huge indeed :)09:19
dpmdavidcalle, no worries, just an idea prompted by dholbach's shortlist suggestion09:20
dpmdavidcalle, what's the plan with fixing the breadcrumbs bottom margin?09:20
davidcalledpm, asking webteam :)09:20
dpmdavidcalle, ok, thanks is this something you could look into today? I'm a bit worried about the production site's look atm09:22
davidcalledpm, on the other hand, I don't think it's awful, it actually highlights breadcrumbs, I'll ask them in a short moment09:22
dpmhm, I'm not sure I agree on this one09:22
davidcalledholbach, hmm, I'm tempted to ditch descriptions09:26
davidcalleOr not, nvm.09:28
davidcalledholbach, I would suggest : one or two lines of boards (with a slightly smaller form factor than what we currently have), then a link to a page listing all boards, would that work for you?09:36
davidcalledpm ^09:36
dholbachdavidcalle, so for the smaller list, this would be just like a small table listing what we have?09:38
davidcalledholbach, a small table would work, yes09:40
dholbachyes, that sounds good09:40
* davidcalle will send screenshots in a short moment, to make sure we are on the same page :)09:40
dholbachI just added a bit of text to the top of the page09:51
dpmdavidcalle, dholbach, something like http://imgur.com/FNaSwJD ?09:53
dholbachdpm, is the [x] a scaled-down version of the image?09:54
dpmdholbach, [x] is generally the way images are shown as placeholders in web mockups09:55
dpmit just indicates there is an image there09:55
dholbachdpm, which image would it be in this case?09:55
dpmI think we could go with the same approach as now: icon as available from the store, if no icon, generic snappy grey con09:56
dholbachok, that's what I thought, so a scaled-down version of what we show now09:56
dholbachdavidcalle, was your approach going to be the same thing as dpm's? ^ :)09:56
dpmexactly, so a scaled-down version on the front page and full on the gadgets page09:57
dpmoh, I was just trying to see if we're on the same page, mine is the same proposal as davidcalle's, if I understood  it correctly09:57
davidcalledholbach, dpm, pretty much, yeah09:57
dholbachawesome :-D09:58
* dpm hugs dholbach and davidcalle09:59
dholbachsorry for moving a new card to our current sprint10:00
dholbachbut this morning I noticed that we were almost there with the gadget snap list....... :)10:00
dpmit's all good news in any case :)10:47
davidcalledpm, dholbach: http://imgur.com/LZvpCW7 , thoughts?11:13
dholbachthat's brilliant!11:14
davidcalledholbach, if dpm agrees, let's roll with it for v1, next step would be to actually query the API at run time (at least for the shortlist) with the parameters we want (eg snap store & sort by rating or download count)11:19
dholbachdavidcalle, hum... you mean we query the store api for every view of the page? or what does "run time" mean in this context?11:20
davidcalledholbach, yeah, do you think it's asking too much to the store API?11:20
dpmdavidcalle, looks great to me. I have some comments, but are minor things regarding the format that we can look at in detail before hitting publish.11:20
dholbachdavidcalle, we could ask beuno, but I'd say that it's too much11:21
davidcalledholbach, it's to avoid loading thousands of items in the db during the night, I mean, we already have this db, it's the store :)11:21
dholbachwasn't that the reason why we used the cronjob?11:22
dholbachand we're not loading too many items from the db11:24
davidcalledholbach, for now, but I'm thinking about other use cases, like showcasing phone apps. popey, how many time does your click store parsing take?11:26
davidcalledholbach, in any case, that's a discussion for later :)11:26
popeynot too long11:26
popeywhat do you need?11:26
dholbachok cool11:26
davidcallepopey, metadata for all apps11:27
dholbachlet's ask beuno - I just tried to avoid hammering other sites databases wherever I could11:27
davidcalledholbach, and that's an excellent point, I don't deny it11:28
* dholbach hugs davidcalle11:28
dholbachgreat work on the gadget snaps list11:29
dholbachthanks a lot!11:29
davidcallepopey, let's say we want to showcase apps on d.u.c, we are wondering if we should copy the full store content locally at night and use this, or simply query the myapps API when the page loads11:29
davidcallepopey, anyway as I said, that's a discussion for later that should involve beuno, thanks :)11:29
davidcalledholbach, can you change the branch owner so I can push to it?11:34
dholbachdavidcalle, https://code.launchpad.net/~developer-ubuntu-com-dev/developer-ubuntu-com/show-gadgetsnap-images11:36
dholbachdavidcalle, another option instead of a cronjob would be a context_processor where we either check time_since_last_lookup or number_or_requests_since_last_lookup11:37
davidcalledholbach, that's a nice idea11:38
davidcallea very nice one11:38
dholbachwe would need to save it somewhere in the db though11:38
dpmdholbach, davidcalle, popey, balloons, is any of you up for the Q&A today?11:43
popeyI didn't do it last week due to the Q&A clashing with a session I think. Up for it this week.11:43
dholbachI'd be up as well11:43
popeyTEAM EURO!11:43
dholbachpopey, you don't have the euro!11:44
popeyYeah, I let the kids play with that funny money :)11:44
davidcalledholbach, pushed11:47
dholbachdavidcalle, another problem could be that whoever loads the page when the content needs to be updated might have to wait... or encounter a database which is down on the other end - that shouldn't happen very often, but should be something we look into as well11:47
davidcalledholbach, true11:47
davidcalledpm, I won't be able to do the Q&A, please share your comments about the screenshot, I'll address them right after picking up lunch (or explain why you are wrong :p) :)11:48
dholbachdavidcalle, "|divisibleby:1"?11:49
dpmnice try davidcalle :)11:50
davidcalledholbach, always a useful check! *cough*, I'm keeping that in case I need to tweak the layout and not do twelve-col, will ditch it if it's indeed twelve-col :)11:51
dholbachok ok11:51
davidcalledholbach, that's "super defensive" programming: we never check if integers are divisible by 1! :p11:53
dholbachyes, you never know11:53
dholbachdavidcalle, for me it looks like this: https://imgur.com/SpLz6aS12:41
dholbachpopey, shall we chat about snapcraft before we start the Q&A?12:41
davidcalledholbach, that's normal, now you need to use it into a div class="row"12:44
dholbachahhhh ok, thanks12:44
dholbachin that case it's good to go for me :)12:44
davidcalledholbach, that's the only way to make it feel part of the rest of the page, the padding of other solutions is just too much :)12:44
davidcalledholbach, yay, now waiting for dpm comments12:45
dholbachrelocating to the office, bbiab12:48
dpmdavidcalle, is this on a draft page I can look at, atm?12:57
davidcalledpm, in branch only12:58
davidcalledpm, https://code.launchpad.net/~developer-ubuntu-com-dev/developer-ubuntu-com/show-gadgetsnap-images/+merge/27708912:58
davidcalledpm, do you want me to do a draft page with it, I can reproduce it manually12:58
dpmdavidcalle, not if it's just extra work for you, I can work with the screenshot, no worries12:59
davidcalledpm, ok12:59
dpmdavidcalle, how much of the content is code and how much CMS?13:00
dpmi.e. what can I change when this is on a live page?13:00
davidcalledpm, the two lists of boxes are code, that's it13:01
dpmok, cool13:01
dpmdavidcalle, and how is the shortlist generated?13:04
davidcalledpm, only constraint is that they only work very well in twelve-col divs, in other sized divs, they will still work, but may have small padding issues.13:05
davidcalledpm, beginning of the big list, which is based on updated_date of snaps13:05
dpmdavidcalle, http://pad.ubuntu.com/gadget-page-feedback let me know what you think, or let me know why I'm wrong ;)13:15
davidcalledpm, my bad I haven't noticed this comment was about the shortlist13:28
dpmdavidcalle, np, I had also missed the fact that it's not trivial to choose which link13:28
davidcalledpm, also, I don't want to hardcode a page url in the template13:28
davidcalledpm, that's why I've kept things like the "read more" out of the code13:29
dpmdavidcalle, no, I'm not a friend of hardcoding, either.13:29
dpmso it seems the easiest thing might be to go with no link13:30
dpmhowever, how do you actually go about inserting the shortlist on the main page? Wouldn't you need a full template?13:30
davidcalledpm, simply add the "Snpp Shortlist - Gadgets" plugin in a row div13:33
dpmah, so one is a plugin and the other is a template, or are both plugins?13:35
davidcalledpm, template is just a generic django term for any html used to render data. They are both plugins, and should both be used in twelve-col divs, in text or raw html plugins. This gives more flexibility than using them as standalone plugins (even if it's still possbile, I haven't found how to disable it).13:40
dpmok, gotcha (I think)13:41
dholbachdavidcalle, bad news: we're going to need another migration for the store_data thing13:58
dholbachwe're supposed to use .title13:58
dholbachdavidcalle, pushed the necessary changes14:14
dholbachdpm, ^ the MP uses .title14:14
davidcalledholbach,  sorry, I was reading the API doc, can you add last_updated as well?14:15
dpmgreat, thanks dholbach. I guess we'll still need the name massaging given the status of the titles uploaders write14:15
dholbachdpm, that's what style_snap_name() in https://code.launchpad.net/~developer-ubuntu-com-dev/developer-ubuntu-com/show-gadgetsnap-images/+merge/277089 does - let me know if there's anything else missing14:16
dholbachdavidcalle, last_updated for each of the entries?14:16
davidcalledholbach, yes and "website"14:16
dholbachdavidcalle, we have last_updated14:17
dholbachI'll add the website field14:18
davidcalledholbach, current last updated is the duc db time update, we should have the actual date the snap was updated in the store14:19
dpmdholbach, lgtm for the parts I can understand :)14:19
dholbachdavidcalle, where do we get website from? is it also a field in the api?14:19
davidcalledholbach, yes, simply called "website"14:21
davidcalledholbach, you'll have to teach me how to create migrations :)14:24
dholbachdavidcalle, in the api?14:26
dholbachI can't seem to find it14:27
dholbachpopey, I'll set up the Q&A14:31
popeyok. I'm just grabbing a late lunch14:31
dholbachdavidcalle, basically it's just:14:31
popeybe back in 10-1514:31
dholbachdavidcalle,  ./env/bin/python manage.py schemamigration store_data add_title_field --auto14:31
dholbachand then migrate and bzr add <migrations-file>14:31
dholbachmhall119, dpm: can you confirm that the Q&A is in 30m?14:33
dholbachdavidcalle, I guess I won't have time to do the website thing today14:33
dpmdholbach, I think it should be at the same time as usual, i.e. in 1h3014:33
davidcalledholbach, no worries :)14:33
dholbachdpm, in the calendar it's at 30m14:33
dholbachin the team calendar I mean14:34
dholbachdpm, if we do it in 1h30m, I can't make it to the donations call with clan14:34
dholbachpopey, ^14:35
dholbachok.... I'll announce it for in 1h15m then14:47
dholbachdavidcalle, in that case, I can add the website field... if you tell me where to get the information from14:48
popeyI am easy14:48
davidcalledholbach, simply with the rest of the data, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/AppStore/Interfaces/ClickPackageIndex#line-28014:49
dholbachdavidcalle, KeyError: 'website'14:49
davidcalledholbach, you'll probably want to do a entry.get('website', None) instead of entry['website'], though, it doesn't seem to be required when adding a snap14:49
dholbachpopey, I got the event set up and ubuntuonair.com updated14:49
popeydholbach, so it's in 1 hour 10mins right?14:49
* popey gets his hair ready14:49
popeyjust enough time14:49
dholbachdavidcalle, field added14:52
davidcalledholbach, ty :)14:52
mhall119fyi, I've changed the timezone on the calendar entry to be UTC, so it will always be at 1600 UTC14:56
dholbachah, you just changed it, ok - thanks! :)14:57
popeymhall119, i managed to break my apps scanning script a bit, will update you and the sheet when it's fixed15:05
mhall119popey: ok15:09
popeymhall119, i need a better way to identify "does this click package contain executables"15:10
popeypreviously I just looked for .so files, but that's not fair, some are just a single binary executable I imagine with no .so files15:10
popeybut it's roughly accurate15:10
popeyI expect those which have binaries almost all have a .so in somewhere15:10
popeyit's all a big brute force kludge :)15:10
mhall119popey: by "contain executables" do you mean binaries compiled from C++?15:11
popeyor go.. or python ;)15:12
popeyI don't discriminate on language perversion.15:12
mhall119but not QML or HTML515:12
mhall119I mean, you could check file permissions for +x15:12
popeyno, the measure is "does this click package contain any architecture specific components"15:12
popeytried that :)15:12
dholbachpopey, http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/13216403/ is from click-reviewers-tools15:12
mhall119oh, well python isn't arch specific15:12
popeyit is15:13
dholbachpopey, and there are a bunch of other checks in the code as well15:13
popeywhen you bundle the python binary in your click like a good person15:13
mhall119oh right, bundling15:13
popeyactually looking at the filename is a good clue :D15:13
popey_armhf _multi etc15:13
popeyduh :)15:13
mhall119I suppose you could run `file` on everything in the package looking for something with ELF headers15:13
popeythanks dholbach15:13
popeyi did that :)15:13
popeywell, I do that too15:13
popeytakes a lot longer15:14
popeyi think it's good enough right now to look for .so files15:14
popeyas that's consistent with the previous runs15:14
popeyI now also identify binaries like i386, amd64 and armhf, and also if it's linked against SDL15:14
mhall119"good enough" is goog enough, there's always going to be packages that don't fall neatly into just one category anyway15:16
dholbachpopey, I guess we'll start the propaganda machinery now? :)15:27
* popey puts his propaganda trousers on15:29
* balloons readies his canon15:29
* mhall119 plays the propaganda slide-whistle15:29
dholbachnice, looks like we're working as a team here :-P15:30
popeyterrible 80's song that davmor2 would be proud of15:30
popey(by propaganda)15:30
popeyThe video is about as 80s as it's possible to get without knocking down a german wall.15:31
* balloons eyes AND ears are bleeding15:31
popeyIt's only popular in the UK because part of the song was used during the titles of a TV programme :)15:32
* popey goes back to other things15:32
* dholbach prepares for the worst15:32
dholbachdavmor2 really likes that song? :)15:33
popeyhe loves all 80s songs15:33
popeyhe's stuck in a time vortex or something15:33
dholbachpopey, shall we start the hangout now, so we can chat about snapcraft still?15:46
dholbachdavidcalle, mhall119: mail to Daniel sent - I CCed you because I thought you'd be interested15:46
popeydholbach, just grabbing coffee, 2 min15:46
davidcalledholbach, reading it, thanks a lot15:47
dholbachcool cool15:47
popeydholbach, link?15:50
dholbachpopey, https://plus.google.com/hangouts/_/hoaevent/AP36tYcwua5jDE8hJHoWq4SKb0Pa6e7S3fHU0dA9s_TT_6NQVCMqVQ15:51
balloonspopey, I remember the issue with dropping letters now. It doesn't build via cmake16:28
* davidcalle -> xenial16:44
balloonsI'm so proud of you guys all upgrading early in the cycle :-)16:47
popeyballoons, oh bum.16:58
balloonsI seem to remember trying to fix that at some point. Regardless, the jobs are all there now. I'll disable them again so it doesn't do needless tries over and over17:00
dholbachmhall119, davidcalle: https://groups.google.com/forum/#!topic/django-cms/jcQEuJ3VQaM17:03
dholbachdavidcalle, go go go!17:03
dholbachballoons, man, I'm on the LTS :-)17:03
davidcalledholbach, yes!17:04
popeyballoons, I'll take a look at converting to cmake17:04
dholbachall right my friends - see you all tomorrow!17:07
=== dpm_ is now known as dpm
davidcalledpm, you have probably missed when you were bombarded with questions, but it seems that http://i.imgur.com/TRHa5Zu.png is our best way forward for duc menus17:08
dpmdavidcalle, sorry, I was in a call. I had seen the ping but hadn't looked at the page yet17:11
davidcalledpm, no worries :)17:11
dpmwill look at it in detail in a moment17:12
davidcalledpm, ok, I'll probably be off as soon as the upgrade to xenial has finished, let's follow up by email if needed17:13
* davidcalle is on his way home, have a nice eod =)17:19
dpm(too late)17:22
popeyhows tricks?18:48
czajkowskiI am 142 conferences in for reviewing 2016 event18:48
czajkowskiI may go insane!18:48
mhall119czajkowski: how many in Florida?18:49
czajkowskijust the one so far18:49
czajkowskiand it's one that wasn't well attended from our speakers point18:49
czajkowskimhall119: http://www.orlandocodecamp.com/18:49
mhall119oh, didn't know about that one18:50
czajkowskilooks like March is a very heavy confernece month18:51
mhall119oh, that's way up in Lake Mary, not even technically Orlando18:51
mhall119no wonder it has poor attendance18:52
czajkowskimhall119: can play the random pick a city and I'll tell you if there is a confernece there18:52
czajkowskiI even get to go to austin next year18:52
czajkowskijust not sure how I'm gonna manage that one18:53
czajkowskiland from honeymoon and take off to OSCON18:53
popeywhere you guys going on honeymoon to?18:53
czajkowskiOrlando :D18:54
czajkowskithere's a confernece in Nebraska!18:54
czajkowskipopey: yes we're not counting down to wedding, counting down to 2 weeks at disney :D18:58
czajkowskipopey: that was the easiest decision with himself, where would hyou like to go, disneyworld,, YES. Done. Booked.18:58
mhall119well we at least get you see you then19:04
czajkowski:D yes!19:06
czajkowskimhall119: you're gonna have to recommend stuff to do19:06
czajkowskifancy a daytona beach trip19:06
czajkowskiKennedy space center19:06
czajkowski24 weeks eeeep19:06
* mhall119 hasn't been to KSC in decades19:07
mhall119honestly, I lived in daytona beach for a year, was not impressed19:07
czajkowskiI know but as we're there...19:09
popeyI went to KSC 4 years ago when I first started at Canonical19:23
popeyin fact it's exactly 4 years this week!19:23
czajkowskipopey: congrats!19:24
popeysladen looking at a rocket, at KSC19:25
willcookeIs that from CPLAT?19:31
czajkowskiwillcooke: :o good evening!19:33
willcookehello czajkowski19:33
willcookehow goes?19:33
czajkowskiwillcooke: good and busy which is you know, good :)19:33
willcookeand busy19:33
czajkowskiyeah but it keeps me off irc which is good :) so evening is Ubuntu work and irc and a little work19:34
czajkowskihave some USA calls trying to get out of an 11pm one :/19:34
czajkowskipesky timezones19:34
czajkowskion a good note it gives me ideas for my talk in January, dealing with cultural divide, and internal advocacy in a distribtued team/company19:35
czajkowski that is one thing Canonical does very well19:35
czajkowskifrom the start all are on irc and can be easily found19:36
balloonspleia2, for UWN, here's a text version of the track summaries: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UDS/Summaries/UOS151119:37
czajkowskimhall119: another Florida one https://www.codeonthebeach.com/23:03

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