popeyI know we've fixed this before, but it seems to have broken again - #ubuntu-phone shows invite only, but should redirect to #ubuntu-touch... how do I fix this?14:07
Unit193Are you already in -touch?14:07
popeyi am14:07
Unit193Part that one, then join -phone, it'll redirect.14:08
popeyproblem is other people get confused by that14:08
Unit193That is to say, it shows as invite only because you already are in the forwarded channel.14:08
popeythey're in #ubuntu-touch, and then try and join #ubuntu-phone because they see some reference to it14:08
popeyand get the same message i did14:08
Unit193You can't have IRC tell them about the forward.14:09
PiciIt's an ircd limitation.14:09
PiciCleaning up the references to #ubuntu-phone would be the only solution :/14:10
popeyokay, thanks14:15

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