TJ-can someone deal with tux38 in #ubuntu again please02:48
TJ-!ops | tux38 in #ubuntu trolling02:51
ubottutux38 in #ubuntu trolling: Thanks for letting us know you are here, someone will be along presently02:51
ubottuTJ- called the ops in #ubuntu-ops (tux38 in #ubuntu trolling)02:51
Unit193TJ-: Pici got it.02:54
TJ-yeah, saw that02:54
TJ-That 'person' seems to have made a habit of that; with tux38 or wicktux over several months. Can't figure out what they get out of it02:55
k1ltellyouwhat now insulting me in pm after i muted him and told him in pm that #u is for technical support only.11:13
k1land he clearly doesnt want support using elementary and just ranting about ubuntu11:13
popeythat was clear11:17
popeypeople jumped on him way too much11:17
popeyseems people were willing to pounce just because he dared utter "the e word" even if it was just to make a comparison11:17
popey(I'm still not convinced he actually wants support as such)11:17
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PriceyI've been hoping to extend an olive branch as I've seen some of us are not too happy with the current situation.15:13
PriceyI've sat on both sides and some of what I've read about has always been the case, always sucked & could always use more effort.15:15
Unit193Either I'm noticing it a lot more, or it's been a lot worse, TBH. :/15:16
PriceyOther things, really not happy to hear about.15:16
Unit193Quite understandably.15:18
bazhangI put it down to seasonal/holiday stress15:34
bazhangit happens15:35
bazhangthat, plus the somewhat uneven timezone distribution of who is available15:36
bazhangso eight-ten hours of bupkis, then the rest multiple available15:37
PriceyYeah, we've always been weighted towards US/EU but we do have a bunch in that big gap too. Coverage always depends.15:39
bazhangas far as sharp tongues go, the olden days of staff had some very shall we say 'direct' staffers15:40
PriceyI was quite surprised to see the recent ones!15:42
bazhangthats like a summer picnic with mint julep tea compared to times past15:45
bazhangone final factor that comes into play, in my own estimation, is the number of staff/ubuntu members is near zero of late15:46
bazhangin prior years, corey nalioth, and many other staffers were both, and there was much better communication/coordination on both sides15:47
PriceyI love that.15:51
PriceyBefore I became staff, we complained about our friends becoming staffers and not helping us out as much as they could ;-)15:52
bazhangso what I said was off in some way?15:52
PriceyNo no, just that I'm glad that has completely changed.15:53
PriceyThere was controversy even when some of us joined staff while on the IRCC iirc. (heh)15:54
bazhangthats just my take16:43
bazhangtake into account or discount as you will16:43
PriceyI'm just popping out climbing for a bit, but I'll be around, lets talk.16:58

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