elachecheMorning loco!08:18
d4rk-5c0rpmorning elacheche08:24
Chikore_Morning elacheche d4rk-5c0rp SalahMessaoud11:12
SalahMessaoudGM channel o/11:22
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elacheche_anischargui: o/19:26
charguihi elacheche_anis o/19:30
elacheche_anisno updates on the pad19:32
charguiwhy your cloak is different than mine :3 I want ubuntu cloak :v I'm jealous now19:32
charguitoo little updates in the days/hours section19:33
elacheche_anisno updates at all everywhere :p19:39
elacheche_anischargui: This is why I have an Ubuntu cloak https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Membership19:40
charguiahh yes tfakert li enti uubuntu member :319:46
elacheche_anisI'll prepare my planning proposition by the next Saturday.. Is that OK for you? I think you'll have time to share the pad with others..20:15
charguielacheche_anis, ok i'll share it with the others20:18
elacheche_anisI'll try to make a good planning based on all what is written in that pad, and based on all our discussion in here :)20:19
charguiok thank you anis ^_^20:21

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