TJ-No, 44.1khz  stereo samples 88.2K samples per second, usually 16-bit, for 176.4Kbytes/second00:01
TJ-For broadcast it's a bit different, FM stereo analogue broadcasts L+R and L-R00:02
TJ-L+R means you can do mono fallback without loss of content, L-R means you can then do (L+R)+(L-R)=2L (the left signal) and (L+R)-(L-R)=2R, the right signal00:04
TJ-L-R is simply broadcast at 38kHz, above the audio range, with the L+R in the normal audiable range00:05
daftykinsthat's joint-stereo and full stereo right?00:06
daftykinsor is it not called that in FM o000:06
TJ-no, 'joint-stereo' is the concept in compressed signals of encoding the shared signal only once00:09
TJ-FM stereo is 'matrix-stero' (mid-sideband stereo)00:10
TJ-I developed the 'joint-stereo' algorithms in the 1980s without realizing it was particularly special, so the MP3 folks at Fraunhoffer got to name it ! I called it de-duplication00:11
daftykins:D wowzer, so were you working for them at the time?00:12
TJ-No, I had no idea they even existed, I was well before MP2/MP3 were born.00:12
daftykinsi feel i'm in the presence of an audio engineering rockstar now :)00:14
TJ-I started out writing games engines, focusing on sound, with a school-friend partner. He focused on the graphics side. We had a customer wanted to store a lot of sampled audio, and compression was the only solution. I began researching it and at the time interpolation was about the state-of-the-art, so I went off and developed a compression system that typically achieved 50:1 with music, and higher00:14
TJ-with less dynamically diverse sources, and then patented and licenced it to various companies: games, engineering, telecommuncations, computing00:14
TJ-This was in the days of the Commodore Amiga, Atari 520 ST, Spectrum, BBC Micro, et al00:15
TJ-Our engine was cross-platform, written in assembler, and games companies licenced it from us and put their games on top. Think 'API/framework' in modern parlance00:15
daftykinshmm probably too early for me then to have heard if it had a name00:16
TJ-Well, I called it asterix, but it was never a consumer thing, it was used in the internals of larger systems. The biggest users back then were telecoms companies wanting to multiplex voice circuits that had been switching to digital.00:19
TJ-instead of installing more cable/fibre between PoPs they could put some hardware on either end of the link and typically put 100 voice calls down the same link that 1 had required previously00:20
daftykinssounds like that took off in a big way :>00:21
TJ-the most enjoyable implementations were for digital jukeboxes, when hard disks started replacing CDs, and when a 320MB SCSI drive back then was full-height and about £1200, so compressing the music saved a massive amount00:22
TJ-I used to test using Madonna's track 'Like a Virgin' and I got to the point I feel sick whenever I hear it now :)00:23
TJ-I seem to have a knack for getting deep into the guts of technology :)00:24
daftykinsmmm Madonna overdose00:25
daftykinswell that's fascinating stuff TJ-00:36
daftykinsi shall have to remember you in all topics audio ;)00:37
daftykinsright i think it's time for that early bed00:37
daftykinsg'night all o/00:37
TJ-g'night, me too I think00:37
lotuspsychjegood morning to all03:51
OerHekshi lotus03:51
lotuspsychjehey OerHeks :p03:52
TJ-morning ... again!03:55
OerHeksagain and again and again ..03:55
lotuspsychjeyou cant just get rid of me03:56
OerHeksThat lotuspsychje is a nightowl too03:56
lotuspsychjeooo oooo03:56
lotuspsychjeooo11OO111OO1 a digital nightowl03:56
TJ-lotuspsychje: Your KV8 manual, BIOS reference, page 3-13 LDT & PCI Bus Control, may have a setting that is causing the issue with the WMP600N. See http://data.manualslib.com/pdf3/61/6019/601840-abit/kv8max3.pdf?17bb938c96dcf6a267078151fc0fa9ab03:57
lotuspsychjelets c03:58
TJ-lotuspsychje: I'd suggest doing a BIOS factory default reset once again, then looking at those settings, take a photo as they are by default so I can see, then try altering them and testing03:58
lotuspsychjeTJ-: yeah ill do cmos and battery takeout03:58
TJ-Also, the interupts are shared over the various devices/PCI sockets. Page 3-19 onwards shows the settings and there's a table on page 3-2003:59
lotuspsychjei tryed many things already,minimal defaults, optimized,all pci settings change03:59
lotuspsychjebut it would make most sense its a mobo issue04:00
lotuspsychjebut why ubuntu sees it as a wrong device puzzles me lol04:01
lotuspsychjeone would think, you can see the card or totaly not04:01
TJ-It could be a timing issue, and that LDT stuff affects that04:03
lotuspsychjeTJ-: i have all ltd/pci settings default as the manual right now04:03
TJ-PCI1/PCI2 Master 0 WS Write especially04:03
TJ-When that is enabled writes are performed with 0 wait-states. Set it to Disabled and 1 wait state is inserted. That might help04:04
lotuspsychjeill try to fool around with it04:04
TJ-the other possiblity is, the slot the WMP600N is in is using the same resources as the AGP card, or a system device04:05
TJ-So the table on 3-20 would help figure out a slot config that avoids any posible conflict04:06
lotuspsychjeTJ-: there must be something, as the card worked like a charm before04:06
TJ-lotuspsychje: right, and the fact we know the card's PCI config space contains the correct values but when the kernel scans the bus it gets that first byte corrupted, says there's a hardware/timing issuing04:09
TJ-It could be the card not mapping its config registers into memory fast enough for the system even. Does the PC have any clock controls so you could reduce the Front-Side Bus MHz as a test?04:11
lotuspsychjeTJ-: got a reply on my bug from dev to test another specific kernel bah, not gonan try it04:11
TJ-lotuspsychje: don't blame you; a lot of that stuff is automated, or done without actually reading the bug report04:11
lotuspsychjeTJ-: yes its got in-bios overclocking04:11
TJ-try slowing it down04:11
lotuspsychjelets get this puzzle straight soon :p04:13
TJ-it's like being sherlock holmes sometimes04:14
TJ-After you've eliminated all the other possibilities, whatever remains, no matter how improbable, is the answer04:15
lotuspsychjeTJ-: i love systematic thinking :p04:16
TJ-Well, it beats the heck out of reinstalling :)04:16
lotuspsychjeTJ-: my xenial just keep rocknrolling for now on it :p04:17
lotuspsychjelol: https://omnirat.eu/04:40
lotuspsychjei wonder if clamav picks it already04:40
wileeemain channel needs a check if your medicated at the door07:38
lotuspsychjewileee: 1800 users though :p09:38
wileeeyeah, darn lurkers09:38
wileeeyou forget they are there09:39
lotuspsychjeidling support09:39
lotuspsychjewileee: the new omnirat that can take linux: https://omnirat.eu/09:40
wileeeheh, do it all while on the beach, this happened to all the pro studio musicians when digital hit09:41
lotuspsychjewileee: scanned clamav database already and showing omni09:42
wileeemusic though it has made a lot of people able to be creative in a simpler process so in the end is good, strange being a trained player though when you meet these folk and hey are really interesting without the standard path followed. Always been these players self taught anyway.09:45
wileeehere is a local group, one member played in a total improv group I was in self taught and probably the most creative person I've worked with, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E7iUMSQnHUM09:52
wileeethese guys are really out there09:52
lotuspsychjelets c09:53
wileeebeautiful noize09:54
lotuspsychjewileee: what genre is this called09:54
lotuspsychjenever heard something like that b409:54
lotuspsychjeoh..experimental noise09:56
wileeelotuspsychje, Not sure there is a genre really, many do this though in some form or another, the detune of the pitch sounds to me like some composers who went beyond 12 tones, ex noise yeah sound good09:56
wileeeThey did an album with some others I know in honor of Joseph Campbel after his passing.09:57
wileeea person I know new him09:58
lotuspsychjewileee: like this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=38r6SYN8kLg10:02
wileeelotuspsychje, Sure, lots of variations to some extent, my guys rarely as smegma do a beat, however here are some of them as another group. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5X3YUW2ztf410:04
* lotuspsychje likes crazy stylez10:04
wileeeI like it your link10:04
lotuspsychjelol thats very experimental10:06
wileeeI played in a jazz quartet with the trumpet player called Years of Sweat10:06
lotuspsychjei like the first noise better10:06
lotuspsychjewileee: wich instrument you play?10:06
wileeetenor sax, flute, clarinet, other saxesand fretless bass10:06
lotuspsychjewileee: trumpet myself and groovebox 505 used to10:07
lotuspsychjei kind like digital music10:07
wileeeCool, have you heard of Dave Monet's trumpets?10:07
wileeehttp://www.monette.net/  this will blow your mind10:08
wileeeI knew Dave in high school he was a instrument repairman at a music store I was the janitor at10:09
wileeeI feel really lucky I've lived an interesting life without even trying, probably many feel that way I guess10:10
wileeehappened on linux just needing a computer for college, and now I'm here harassing users, it's a beautiful dream. ;)10:13
lotuspsychjefew users complained about slow apt-get update today USA11:47
lotuspsychjeand new security hole out for all ubuntu versions see !usn11:47
ubot5Please see http://www.ubuntu.com/usn for information about Ubuntu security updates.11:48
lotuspsychjethe article about it: http://linux.softpedia.com/blog/canonical-patches-linux-kernel-vulnerability-in-ubuntu-15-10-15-04-14-04-and-12-04-lts-495939.shtml11:49
ubot5Wayland is a display server protocol that is intended to replace X. More information can be found at http://wayland.freedesktop.org/ . Ubuntu is instead focusing on development of !Mir; see its factoid for more information.11:54
BluesKajHowdy all12:55
lotuspsychjehey BluesKaj and EriC^^12:58
EriC^^hey lotuspsychje12:58
BluesKajhi lotuspsychje13:03
BluesKajback on Trusty . Tired of small unreadable fonts on plasma5. Setting the fonts on systemsettings5 as root only works on titlebars , not the toolbars or dialogs on apps requiring root like partition editors etc ....it's a real pita13:13
BluesKajposting this in #kubuntu-devel as well13:14
EriC^^lotuspsychje: i bought a samsung :P13:17
EriC^^couldn't find lg with the right stand to be honest though :D13:17
lotuspsychjeEriC^^: wich 1?13:17
EriC^^it's 1366x768, couldn't find 1920x1080 in 32" size13:17
EriC^^said none of the suppliers are giving them that13:17
lotuspsychjeEriC^^: nice and happy with quality?13:17
EriC^^yeah it's nice13:18
lotuspsychjeEriC^^: try a 1080p mkv on it :p13:19
EriC^^that's not a bad idea13:19
EriC^^i want to get a hdmi cable today and maybe dvd player13:19
EriC^^and some usbs and stuff13:19
lotuspsychjequality of the tv will show best on bluray quality13:20
EriC^^there's a guy here that sells dvd's for like $1 / movie13:20
EriC^^if there's a nice bluray movie i might get one ( i can play it on the ps3 right? )13:20
lotuspsychjeEriC^^: not sure of ps3 dont have one myself13:21
EriC^^how to put on a usb maybe ill try a bit13:22
EriC^^pretty bored13:22
EriC^^fat32 and put the movie on it and just plug it in the tv?13:22
lotuspsychjentfs for 4gig+ files13:22
* EriC^^ goes to get the usb from the car13:22
lotuspsychjelike if you grab a 9gig mkv13:23
lotuspsychjeit will need ntfs or ext413:23
EriC^^mp4 works?13:27
EriC^^crap usb wont fit13:28
EriC^^it's 1gb13:28
EriC^^i'e a 16gb one but it has archlinux on it :/13:28
lotuspsychjeEriC^^: brrip is nice but also 1gig+13:29
EriC^^i put some scenes from matrix on the usb13:29
lotuspsychjeif its 1080p even a trailer :p13:29
EriC^^i'll give it a shot to see, if it works, i think ill put on the arch i have it imaged anyways13:30
EriC^^it works!13:39
EriC^^i wonder if i can just use the external usb drive13:39
EriC^^just had that idea about to format the other usb13:40
lotuspsychjeEriC^^: yes, but not for subtitles13:40
lotuspsychjeEriC^^: it will play most formats raw13:40
lotuspsychjeEriC^^: unless the subs are builtin13:41
Latrodectuslotuspsychje: how's your day been going?14:50
lotuspsychjeLatrodectus: fine mate14:51
Latrodectusthat's good14:52
lotuspsychjehow about you Latrodectus14:52
Latrodectusgood so far14:52
Latrodectusnothing to gripe about14:53
lotuspsychjenew security holes out for ubuntu versions14:53
ubot5Please see http://www.ubuntu.com/usn for information about Ubuntu security updates.14:54
lotuspsychjeand some users have been complaining about US sources slow apt-get update14:54
lotuspsychjeits been slow in #ubuntu today, no other news :p14:54
Latrodectuslotuspsychje: ty for the update14:55
Latrodectusof cource the us sources are slow... murrican internet14:56
Latrodectusmurrican internet -> anything but free14:56
lotuspsychjeoh well there is #ubuntu-mirrors for known issues14:57
Latrodectusthere should almost be a torrent dir for updates14:57
lotuspsychjethat would be alot of work14:57
lotuspsychjebut nice idea14:58
Latrodectusit would scale with demand14:58
Latrodectusbut then security would be in the hands or p2p14:58
lotuspsychjeOerHeks helps seeding torrents i think14:58
lotuspsychjeyeah check the userlist names14:59
daftykinsafternoon o/15:00
OerHeksTorrents are safe, you can check the md5sum.15:00
daftykinshmm sneaky TVs: http://arstechnica.co.uk/security/2015/11/own-a-vizio-smart-tv-its-watching-you/15:00
lotuspsychjehey daftykins !15:00
OerHeksand yes, i seed them, but today the average download is low15:00
LatrodectusOerHeks: but some users don't know how to check hashes...15:00
ubot5To verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows15:01
ubot5See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuHashes for the md5sums of all downloadable Ubuntu releases15:01
OerHeksi see this page is up2date, but the picture says 9.04 .. pretty outdated https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BitTorrent15:02
lotuspsychjeOerHeks: cool page15:03
Latrodectus ^15:07
lotuspsychjeTJ-: good evening mate15:33
* TJ- waves the solder15:33
TJ-I think I've got one of those Abit KV8 mobos in my stores somewhere; I'm going to look, if so, I can test the same scenario as you have15:35
lotuspsychjeTJ-: ill test it out soon tnx15:35
lotuspsychjebbl loggin on xenial box15:40
lotus|xenialTJ-: and the mystery continues lol15:52
lotus|xenialTJ-: cmos clear and battery out did nothing15:53
lotus|xenialTJ-: pci/ltd bios options all on default15:53
daftykinsno updates for your board available i take it?15:54
lotus|xenialdaftykins: not sure, but it worked on trusty thats whats weird right15:54
TJ-And the mobos in my store aren't precisely the same15:54
daftykinsoh yeah15:55
TJ-lotus|xenial: OK, so we now know it has default settings. Now try altering those LDT settings. First one was to change the Master WS Write to Disabled15:55
lotus|xenialok lemme go try that15:55
TJ-lotus|xenial: Oh, and make sure that the WMP600N is actually in PCI1 or PCI2 port15:55
lotus|xenialTJ-: the first or seconf ontop right15:56
lotus|xenialor bottom?15:56
TJ-I think PC1 is nearest the AGP slot, let me check15:56
lotus|xeniali cant use pci1 as the x800 is a big card15:56
lotus|xenialpci2 is possible15:56
TJ-Yes, PCI1 is nearest the AGP slot.15:57
TJ-Right, PCI2 then :)15:57
lotus|xenialok brb lemme change15:57
TJ-daftykins: I brought that blown SSD back to life today.. amazing what 20p of transistor can do :)15:57
daftykinsi like a good resurrection15:58
TJ-Now all I need is to get the host mobo to boot from USB!16:00
daftykinsthere's always plop :>16:00
TJ-how is that going to help if the BIOS won't read the USB device?16:00
TJ-its an 'embedded' mobo so no drives hanging off it, so its either USB, PXE, or do the install from another PC, but I'm trying to force it to behave - as it has booted from USB previously. I vaguely recall I had to pull the CMOS battery or something after each successful USB boot16:02
daftykinsoh ok i thought a standard system16:03
daftykinsi thought plop was a bootable CD that can pass over to flash drives was all16:03
* daftykins is preparing for patch tuesday16:06
TJ-Yes, it does. The issue here is perplexingly different. The BIOS offers about 8 different 'types' of USB-based boot, but the "USB HDD" and other 'HDD' permutations don't work. The 'FDD' permutations sometimes result in a message saying no boot loader found, try again. For all permutations the USB's LED blinks to show the BIOS is accessing it :s16:06
TJ-I thought MS scrapped the monthly cycle and put them out ad-hoc16:07
lotus|xenialwho wants a kiss?16:07
lotus|xenial00:09.0 Network controller [0280]: Ralink corp. RT2800 802.11n PCI [1814:0601]16:07
daftykinshmm, could it be one of those flash drives that presents as some other mode?16:07
daftykinseh what solved that? :O16:07
lotus|xenialTJ-: you did it mate!16:07
lotus|xenialpci port2 + that master ws write16:08
* TJ- gloes16:08
lotus|xeniali never tryed port216:08
* TJ- glows, too :D16:08
lotus|xenialit always stuck in pci3 or pci416:08
daftykinsit was as simple as placement?16:08
lotus|xenialnow driver recognizes it16:09
TJ-I think more likely the Master Write - putting a delay of 1 cycle on bus accesses16:09
ubot5Glad you made it! :-)16:09
lotus|xenialnow the logic of tthis?16:09
daftykinsok i'm gonna get a coffee and cake from the coffee shop to celebrate on your behalf, lotus|xenial ;)16:09
lotus|xenialwhy did this work on trusty on port3?16:09
TJ-daftykins: the problem was the first byte read from the PCI config registers had its 2nd nibble corrupted, but when we read the Registers ourselves the content was correct, so it had to be an access issue, and the usual cause is the host reading the registers before the device has got them fully mapped into the host address space16:10
TJ-lotus|xenial: Because the PCI bus scanning code has gone through a LOT of changes16:10
TJ-It is now much faster and more parallelised16:11
lotus|xenialTJ-: what kind of changes?16:11
daftykinsso it was a race condition in essence?16:11
TJ-The code was getting to be a mess of quirks so it was re-written cleaner and more flexible16:11
lotus|xenialTJ-: could you update my bug in your words mate16:12
TJ-daftykins: kind of, yes, although in this case it was simply the mobo was optimsing hardware reads too much16:12
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1513477 in linux (Ubuntu) "Ralink RT2800pci doesnt work by default" [Medium,Incomplete]16:12
TJ-will do16:12
lotus|xenialtnx mate16:12
lotus|xenialTJ-: what should i choose fix commited or fix released16:14
lotus|xenialEriC^^: hows the mkv doing :p16:17
TJ-lotus|xenial: I've done it: "Invalid" - since it wasn't a bug in Linux16:20
TJ-I also re-write the bug title to better reflect the issue and to make it easier for others to find it16:20
TJ-bug 151347716:21
ubot5bug 1513477 in linux (Ubuntu) "PCI device has incorrect Vendor:Device ID when Southbridge used 0 wait writes" [Medium,Invalid] https://launchpad.net/bugs/151347716:21
TJ-lotus|xenial: that "Christopher M. Penalver" is a pain! For the last 3 or 4 years he's had to be constantly told not to take over bugs that devs are working on. There have been so major blow-ups over it in the bug-squad as a result. At one time when I was actually assigned to bugs he'd tell users to do things and change the status and keep on changing even after being asked to stop. I thought he'd16:24
TJ-gone quiet but he shows up on your bug :D16:24
EriC^^lotus|xenial: great, watched a couple movies16:24
lotus|xenialnice nice16:26
lotus|xenialTJ-: tnx for the bug editing16:26
TJ-Glad its sorted; it was an interesting one though :)16:27
lotus|xenialTJ-: driver=rt2800pci driverversion=4.2.0-16-generic firmware=0.3416:27
lotus|xenialTJ-: to compare with yours16:27
lotus|xenialim glad ubuntu has nothing to do with it16:28
lotus|xenialEriC^^: check blackhat brrip, nice movie16:29
EriC^^will do16:29
EriC^^i want to go get a hdmi cable today and some usbs and maybe a ps3 game or 2 and maybe a ssd16:30
EriC^^been saying that for a week though, been lazy :D16:30
lotus|xenialdid someone win the lottery :p16:31
EriC^^tonight's the night though, i'm pretty psyched :P16:31
EriC^^which ssd do you suggest lotus?16:32
EriC^^in case i find they have16:32
lotus|xenialEriC^^: samsung 850 pro 25616:32
lotus|xenialnot the cheaper evo's16:32
EriC^^any experience with that intel compute stick thingy?16:33
lotus|xenialEriC^^: didnt test myself no,wy?16:33
EriC^^oerheks mentioned it and i've been itching to get it if they have it16:33
lotus|xenialoh i think OerHeks can explain more on it then16:33
lotus|xenialEriC^^: whats your end goal to do?16:33
lotus|xenialportable arch?16:34
EriC^^nah i just thought it would be fun, it's like $120 for a usb pc O.o16:34
EriC^^like maybe plug it in and watch youtube videos on the tv16:34
OerHeksthere are 2 types, with windows, or without, but without have lower specs AFAIK16:35
EriC^^it's too handy, handiness vs price is huge16:35
OerHeksbut a stick in hdmi, i don't like it ( without extentioncable)16:35
lotus|xenialok dinnertime guys16:36
lotus|xenialhave a great nite16:36
lotus|xenialTJ-: tnx again for the solve mate16:36
EriC^^OerHeks: yeah i dont think it will work with the tv, just remembered that, it's too tiny in the back16:37
EriC^^OerHeks: do you think you could remove windows and install ubuntu to one of those? instead of getting the ubuntu with lower spec?16:37
OerHeksSure, why not?16:37
OerHeksi would save my money 'till after xmas16:40
OerHeksjan/feb prices and special offers16:40
OerHeksbtw you all have the new kernel ?16:44
EriC^^i'm still on 6716:48
EriC^^low on isp transfer right now16:49
OerHeks3.19.0-33-generic #3816:49
TJ-hmmm, all my equipment must know I have been soldering - 1 of the fridge/freezers has blown the top off a transistor!17:00
daftykinsthey're all ganging up for some work to be done :)17:04
TJ-it feels that way!17:04
daftykinsodd, usually when i take something apart, the rest stop showing quirks for fear of being opened up themselves :>17:04
TJ-yeah, normally, that is what happens with me17:05
daftykinsyesterday was really odd, i woke up to find my heating on - turned out the dying batteries in the wireless control thermostat had somehow made it decide to run itself17:05
daftykinssomehow no more signal saying "heating off" meant "hey lets run!"17:05
TJ-because the TY has blown it's cap I can't read the part number, but I think its Z7S Y227 which is SO old I'm going to have fun finding a compatible replacement17:07
daftykinshey did i hear right that maplin closed down across the UK? we don't have one down here but i thought they did17:07
TJ-Not that I know of17:13
daftykinsi went in once when the slow blow fuse in my speaker set blew17:14
Latrodectusi need to buy a soldering kit :(17:15
Latrodectusand a ominmeter (i think that's what their called)17:16
daftykinsmultimeter perhaps17:18
OerHeksall these appliances blownup ...something to do with all those solarflares lately ?17:19
TJ-Get a rework station that has hot air and soldering iron17:20
TJ-I do wish the manufacturers would make it easier to locate the marking codes against the component part number, its actually a Z0107MN/5AA4 Triac.17:26
OerHeksTJ-, if a triac blows, there is a failure somewhere else too, isn't it?17:28
EriC^^how much mbps do you need to watch youtube videos without buffering?17:30
OerHekssure 5 mbit would be enough17:31
EriC^^i think i have 24mbps right now or so, but i want to change the internet to use a bigger transfer one, largest they have is 8mbps17:31
EriC^^ok i guess 6 or 8 then17:32
daftykinsi think most streaming services enjoy 5Mb (megabits) per second for most things17:32
OerHeks6 mbit for digital tv17:35
daftykinscome on Microsoft i'm ready for patch Tuesday :P17:37
TJ-OerHeks: usually, but in this case I know a short caused it. Replacing a thermistor at the same time17:38
OerHeksoh oke, continue17:41
daftykinshappy to help eating anything good in said fridge whilst it is repaired :>17:46
OerHekswarm beer is awesome17:47
daftykinsnoooo D:17:47
* OerHeks remembers a fishingtrip, beer in the sidepocket for 6 hrs ..17:47
OerHeksnever been that drunk man :-D17:47
daftykinslemme guess, no fish? :)17:50
EriC^^is there an easy way to catch a cat?17:52
OerHeksEriC^^, ... with a fish ?17:52
OerHekscat in heat, are easy17:53
TJ-well, hope the cops don't chase me... I just hot-wired the freezer :p17:53
OerHeksI think it is the time now17:53
* daftykins spots TJ- speeding around the fields on a fridge17:53
TJ-:D towed by 2 huskies17:53
TJ-haha - if it don't get fixed I'll turn it into a sled ... just in time for snow :)17:54
TJ-hmmm, it seems my apple pies have been hacking the freezer :p18:07
EriC^^what's the highest resolution an av cable can carry?18:29
TJ-"it depends"18:31
OerHeksfor playstation ? http://manuals.playstation.net/document/en/ps3/current/settings/videooutput.html18:32
OerHeksan 3 plug av cable cannot get 1080p, i thought it could do 720 p, but that is not on that page.18:33
daftykinsEriC^^: which kind?18:33
EriC^^ps3 one18:33
daftykinssingle link DVI = 1920x1200 ; HDMI up to 1.4 = 2560x1600; VGA = 2048x1536...18:33
EriC^^it says 480i18:33
daftykinsoh so non-HDMI?18:34
daftykinshehe damn it EriC^^ go to the shop! :D18:34
OerHeksbuy that cable, instead of that intel computestick18:34
daftykinsback in a tick, the irony of a Linux server VM atop a windows host continues18:35
TJ-yes, mine is hungry too18:47
EriC^^got an hdmi cable19:48
daftykinsnow you will see a real quality picture :) what was the standard cable, composite or S-Video?19:48
daftykinsor component even19:49
EriC^^the av one?19:49
EriC^^i think it's standard, i never used it though except couple times, i used to have an hdmi cable but it broke a while ago19:50
EriC^^i like to hook up the pc to it for the music19:50
daftykinshttp://pastebin.ubuntu.com/13218371/ <-- plm's xorg log - i've not seen that before20:00
daftykinsi've suggested fglrx being tried, but wonder if it's more critical than that20:01
EriC^^maybe fglrx will fix it20:03
OerHeksShould i stay on 15.04 > donate a donut, should i upgrade, donate 2 donuts.20:23
OerHeksdowngrade to 14.04, 2 donuts & icecream20:24
* daftykins pats LTS20:35
daftykinsit's getting too cold for ice cream ;_;20:39
wileeelts lemon truffle syrup makes all ice cream wonderful20:43
* wileee dreams of truffle hunting with a favored swine20:45
Bashing-om"wonderful" must include the word 'chocolate' in the description .20:45
OerHeksoh that is why you say lts ..20:45
wileeetrue chocolate on dat20:46
Bashing-omwonderful !20:48
Latrodectuspeople should drink the lts coolaid21:01
Bashing-omphyschodelic ^^ ?21:02
daftykinsTJ-: did you mention there was a bug of 15.10 ignoring the interfaces file recently?21:02
OerHekshmm #ubuntu is not in the logs ..21:03
wileeeI took the lts little blue pyramids, oh the colors21:05
Bashing-omwileee: I  did not believe the above, as I know you have better sense . - How could one 'buntu if they are not "there" ?21:10
OerHeksdaftykins, you have been to Chester lately ?21:10
daftykinsOerHeks: never! have to fly to get to England :)21:11
wileeeBashing-om, I'm always there, just may be one of my many faces.21:11
OerHeksoh, so this was not you ? http://www.boredpanda.com/public-bench-prank-plaques-chester-council/21:11
wileeeone for every occasion21:11
daftykinsthose are graet21:13
wileeeI like this link from that link, http://www.boredpanda.com/funny-fake-self-help-books-obvious-plant-jeff-wysaski/21:22
OerHeksi was looking at those smartphone-zombies http://static.boredpanda.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2015/11/screens-stealing-soul-sur-fake-antoine-geiger-25.jpg21:23
daftykinsmy friends have real problems being 'present' when out and about in public places these days, total slaves to their phones21:28
OerHeksi don't have friends, they have smartphones, me none.21:28
OerHeksi don't count anymore21:29
OerHekscalling me costs money, they say.21:29
OerHeksmaybe that is why i don't do any effort to get such BQ 5.0 hd21:30
JanCwell, the bq 4.5 is cheaper  ;)22:45
OerHeks5.0 has a little better batterytime22:46
OerHeksBut helping my mom with bills is a little higher priority, that is the real reason.22:47
wileeeyou're a good son ;)22:49
wileeeso I assume, heh22:49
OerHeksWell, i like to kick my brother in the <somewhere> as he has a good job, own house etc ... but he has 2 kids too.22:50
OerHeksoh, they have smartphones.22:51
wileeeheh, diabolical22:51
OerHeksand oke, it makes me proud, she was there for us all these years, now it is our turn.22:52
OerHeks( he does legal work for her, that can be expensive too)22:53
wileeecommon theme in many cultures, most really population wise, The US fails here among a few others22:53
OerHeksTrue, some old people never see their kids, maybe once a month or less.. i live 10 km from her house, 40 minutes on my bicycle.22:54
wileeemy mom and I are not even talking now, her choice, an only child here, never really attached emotionally past about 10 yrs old, my family rarely contacts each other22:56
wileeewelcome to the US, lol22:56
OerHeksdaftykins, that meles is on trusty, kernel 4.0.0-040000-generic is not for trusty, even after removal of nvidia 352 .. is it worth looking into that?23:08
OerHeksand that ppa, https://launchpad.net/~beineri/+archive/ubuntu/opt-qt55-trusty23:08
daftykinsOerHeks: i'd rather the guy weren't using a mainline, just being really stubborn since the 3.13 didn't support his laptop i think. haswell and broadwell based machine, so super recent23:09
OerHeksthat kernel wants systemD, no?23:10
daftykinsi don't think that's an issue for testing against 14.04, should be alright23:11
daftykinsbah my nice new disk enclosure stopped working >8\23:13
* OerHeks blames sunflares23:13
TJ-Just looked at this meles issue - I *think* it looks like the opengl compiz plugin missing23:18
daftykinssounds like a plan, i'm playing with my drive enclosure now =|23:24
TJ-lost power, or stopped responding on the interface?23:25
daftykinspops up on my PC just fine, but it's a storage drive for use with my xbox one23:51
daftykinsunfortunately in their wisdom, the things use a modified MBR so that they're not readable as standard from a PC23:51
daftykinsargh there's a disk browser available but it's hidden behind a scene FTP23:58

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