jonnehey, i've got weird graphical glitches in QT apps (menu is pretty much unuseable in virtualbox and spotify), anyone else have the same issue?06:04
jonnei got i195 integrated graphics, btw06:06
darkxstjonne, try a qt/kde channel? we just inherit qt from ubuntu06:45
jonnewell, i'm assuming this is a gnome-shell bug, but you do have a good point that i should check if it does the same thing in unity06:46
jonnei don't think i have it installed, though06:46
darkxstjonne, virtualbox is fine here btw06:47
jonnewhat gfx card do you have?06:48
jonnemulti monitor?06:48
jonnejust trying to find out the differences, thanks06:48
jonnei don't have any alternative desktops installed :/06:51
jonnedon't want to install one either, as that usually introduces weirdness06:51
ivan`_hi, I'm on GNOME Ubuntu 15.10 having a lot of trouble starting gnome-session on my Haswell/UEFI/nvidia 970 GTX system; I see "gnome-shell[pid]: segfault at 64 ip ... sp ... error 4 in libcogl.so.20.3.0[...]" in dmesg every time.  I'm using nvidia-358 from the graphics-drivers PPA13:17
ivan`_some archlinux forum thread suggested updating CPU microcode, but dmesg shows it getting updated and I see the same segfault13:17
ivan`_also tried updating the Asus Z97-A BIOS to the latest 2601 version, but still the same13:17
ivan`_is there another configuration or nvidia driver I should try?13:17
ivan`_I guess this might be fixed in libcogl 1.22? https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=74748913:53
ubot5Gnome bug 747489 in gdk "No access to the Visual used to build the CoglOnscreen" [Major,Resolved: fixed]13:53
ivan`_nope, still crashes with the libcogl.so.20.4.1 in libcogl20 1.22.0-1 in 16.0413:55
LinDolhi all13:56
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alandipertdarkxst, i saw that, but i think it's a different bug... that did happen, but i think during boot after i restarted when the scary bug happened16:16
alandipertfortunately i discovered i can get control back by alt-tabbing to another window. after that, mouse control seems to come back16:17
howudodat_hey guys, I am having some problems with suspend to disk on my system.  Just curious if I should post in: systemd, gnome, gnome-ubuntu or ubuntu?16:43
shawnhowudodat_: sounds like #ubuntu is the best fit for that16:45
howudodat_shawn: thanks16:45
shawnhowudodat_: what's the problem?16:46
howudodat_shawn: system wont go into suspend mode.  I can call pm-suspend, or send the dbus message to login1.Manager and it will suspend.  but it never "auto suspends"16:49
howudodat_I have auto-suspend set to 10 minutes in power settings16:49
bcxi loose mouse cursor when lightdm starts gnome-session, tried org.gnome.settings-daemon.plugins.cursor, no effect20:34
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