* apw notes that linux-lts-wily has dropped into universe, this is inconsistent with the other linux0lts-* kernels12:03
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bdmurrayIf a release isn't on archive.ubuntu.com any more where does it go? old-releases or something?17:08
bdmurrayAh, I was missing the hyphen.17:09
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chrisccoulsoncould someone please approve that ^18:38
infinitychrisccoulson: I might have the technology.18:44
infinitychrisccoulson: I assume (other than perhaps the blob differing) it's basically the same as wily's?18:45
* infinity looks.18:45
* infinity looks veeeeery slowly, as it downloads at 15kB/s ..18:47
chrisccoulsoninfinity, yeah it's a copy of wily's, with the updated versions18:48
infinitychrisccoulson: Check.  I'll confirm that assertion when the download finishes and let it in.18:48
tewardinfinity: too bad I can't give you my blazing speeds :/  (I know the 'slow download speeds' problem)18:48
teward(wish i could, i'm not using it)18:48
infinityteward: It's not me, it's something between me and London.18:48
infinityteward: I get 200Mbps from other sources. :P18:48
infinityJust having a bad day across the ocean.18:49
tewardinfinity: mm.  i wonder if one of the cross-ocean ISPs/links is down again :p18:50
infinityIt's just as6908 being crap as usual.18:51
infinitySeems to be recovering now.18:51
infinitychrisccoulson: Looketh good to me, acceptified.18:53
chrisccoulsoninfinity, thanks. Would you be able to accept precise -> wily as well? (I'm just going to upload those now)18:54
infinitychrisccoulson: Yep.  Upload away.18:54
chrisccoulsoninfinity, ok, those are uploaded now18:55
infinitychrisccoulson: One thing to note.  Your versioning scheme is going to break VERY SOON.19:16
infinitychrisccoulson: Less of an issue for precise->wily, but you should start with using numbers in xenial, since we'll wrap around the alphabet between xenial and the next LTS.19:17
infinitychrisccoulson: Oh, I guess you probably want to switch to numbers for all of them to preserve sorting anyway.  But yeah, make a note of that for the next upstream bump, perhaps.19:18
cjwatsonthis is why we tried to do it for everything else while <release name> < "ubuntu" ...19:20
infinityYeah.  We seem to have missed flash. :P19:20
mdeslaurwhat's wrong with 1:20151110.1-0zygotic.is.really.accomplished1? ;)19:27
infinitychrisccoulson: So, yeah, promise me the next upstream version bump will use versioning more like firefox's. ;)19:33
chrisccoulsoninfinity, sure :)19:34

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