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samson-uoSomeone mind pushing the latest set of tags to git?08:23
samson-uofor the now-public CVE-2015-530708:24
samson-uowell, to their respective git repos anyway. Precise (3.2), Trusty (3.13), Vivid (3.19), and wily (4.2)08:26
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henrixsamson-uo: sure, that will happen in the next couple of hours.09:08
henrixand for anyone who cares: all git repositories should now be updated with that CVE fix10:49
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rtgcking, re: bug #1480349 - a new intel-microcode was synced to Xenial from Debian a few hours ago. intel-microcode | 3.20151106.113:56
ubot5bug 1480349 in intel-microcode (Ubuntu) "Intel Microcode Breaks frequency scaling in Xeon® E5-2687W v3 & E5-1650 v3" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/148034913:56
ckingrtg, yep, i'll prod the users to test with the latest fixes, whatever they were, since intel does not like divulging the details13:57
rtgindeed. lets hope isn't the disaster the last update was13:58
rtgit isn't*13:58
ckingrtg, will this intel microcode be available for Wily, or is it just a Xenial sync?13:58
rtgcking, just xenial for now. if it makes a positive difference, then we can pursue an SRU13:59
ckingrtg, considering I've not found any H/W (nor has Intel) that can reproduce this issue, it is a weird one14:01
rtgcking, yeah, we might have to rely on the kindness (or frustration) of strangers :)14:02
ckingand considering it may be a microcode issue, it's not possible to reverse engineer it to fix it :-/14:03
mamarleyI am trying to recompile the kernel package for 4.2.0-18-generic on wily (so that I can apply a patch), but when I compile it (using "fakeroot debian/rules binary-generic"), I get the error "cc1: fatal error: /home/michael/Source/linux/linux-4.2.0/ubuntu/vbox/vboxguest/include/VBox/VBoxGuestMangling.h: No such file or directory".14:24
mamarleyI didn't get that error when I compiled 4.2.0-17-generic the same way.14:25
rtgmamarley, try compiling from the git repository ?14:34
rtgthough it sounds like there could be an error in packaging.14:34
mamarleyrtg: This one? http://kernel.ubuntu.com/git/ubuntu/ubuntu-wily.git/14:42
rtgmamarley, yup, then 'git reset --hard Ubuntu-4.2.0-18.22; fakeroot debian/rules clean binary-generic'14:43
mamarleyOK, thanks, I will try that.14:43
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mamarleyrtg: That worked, thanks!15:45
samson-uohenrix: I see them now, thanks!16:51
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cristian_cjsalisbury: hi17:53
jsalisburycristian_c, sorry, I really havnen't had much time to dig into that bug recently.  I'll try to get to it soon.17:59
cristian_cjsalisbury: if you don'tmhave time, I can talk with guys in #linux-wireless channel17:59
cristian_cjsalisbury: could it be a good idea?18:00
jsalisburycristian_c, it wouldn't hurt.  It would be good to get some feedback from the upstream developers and see if they have any ideas18:00
cristian_cjsalisbury: ok18:01
kdubhey all, trying to compile the flo vivid kernel, but when trying to pack the zImage into the boot.img from phablet-dev-bootstrap, its complaining that the produced zImage is too big18:02
kdubany ideas?18:02
rtgkdub, turn off ext2/ext3 in favour of CONFIG_EXT4_USE_FOR_EXT23=y18:04
kdubrtg, thanks, will give it a try18:04
rtgkdub, have a look at the mako branch18:04
kdubrtg, thanks for the tip, that seemed to get me over that hurdle18:35
rtgkdub, no problem18:37

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