dholbachgood morning07:56
elachecheMorning dholbach & LoCos! 08:19
dholbachhi elacheche08:19
elachecheIs there any LICENSES  ninja in here.. I have a little GPL related question 08:58
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nhainesdpm_: sorry I missed you yesterday!17:02
dpm_nhaines, no worries, how are you?17:07
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nhainesdpm: doing good!  I've had a busy week babysitting.17:10
dpmnhaines, fun times :)17:11
nhainesIt's not so fun when he wakes up at 5:30, 45 minutes before the alarm, but otherwise yes, mostly.  :)17:12
dpmok, let me rephrase: "fun times"17:12
nhainesHe's off of school tomorrow (holiday) so you might see him during the Ubucon call.  He'll be like Popey's cat Salem except probably louder.17:13
nhainespopey: he noticed your cat last week during UOS too, haha.17:14
popeyhah :)17:14
dpmah, nice, we've had a recent invasion of new community members in calls as davidcalle and balloons started bringing their sons to get them started early on Ubuntu :)17:14
popeyQuick! Sign them up to launchpad!17:14
balloonsnhaines, fun times!17:15
nhainesHaha, get their user names claimed early!17:15
balloonsgotta have that super aged account to be cool right?17:15
* dpm 's LP account will be 10 in January17:17
dpmhalf vintage17:17
nhainesOoh, my account is 10 years old since September 24th.  I must've signed up very early for some unknown reason.17:18
dpmnhaines, for what I wanted to talk about yesterday I ended up sending the e-mail. Essentially, it seems that we won't have trouble filling the Ubucon schedule, on the contrary :)17:19
dpmDo you guys think you can update the list of sessions from the user track on the trello board?17:20
dpmIf we can get the developer track session proposals trimmed down to the final set, I think we could announce the speakers this week,17:20
nhainesI thnk so.  :)  I vaguely remember talking to Richard and us both being +1 on the issue, but I've been waking up at 5:30 for like four days now (thank goodness he slept in on Saturday!) so everything's foggy now.  :)17:20
* dpm hugs nha17:20
nhainesBut yes, I'll take a look at the trello board and see what I can do.17:20
* dpm hugs nhaines, that is17:21
nhainesI'm more of a "wake up at 9" person.  :)17:21
dpmnhaines, alternatively, if you can just send me the names + title on a pastebin, e-mail or whatever, I'll be happy to add them to the board, whatever is easier17:21
nhainesI'll ping Richard and see if he's involved on that.  I guess I should go ahead and add my talk in there.17:23
dpmcool, thanks17:26
dpmthanks nhaines!17:45
nhainesNo problem.  :)  Just enjoying my peace and quiet until 2:45 when school lets out.  >_>17:47
dpmI've moved the talks from "proposed" to the day 1 schedule, I think we all agree we want to have these :)17:47
nhainesRight.  :)  So that's a start!17:48
nhainesOh, any idea whether we'll have design team guys there for a Q&A session?17:48
nhainesdpm: ^^17:54
dpmnhaines, I'm still working on that, trying to pull favours across teams to get more Canonical attendance :)17:56
dpmDesign is the last team I'm trying to confirm17:56
nhainesdpm: don't worry... when they experience Ubucon and SCaLE they'll thank you and consider it that they owe *you* a favor instead.  :)17:57

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